Georgia Ch. 17


Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 17

After I'd got some breakfast the next morning I went to find Zoe's boat. It was easy to find because she was out on the deck. I waved at her and she welcomed me aboard.

"Hi Georgia; dad, this is Georgia, you may remember her from the boat party the other week. Georgia, this is my father, Mr. Billingham."

"Oh yes, you're that ballsy little girl who put old Johnson in his place. I'm pleased to meet you."

"You might not be pleased to meet me when I say what I have to say Mr. Billingham. You see it was my fault that Zoe and Kate were late back here the other morning and I hear that you spanked both of them for being late. Because it was my fault and not theirs I think that you were wrong, you shouldn't have spanked them. If anyone should have been spanked it should have been me so I'm here to let you punish me."

"Georgia," Zoe said, "you're wrong, don't let my father punish you, leave now while you still can. Daddy, please don't spank her. If you're mad and you want to spank someone please spank me again not Georgia."

Mr Billingham looked at Zoe, then at me and I could see anger on his face.

"Young lady, I will punish whoever I want and whenever I want. Both of you have made me mad with these outbursts so yes Georgia, I will spank you, and yes Zoe I will spank you too. Now get your clothes off both of you.

I was naked in seconds but Zoe took a little longer, she had a pair of knickers on.

"Oh I see that you've started wearing knickers again Zoe." Mr. Billingham said.

"I, I err, how did you know that I haven't been wearing any knickers daddy?"

"You and your sister can be very careless when you sit down and bend over. Your mother didn't do a very good job of teaching you how to be a lady."

Poor Zoe looked shocked, and she was blushing. Her right hand was covering her bald pubes and her left hand was over her tits.

"No point in going all shy now Zoe; put those hands by your side. I think that you both need a lesson in what real humiliation means. After your spankings both of you will get off this boat and walk to the marina office and back. Then you can stand with your hands on your head on the walkway for 30 minutes before coming back on-board."

"Daddy no, please don't make me do that?"

"Make that the café at the end of the marina."

"No please daddy, it's not fair and people will see me. I'll be so embarrassed."

"That's the whole point of the exercise Zoe. If you get embarrassed and humiliated you may think twice the next time you sit down and flaunt your genitals to the whole world."

I nearly burst out laughing when he said that bit.

"And you can do that walk twice; and do it one more time with your sister when she gets back."

Zoe groaned but didn't complain any more.

"Right, which one of you wants to go first? I know, you can go first Zoe then little Georgia can see what she's volunteered for. Over my lap NOW girl."

Mr. Billingham sat on the outside bench seat and Zoe moved into place. I don't know if it was coincidence or not but the way that he had positioned himself meant that I, and anyone passing by, would be able to see Zoe's butt as she got spanked. I also noted that she spread her feet as she positioned herself. I could easily see her wet and swollen pussy and assumed that she was already quite aroused.

Zoe screamed as the first swat landed on her butt. By the fourth one she was crying. The sobbing stopped at number 9 and then I heard her breathing change. I looked at her pussy and it was a lot wetter than it had been.

When number 15 landed I could hear her moaning. Number 17 and 18 landed to the sound of the 'Oooohs' and 'Aaaaaghs'. Number 19 landed to silence and Zoe looked like she was holding her breath.

When number 20 landed Zoe's orgasm exploded out of her. He feet rose up, her body went rigid and she screamed like there was no tomorrow.

Mr. Billingham watched her for a couple of seconds then stood up sending Zoe to the deck. She jerked about for a few seconds as Mr. Billingham said,

"Don't be so stupid girl, you've had 20 swats quite a few times before and you've never acted all stupid like this before. Get to your feet and stand with your hands on your head girl."

I knew what had happened but I wasn't sure if Mr. Billingham had realised that his daughter had just had an orgasm; or maybe he was just pretending that she hadn't cum because it would mean that he was the one who had given her it.

Anyway, Zoe slowly got to her feet and went to the side of the deck and put her hands on her head.

"Right Georgia, you know the position so assume it. Your parents should have brought you up with a lot more discipline. A few good spanking would have taught you that you must respect your elders and do what they tell you."

"Yes Mr. Billingham."

