tagMind ControlGeorgia on My Mind

Georgia on My Mind


Leigh stepped out of her robe and climbed into the bathtub slowly, letting her body adjust to the hot water. She submerged herself almost completely for a moment, letting just her face float above the surface, and took a slow lazy breath as her long blonde hair streamed out behind her like a mermaid. Her breasts bobbed up and down as she floated in the tub, and she took a moment to run her hands over them in a lazy caress before she finally pulled her head above the surface. It was that kind of a bath.

Not that her parents knew that. As far as they were concerned, Leigh had a headache and just wanted to have a long soak before bed, and Leigh had every intention of keeping it that way. She'd gotten pretty good at stifling herself when she masturbated, but she kept a washcloth handy in case she couldn't avoid letting out a moan or two. It had saved her a few awkward conversations over the years-in a household this crowded, Leigh knew all about the importance of being discreet. In a few months, when she graduated high school and started looking for her own place, she might be able to indulge a little more openly. But for now, with three sisters and only two bedrooms between the four of them, the only place she could spend a little "private time" was in the tub.

Leigh took a lot of baths.

She poured a few droplets of lavender bath oil into the water, and leaned back against the side of the tub. She took a long, deep breath, letting the scent seep into her nostrils, and let herself simply luxuriate in the lazy heat for a moment. Leigh imagined the warmth smoothing out all her distractions, leaving her peaceful and happy and in exactly the kind of mood to enjoy her body. She let the water soothe away thoughts of homework and tests, bickering siblings and frustrating parents, annoying teachers and...

Georgia. Leigh could still see Georgia Ballantine in her mind's eye, staring at Leigh. Five classes a day together, thank you so much computer class scheduling, and Georgia stared at her all the way through each and every one of them. She never said anything, but every time Leigh looked at her, she was staring right back at Leigh with those creepy eyes of hers, eyeshadow painted all around them to make her look like some sort of weird voodoo priestess. Or something. Probably "something" really symbolic of something boring and weird that Georgia spent every day hoping Leigh would ask about, but there was no way Leigh was ever going to give her that satisfaction. She was just going to ignore creepy staring Georgia until she went away, and if that took the next three months until graduation, then that would be just fine. Georgia could be as creepy as she wanted, and Leigh was determined not to let it affect her-

Which was why she was sitting in the tub thinking about it, of course. Leigh ducked her head under the water for a few seconds as if to wash away the unwanted thoughts. No more of that, she decided. Time to think about nicer things...like Miles Chatman, who had gym class with her in fourth period and had the most adorable calves. They did climbing wall once a week, and she'd spent the last six months admiring the way his legs moved as he strained for footholds. He had cute hair, too, and this really hot way of looking down whenever Leigh looked at him like he wanted to smile at her but was too shy.

Leigh slid her right hand down between her thighs and began gently caressing her mound as she settled into a familiar fantasy. She was out for a walk in Red Gate Woods, and she just happened to be passing by when Miles was practicing his climbing skills on an old aspen. Lucky for him, too, as his leg cramped up and she needed to help him down. They found a quiet, secluded grove with soft grass, and she laid him down and began massaging his leg muscles.

Leigh let out a little sigh, allowing her fingers to brush up and down her pussy lips. Her left hand slowly roamed over her breasts, enjoying the unhurried touches. She imagined Miles protesting a little at first-not in a big dumb macho way or anything, but like he knew what was going to happen and wanted to make sure she wanted it just as much as she did. She knew Miles would care about that. He was sensitive. You could tell from the way he read aloud in Lit class. He really tried to read them like the poet meant them to be read, and...

Maybe that was why Georgia kept staring at her. She was into all that gothy shit, and she had third period Lit with both Leigh and Miles. She probably really loved guys who were into poetry, especially when they studied Shelley and Byron. She probably thought it was really hot when he read about doom and romance and doomed romance. Which it totally was, but it wasn't the only thing that was hot about Miles.

She probably wanted to give him a makeover. He had that dark floppy hair that was really cute whenever he stared at the floor and blushed, which was pretty much any time a girl looked at him, and Georgia would totally put eyeliner on him and mascara and maybe even a little lipstick. And okay, yes, that would look totally awesome on him and really bring out those long eyelashes he had that Leigh stared at when he wasn't looking. Leigh tentatively explored the entrance to her pussy, imagining Miles with his eyes closed and his lips pursed just a little while Georgia transformed his whole face...

