Georgia Ch. 18


Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 18

It was 'Fucking Machines' night at the club. I was excited as I'd never been on a fucking machine before. When I got there I had a quick look behind the closed curtains and saw some things that were obvious and some that I hadn't a clue about. I looked forward to finding out what they were.

I went into the changing room and looked at the calendar to see who else had volunteered that night. There was only Daniella and I smiled hoping that it meant more for me.

It was still relatively early with only about 30 customers there but there was still the chance of getting groped and maybe a lap dance so I took off my dress and put just the half 'V' thong on. I had considered the strings only thong but I wanted to keep that for when there were a lot more people there. I figured that there was less chance of the boss seeing it and telling me to go and put one of the club's boring thongs on.

Walking out to the main room I wandered around where the customers were hoping that I'd get called over to talk to them. After about 10 uneventful minutes I saw Daniella walking in so I followed her to the changing room.

After saying hello I asked Daniella what happened on a fucking machine night and what I had to do to get prepared.

"Simple; take that thong and those shoes off, go out there and do as you're told. The guys will do all the rope work and help you onto the machines. Then you just stay put and get fucked; couldn't be easier.

"Rope work." I asked.

"Yes, some of the machines out there need the girl to be tied to them so that she can't wriggle away when she gets very sensitive. One of the machines requires you to be hanging upside down and the business end comes down into you."

"Wow; that sounds like fun."

"Yes it is but it leaves you totally knackered by the end of the night."

"Not a problem, I can sleep all tomorrow."

Just then one of the big cock guys walked in. I joked with him asking him if he was going to get fucked up the butt by the machines.

He smiled and Daniella said,

"No, they're here to fuck our mouths on one of the machines and to help set us up."

"You mean tie us down."

"That as well."

There was still about an hour before the show started so I went out to work the bar. I was soon getting my pussy groped and word soon got around about the girl with a crotchless thong. I was in big demand.

My super sensitive pussy was slowing me down as well; it's difficult to walk with a tray of glasses when you're cumming.

I managed to get one lap dance early on and I gave the guy a big stain on the front of his trousers. He seemed to think that it was some sort of a trophy.

I was a little nervous when I was called to get ready for the show. I took my half thong off and put it in my locker then went out to the stage, behind the closed curtains. One of the guys called me over and started 'restraining' me to one of the machines. It's a big square of scaffold poles that I could easily lie spread-eagled in. I got down on my back and put my wrists where I was told then I watched the guy use ropes to secure my wrists.

Next the guy went to my feet and pulled my legs so that I was stretched as far as I could before my ankles were secured leaving my legs spread nearly to the point of the splits.

I was expecting that to be it, but 2 or should I say 3 things were added. Firstly another scaffolding pole was added across my neck. It wasn't resting on my neck but it certainly stopped me from moving my head. The other 2 things were 2 plastic tubes about 1 centimetre in diameter and about 15 centimetres long. They are open at one end and the other ends have a little plastic, flexible pipe attached. These flexible pipes join at a 'T' piece and then a long flexible pipe goes to a pump where all the electrics are.

The pump must have already been switched on because as soon as the tubes were put over my nipples I felt them rise up and start to swell to about four times their normal size. It was a little painful, but a nice pain.

I wondered if my nipples would stay that big when the tubes came off. I also wondered if you can get bigger tubes so that my whole tits are sucked in. Not that I'm unhappy with the size of my tits; I wouldn't want them to be big enough to start bouncing about.

Then the guy lined up the dildo on the long bar with my hole and eased it in a little. Then he went and fixed the motor in place. He switched it on and I gasped as the dildo went deep inside me then withdrew before the power was turned off.

I thought that I was ready for action but there was one more thing. He clamped some bars on the side of the frame then adjusted them so that the wand on the end of one bar was resting on my clit.

I decided that the 15 minutes that it was going to be switched on was going to be heaven and hell.

I tried to look over to where Daniella was but I couldn't turn my head. I heard Diego talking then the curtains went back and the power was turned on.

The heaven came first, the suction on my tits increased, the dildo started fucking me and the wand did its thing on my clit.