I assumed the position and immediately felt something hard pressing on my stomach.

"Was the dirty, two-faced pervert getting off on this?" I thought.

I too lay there with my legs open and wondered what it would be like to have my pussy spanked.

Just then the swats started and I too started crying. Jeez, did those swats hurt? I think that my butt must be a bit more sensitive than Zoe's because I orgasmed after the 10th swat but I don't think that Mr. Billingham noticed my orgasms hit me.

I say orgasms and not orgasm because I had 2. The first at swat 10, and the second at swat 19 or 20. When both of them hit me I too went rigid with my feet rising up. With me being so small and light I guessed that Mr. Billingham didn't realise what was happening to me.

As I said, my second orgasm hit me on the 20th swat, the last swat, and instead of standing up and letting me roll to the deck he just sat there with his hand still where it had last landed on my right butt cheek. I find it hard to believe that he didn't realise that I was cumming, after going rigid then relaxing, the jerking started, and I was still moaning, not crying.

Intentionally or not, he waited until my breathing slowed to near normal before telling me to get up. As I did so I saw a small wet spot on his short. I guessed that it was just pre-cum because the spot wasn't that big but he'd definitely had had a hard-on all the time.

To this day I don't know if he realised that both of us had had orgasms while lying over his lap.

Anyway, I automatically went and stood next to Zoe and put my hands on my head. Mr. Billingham was still sat on the seat and he stared at us for ages before finally saying,

"Well, you both survived that part but the real part of your punishment starts right now. Get off this yacht and get walking to the café; and walk, don't run. You can go in your bare feet to slow you down and I don't want to hear from anyone that you've been covering your breasts or genitals. If anyone stops you and asks for a better look at the red marks you are to sit on the ground, lay back, put your legs up in the air, spread them wide and pull them back to your heads. And you are to stay like that until they walk away. Do you understand me you naughty little girls?"

"Yes daddy."

"Yes Mr. Billingham."


We both got off the boat and started walking. When we got round the corner I stopped and asked Zoe what my butt was like.

"Red, but not dark red; I think that it will be back to normal by tomorrow."

"Speaking from experience are you?"

"Yes, Kate and I always inspect our butts afterwards; what does my butt look like?"


"No silly, how red is it?"

"What you just said."


"Good! You've just been spanked by your father; how can that be good?"

"Because I orgasmed."

"I see; your first spanking orgasm."

"You can't talk; you just had your first 2."

"Yes I did; and I liked it."

"So did I."

"So you'll be looking forwards to the next time?"


"Well at least you won't fear them now."

"No, but I worry about Kate. She hasn't found the bridge from pain to pleasure yet."

"Give her time. Maybe you should spank her a few times when your parents are out and see if you can help her?"

"Maybe, I'll talk to her later."

We walked some more then I said,

"If he wasn't your father Zoe, I would have called him a dirty old pervert."

"You're right Georgia; after our spankings he always just stares at us for ages and both Kate and I have wondered what he's thinking about, and yes, he always has a big bulge in his trousers or shorts."

"But he's your father and you love him."

"I guess so."

"And you'd like him to fuck you."

"Hey Georgia, you may or may not fuck your father but there's no way that I'm going to fuck mine."

"Okay Zoe, just planting an idea in your head."

Just then Sebastian came walking towards us.

"Well hello there girls, what's all this?"

"Daddy is punishing us." Zoe said. "This is part 2 and we're supposed to be embarrassed and humiliated by having to walk around like this."

"Which you obviously aren't." Sebastian said. "So what was part 1?"

Both Zoe and I turned around and bent over a little.

"Ouch, I bet that hurt."

"Well yes, but it did have its good points."

"Do you mean that you orgasmed? I've heard about girls who get off being punished."

"Yes we did." Zoe said. "Georgia came twice."

"Interesting, but I guess that I'm not really surprised."

"Very funny. Daddy said that if anyone wanted a better look at our red marks we have to lie on our backs and put our legs up so that they can get a better look."

Sebastian smiled then replied,

"Well I guess that you'd both better get on your backs."

Zoe and I looked at each other then we giggled; then we did as Mr. Billingham had ordered.

