tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGeri Halliwell: Image Is Everything

Geri Halliwell: Image Is Everything


It had been a good couple of years since her shock split from the Spice Girls and she had decided it was time to get back into the spotlight and show them all she could make it on her own. No more was she Ginger Spice, the flirty vivacious sex-bomb with the big tits, those days were behind her.

Now she was nothing more than Geri Halliwell, singer and performer. There was just one problem though.

Although she was no longer Ginger Spice in name or personality, she was still very much that person physically. Although flashing her tits and using her irresistible curvaceous body had got her worldwide success in the first place, she had matured and felt it was time that she had a total change of image.

The problem with that fact, was that her first single was due to be released in just 4 weeks and she had plans to slim down to almost half her current weight.

She had tried every diet and treatment in the book before, and nothing produced the desired results. She needed a personal gym trainer quickly and advertised in the press for the position anonymously to avoid timewasters, specifying a male instructor.

She interviewed a couple of guys, an ex-army instructor who was pushing 50, and was in her eyes unsuitable for the position, and a gay guy who she dismissed instantly.

Her luck changed one afternoon however, when there was a knock at her door and there on the step stood a nervous looking young man. When he saw it was Geri who he would be training he almost collapsed there on the spot. However, Geri invited him in and made him feel more at ease. He had all the qualifications she required and an impressive experience in many aspects of training. It didn't harm matters that he was pretty good looking too, with a body to die for.

Geri gave him the job and told him to return the following day with a program for her to begin.

As ordered, he returned with a program of aerobics for her and changed into his shorts and vest. Geri couldn't help but notice the way he looked in his kit, the tight material showing off his muscular young body in all its magnificence. She excused herself and went to change into her own gym kit. When she retuned dressed in a tight lycra leotard, the poor lad's eyes nearly popped out of his head. The skimpy cloth could barely conceal the expanse of flesh she had somehow managed to squeeze into it, with several inches of breast cleavage spilling out over the top of the straining blue straps.

Jay was no different from any other lad of his age. He bought porno mags and jerked off, (more than most in fact). He couldn't ignore the Spice Girls fame either, and when he saw that she had posed nude in adult magazines, he bought every single one with her in. Many was the time he would get in from college and lay out all the pictures he had of her before stripping off and frantically loving his young hard cock while thinking of Geri and that magnificent body and beautiful sexy face.

He had lost count of the times he had wanked over her pictures and the gallons of spunk he had covered them with had made the pages crinkled and stained. Now, here he was staring at her in the flesh, stood only inches from him, awaiting his instruction. She was literally at his command.

He put a tape on and started to show how to warm up. The pair began with some light stretching and circling of the arms and hips. Then he started getting her to jog on the spot in time with the music. As she jumped, the exposed flesh of her bosom rippled as she landed hard back down on the floor. Jay was loving watching as her bulky thighs wobbled hypnotically with each new step, causing his breath to quicken more than usual for that type of activity.

After around 5 minutes of that, his cock had begun to stir in his pants and he decided to move on to jumping jack exercises.

As you can probably guess, that wasn't the subtlest of activities to prescribe and soon Geri was enthusiastically bouncing under his instruction and he was almost positive that her boobs were going to spill forth from her top at any moment. The combination of the workout and the sight of the sexy woman jiggling her body next to him made Jay uncomfortably hot and he switched on the large electric fan she had positioned in the room next to them hoping it would cool him down somewhat so he could concentrate his attention on what he was there for. What actually happened was the exact opposite of what he had hoped for. The breeze from the fan created, a cool draught between the two of them and as she jumped, the breeze blew across her torso and chest. Within a minute or so, her skin was tightening across her chest, causing her big stubby nipples to harden beneath the fabric, a fact that was all too obvious to Jay.

As he stood there watching her nipples grow long and stiff, the exact same was happening in his shorts, not a problem until he attempted more jumping jacks. As he spread his legs, the cloth stretched tight across his crotch, leaving the unmissable outline of his erect penis jutting out straight towards Geri, a fact he hoped she hadn't noticed. He ordered her to stop the exercise and set her on the exercise bike. His dick was really throbbing in his pants now, and he desperately needed to do something about it.

