Georgia Ch. 25


Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.


My pussy was getting wetter at the thought of walking around Ibiza Town in broad daylight wearing only a dress that was totally see-through. Okay, I'd worn that colourful top as a dress before but this was different. I don't know why, it just felt different; more sexy.

I went up onto the deck and moved the sybian closer to the back of the boat and rode it to 2 wonderful orgasms.

Lust having been satisfied for a short while, I got on with sorting out my cabin. As I moved my toys back I saw my new egg and put that to one side to wear later. Then I saw my pink dog collar, I put it with my new egg. I saw the ball gag but discounted that; how could I talk to Chuck with that in my mouth?

When I was organised I put the dog collar on and put the egg and its control in my bag. Then I went over to the café to get something to eat; I didn't know when I'd get to eat later in the day.

Manuel greeted me in his usual way and asked me if I had been pleased to see my father.

"Is that a present from him?" He asked pointing to my neck.

"Oh no, I've had this for a while; I just haven't been wearing it so that I don't get a white ring around my neck. I'm going into town today so I won't get much sun."

"Well you've done a good job of getting a tan; you are a totally different colour than you were when you arrived a few weeks ago. I can't see any white patches anywhere."

"There's at least one place that you haven't been able to see and that might still be white."

"Oh I've seen everywhere Georgia and you are 100 percent a nice golden tan."

I tried to think back to a time when Manuel had seen my pussy and decided that it must have been when I'd been sat in the café with my legs open. Half the time these days I just don't realise that I'm sitting like that.

Stomach full, I went back to the boat and had another session on the sybian. This time I slid one of the accessories over the dildo; the one that turns it into a big fat dildo; I wanted to stretch my pussy as much as I could.

It took a couple of minutes to get myself right down so that my clit was resting on the upturned scrubbing brush then I switched it on and rode it to the end of a another orgasm.

Then it was time to leave for my appointment. I went and got out one of my new, totally see-through dresses. I selected one that would fall into a puddle on the floor just as soon as I pushed the shoulder straps off my shoulders. Having said that, they all looked like they would do that.

I put the dress on and tested my requirement. It worked.

Then I thought about what I was planning to do that evening. A dress would not do so I took the dress off, and tried on the skirts and tops that Celeste had just sent me. I settled for a black skirt with a yellow pattern and a yellow halter top that fastened like a string bikini top. Tying the strings very loosely would work for me.

I took the skirt and top off and put them in my bag along with one of my butt plugs then I put the dress back on. I took one last look at myself in the mirror then grabbed my bag and left the boat.

As I walked to the taxi I felt just as good as I do when I'm totally naked. I was happy.

The taxi took me right to Chuck's building door and the only people I saw were the taxi driver and 2 teenage girls who were passing when I got out of the taxi. I don't know why they were giggling as they walked away, it could have been my dress, or could have been the very unladylike way that I got out of the taxi; or it could have been something completely different.

Stood outside Chuck's door I did one more test of pushing my shoulder straps off then catching my dress before it hit the floor. Then I pulled it back into place and knocked on the door.

Chuck opened the door, we said hello then I walked straight over to the sofa and put my bag down. Then I said,

"I presume that this session will start the same as the last couple, with me getting naked and masturbating."

Before he could answer, my dress was on the floor and I was flopped down on the low sofa with the fingers of my right hand rubbing my pussy.

Chuck just stared with a smile on his face.

Less than 2 minutes later I was jerking about as the first of my orgasms for Chuck hit me. When my heart rate was getting back to normal Chuck said,

"I've lost count of the number of times that I've told you Georgia that taking your clothes off and masturbating here is not necessary for the hypnotism to work."

"And is you fucking me when I'm in a hypnotic state, or whatever it's called, necessary Chuck, or do you just like fucking me?"

"Georgia, how many times do I have to tell you that it would be unprofessional of me to have any sort of sexual contact with you."

"Come on Chuck; you must be fucking me; you'd be mad not to."

"Shall we get on with the session Georgia?"


"Right, firstly how was your week? Did anyone use your trigger word and did you orgasm?"