I didn't last long before my first orgasm hit me. I was just returning to nearly normal when I opened my eyes and saw people moving around over me. I later found out that Diego was inviting groups of the audience to come down to the stage and inspect the torment that Daniella and I were experiencing.

I had 4 orgasms before the power was turned off and I started to relax. The suction tubes fell off after a couple of minutes as the guys got me out of the rack. I was a bit unsteady on my feet for a second before I was led to the second machine.

This one was weird; I looked at it and thought,

"What the hell; how the hell does this work?" It was like some weird piece of gym workout equipment.

One of the guys put wrist and ankle cuffs on me. He then led me to big metal plate, a bit like a coffin lid stood on end. He told me to stick my head through a big hole that was at about waist high. That done, he clipped the wrist cuffs to something so that I couldn't move. He went behind me, spread my feet wide and clipped what I later found out to be a long wooden bar, to my ankles. Then the bizarre thing; him and the other guy lifted me up in the air so that I was parallel to the ground, face down.

"Bend your knees." I was told. While one man easily held me there, the other man clipped some ropes to each ankle cuff. These ropes went over the top of the coffin lid and were attached to a motor that was above my head. When the motor started my feet were pulled up and over to my shoulders. I was bent over backwards, face down and my body was about a metre up in the air.

"How the hell am I going to get fucked while I'm up here?" I thought.

I needn't have worried; I later found out that a dildo on a bar was mounted on some sort of pole that has a motor attached. The height and angle of the dildo was adjusted so that it lined up with my pussy and the machine was switched on.

In and out went the dildo slowly and I thought,

"This is going to take a while to make me cum."

What I hadn't bargained on was the speed of the thrusts dramatically increasing and I soon realised that I was going to cum soon.

Then one of the men came round to my face. He was naked now and his cock was hard. He rubbed the end of it all around my face then pushed it into my open mouth. He was at the perfect angle to push his cock into my throat and I was glad that James had taught me how to throat a cock without gagging.

That didn't stop him from holding it in my throat for a long time and when he did let me breath I gasped for air then back in the cock went.

I opened my eyes and saw the feet of quite a few people; presumably Diego had invited some more people up onto the stage and that some were also behind me getting a close-up of the dildo going in and out of my hole.

The thrusting at both ends soon got me cumming and it's a strange feeling choking and thinking that you are going to die, and having an orgasm at the same time.

Obviously I survived but the last thing I was thinking about when I was cumming was saying the word 'Priapus'.

That was the most bizarre way that I have ever been fucked; but there again I have only been fucking for a couple of months.

The third fucking machine wasn't really a machine compared to the others. The ankle cuffs were left on me and they were attached to 2 ropes hanging down from the roof, about 2 metres apart. As I was hauled up my legs got further and further apart I stopped going up when my hands couldn't touch the floor. Then a magic wand was lowered down until it just touched my clit. Someone had obviously done a lot of experimenting to get it in just the right place.

The wand was switched on and the magic part of its name soon started to work. I have no idea if the extra blood in my head had anything to do with the intensity of the orgasms but they were good ones, all 6 of them. In between my orgasms I watched the legs of the people walking all around me and listened to the comments about my 'cute little pussy'.

When I was lowered to the ground I had to just sit there for a couple of minutes for my brain to get control of my body.

The fourth machine was a lot more basic and comfortable for me. It was a Gynaecologists chair complete with stirrups. I was told to climb on and then velcro strip were put around my calves, stomach, and 2 on my chest, above and below my tits trying to squash them into a much narrower base. Not that they had much luck with my tiny tits.

Between my legs a dildo on a pole threatened to stab into my pussy. After a couple of minor adjustment I was getting fucked again. My sensitive pussy gave me 5 orgasms that time and I had no problem standing when I was released.

That was it for the evening. Daniella was right about being knackers, but I wasn't as bad as I expected. After a shower the club got me a taxi back to the boat.

I was awoken the next morning by my phone ringing. When I answered it I heard a vaguely familiar voice.