We must have looked a right spectacle as Sebastian got his phone out and started taking photos of us.

Finally satisfied that he'd got enough photos he told us that we could get up.

"We can't, not until you leave; that's what daddy said."

"Oh, okay; I guess that I'd better go but anytime that you want to lie down like that just let me know."

"So you don't mind girls walking around the marina without any clothes on Sebastian?" I asked.

"No not at all. We quite like seeing naked, pretty girls; it adds a sort of 'natural' look to the place."

"So we could come in to the marina office like this then?" I asked.

"Yes, you wouldn't be the first naked girls to be in there.

"What about the café and the restaurant?"

"The café's okay, Manuel is a bit of a dirty old man; but I doubt that the restaurant would be too happy; they have some crazy ideas about hygiene."

"Okay, what about the Nueva marina Sebastian?"

"The road can get a little busy and I'm not sure about the blue Marlin or the Lio; so I think that it's best to stay around here girls. Maybe you could come and see me in the office the next time that you get punished?"

"Maybe we will." Zoe replied.

"Okay girls, I'll go now and let you get up off that warm concrete. Bye"

Sebastian walked off and we got up and continued our walk. We saw a few other people, some who stopped and stared at us, but none of them came up to us. When we got to the café Manuel was outside taking a break. He waved at us and we waved back before turning and walking back.

Mr. Billingham was sat out on the deck waiting for us and as soon as we got there he said,

"And again."

We turned and repeated the walk only this time without Sebastian stopping us.

Mr. Billingham was still there when we got back and he said,

"Good, you know what you have to do now."

For the next 30 minutes we stood there, still totally naked and with our hands on our heads. One fisherman walked passed us but he didn't even look at us.

Finally, Mr. Billingham told us to get back on the boat then he said,

"I hope that you 2 have learnt something from your experience this morning."

"Yes I did daddy."

I smiled to myself and said,

"Yes sir."

"Good, you can get dressed now."

We did, then went down to Zoe's cabin to talk some more.

I asked her if she was going to start wearing knickers again.

"Hell no; in fact I'm going to make sure that daddy sees up my skirt some more. It will be well worth the pain of the first few swats to get all that pleasure. You may just see Kate and I walking around the marina stark naked quite a lot, and that Sebastian guy may just get a visit from us. I wonder if he can cope with both Kate and me."

"Are you going to tell Kate what has just happened?"

"Yes, I'm sure that it won't be long before her body starts to discover the pleasure that a good spanking can give. She told me that her pussy started tingling the last time that she got spanked so it won't be long. She may say that she doesn't enjoy walking around naked but she does. I'm her sister, I can tell."

I smiled and tried to think of a way that I could get some more of today's 'punishment' but I couldn't. I'll just have to hope that things change.

Shortly after that I told Zoe that I had to go, that I had to see someone about something to do with daddy. I hated lying to her but I didn't think that she was ready to know what I do at the club. I considered taking them to Groper's Bar, but not right now.

As I was walking back to daddy's boat my phone rang, it was Pau to tell me that he'd found a clinic where I could get the O-Shot. He told me that I'd have to be examined and answer a lot of questions, and that I should take my Black Amex card with me; it would be expensive. That part didn't bother me as daddy would be paying. He gave me the phone number and I rang it and made an appointment for next day.

I had a shower and put a couple of my half thongs into my bag. I wanted to take a vibrator but I knew that I would be working with a few others and I didn't want to have to get them to stop every time that I orgasmed. Instead I got out my Ben Wa balls and eased them up my hole. At least they would keep me 'happy' all the time.

Then I slipped a loose, mesh half top and one of my ultra-short skater skirts on, one that has some random holes all over it.

Twenty minutes later I was walking into the club. It seemed a bit strange being there in the daylight.

Diego was there and he introduced me to the rest of the promotional team for that day. There were 3 men and 3 more girls. Two of the men had fucked me before so I knew that they had huge cocks but the other one I didn't know and I wondered if his was as big. The girls were all new to me. All 3 are skinny with a good tan. None of them has big tits.

Diego told us to go and get changed and then go back to the big van that was parked outside. Just thongs was the uniform of the day for us girls while the men wore something that looked interesting. Basically it's a loincloth that is long enough to cover those huge cocks.

