Georgia Ch. 14


Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.


Part 14

It was lunchtime when I woke-up to the sound of the boat's engines starting-up. I guessed that it was the captain making sure that everything was okay, but to make sure that I wasn't being kidnapped, I wandered up onto the deck without putting anything on. I was right and the captain and I exchanged a few pleasantries before I went to make some coffee.

After the coffee and a shower, I went over to the café for some breakfast, I fancied more than what was in the fridge. I forgot that Manuel had said that I could go there naked and I'd put a dress on; not that it covered much, my pussy and my nipples were clearly visible through the holes in the dress.

Manuel was his usual cheerful self and even stopped to chat for a while. He asked me what I'd been doing but I didn't tell him the truth; I just told him that I'd been to the beach.

When I left there I decided to go to the Marina office to see if anything had arrived from Celeste. The young man seemed pleased to see me and wanted to chat. I guess that he'd seen what he could see through the holes in the dress and wanted to keep looking at me.

When he finally told me that a package had arrived for me I went over to where he said it was and looked down at it. It was a lot bigger than I'd expected and I told the young man that it only had a few dresses in it so I didn't know why it was so big.

The young man (Sebastian) said that he would bring it over to daddy's boat for me when it was his break in about an hour. Happy with that, I left and went back to the boat where I decided to have a lazy day. My pussy was back to normal but I was still a bit tired.

I decided to sunbathe on the back of the boat and went and got a towel and suntan lotion. Leaving my dress in my cabin I went to the back of the boat and spread my towel. As I covered myself with the suntan lotion Toby and his mother walked by. They stopped briefly for a chat and poor Toby just stared at the naked me.

I must have dozed off because all of a sudden I heard Sebastian calling my name. I got up onto my elbows and saw him stood at my feet, pretending not to look down at my uncovered pussy. I don't know why, but these days I always wake-up with my legs spread wide and often with my right hand on my pussy. This time my legs were spread but neither hand was on my pussy.

I got up and invited Sebastian in for a drink. He put the package on a table while I went for the drinks.

When I got back to him I again said that I didn't know why the package was so big. I started to tear it open and quickly realised that Celeste had made me a lot more clothes than I had asked for.

"I can't wait to try these on and go out in them." I said as I looked at the top of the pile.

"You could always try them on now if you like;" Sebastian said. "Then I could tell you what I think of them."

"Okay," I replied, "How long is your break?"

"Long enough; besides, I'm looking after a customer's needs and the customer always comes first."

I quickly split the pile into the different types of garments.

There were 10 summer dresses, all ultra-short and made of very thin cotton; 5 matching skirts and tops, all made out of that material that has 1 centimetre circular holes everywhere, each one only 1 centimetre from the next hole; all in 5 different colours. Each top is of a slightly different design but all have the holes that let my nipples and areolas stick through the holes.

There were 5 leotards, all different colours and all made of very fine mesh. They are all of the thong variety and the string of the thong looked quite long.

Then I found 3 different coloured tube dresses made of thin T shirt material. All are strapless and the tops are slightly elasticated.

Then 3 more dresses make of very thin T shirt material; all different colours and all with different patterns of holes in them. All have spaghetti straps with the backs covering different amounts of my back.

Next was a large envelope with 5 bikinis in it; all thong type and made of the same very fine mesh.

Finally, there was another large envelope full of thongs. As I looked into the envelope I saw some of the same very fine mesh. The one at the top of the pile looked a bit strange and I couldn't see the typical 'V' of material. I'd have to see when I put one on.

"Right, where shall I start?" I asked Sebastian.

"Why not start at one end of the piles and try on one of each."

"Okay." I replied as I reached for the summer dresses. "It may take a while."

As I stepped into it and pulled it up I thought that it was much like my other summer dresses, but slightly different. What wasn't different was that the skirt part was of the 'skater' variety and so short that it barely covers my pussy.

I looked at Sebastian; he was smiling and nodding his head.

I looked down at my chest and saw both nipples and areolas sticking out through 2 of the holes. Instinctively pulling and twisting my nipples. I said,

"I like this design."

"Me too."

