Georgia Ch. 22


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 22

It was late morning when I woke up to the sound of the boat's engines running. A quick look out of a porthole confirmed that we hadn't left the marina. After waiting until I was fully awake, I looked at my phone to see if anything was happening that day. Yes it was, I had to go to the club that night to get another hole of mine stretched.

I thought about my pussy and explored it to make sure that I was still in one piece and that there was no pain. Satisfied that I was in one piece my right hand got busy and a few minutes later I had my first orgasm of the day.

"'Priapus' 'Priapus'." I shouted when the orgasm arrived. Stupidly, I was disappointed that it wasn't as good one as the ones that I'd had the previous night.

I finally got off my bed and went to the shower. Fifteen minutes later a refreshed Georgia went up onto the deck and said hello to the captain. We exchanged a few pleasantries then I went back downstairs to put some coffee on.

Sitting out on the deck, slowly sipping my coffee and watching the captain do what he had to do, I remembered what I had told myself that I was going to do with the hosepipe that the captain was using to wash the outside of the boat.

I decided to go and get some breakfast at the café, then spend the day sunbathing on the boat and trying to rig-up something that I wanted to try with the hose-pipe.

Manuel was his usual cheerful self when I walked in, and seemed oblivious to the fact that I was naked.

As I was leaving I saw Kate and Zoe, out for one of their 'punishment' walks. As I walked up to them I remembered about them missing the dinner appointment with their parents.

"Hi ladies, turn around please?" I said.

"I see that your father has been spanking you again."

"Yes, and he blames you Georgia." Zoe said.

"Well, I guess that I'd better go back with you and face the music. Did you both cum while he was spanking you and then when he'd finished spanking you did he finger you until you'd cum again?"

"Yes he did."

"Well then, I guess that I'd better come and face the music."

"You don't have to Georgia, he's not your father; he has no authority over you."

"You're right Zoe, but I sort of feel obliged to; after all it was my idea to go to the gym."

"If I remember rightly both of us wanted to go to the gym to see that it was right that we could be naked there." Kate said.

"Whatever; it's only fair that we all share the punishment. Come on, my pussy's getting wet just thinking about it. Is your mother there?"

"Yeah, but as soon as she realises what daddy is going to do she'll go shopping or something." Zoe said.

"Well, look who's here." Mr. Billingham said; "I want to talk to you Georgia, and I see that you've come ready for what is going to happen to you."

Mrs. Billingham did as Zoe had said and Mr. Billingham continued talking.

"So Georgia, do you deny that it was partially your fault that Zoe and Kate failed to turn up for the family dinner?"

"No sir."

"You must have realised that by coming here you would get punished."

"Yes sir."

"Well I have to say that it's admirable that you are prepared to support your friends even though you will suffer the same punishment as them."

"Thank you sir, I think that it's only fair."

"Too right girl; and I hope that all 3 of you will have learnt a lesson by the time that I've finished with you. Kate, Zoe, both of you will watch me spank Georgia. Now girl, come over here."

Mr. Billingham told me to lie back on the table that I was near to, it's the one that outside at the back. In full view of everyone nearby who cared to look.

"That's it girl; now lift your legs up and bent your knees so that they are near your ears. That's it; now spread your knees a bit more. Zoe, Kate, stand near her backside so that you can see her backside getting red."

And spank me he did. Twenty swats, I think, I wasn't counting them. The first few made me cry but that soon stopped and my pussy started getting warm and tingly.

Then I felt my first orgasm building. When it arrived I was still getting spanked.

My second orgasm was just subsiding when the spanking stopped. I felt Mr. Billingham put his right hand on my pussy and I gasped as a finger touched my clit then I moaned as his fingers got to work making me cum again.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, aaaaaarrrrrrgn; 'Priapus'." Came out of my mouth as he took me over the edge.

Zoe later told me that their father just stood there watching me as my body jerked about.

When I started to get my breath back Mr. Billingham looked at my face and said,

"Perhaps you have learnt a lesson young lady. If you encourage my daughters to disobey me again you will get another painful backside. Now get off my boat and do the walk. I'm sure that you remember what you have to do. And you 2 can do the walk with her."