Leigh sighed in frustration, thudding her head slowly against the tile wall. She was right back to Georgia again. Bad enough that Georgia spent all day staring at her, now she had to plop her chubby butt down in the middle of Leigh's daydreams and poach Leigh's crushes? No. Not happening. She and Georgia could have it out on Monday, but right now Leigh wanted exactly one thing and she was going to get it. With a conscious effort, she wrenched her mind back to the fantasy forest, rubbing her pussy a bit harder in the hope that it would help to keep her mind on sex.

Her fantasy self was rubbing too, massaging those cute calves that she couldn't keep her eyes off of in gym class. Miles didn't look at her directly-he was too shy for that, he kept his face slightly averted and glanced at her when he thought she wasn't looking-but she could see him stiffening inside his shorts. His cock was slender, but it was long; Leigh slowly slipped a finger inside herself as she pictured it tenting his clothes.

Leigh let her eyes close completely, her finger teasing its way into the folds of her pussy as her thumb caressed around her clit. Her other hand teased her nipples, feeling them grow stiff under her fingertips. She'd been enjoying this fantasy for months, elaborating on each detail with almost ritualistic fervor, and she knew exactly what happened next. She moved her hands slowly up his leg to his thigh, watching as he blushed furiously but did nothing to stop her. "I can help with that, too," she said in her daydream, watching a tiny drop of moisture soak through the front of his shorts.

And in the fantasy, he still couldn't quite look at her. He just nodded, and she slipped one hand up into the leghole of his shorts. He wasn't wearing any underwear; her hand moved smoothly up his thigh to wrap around the base of his cock. She gasped sharply in real life as she imagined his tiny yelp of pleasure, and her finger moved a little more quickly in and out of her pussy.

"It's okay," she imagined herself saying. "You're beautiful." Leigh didn't think most guys would like being called beautiful, but Miles would. He'd look up at her, finally letting go of that adorable shyness and unleashing his passion with a longing, smoldering gaze at her as she slowly ran her hand up the length of his-

Oh, she thought as the realization suddenly hit her. Oh! Her fingers kept moving, by now a little too far along in her arousal to just stop, but Leigh's daydream had just derailed as Georgia's weird behavior finally clicked. Ohhhh...

That was why Georgia was staring at her? OMG. It totally was. That wasn't a "hands off" stare. That was a "hands on" stare. That was a "I got it bad for you and I don't care who the fuck knows it" stare, and the only reason Leigh hadn't realized it sooner was that she'd never imagined another woman looking at her like that. Georgia wanted her. Like, she wanted to do to Leigh what Leigh was doing to Leigh right now.

She'd have to let her down easy, that was all. She'd be nice about it, because you heard all the time about gay people getting horrible nasty rejections from straight people and then they went and jumped off a bridge or something, and sure Georgia was weird and kind of creepy (but in a gothy way, not in a gay way, she hurriedly assured herself) but it wasn't like Leigh hated her or anything. But she'd have to tell her sooner or later that Leigh didn't feel like that about any girl.

She'd go to her on Monday morning after gym-they both went straight to lunch afterwards, she could ask Georgia to hang back for a moment so they could talk. She'd look Georgia square in the eye and say, "Look, I know you've been staring at me, and I think we both know why."

And Georgia would say, "Good," and shove her back against the lockers and kiss her so hard she couldn't breathe. She'd pull away Leigh's towel and slide her leg between Leigh's thighs, grinding against Leigh's naked and exposed pussy. She'd slip her tongue between Leigh's lips, intensifying that breathless kiss, mashing their breasts together and rubbing her still-damp body against Leigh's. Leigh heard herself moaning into Georgia's mouth as her clit throbbed and she pressed back-

Leigh barely managed to stifle a moan as her pussy clenched around her finger. Where the fuck did that come from? She wasn't into-the whole fantasy flashed back through her mind in a searing instant, triggering another spasm of arousal-into any of that. Leigh mentally put the whole mental image into a box marked 'that' and determined not to look inside. It was 'that', and she wasn't into that.