"Hi, this is Randy from on the carrier; is that Lolita?"


"We met the other afternoon and we all had some good fun; do you remember us?"

"My first 5 sea fucks, how could I forget you."

"Well the carrier is leaving Ibiza tomorrow and we're having a party tonight. I, we; were wondering if you'd like to come along."

"Randy, I told you, I'm not a whore."

"Whores get paid Lolita and we're not offering to pay you."

"Good point Randy."

"How many guys will be there?"

"About a hundred."

"Bloody hell Randy, you're not expecting me to fuck a hundred sex starved sailors are you?"

"Hell no; about 20 girls are being invited."

"Phew, I was getting worried for a minute."

"There's just one problem."

"And what is that Randy?"

"There's a rule about the clothes that the girls can wear."

"And what is that?"

"The only thing that they can wear is a suit, their birthday suit."

"Bloody hell Randy, how am I supposed to get there naked?"

"We thought about telling you all to leave wherever you live naked and find your own way there and back but we thought that it might be a bit of a problem for some so we're sending cars out to pick the girls up and then return them in the morning."

"That's better."

"So where do you want picking up Lolita?"

I thought for a second then said,

"Do you remember that café that you took me to?"


"I'll be waiting outside that, hiding behind a parked car."

"Okay, it will be at 21 hundred hours. Please be there Lolita."

"I will, I like US Navy cocks."

When I terminated the call I thought,

"What the hell have I let myself in for?"

I looked at the time; I had 2 hours to get to the hypnotist. I decided to spend the first 30 minutes of those 2 hours giving myself a reason(s) to say the word 'Priapus'.

After a shower I brushed my hair and put it in pigtails; possibly being something to do with the name that the Navy guys would be calling me that night.

I put on a strings only thong and walked over to the café for a good breakfast. Manuel complimented me on my looks but I didn't know what aspect of my looks he was talking about. My recently brushed hair, my all-over tan, my thong, what he could see between the strings or just the overall image. Whatever he meant I took the compliment.

A young couple came in and smiled at me as they went passed. I guessed that I just looked like a young topless girl eating her breakfast. Nothing special about that in Ibiza.

They may not have been thinking that when I left; I had to walk passed them and the woman's eyes went wide open when she realised that she could see that would normally have been hidden by a triangle of material. I smiled at her and I guessed that her man's eyes followed my butt out.

I debated with myself, if I should wear a vibrator or a butt plug to my hypnosis session but in the end I decided just to go au naturel - apart from a dress. I chose one of my strapless, elasticated top dresses which I can get off in less than 2 seconds. If I decided to get naked I wanted to do it so quick that the man didn't have time to tell me to stop.

I got to the hypnotist's office with 5 minutes to spare and I went and knocked on the door.

Chuck opened it and invited me in. Then he pointed to the sofa indicating that I should sit there. Again, I perched on the front edge.

"So Georgia; how are you?"

"Fine thank you."

"Have you been practicing what we discussed?"

"You mean the getting myself off and saying 'Priapus'?"

"Yes Georgia."

"Yes I have."

"Since you were last here, how many times have you done it?"

"Difficult to say, I haven't kept a count but it's probably somewhere in the region of 100 times."

"ONE HUNDRED. Wow Georgia something like 8 or 10 was the answer that I was expecting; and that's probably more than the average for a young woman like yourself."

"But I like doing it.; it seems to be quite easy to do it these days; look, I'll show you."

With me being perched on the front of the sofa, and the fact that my dress is so short that I can't sit on any of it, it was dead easy to just grab the hem and pull it up over my head and off.

Within 2 seconds my dress was on the floor, I was leant back on the sofa, my legs were spread wide and my right hand was rubbing my clit.

I heard Chuck say something about it not being necessary but it was too late, I had already started.

It wasn't long before,

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, aaaaaarrrrrrgn; 'Priapus'." Came out of my mouth then my body jerked a few time then finally relaxed, my hands by my side and my legs still wide open.

"Good Georgia; that's just what's needed. That didn't take long; I seem to remember it taking longer the last time that you were here."