Jay set the timer and told her to pedal for 20 minutes. Then he asked her where the bathroom was, as he had to go pee, and he would be back to check on her progress. She pointed him to the bathroom at the top of the stairs and began cycling just as he had told her.

Jay had no desire to use the bathroom, he needed to deal with his straining hardon in the best way he knew how. However, he never actually made it to the bathroom as he had to pass an intriguing looking room to get there. He could hear her pedalling downstairs and knew he wouldn't be caught, so he took the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the most intimate room of his all-time fantasy woman.

He pushed the door open quietly and crept in. He was in her bedroom and he couldn't believe it.

As any guy probably would, his attention was immediately drawn to the large chest of drawers, which were positioned next to the majestic king size bed under the window. As he began to make his way slowly over to the chest, his heart pounding in anticipation of what sensual treats he may discover therein, his foot caught on something on the floor and he fell forward onto the bed. Sitting up on the bed, he lifted his foot to see what had caused him to trip and was amazed at what he found dangling from his shoe.

With trembling fingers, he took the flimsy object and held it up to the light. What he was holding, was a tiny pair or lace panties, black with tiny red ribbons around the waistband. Although still hot himself, he could feel that they were still warm themselves and realised that she must have been wearing them before she changed into her gym kit.

As he thought about what she must look like in those fabulously erotic panties, his cock pulsed and throbbed as it longed to escape from the restrictions of his straining shorts.

Geri had at least another 15 minutes to go downstairs and his cock was in need of attention more than ever thanks to the accidental discovery of Geri's saucy lingerie. He decided to do the business there and then and clumsily begun to pull down his shorts. As he removed his briefs, the straining cock was finally unleashed and it sprang forth, before slapping loudly against his belly as he lay back to please himself.

He took a pillow from behind his head, and laid it beneath his back so he could prop himself up and watch as he jerked himself off with her flimsy lace knickers. Looked like it was just his lucky day, as when he pulled the pillow forward, something rolled down the mattress and rested against his shoulder. He reached back and placed his hand over a long hard cylindrical object. Surely it could only be one thing, but without seeing it with his own eyes he just couldn't believe what he was holding.

His ideas were confirmed as he brought his hand round and stared at the item he had disturbed from its home behind the pillow. He held in his hand a thick pink vibrator. He had seen one before, he had heard his mother using one when he was 15 and sneaked into her room one day while she was out and found it in her bedside drawer. However, this one was different, it was more than that...it was special. Not only was it a good 4 inches longer than his mother's 6 inch model, it belonged to (in his eyes) the sexiest woman on the planet!

He held it against the light from the window, and could see from the dark patches around its length, that it had indeed been inside her, and she had left traces of her cunt juices clinging to it as he imagined her climaxing as she masturbated frantically on her big soft bed.

He held the tool up to his face and pushed it under his nose. Then, he took a long slow breath through his nostrils as he slid its length along his top lip, hoping to catch a feint scent of her pussy. He was disappointed to find that all he could smell was the sanitised smell of fresh plastic, but was unperturbed in his quest for her "autograph".

Noticing the stains on the shaft, he took the tip and pointed it towards his mouth. Then, flicking out his tongue, he tentatively lapped at the end of the dildo, concentrating hard for the sense of a trace of her sweet flavour. A broad smile grew across his face. Although it was very feint, there was definitely something there, he was sure of it. He was now ready to begin.

Jay took the panties in his right hand and covered his palm with the thin lacy crotch. Then he took his rigid 8 inch cock by the base of the shaft and wrapped his long fingers firmly around it. Lying back flat on the bed, he began to slowly stroke his hand up along his erection towards the swollen purple head, before gradually working his way back down. After a couple of strokes to get it as hard as he possibly could, he set to a good steady rhythm of wanking before opening his mouth wide and placing as much of the vibrator in his mouth as he could. Once he had taken 6 inches of plastic in his mouth, he clamped his lips around its contours and pressed his tongue hard against the underside of it.