"What trigger word?"

"The one that we agreed that you would use."

"You mean Pr ... Pr ... Pri ... Pri."

"Okay Georgia; I'll say it.


It worked.

Two minutes later I said,

"Say it again Chuck. I want to know if it being said quite close to the last time will get me to cum again."

"Okay Georgia; I've seen you orgasm enough times so I guess that one more time won't do any harm. Priapus."

It worked.

Two minutes later Chuck continued,

"During this final session I will be concreting the association of 'that word' with an orgasm in your brain. I"

"You can say Priapus and not call it 'that word' Chuck; I don't mind cumming again for you."

"It's not for me Georgia, it's for you. Now where was I, oh yes, reinforcing. When I have done that, in theory, someone saying that word anytime for the rest of your life should induce an orgasm. I say 'in theory' because there are no documented cases of a woman returning to her hypnotist and saying that it no longer works."


"As usual, I will have to induce a hypnotic state."

Chuck got his tablet out and as he came over to me I said,

"Are you going to fuck me again Chuck? You don't have to use a condom; I'm on the pill so I won't get pregnant."

"Georgia; just look at the screen please."

I did, and saw the usual weird swirling images.

When I came round I was flat on my back on the sofa with one foot on the floor. As I sat up I looked at my legs and saw little indentation on my knees as if I'd been kneeling on something knobbly, like the carpet in there.

"You did fuck me didn't you Chuck?"

"Georgia; I'm not having this conversation with you again. Right, the reinforcement went well and I'm confident that whenever you hear that word you will have an orgasm. If I remember rightly, you've already paid me for 4 sessions so, unless there's something else that concludes our business. I have to say that it was very interesting to meet you Georgia. Don't forget to put your dress on before you leave.

As I walked down the stairs I got my phone out and looked at the time. I'd been in there with Chuck for 2 whole hours. Surely a bit if reinforcement of the association of the word Priapus with and orgasm couldn't have taken all that time?

The other thing was my inner thighs were wet; could that just be my juices or was it Chuck's jism seeping out of me.

Chuck never had admitted that he'd fucked me but I was now 99.9 percent sure that he had.

I wasn't worried though; I'd got what I wanted out of those visits.

I needed a drink and an ice cream so I headed to where I knew there was a café. I sat at an outside table next to one that had 3 young men sat at it. One of them saw me arriving and I saw him nudge his mates. All 3 stared at me as I sat down on a chair facing them.

I sat with my butt perched on the front edge of the seat and lay back with my knees open. They would have been able to see all of my pussy as they stared at me; but they never said anything.

I closed my knees when the waiter came to take my order and when he brought my cola and ice cream, but apart from that my pussy was on full display.

I so wanted to ask them what the name of the Greek God with a giant cock was but looking at them I doubted that they would know.

About 30 minutes later I left and headed to the gym.

"I like your dress Georgia," Pedro said, "turn around."

I did a slow 360 with a grin on my face then asked,

"Are there many people here?"

"About 6 or 7, and you'll be pleased to hear that you are starting a trend."

"What do you mean Pedro?"

"Working out without any clothes on."

I grinned then said,

"Are you complaining Pedro?"

"No, no, it's good for business."

"You should let the girls in for free if they workout naked."

"I've let those 2 in for nothing and you haven't paid for the last few sessions."

"I bet that you're making the money from the extra men."

"Si Señora. So are you here for a workout, or did you just come here to show me that fabulous dress?"

"Both Pedro. Anyone in the changing room?"

"I don't know."

I went in and there wasn't. I quickly got naked the opened my bag. I had 2 objects to find new homes for and my pussy wanted them quickly. I easily slid the egg up my hole then I rubbed the tip of the butt plug around my soaking pussy then eased it into my butt. I'd chosen the one with the pink fake diamond, thinking that it would look good showing through the skirt that I was going to put on later.

I switched the egg onto medium speed with random burst of full throttle and random electric shocks from the 1 click position; I wanted to create a new record of orgasms whilst working out.