I smiled and took the dress off.

Next it was the leotards. As I gently pulled one up my body I found out why they looked a bit strange. Instead of a wide strip to cover my pussy the narrow rear string comes right up to the top of my slit, then spreads a little as it goes up the front. I smiled as I felt the string part my almost non-existent pussy lips and settle to the right of my clit.

"You'll be able to go to the gym now." Sebastian said.

"Yes, I need to get some exercise." I replied but thought about the leg spreader at the gym.

Looking down at my chest I could clearly see my nipples and areolas,

"These will do for if I go anywhere where I have to wear something." I thought.

The tube dress that I tried on was 'interesting'. It's VERY short, so short that if I pull it down to cover my pussy, my nipples pop out. If I pull it up to cover my nipples then my slit is on display. I smiled to myself and though about the fun that I can have in it when I'm with boring people.

Sebastian was still smiling.

As I slipped into the T shirt material dress with holes in it I thought that it would do for formal occasions. Then I looked down and saw my right nipple poking through one of the holes. I smiled and agreed with my first decision.

Next was one of the bikinis. My first reaction was to wonder where on earth I would wear a bikini, but when I put one on I realised that they would again be good for formal occasions. The thin mesh is just right for giving the appearance of being covered but from a couple of metres you would easily be able to see my nipples, areolas and the front of my slit. What's more, the bottoms are of the thong variety and if I pull the bottoms up they disappear between my lips making them visible as well.

Finally, the thongs; I picked up the envelope full of them and tipped them out. There seemed to be a lot of strings and not a lot of material. I picked up one of the top ones and discovered why they looked a bit strange. The bottom half of the 'V' of material is missing. I eagerly stepped into one and pulled it up. Wow; the back string goes down my butt crack then at my butt hole it splits into 2 and goes either side of my pussy and meets the top half of the 'V' at the front of my slit leaving my pussy totally exposed.

My thoughts immediately went to the club; I could work the bar and be able to give the naughty customers full access to my pussy. Then I thought about walking around in public. People would think that I had a thong on until I opened my legs a bit then they'd see everything that I've got.

I felt my pussy juice up.

Taking the thong off, I said,

"So Sebastian, do you like my new clothes, or do you prefer me like this (I was still naked)?"

He was grinning as I walked right up to him and looked up into his eyes.

"You can touch me if you like."

And he did, slowly and gently at first, but as I responded with moans of pleasure, he got bolder and before long he was pushing me backwards over the table out on the rear deck. And that is where he fucked me in full view of anyone walking by or parking in the carpark.

"So much for a lazy day." I thought as our lust for each other died down.

Sebastian left me, still laying on the table, to go back to work.

When I got off the table I looked at the rest of the pile of thongs. Something still looked a bit odd. Spreading them out, I saw that quite a few of them didn't have any material at all; just strings. One at a time I picked them up and worked-out how they fitted.

Apart from the ones that had the bottom half of the 'V' of material missing, some were normal thongs except that no material had been sown in; and some were just 2 circles of elasticated string joined by a 5 cm strip of the elasticated string.

It took me a couple of minutes of experimenting to work out that when I stepped into the 2 circles I have to pull the circles up with the joining part at the front so that it ends-up resting on my pubic bone. I then have to pull the rear parts of the circles so that they disappear between my butt crack. I then adjust things so that I look like I've got a thong on.

Just as I took the 'thong' off, Martina arrived. We greeted each other and she got on with her work. She's seen me naked before and she just acted as if I were fully clothed.

I took my new clothes down to my cabin and started putting them in the wardrobes. I put the thongs in the drawer that I keep my toys in and I couldn't resist switching the magic wand on for a few seconds and getting my pussy all juiced-up and excited.

After I'd finished putting away all my new clothes I went back onto the rear sunning deck and lay down again. As I relaxed I thought about Celeste; how she seems to know what I want in clothes before I do. I have no idea how much daddy is paying her but it isn't enough. Then I thought about my mother. Celeste made clothes for her and wondered if she wore clothes that are as revealing as the ones that Celeste makes for me.