"Yes daddy."

"Yes daddy."

As we started walking Kate said,

"Are you alright Georgia? Why do you come here and allow him to do that to you?"

"Why do you think sis? You saw her cumming."

"Well yes but ..."

"Kate, I like being spanked, even by your father. It's nice having a man spank me. You like it as well don't you?"

"I guess so."

"Of course you do sis. You should see your pussy when you start to cum."

"Do you think that your father knows what he's doing to us when he spanks us and brings us off?" I asked.

"He knows enough to make me cum." Kate said.

"Yes, I know that and he's quite good at it; what I mean is, do you think that he thinks that he's punishing us or do you thing that he knows that we love it and that it's anything but a punishment?" I replied.

"You mean; is he stupid or is he very clever in the way he gets us naked and makes us cum. Does he get his rocks off by doing this to us?" Zoe asked.

"I think that that your father is very cleaver. I think that he created this punishment lark just so that he can see his daughters naked and then finger you to orgasm. I think that if you pushed him a bit further he might just fuck you on the pretext of teaching you a lesson."

"Wow Georgia;" Kate said; "do you really think that he'd fuck us?"

"Given half a chance I'm sure that he would; I mean what man wouldn't want to fuck 2 gorgeous daughters like you two?"

"A gay?" Zoe joked.

"Yeah, okay;" I replied, "but think about it; two gorgeous little naked bodies in front of him all the time. He'd be mad not to want to fuck you. Maybe you should try being very naughty and see what happens."

"Like how?" Zoe asked.

"Maybe have a few sleepovers at my boat but tell him that you're going clubbing then when you get back the next day tell him that you went on to a party and spent the night with some men."

"That sounds good;" Zoe said, "I mean the getting picked-up and spending the night with men. What are doing tonight Georgia?"

"Sorry girls, but I have to meet one of daddy's business acquaintances tonight (I lied); some deal that daddy's working on."

"Will you end up fucking him Georgia?" Kate asked.

"I don't know yet; it depends on what he's like."

"But we could go clubbing on our own and get picked up Kate." Zoe said; "Can we borrow some of your clothes Georgia? Just think what daddy would think if he saw us with our nipps and pussy on display?"

"That alone might drive him to punish you more; and maybe fuck you. If I'm not on the boat when you come to borrow the clothes just help yourself, I don't mind."

"Thank you Georgia, you're the best."

"You're welcome."

We continued walking and as we got near the café Manuel was walking towards us. As he got close to us we all said hello then he said,

"Been punished again girls?"

"Yes," Kate said, "and Daddy said that if anyone wants a better look at our red marks we have to lie on our backs and put our legs up so that they can get a better look. Do you want to look at our red marks?"

"You're not supposed to ask other people Kate, you're supposed to wait until they ask you."

"Sorry sis, but I've already asked him now. So do you want to look at us?"

Manuel already had a grin on his face and he just couldn't NOT take Kate up on her offer.

"Yes please girls, and do you mind if I take some photographs, I've heard that you let other people take photographs of your red backsides?"

"Sure; as many as you like, and of all 3 of us. That's okay isn't it Georgia?"

By that time both Zoe and I were getting down on our backs and we were quickly followed by Kate.

Ten minutes later and with Manuel's camera now containing something like 50 or 60 images of our bare butts and pussies; a still beaming Manuel thanked us and told us that he had to get going.

When we'd finished the compulsory naked walk and standing with our hands on our heads on the walkway, I went up onto the boat and hugged Mr. Billingham As I hugged him I said aloud,

"Thank you Mr. Billingham, I'll try to get your daughters back on time the next time that we go out."

"Then I whispered,

"It's about time you started stepping up the punishments and fucking your daughters Mr. Billingham; or do you want your wife to know what you got up to at that dinner?"

"I, I, I hope that you will young lady," he replied out loud, "or I may have to punish you in the same way."

"I hope so." I whispered back; then I turned and walked off the boat, back to Kate and Zoe.

"You didn't have to do that Georgia. I keep telling you that he has no authority over you. You don't have to let him do anything to you." Zoe said.

"Have you considered the possibility that I want him to spank me Zoe? And if he finds another way to 'punish' you then I might want him to 'punish me' in the same way?"