"Yes Chuck, it did, but these last few days I've been cumming a lot quicker. Do you think that it's starting to work?"

"No Georgia, the real work to get you to where you want to be will only really start in a few minutes. This session will start to plant the association of the word 'Priapus' with an orgasm, deep in your brain."

"Okay, so when do we start?"

"Right now if you're happy."

"Okay, where do you want me?"

"Anywhere that you are comfortable Georgia."

"I'm good here."

"I'll get my tablet."

Chuck got his table and came over to me. He sat beside me then held his tablet in front of my face.

"Just concentrate on watching the screen Georgia; try to relax and let your mind go blank."

I did and the next thing that I knew was Chuck standing over me and clicking his fingers.

"What time is it?" I asked. Trying to remember if I had been naked with my legs had been wide apart when I got hypnotised.

"You were in a hypnotic trance for about 15 minutes if that is what you were trying to work out Georgia."

"Okay. 'Priapus'." I replied; then when I didn't orgasm I added,

"It's not working."

"No Georgia; it won't work. Firstly it's not you saying 'Priapus', it has to be other people; and secondly, if you remember I did tell you that it would take around 4 sessions to become effective."

"Oh yes; you did didn't you? So when's the next session? Can we do it now?"

"Sorry; your brain needs time to assimilate the thoughts and ideas that I've just put there. I can book you in for the same time next week if that's okay with you?"

"I guess so."

"I think that it would be a good idea if you were to get dressed now Georgia."

"Oh yes."

I got off the sofa, put my dress back on and said,

"I presume that I still need to practice masturbating and saying the word 'Priapus'."

"Yes please, but you don't need to spend as much time on it as you have been doing; around 10% of last week's effort will suffice."

"But I like doing it."

"Georgia, you do whatever you are comfortable with."

"I think that I'll try and top last week's guestimate then."

Cuck smiled and said,

"Okay Georgia. Until next week then."

Back at the boat I decided to try to get some rest as I suspected that the US Navy would keep me up for most of the night. I decided to have that rest sunbathing on the rear sunbathing deck of the boat.

At 8:30 pm I left the boat naked as the day I was born; not even shoes to protect my feet. It's one thing being naked around the marina, that's like being naked in your back garden; and walking around town in just a thong, even a strings only thong, that gives me some security and the feeling of being clothed; but I was about to go out on to a main road and walk to a café and wait outside it with absolutely nothing on me, no feeling of security at all.

Okay, I'd been totally naked on that road, and in that café before but that was different; I had 5 hunky US sailors to protect me that time. I was nervous and a little bit scared.

I was outside the marina, alongside the main road before anyone saw me and I was relieved when they just looked at me then kept walking. It was still about an hour before sunset so there was no help for me there. A couple of cars went passed with no indication that they'd even seen me.

I made it to the café, still scared and nervous; I mean a police car could have driven along that road at any minute.

For some weird reason, instead of looking for somewhere to hide, I stood right on the side of the road where the people in the café and anyone else for that matter, could easily see me.

I waited for what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes when a big white limo pulled up alongside me. With the darkened windows I had no idea who was in it so I stepped back a little and prepared myself to run. A window at the front wound down and a man said,


I emptied my lungs and relaxed.

"Get in."

I walked to the door further down the side and opened it. As I opened the door I saw about 9 or 10 other girls; all as naked as I was. I climbed in and found a seat.

The girls were all talking in Spanish, and a rather fast Spanish and I was having trouble understanding what they were saying.

The girl next to me turned to me and said in Spanish,

"Hi, I assume that you are going to the American Navy party."

"Yes, I'm Lolita."

The girl giggled and then said,

"You look like a Lolita. I'm Lucia."

"Do you know how far it is to the party?" I asked.

"About 10 kilometres; it's on a farm near San Jose."

I'd heard of San Jose. Daddy took me there once. It was all very nice but way too quiet for me.

It didn't take long to get there and when I got out of the Limo I saw that 2 more Limos had followed us in. There were quite a few guys waiting for us and they all cheered when they saw us.

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