tagMind ControlGerald Mackes Ch. 1

Gerald Mackes Ch. 1


Brooding before breakfast, Gerald Mackes, a young man of slender build and sharp mind, dressed himself in his usual black button-down long-sleeved oxford over a white cotton A-shirt, dark blue cotton boxers, and black denim jeans. Filled with the usual teenage angst, the Hawking Hills High School Senior pondered over the lovely young women at school who barely knew he existed. Idly, Gerald picked up the antique gold ring that he had bought over the weekend. Frowning slightly, he placed the ring on his index finger. Looking up into the mirror above his dresser, Gerald saw a dark grey cloud roughly the shape of a human form behind him.

“I am the spirit of the ring,” the ghostly form spoke. “Wish for whatever you want and it will be granted. There will be no consequences from the wishing, but your actions, as is normal of your kind, will bear fruit in the world around you. Just remember, you must say ‘I wish’.” Upon saying wish, the foggy figure dissipated.

Gerald sat on edge of his bed thinking of what his first wish would be. World peace, the knowledge of the meaning of life, ruler of the world, and similar types of wishes passed through his head, but he dismissed them as childish and too drastic of changes for the world to happen. Although Gerald was a quiet and brooding person, who most believed to go on a killing spree, Gerald believed that the world must make its own choices without his influence. Gerald only wanted to experience the fruit of the world, not to breed it. Putting aside the wishing, Gerald went down to breakfast and onwards to the rest of the day.

As the school week came to an end on a Friday afternoon, Gerald recalled the words of the apparition he had seen on Monday morning. Halfway to his black ’98 Mercury Sable GS in the school parking lot, he turned back to the school. Once inside, he slipped into the nearest men’s bathroom and entered the first stall.

“I wish,” he began softly so that none would hear. “That my clothes, my backpack, its contents, and myself are invisible to the sight of others and in mirrors.” Taking a deep breath, Gerald stepped out of the stall and looked into the large mirror on the bathroom wall. He grinned. All he could see was the bathroom! Laughing to himself, the young man stepped out of the bathroom and made his way to the girl’s locker room.

Gerald padded into the locker room softly. He could hear the showers running in the back. Cautiously, he glided in between the two rows of red lockers. Only one was open. Gerald peered inside it, glancing at the red and gray duffel bag, scarlet red gym shorts, light gray t-shirt, white sneakers, and white knee-high cotton socks lying upon the wooden locker floor. From a small hook on the right side was a peach button-down blouse hanging on a white plastic hanger. On the hook to the left was another hanger holding an ankle-length black skirt. The inside of the locker door held a mirror that ran the length of the door.

Acting impulsively, Gerald unzipped the duffel bag to see what it held. Within the polyester confines of the duffel bag there lay a black lacy silk g-string, a pair of plain white cotton panties smelling slightly of sweat, a plain white cotton bra also carrying a hint of sweat, a black lacy silk bra, and black silk stockings. Gerald stepped back from the locker and quickly scanned the area. The shower was still running and no one else had entered the locker room.

Grinning, Gerald grabbed the bras, panties, and stockings one by one and stuffed them in his backpack. He paused on the black panties. Raising them to his nose, he sniffed the fragrances contained within the panties. The aroma was faint, but the smell of feminine excitement was there. Pleased with himself, Gerald placed the panties in his pack.

Suddenly, the shower stopped. Apprehensive, Gerald Mackes stepped away from the locker. He quickly hid himself under a bench and waited to see which school beauty would emerge from the shower.

To be Continued...

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