I lay there, improving my tan for about another hour or so then I got a bit restless. Okay I'd decided to have a couple of lazy days but maybe I could go to the gym to get some exercise, and have a little bit of fun. I could not push myself too much and not get into a fucking session in the showers afterwards. That would count as a lazy day wouldn't it?

I managed to convince myself that it would count so I got my gym things ready then had a shower.

Martina was gone when I emerged from the shower and I decided to wear one of my 'holy' dresses for the evening. In the shower I'd decided that after the gym I'd go for a walk around the lively area at the opposite side of the harbour and stop somewhere for a drink and something to eat. I'd been for a walk around that area in the daytime with daddy before but I suspected that it would be different at night.

I felt naked and good as I walked to where I get a taxi; the driver either not noticing how much he could see of me, or not caring.

Pedro was behind the reception desk when I got there and as soon as he saw me he jumped up and came over to me. I could see that his eyes were looking well below my neck as he approached me.

"Buena noche Georgia." He said, still looking down and through the hundreds of 1 cm holes in my dress. Not that he needed to look through the dress to see my nipples, they were sticking through 2 of the holes.

"Buenas noches Pedro; ¿estoy bien para tener un entrenamiento? "

"Si, si. "Will you be doing the same exercises as last time, like I said you should?"

"Yes Pedro; and I've even brought the same vest to wear. Is it busy in there?"

"Not at the moment Señora but more people usually arrive around this time Señora, can I ask you to do the mat exercises first and the warm-up exercises at the end? I think that you will benefit more if you do them that way round."

"Okay Pedro, you're the expert."

I smiled at him and wondered how many seconds it would take for him to phone around his mates and get them to come to see if they were going to get a free show. I also remembered when the vest fell off me the last time that I was there. Doing things the other way round would mean that I got naked a lot sooner. I smiled to myself.

There was no one else in the changing room and as soon as I'd stripped and put my trainers and the vest on, I went into my backpack and got out my little bullet vibrator. I turned it on and easily slid it up my already gushing pussy.

By that time, all thoughts about having a lazy workout had gone and I'd decided to see just how many times I could cum during my workout. I hoped that lots of men would be there to watch me.

I was a little disappointed when I walked into the workout room as there were only 2 young men and 1 young woman there. One of the men stopped what he was doing and stared at me.

I went straight to the mats and did the splits. I felt my lips open and the cool air-conditioned air on my hot, wet insides. I started to pull myself up then slid my feet apart again. I did it 5 times to make sure that I was stretched as far as I could. On the fourth time I felt my lips and clit touch the floor. That touch sent a bolt of electricity up my nerves to my already rock hard nipples. It happened again on the fifth time.

Getting back to my feet I thought,

"Okay guys, first real look at my pussy coming up."

I got balanced on my left foot then bent my right knee and grabbed my right ankle before pulling my leg up pushing my foot as high as I could. I felt the cool air on my spread pussy again, and the vest pulled up on my right hip. My pussy now fully exposed to everyone who cared to look.

As I stood there I looked at my audience. There was now 5 of them and 3 had their phones pointed at me. I smiled and savoured the experience for a few seconds before lowering my leg.

When I was back on 2 feet I felt a trickle of my juices start to run down my left inner thigh. The cool air not drying it before it escaped.

Then I lifted my left leg and pushed my left toes as high as I could get them.

Whilst I was balanced on my right leg Pedro came in and walked round the others. When he got close to me he said,

"Nice Georgia; I mean nice splits. You need to keep stretching your legs like that. As the saying goes, 'use it or lose it', and you don't want to lose the ability to stretch your legs that far apart."

I smiled then replied,

"So how many times should I do this each time that I come here Pedro?"

"Five should be enough; 5 of everything 2 or 3 times a week should be enough to keep you supple."

"Okay, I think that I can do that; are you going to count them for me?"

"I can do that Georgia. So is this your first time on that leg?"

I replied that it was and started to lower the leg.

I repeated the standing splits 4 more times on each leg. Each time that either sets of toes got up there I looked around the room. More and more people were arriving. When my left foot was up there for the fifth time I saw a man holding a very professional looking camera and it was pointed at me. What's more I could see a little flashing red light.