"Georgia, you never cease to amaze me. Have you found a way to manipulate my father into doing these things to us?" Zoe replied.

"How on earth could I have done that? You 2 have always been close by when I've seen him (I lied). Anyway, are you complaining?"



"Then don't even think about it. Right ladies, I'm off to spend the day sunbathing on the boat. You're welcome to join me or are you planning on teasing your father today?"

"Thanks for the invite Georgia, we may come round later, it depend on what our mother says when she gets back."

"Okay, no prob. I'm sure that I'll see you around, and don't forget that offer to borrow some of my clothes."

Back at daddy's boat I checked my butt to make sure that the red marks weren't anything to worry about then I got my sunblock and went looking for the hosepipe.

I decided that I'd better setup on the front of the boat rather than the back; I thought that it may end up being a problem for daddy if his daughter was seen squirting water out of her pussy at the back of the boat.

I found the hosepipe and the different end pieces that the captain had for it, and pulled the hose until it reached the front of the boat. Then I thought about how I could get it to squirt where I wanted it without it without it running away on its own. Back in the captains tool cupboard I found some heavy things and a couple of small pieces of rope.

Okay, I was never in the scouts but I managed to tie the hosepipe to the railings on the side of the boat and with the heavy things I experimented and got it squirting at an angle that I thought would do.

I'd set all this up on the side of the boat that has Isabelle's and Toby's boat next to it. I was hoping that Toby would be there and look out and see me.

Then I covered myself with sunblock and lay down in such a position that the jet of water was hitting my pussy.

Oh, that was good. Not as good as the swimming pool back at home in England, but still good. I reckoned that I wouldn't get quick orgasms but they would slowly build then explode out of me.

I was right, about an hour later my second orgasm hit me, and I was just lying there doing nothing. What a nice way to spend some time in the sun.

After that second orgasm I decided to take a break and went and got a drink and brought it out onto the sundeck. I sat there with my drink and with the jet of water pounding my clit.

Of course the jet got the better of me and I had to put my drink down for a while. After that orgasm I decided on a change of pussy attack method.

Untying the hosepipe and removing the nozzle, I lay there and held the end of the hosepipe to my hole. I gasped as I felt the water start to fill me up.

When I couldn't take anymore, I pulled the hosepipe out of my hole and held it for a couple of seconds then squeezed as hard as I could. Wow, I was quite impressed with myself as how far I could squirt it.

Then I did it again, but that time I directed my squirt to the next boat; and I hit it. I did it again then I saw Toby coming onto the deck of their boat to see what the noise was.

"Hi Toby," I said; "watch this."

I filled my pussy again and directed my squirt towards him, just missing his feet.

"Very impressive Georgia." Toby said.

"Do you want to come over and hold the hosepipe for me?" I asked.

"I can't, I'm going out with my mum in a few minutes."

"That's a shame; we could have had some fun."

I filled my pussy and did it again.

"I bet that you can't piss that far Toby."

"You're probably right Georgia. Sorry, gotta go. Mum's ready to leave."

With that he was gone.

"Stupid boy; how could he miss an opportunity like that." I thought.

Then I had another idea. I went to the railing at the side of the boat and turned and sat on it so that my butt was hanging over the side. Then I put the hosepipe between my legs and to my butt hole.

Pressing the end of the hosepipe to my butt hole I felt the water go up my rectum.

"Hmm, that's a slightly different feeling." I thought as my butt filled up.

When it started to hurt I pulled the hosepipe away and the water came shooting out of me like I had diarrhoea; fortunately, all of it straight down into the sea. I giggled a bit when I saw a couple of little lumps of my shit floating on the surface.

I did it again and wondered if I should empty my bowels this way every day. More little turds flew out and floated in the sea. I looked for any little fish to see if they'd eat my turds but I didn't see any.

"Maybe human turds don't make good fish food." I thought as I did it again.

I kept doing it again until I didn't get any more turds out then I went back to filling my pussy instead. That was more pleasurable.

When I got bored with doing that I tied the hosepipe how I'd done it originally and lay down with the jet pummelling my clit.