She was into boys like Miles, Leigh thought. That fantasy-no, not fantasy, that mental map for how she was going to handle Georgia's unrequited crush-it had gone funny because she'd just been thinking about Miles and his hard cock, and her body was still turned on, and it had just gone to kind of a weird place, that was all. She'd probably feel silly about the whole thing after a good orgasm.

Leigh needed to cum. it was just that simple. She was just too worked up right now, and she had too much on her mind, and she needed a good orgasm to clear her head. She needed to get her mind off of Georgia, back onto the fantasy that she'd spent so much time in that it was practically solid, and use it to get herself off. That was it-she'd finish her daydream, frig herself to orgasm while thinking about Miles, and then she could worry about Georgia later. She went back to imagining herself stroking his cock, focusing on the mental image with steely intensity.

Leigh imagined pulling down those shorts, letting that cock spring free in the warm summer air. She stroked it slowly, bringing her hand up over the top and letting the slick precum ooze over her fingers, then working it along the shaft as she slid back down. Miles let out a little whimper, but he didn't move. He just lay there, letting her take charge, letting her do whatever she wanted to him-

But what if Georgia did try...that? Leigh was suddenly gripped by irrational worry, and despite the growing heat in her pussy, she lost the fantasy again. She could, if they were alone like that. Even if Leigh did make sure they were both dressed before she went to talk to Georgia, it wasn't like Georgia couldn't push her back against the lockers fully clothed, hiking up Leigh's skirt and hooking her fingers into the waistband of Leigh's panties. Before Leigh could even say anything, before she could even react, Georgia would be down on her knees and up under the hem of Leigh's outfit. She'd pull Leigh's underwear down to her ankles, plant her mouth on Leigh's pussy and give it a long, slow, wet kiss. Her tongue would snake inside, flicking back and forth on Leigh's clit, making Leigh's hips buck in sudden and unexpected ecstasy. Whatever words Leigh might have been planning to say, they would be lost in moans as Leigh's eyes rolled back in her head and she gave in to the pleasure.

Leigh bit her lip hard as a surge of arousal made her very nearly scream out loud. What the fuck was happening? She felt like she wanted to grab her brain by the shoulders and give it a good shake. All she wanted was a nice, slow masturbation session in the tub with one, maybe two orgasms, and all of a sudden she couldn't get fucking Georgia Ballantine out of her head. Georgia fucking Ballantine, she amended hastily.

One more try, she decided. One more try at getting herself off while thinking about Miles, and if she couldn't do it, she'd run a cold shower and give up for the night. She clenched her eyes tightly shut, trying to find her place in the fantasy.

Miles. Miles was lying there, his shorts down around his knees now, and Leigh had both hands around his cock. He was looking at her with his eyes half-closed in arousal, those long, luscious eyelashes fluttering as she stroked him harder and faster. She watched his hips jerk erratically, knowing that she was doing that to him. She was getting him so turned on, so aroused, so needy...

"You know what would turn him on even more?" Georgia whispered in her ear. "Watching the two of us together." Georgia pulled Leigh's t-shirt up, unhooked Leigh's bra and began massaging her heavy tits. Leigh's fingers matched the fantasy, and she let out a tiny whimper.

"You know it's true," Leigh imagined Georgia saying. "Boys love it when girls make out in front of them." She lifted Leigh's shirt over her head and pulled it down her arms, rolling it up, trapping her wrists with it. Her lips nuzzled along Leigh's neck, softly nibbling at the exposed flesh. "Or are you worried that you might forget he's here?" She used the shirt to force Leigh onto her hands and knees, pulling Leigh's panties and shorts down in a single smooth gesture. Georgia's fingers teased Leigh's wet opening, and she wriggled against them in sudden need. She'd never been this aroused, not from any boy; somehow Georgia knew exactly how to touch her to leave her quivering with helpless desire-

Leigh's eyes flew open. Time for the cold shower, she suddenly decided. Whatever was going on with her brain tonight, it was screwing with-messing with her head to the point where she was clearly not going to get her orgasm. She just needed to stop playing with herself, duck under a little freezing water to cool off her libido, and go to bed. She'd deal with Georgia's feelings for her later.