When I lowered my leg I turned to Pedro and said,

"That camera is going a bit over the top isn't it? I mean I'm only a little girl."

My hands went to my tits and I pulled and twisted my already rock hard nipples.

"Ah Señora; I was going to ask you about that." Pedro said whist looking at my tits; "I've commissioned Alejandro to make a promotional video for the gym and I was hoping that you'd agree to feature in it."

"Well I guess so, but there's just 2 things Pedro. Firstly I want a copy of everything that he records; and secondly, you do realise that my next exercise is handstands, and you do remember what happened the last time that I did one of those don't you?"

"Si Señora; no one will object to you being naked and the video will be so much better with you like that."

"Well okay Pedro; just so long as you are okay with it. Oh, I'm happy that you got the air-con working, I got quite hot the last time that I was here."

Pedro smiled and looked down at my chest.

"Si Señora; I am happy."

I smiled back and thought,

"Yes Pedro; I bet that you are."

"Okay Georgia, isn't it handstands next?"

"Yes Pedro, it is, and I guess that you should get your cameraman to record me losing my dress."

I watched Pedro nod to the cameraman then I stepped back before putting my hands in the air and going forwards onto my hands. As I spread my legs for balance 2 things happened. Firstly, gravity took control of my vest, and secondly, I saw the legs of the cameraman move close to me, presumably to zoom in on my pussy. I was again stark naked in that gym with about a dozen strangers watching my every move.

By that time, the vibe inside me had got me very excited and wet. I just knew that the video would be showing a VERY wet and swollen pussy.

I managed just 4 steps with my hands before I lost balance and had to drop my legs and get to my feet.

"Four more to go." I said as I got up and then back down onto my hands. This time when I had to return to my feet, I let my legs go completely over and I ended up in the crab position. With my feet nearest to my little audience, and them being about shoulder width apart, I was giving them a great view of my pussy. After a couple of seconds I let my feet slide out and I dropped onto my butt.

My third and fourth attempt went in a similar way but each time I managed to walk a little further on my hands before going over.

My fifth attempt was my worst, or best, dependent upon how you look at it. Just as soon as I'd got onto my hands and spread my legs, the vibrator got the better of me and I started to cum.

"Oh fuck!" I shouted as my elbows gave way and I collapsed onto the floor.

Luckily, I went over and landed on my back with my hands still on the floor over my head and my legs still spread wide. I had my orgasm lying there like that with everyone, including the cameraman, watching me.

As my body jerked about I could feel my pussy muscles doing the same.

When the waves of pleasure receded I could feel my juices trickling down between my butt cheeks.

Then I heard Pedro asking,

"Are you alright Georgia?"

After he'd asked a second time I looked at him and said,

"Err yes; I'm okay; sorry about that."

"No need to apologise Georgia; it's only natural. The important this is that you are okay."

"Oh yes, I'm definitely okay."

I wondered if he'd realised that there were 2 meanings to my reply, and if he got both of them. I lifted my right arm up, closed my legs and Pedro pulled me up to my feet.

As I stood there getting my breath back I realised that now that I'd just orgasmed the next one(s) would come a lot easier.

The exercise cycle was the next on my mental list so I walked over to them. Another girl was pedalling one of the bikes and she watched me as I raised the saddle way passed where someone my height would have it.

Her eyes opened wide as I got on the bike and she saw my butt sliding from side to side as I started to pedal. I guess that she realised the effect that it was having on my clit.

I was already very aroused and the vibrator inside me was purring away. Add to that the sliding of my clit on the saddle and it wasn't long before I was cumming for the second time in that room.

Of course the voyeurs couldn't see my pussy as I orgasmed but my moans and 'ohhhhhhhhhs' and 'aaarrrggggss' certainly gave the game away.

My pedalling had slowed but not stopped, and when I was able I sped up. I also looked in the big mirror in front of me and saw the girl on the bike beside me. She was trying to slide from side to side on her saddle but it wasn't high enough and she was wearing some shorts. I wondered if I should say anything to her later.

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