As I waited for it to make me cum again I wondered if rinsing out my pussy like that straight after a man had cum inside me would stop me getting pregnant - if I wasn't on the pill. I decided that I'd google it sometime.

I eventually had enough sun and water, with no one else around, for one day and put the hosepipe away. I thought about what I was going to be doing at the club that night and decided to get something to eat right then, rather than going to the club with a full stomach. I didn't want to risk throwing-up in the middle of the show.

I didn't fancy putting any clothes on so I wandered over to the café. There were a few people there but, apart from a few glances, no one said anything to me.

Manuel did though. He was his usual cheerful self and after asking to see if my butt was still red, he thanked me for letting him take the photographs of my friends and me.

"Anytime Manuel, all you have to do is ask." I replied in Spanish.

"I may well do that some time Señora; now what can I get for you?"

I had a nice meal and a few tequilas before heading back to the boat for a nap.

When I woke up it was dark so I got myself ready to go to the club. I decided to wear one of my strapless dresses with the elasticated top that isn't long enough to cover both my nipples and my slit. I slid my egg into place, put a couple of thongs, one 'strings only' and the other with only half the material, and the remote for the egg, into my bag and left the boat.

As I had plenty of time I decided to walk there and it wasn't long before I went in to my bag and turned the egg on. I started to feel good and a bit braver so I adjusted my dress so that both my slit and my nipples were showing.

I still find it amazing just how unobservant people are.

I stopped at a bar and sat outside to have a drink to kill a bit of time. Even the waiter didn't seem to notice my nipples sticking out over the top of my dress; of if he did he gave no indication that he had.

I had to laugh at one girl, well 2 actually, that walked by. One girl was about 3 metres in front of the second girl. The front girl was shouting at the second girl to 'encourage' her to keep walking. Both girls were dressed as if they were on a night out.

It was only about 10 pm but the second girl was totally out of it. I don't know if it was drink or drugs but she was gone, and having real trouble walking. The other thing was that the second girl was wearing a red one-piece swimsuit under a white cover-up that was like a big unfastened blouse. The amusing thing about the swimsuit was that it was a thong bottom and the material that was supposed to cover her pussy was gathered up between her lips; like someone had given her a front wedgie.

For whatever reason, the stupid girl was ignoring the fact that her pussy was exposed (probably didn't realise). She fell down a couple of times when I was watching her and she lay there letting all the passers-by see her pussy before her friend came back and pulled her to her feet for her to start staggering some more.

Quite funny I thought, and tried to think of a way that I could pretend to be out of it and display my goodies to the world. I couldn't think of a way.

Eventually, I left the bar and went to the club. The place was about half full, mainly with men wanting to see the sex show, but there were quite a few women there as well.

I went straight to the changing room, changed into just my half 'V' thong and went out to the bar to start taking drinks to tables and collecting empties so that I could get groped by the customers.

As one table the gentle hand of a woman slid up my inner thigh and teased my clit for a while.

"Naughty girl." She whispered to me when she discovered that my pussy wasn't covered.

I looked at her, smiled, and just stood there for about a minute while she got me close to cumming.

I got my pussy groped 3 more times before the curtains went down to indicate that it was time to go and get ready.

Ready being TOTALLY naked.

There were 3 girls and 3 guys that night. I didn't know either of the other girls but I'd seen all 3 cocks before and I was a little apprehensive about what was going to happen to me. I was a little worried that those big cocks would damage me.

Anyway, us 3 girls went out onto the stage and saw 3 padded top tables. Each table was lower at one end but the lower end was still at about standing man's cock height. They were positioned at different angles so that the audience would be able to see what was going on.

Diego told us girls to get on a table with our feet at the high end. We then had to lie back so that our heads were hanging over the low end of the table and we'd be able to see the upside-down audience when the curtains opened.

Then our wrists and ankles were tied to the table legs.

Finally, Diego gave each of us a tennis ball and told us to squeeze it as much as we liked, and to drop it if we panicked or couldn't take any more and wanted everything to stop.

Then the curtains opened and the 3 donkey-hung men walked onto the stage. The one that came to me rubbed his soft cock all around my face until it got hard then slowly eased it into my mouth.

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