As I walked in to the workout room I immediately saw 2 naked girls. Both looked Spanish and both had bald pussies. I wondered if their men went there and had been talking about the naked girl that had started to go there and had decided to do the same just to keep their man happy.

Whatever the reason it was nice to see them even if they did take the focus off me some of the time.

The men in the room were doing very little except for watching one or both of the Spanish girls and they turned to look at me. My pussy started tingling, and it wasn't just because the egg was starting to have an effect on me.

I started my routine and everyone in there quickly discovered my butt plug. Even one of the girls stopped and watched me as I contorted my body with exercises that displayed my pussy and the pink butt plug.

I was on the mats at one end of the room so I made sure that whatever position I was in my pussy would be visible either directly to their eyes or in the big wall mirrors.

It was on the third exercise that the first orgasm hit me and I collapsed down and started moaning and shaking. There was no way that they didn't know that I was cumming.

Orgasm over, I got up and continued from where I had left off.

This happened 5 times whilst I was on the mats. On the third time the egg decided to give me an electric shock when I was right in the middle of cumming.

I let out a loud "Aaarrrgghh" and the orgasm reached a new high and I must have been on the mats shaking and jerking about for at least 2 minutes. My hands went to my tits and squeezed then pulled on my nipples as I gasped and said a few words that maybe I shouldn't have; well not with strangers around.

And I heard that bell again. So did some of the people watching me. They were looking around to see who had brought their phone into the workout room.

Again, once the orgasm was over I got up and continued as if nothing had happened.

It was the exercise cycles next and after I'd raised the seat I climbed on, lowering myself onto the saddle slowly in case it made my butt hurt me. As it was there was only slight discomfort and that soon disappeared when I started pedalling.

One of the girls looked at me in amazement as my pussy slid from side to side. I wondered if she'd thought of raising the saddle. The other girl wasn't staring, she was going over to the next bike and I watched her raise the saddle.

A burst of full vibrations took me over the edge for my first orgasm on the bike. That was followed by 2 more then I got another electric shock.

OMG; how I stayed on that bike I will never know. I certainly stopped pedalling and gave the handle bars a death grip. My body was shaking like hell; my pussy thought it was on fire and my nipples felt like they were about to explode; and my lungs tried to suck in all the air in the room.

Somehow, I got through it and started pedalling again.

The girl on the next bike was staring at me but her concentration was on the effects of sliding from side to side on her clit.

Moving on to the leg spreader, I climbed on and strapped my legs to it. Before pressing any of the switches I looked around the room. There must have been 7 or 8 men, 2 naked girls and 1 clothed girl. All were staring at me and anticipating what I was going to do.

And I did it all; even getting the machine to go crazy. The egg made sure that I gave my audience a great view of my pussy muscles contracting and relaxing over and over as I climbed and went over the edge. It did that twice then the electric shock came.

I was on my back at the time and I vaguely remember seeing my little tits, with rock hard and throbbing nipples slightly quiver over my shaking torso. And I heard that bell again.

But while I was still up there, the machine sat me up and closed then opened my legs again. Then the back of the seat dropped again.

When I could control my arms again I put my hand on the control and pressed the sequence of keys to shut it down.

I lay there for a minute or so then sat up and released my legs. I still had more exercises to do. I finished them without cumming again then decided to go and have a short rest in reception.

Pedro was sat at his desk so I went over to him, still totally naked and asked him where the cameraman was.

"He got all the footage that he needed last time."

"I thought that he might want to have some naked Spanish girls in his movie."

"One of those naked girls is Alejandro's girlfriend and the other is his sister."

"Oh, so he'll be able to video them naked anytime."


Just then another young man came in off the street and signed-in. He had a good look at me before going to the changing room.

A minute or so later I followed him in to the changing room to get a bottle of water out of my bag. He was stark naked and I smiled at the sight of his hard-on as I passed him on the way to my locker.

After the drink I was feeling refreshed and I decided to do the same circuit again. The egg was still purring away and I wondered how many times it would make me cum, and how many electric shocks it would give me before I finished.

The answer was 4 and 3. All of them would have been extremely embarrassing to most women but I was really enjoying it, even though it was draining my energy. I reasoned that I could afford to be totally knackered when I left the gym because I wouldn't need much energy for what I had planned for the rest of the day.