Maybe she'd talk to her before third period. She could ask Georgia to come with her into the girl's restrooms, and explain to Georgia that it wasn't that she wasn't attractive-Georgia had a beautiful body, all curvy and lush underneath those dark clothes. And Georgia would smile at her, and nod, and ask Leigh to go on, and Leigh would tell her that she had amazing tits, full and round and luscious, so sexy the way that they filled out her low-cut shirt and gave her such gorgeous cleavage.

And Georgia would nod again, asking Leigh to tell her more, and Leigh wouldn't even notice that the bell had rung and class had started, she'd be lost in admiring Georgia's beautiful, sexy body. The soft, swaying breasts and the full, rounded ass distracting Leigh, leaving her lost in a reverie of arousal until Georgia reminded her that there was one part of her that Leigh hadn't seen yet. And she'd lift up her skirt, and she wouldn't have any panties on at all-

Leigh's eyes snapped open again. She wasn't sure when she'd closed them. She wasn't sure when she'd added a second finger inside her pussy. She wasn't sure what was happening, but her body didn't seem to want to stop masturbating and her mind didn't want to stop thinking about Georgia walking right up to her desk and leaning down to give her a deep, soul-searing kiss on the lips right there in the middle of class, in front of everyone. Everyone was watching Georgia put her hand possessively on Leigh's hip and slowly french her until Leigh was gasping for breath. The teacher was out of the room, and all the boys wanted to see this and all the girls wished they were Leigh right now.

But it was Leigh that Georgia wanted. It was Leigh whose tits Georgia was fondling through her clothes, rubbing the nipples under the sheer fabric until Leigh was openly moaning into Georgia's mouth and loving every second of it. Georgia finally broke the kiss, leaving Leigh panting in arousal, but it was only so that she could pull Leigh's shirt over her head.

Leigh's thumb strummed her clit like a guitar string as she imagined Georgia saying, "I know you think this is just a fantasy, Leigh, but it's not. I'm in your mind right now, using my magic to make you fantasize about me." Georgia pulled off her own shirt, revealing her gorgeous, pale titties capped with perfect pink nipples. "I'm all of your hot and horny daydreams now, your every sexual thought, just like you've always been mine."

Leigh whimpered, barely able to keep the sound from becoming a scream, as she pistoned her fingers in and out of her pussy. She imagined Georgia's fingers in her hair, drawing her down to Georgia's pendulous breasts to suckle helplessly at them. "It's going to feel so good," she imagined Georgia moaning. "I'm going to make you feel so good, Leigh, you won't be able to resist it. You're going to get so hot every time you think about me, you're going to think about me every time you get so hot, until my magic breaks down all your will and makes you mine."

Leigh had never imagined how sexy it would be to fantasize about being controlled, being made over into Georgia's sexual plaything, but now she literally couldn't imagine anything else. She pictured Georgia pushing her fingers into the waistband of Leigh's skirt, into her panties, into her sopping wet pussy. She imagined Georgia saying, "You're going to love it so much, Leigh. I'm going to make you feel so much pleasure, so much desire, so hot, so fucking sexy," and she could hear the arousal in Georgia's voice as her words dissolved into moans. Leigh was moaning against Georgia's breast, unable to stop now, unable to resist the waves of pleasure that kept getting stronger and stronger until they finally crested in a gigantic overwhelming blast of irresistible bliss-

Leigh barely managed to grab the washcloth in time to shove it into her mouth. She bit down on it hard as the strongest orgasm she'd ever had ripped through her whole body, seeming to last for hours. The whole time she came, she pictured Georgia cumming right along with her.

After what felt like an eternity, she finally slumped back into the water, utterly spent. It was only then that she noticed it had become lukewarm. With an effort, she extended her toe and started the water draining.

Before the tub was even half-empty, she heard a knock on the bathroom door. "Leigh, honey," her mother said, "you've been in there an awful long time."

"Sorry, mom," she called back, trying to keep the shakiness out of her voice. "I'm just finishing up now."

There was a long pause. "I thought I heard you cry out," her mother said.

"I whanged my knee getting out of the tub," Leigh replied. She was very grateful her mother couldn't see her face right now, and even more grateful she couldn't see her mother's. "It kind of startled me."

Another long pause. Leigh's mother must have decided there was no benefit in pursuing that line of questioning any further, because she merely replied with, "Alright, dear. Please finish up, it's almost bedtime."

Under the circumstances, Leigh decided not to argue.

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