As he wanked his big dick, Jay licked and sucked at the dildo, taking every drop of whatever Geri had left behind onto his taste buds.

He closed his eyes as he circled the tube inside his mouth, before pushing it in and out of his lips, as though sucking on a femininely flavoured lolly.

The combination of the two sexual aids, had Jay on the verge of climax quickly and he pulled the base of his vest down over his stomach, holding the dildo firmly in his mouth as he momentarily released his hand to do so. Although lost in the throes of sexual arousal, he was conscious of the extent of his climaxes and was mindful of not leaving any trace of his activity in Geri's private chamber.

As things turned out, his efforts would be wasted.

Jay was extremely close to cumming now and was furiously beating his big dick. He could feel the spunk building up in his balls and was certain he was to orgasm at any moment. He opened his mouth wide, causing the vibrator to fall from his mouth, rolling down his chin and onto his chest. Then gritting his teeth, he prepared for ejaculation. He managed 3 or 4 further strokes of his impressive length, before his shaft jolted and jerked in his fist and he pumped a stream of spunk from his cock with such force that it landed way up on his chest, laying across the shaft of the vibrator, before being quickly followed by a second, then a third. He was not finished there though, not by a long shot.

He continued to work his hand over his dick until cum was spraying out in every direction until his chest and stomach were drenched in his hot creamy spunk, the wetness making his white cotton vest transparent as the cum formed puddles on his chiselled young torso.

Even as his cock begun to soften, the seed continued to flow from his penis, drizzling onto his pubes and hand, soaking the panties he had covered it with.

When his balls were finally empty, Jay flopped back on the bed panting as he muttered to himself "Fuck me that was an awesome wank!" His exclamation was unexpectedly met by a second voice replying enthusiastically, "You can say that again!"

Jay sat up rapidly, rolling the vibrator down his chest onto his lap, where it nestled in a pool of thick white spunk which had gathered there.

Stood at the door was Geri, she was breathing heavily and had one hand covering the crotch of her pale blue workout suit. Jay was speechless, how much had she seen, he wondered, before concluding what did it matter, it was obvious what he'd been doing. In all his excitement, he had lost track of time. Geri explained that she had done her 20 minutes on the bike and wondered where he had got to. Then as she went up the stairs, she had heard a noise coming from the bedroom so went to see what he was doing.

Jay had now got his speech back and started to sputter out some form of explanation, before being interrupted by Geri. "I was feeling er..... so I had to um....... I mean er..I needed to...."

"Wank!" she answered on his behalf. "I'm not surprised, I could see you getting excited downstairs, and I thought your shorts were going to tear in half if your cock got any bigger".

Jay could see she wasn't angry and was somewhat taken aback by her laid back attitude to the embarrassing situation. He was trying to think of something to say to her but was again beaten to it by Geri.

"Well I just hope you enjoyed yourself, well I can see you had a pretty good time by the mess you've made with that cannon of yours!"

Jay gave a wry smile and his cheeks turned pink as he looked down at the mass of goo he had covered himself with. "Er yeah, sorry about that Geri" he chuckled, feeling more relaxed that she was so understanding about it.

"No need to be sorry" she replied, "I had a pretty good time watching you".

Jay looked up at her, "You saw the whole thing?"

"All the best bits", she replied "I didn't get this wet from sitting on the bike seat."

Jay watched as she removed her hand from in front of her groin and saw a large dark patch of moisture, which continued to grow as he looked. He smiled at her as she began to slowly lower the straps of her top over her shoulders before slipping her arms out completely.

"And you don't mind what I did?" he asked, unable to meet her gaze, now focused on the mass of soft tit flesh which longed to spill forth from her top.

"Mind?" she laughed, "Oh no, not at all....everything's going according to plan."

Jay looked somewhat confused at her reply and pushed her for a further explanation.

"I'm making a comeback in 4 weeks with a new single and I need a change of image." She started, moving closer to him as she continued, "I need to lose a lot of weight quickly and diets and conventional training methods won't work quick enough. Then I remembered reading in a magazine the best way to lose weight was through sex, so I decided to make the most of my big tits and body while I still could."