As I walked to the shower I saw 2 men already in there. Ignoring them but at the same time staring at their cocks; I started to shower. The egg gave me a quick blast and I shook and let out a gasp. The blast wasn't long enough to make me cum but it reminded me that I didn't want it in for my next adventure of the day.

I squat down and squeezed it out, catching it in my hand. Something made me look up and I saw the 2 naked girls from the gym. I also heard one of the men say, in Spanish,

"See, I told you that she must have something inside her that was making her cum like that."

Then one of the girls said,

"I've got one of those, they're amazing aren't they?"

"Certainly are; this one even gives me electric shocks."

"That sounds painful."

"Yes and no; it certainly makes for good orgasms."

"I'll bet. Hey, you look like the kind of girl that might be interested in making a movie, one where you don't wear clothes."

"You mean a porno movie. I've already been in 2 of those; some guy called Alejandro came here and recorded me working out just like I did today, then he came again and recorded a couple of friends and me. The thing was, I thought it was for a gym promotional video but a few days later I saw them on a big screen in a village up in the hills."

"Ah, that Alejandro guy is my boyfriend; I'm Valeria and this is his sister Maria. Pedro and Alejandro should have been up front with you. I can get him to pay you if you like."

"Fuck no; I loved every second of it. I'm Georgia by the way."

The 2 guys realised that they were being ignored and decided to leave and Valeria and Maria moved in and started showering.

"So Georgia, Alejandro is always looking for models either just to photograph or to star in his movies, do you fancy trying it?" Valeria said.

"Me! Look at me; I look like a skinny 12 year old. I haven't seen many porno movies but the odd one that I have seen was full of girls with melons hanging from their chests."

"Georgia, you've already stared in a couple of movies and you'd be surprised at the demand for girls that have small breasts and look a lot younger than they actually are. You are over 18 aren't you?"

"Of course, I can show you my Dancer's I.D. card if you like."

In that case you'd be a natural for Alejandro's movies. What do you think?"

"I don't know; I guess that it depends on what's involved."

"How about you meet Alejandro and see what he's got planned."

"Okay, why not; I can always say no if I don't like what he says; besides, he owes me for the videos that he took here."

"Good, I'm sure that you'll have lots of fun. When can you meet him? Are you free now?"

"Sorry, I've got plans for the rest of today, and tomorrow; but I'm free the day after."

"Sounds good; give me your phone number and I'll fix up a time and place."

By that time we'd all finished showering and were getting dressed. I couldn't help noticing that neither of them wore any underwear. When Valeria and Maria saw the skirt and top that I put on they both wanted a closer look at the material and they wanted to know where I got it.

"So you walk about town wearing those? With nothing on underneath?" Maria asked.

"Yes, I was quite nervous at first but I soon realised that most people only see what they expect to see. I've even walked around town totally naked without anyone saying anything."

"Alejandro will like you Georgia."

"I've got a stage name that my boss gave me, Lolita, he said that it suites me better that Georgia if I'm going to walk about with very little or nothing on and take part in live sex shows."

"I have to agree with him, Lolita does suit you better and it will go down well in the movies."

I had a go at Pedro on the way out, telling him that he should have told me that Alejandro was making a porno movie. Trying to plead ignorance he told me that he was going to use it as a promotional video.

I told him that neither my friends nor I were going to give him more euros but we would be back and expected to use his gym for free. He agreed.

I said goodbye to Valeria and Maria and they went one way and me the other.

Another massage was next on my plan for the evening but before that I needed another drink so I headed to where I knew there was a café.

The café was quite busy with lots of men watching a football match on the television. That didn't stop a couple of them looking at me. One said,

"Hello gorgeous."

And the other complimented me by wolf-whistling at me.

I sat at one of the free tables and ordered a drink. I watched the girl as she brought my drink and her eyes were looking at my body. I was sat lazily in the chair and she could see my pussy below my skirt and the rest of my front through the skirt and top. She smiled at me as she put the drink on the table.

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