The other 3 girls wore one of the thongs out of the club's supply box but I put one of my own half 'V' thongs on. No one would know unless I bent over and I didn't think that I'd be doing any of that. Besides, I wanted to get air to tickle my pussy.

We all piled into the back of the van and set off. There are seats in the back of the van but it wasn't very comfortable.

As I'd climbed in one of the girls saw my still red butt and asked if I'd got it sunburnt.

"No, I've been a naughty girl." I replied.

"You didn't get it at last night's naughty girl show then?"

"No; I didn't even know about that."

I made a mental note to ask about that. I'd discovered that I like being spanked and that show could be a chance to get spanked and fucked.

As the van started moving I asked one of the girls where we were going and what we'd have to do. She told me that we were going to 3 beaches, all not far apart and all us girls had to do is hand out flyers to people that we thought looked like they might visit the club.

"What do the guys do?" I asked.

"It's a bit easier for them; 2 of them carry those big poles (she pointed to the poles going down the middle of the van floor), with a banner in between them. The other guy carries a boom box to attract people's attention"

"So which beaches are we going to?"

"Playa de en Bossa, Es Cavallet and Platja de ses Salines."

"I've been to that last one; it's nice."

"Yes it is. They're all nice in their own way."

The van soon stopped in Playa de en Bossa on a little road that went to the beach and we all got out. As the new guy got out I got a look at his cock and saw that it was as big as the other two's.

The guys got the poles out and attached the banner to it. I was then able to read it. In big red letters it said,


It also had the clubs name and address and a drawing of a naked girl on her hands and knees and a naked man behind her with the implication that he was fucking her doggy style.

The flyers that I was given to hand out had similar wording but instead of the drawing there was a photograph of a man and a woman in the same doggy position. Both were naked.

"Right boys and girls," Diego said, "you know what to do, off you go and I'll meet you at the other end of the beach. Girls, remember to only give the flyers to people who look like they may be interested."

The guy carrying the boom box turned it on and the other 2 guys parted, stretching the banner out. The guys walked to the water's edge and us 3 girls started walking in amongst the sunbathing people.

I quickly realised that I would have to bend over to hand the flyers to the people who were flat on their backs. I also realised that me bending over gave a great view to the people on their backs behind me.

From that point on I looked for opportunities to either make people smile and maybe get their hands on what they could see, or get annoyed that a girl was exposing her pussy to them. Either way I was happy.

After a couple of hundred metres the steel balls in my pussy were starting to have an effect on me and I had to slow down a bit.

By the time that we got to the end of the long beach I must have flashed my pussy to 50+ people. I liked these promotional jobs.

I also like the feeling in my pussy as well.

Diego was true to his word and there he was with the van. We all piled in and set off to the next beach. It was difficult to get the van to Es Cavallet beach and we had to get out before all the parked cars and walk the last bit down the road.

As soon as we got onto the beach I knew that things were different to Playa de en Bossa; there were naked people on this beach. As we walked along it became clear that most of the people there were men. I asked one of the other girls who was walking with me if this was a gays beach.

"Yeah, we won't get much business from here but the boss still wants us to do this beach, probably because it's so close to the next one. Oh, I know what I was going to ask you; how did you get your thong like that? I saw you bending over back at Bossa and I saw your pussy."

"Ha, you caught me. No, it's one of my own thongs; a friend makes them for me. Good isn't it?"

"Yeah, I've pulled them up into my slit before but I never would have thought of making them like that. Good for you."

"It's good for working the bar as well."

"I bet it is. You lucky girl."

Cavallet beach is another long one, not as long as Bossa, but still long, and by the time that I'd got half way down the steel balls got the better of me. I had to stop and wait for the waves to go down. Then I had to run to catch up with the others. Then we had to turn around and walk all the way back. The trip along that beach seemed a bit pointless to me.

Salines was much better. Diego parked the van just over the road from where the bus stops and we all got out and the guys got themselves organised.

The walk through the clothes area as fun; I spent lots of time bent over trying to give flyers to people who didn't really want them just because there was a man behind me.

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