Jay laughed out loud as he watched Geri slowly lower her top, revealing more and more of her fantastic mountainous bosom. "So that's why you wanted a male trainer."

Geri nodded, explaining her reasons for choosing him. "I had a couple of applicants before you, but one was gay and one was an older fella, ex-army, who would probably be more intent on training than me".

"But then you turned up and I could see you were the one, nice and young with a really fit body, the size of your cock is an unexpected bonus!"

Geri completed the task she had begun earlier, and her enormous fat tits spilled out of her leotard. Jay just sat and stared for a couple of minutes, totally in awe at the magnificence of her ample charms. Geri continued to slip the lycra bodysuit over her chest and down over her stomach, then her hips and thighs, before letting it slide over her calves and down onto the floor.

Although having just spent his load minutes earlier, the sight of her naked body had the effect it always had done in the magazines, but this time it was infinitely better. Not only was she there for real, but also she was just a girl in the pictures he had seen. She had now become a woman, and what a woman! Although she was not exactly fat, she was definitely a large woman, with curves in all the right places. Her amazing big tits were the icing on the cake of a glorious bronze body with wide feminine hips, and big chunky thighs, which supported her soft exquisite torso.

Geri stepped one foot out of her suit, and flicked her other, sending the damp garment flying onto the bed next to where he was still sat. She told him to take off his vest and clean himself off with her leotard, as she moved over to sit beside him on the bed.

Jay wiped the suit over his muscular pectorals and abdomen, cleaning away the cum and leaving his body smelling lightly of the combined sweat and cunt juices Geri had left on the gusset. Geri told him that she loved his tight body and rubbed a soft hand over his stomach. Jay responded by tentatively reaching out an arm and cupping her left breast in his large hand. He gasped sharply as his fingers sank into the yielding meat of her mound, and was surprised by the considerable weight of the glorious pink orb. As he gently squeezed it, Geri gave a little moan and leant over, planting her lips on his.

Jay responded by taking her soft dark nipple and rolling it between his finger and thumb, before pulling on it, gently teasing it to a lengthened firm state. Geri parted her lips and slipped her soft wet tongue deep into Jay's mouth. Jay quickly followed her lead, the pair sharing a long passionate kiss, as he went to work on the nipple of her right breast.

Jay laid Geri back on the bed beside him, the abnormal size and weight of her perfect boobs causing then to spill sideways beneath her armpits. Jay rolled over onto his side, making the sticky pink vibrator tumble from his lap onto the bed between them.

He took a breast in each hand and lifted them carefully from her sides back up onto he chest, squashing the malleable melons together in the centre of her thorax before lowering his head onto them.

Laying his nose in the cleft between her breasts, he lapped his tongue along the dark valley he had created, tasting the soft skin of the inside of both her heaving mammories. Working his way left, he kissed and sucked every inch of her flesh until he reached her hard brown nipple, which he took between his lips and greedily sucked and chewed on, making Geri writhe with delight below him. Geri was in heaven as the young stud feasted on her firm teat and grabbed the sheet on the bed in her fist, as the juices began to flow inside her.

As he worked his way across her chest to pay equal attention to her neglected right nipple, Geri felt a little droplet of fluid appear between her pussy lips and as she wriggled as his lips met her breast, the droplet trickled along her slit and down between her buttocks. She tightened her grip on the bed sheet as Jay continued his skilful tongue work on her bosom, and she felt the cold hard plastic of the vibrator touch the back of her hand. She reached over and grabbed it firmly, the thick coating of Jay's spunk oozing between her slender fingers as she grasped it firmly in her fist.

Geri took the tip and glided it slowly along her soft belly until it reached the crown of her neatly trimmed pubic hair, then she parted her large meaty thighs slightly and rubbed it deliberately along her gash, releasing more of her feminine liquid onto it.

In the meantime, Jay was really enjoying himself suckling on her tits, and it showed! His cock was beginning to swell and harden again and he knew exactly where he wanted it.

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