tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGeri's World Ch. 01

Geri's World Ch. 01


Chapter 1 – Geri Lets Loose

Geri was only working at her first job for about six months and already she was getting bored. Her father owned a car dealer and she had been working there as a kid doing little things here and there. But now she had an actual job working in the office getting the clients paperwork together to send off to the banks to get loans approved. It was the same job day after day. Her father owned a Porsche dealership and she really got an appreciation for them. The only downside? The seats were too low. Annoyingly, these cars were obviously designed for a tall man to be behind the wheel.

So here comes another Monday, time to do it all over again. She started to dress by picking out a nice lacy red bra and matching panties. No! No, it's not going to be the same! "Today, I think I'll do something a little daring!" Geri said out loud to herself as she stood in front of the mirror. Geri is just short of nineteen years old, with a slender body. Staring at herself, she was quite happy with how she matured. She measured up well against most of the girls standing at 5'4" and a perfect 34B-24-32!

"Daring. Hmm... What to do?" Then suddenly it came to her. Going to work commando sounds like fun! Geri whipped off her panties and put on a blue bandage skirt. It didn't even come to mid-thigh! A white tank top and a black blazer completed the outfit. As she sat down to slip on her black heels, she noticed her skirt rise a little higher. "Oh girl, this is going to be a challenge!" Just then, a car horn sounded. She carpooled with a couple guys because her father always went in early and stayed late. Quickly before she could change her mind, Geri was out the door and in the car. Getting in the car proved to be her first challenge, but she was pretty sure she pulled it off without Jackie or his passenger Don, noticing. She liked riding in with them. They were a couple of nice guys, and she would date either one of them if she wasn't already going steady with someone else. It didn't hurt that they were easy on the eyes, as they say all the time when pointing out girls on the way to the office.

At the office, Geri felt excited all day. She wasn't very sure if people could tell. Maybe it was her imagination running away with her, but her heart was racing all day. Geri had to be careful too! She found herself holding onto the hemline of her skirt a lot. She also had to be cautious while climbing the stairs. By the time lunch came, she had worked herself up so much she was wet. She felt like she had a dirty little secret.

"Okay, maybe this wasn't the best idea", she thought. Late in the day while bending over the water cooler to get a drink, Geri felt someone staring at her. As she turned around she thought she noticed Jackie and Don quickly turn and start talking to each other. Could they see her lack of panties? Geri got red in the face and headed back to her desk. "Dumb, dumb, dumb!"

Right after she sat down, Jackie headed straight for her. "Oh no", she thought. "He's going to say something. I'm such a fool."

"Hey Geri, are you still on for tonight?" he asked.

"Of course I am! I haven't missed one yet!" she replied. "Damn" she thought to herself. "I forgot about first Monday." On the first Monday of every month, a bunch of the office staff and sales guys head off to one of the night clubs and have some drinks. "Oh well, I've made it this far..."

The remainder of the day was uneventful, but Geri continued to get increasingly wet. By quitting time, she was sopping. For what felt like the fortieth time today, she was going to have to take the skirt challenge as she climbed into Jackie's car. Off for a quick bite to eat and then the club for drinks. The nice thing was Jackie's uncle owned the club. This made drinks much more affordable as they all got to enjoy the family discount.

Through the course of the day, Geri had a lot of built up nervous energy, and she wanted to finally sit and relax. She ordered a Long Island Iced Tea and drank it a little faster than she normally would. Of course sitting down presented yet another challenge. How does one get up on a bar stool without flashing the naughty bits? Well, not easy, but it can be accomplished.

Half way through her second drink, Don took Geri to the floor and the two of them danced as they have on plenty of first Mondays before. Only tonight was different. The pent up energy built through the day, coupled with the drinks which went straight to her already well soaked pussy, pushed Geri a direction that she never went before. She found herself moving in on Don and grinding against him. He felt so good. She knew it wasn't right because they worked together, but it just felt soooo goooood! "What the hell am I doing?" she thought? "I am a very innocent girl. This is not me at all."

Don didn't miss the opportunity to push back. Why not? Geri was the hottest chick at the office. The only reason he never made a move was because she was daughter of the boss, and it was clear with unspoken words that she was off limits.

Geri could feel his cock stiffen as he was pushing against her tummy. This got her even more turned on if that was possible! Geri opened her legs and started grinding against Don's thigh. Not missing a beat, Don reached around and started massaging her ass with both hands, pulling her in even tighter. As he rubbed her ass, Geri's skirt started to ride up and his hands met her flesh. The booze had clearly taken over and Geri was all his to do with as he pleased. Don spun her around and pulled her in tight. She could now feel his cock directly between her cheeks, with only the cloth of his pants between them.

By now Don had pulled her skirt up completely so it was simply around her waist. Geri's freshly waxed privates were put on display for anyone that wanted to look. He reached down between her thighs and felt her wetness. Oh. My God!!! This girl is a bitch in heat!!! Don pressed a finger home and easily slid past her lips into her hairless pussy.

"Oooh" Geri purred. She reached back with one hand to his hip and the other over her shoulder to run her fingers through his hair. Don pressed a second finger home as he reached up with his other hand to squeeze her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were incredibly hard, so he gave them each a pinch.

That was all she needed. Geri reached between her legs, pressing on Don's hand. She had a mind blowing orgasm right there on the dance floor. Her knees started to buckle and she felt like she was going to simply collapse. Don spun her back around and quickly walked her off to the men's room and shoved her inside.

"Wait. Wait! I'm not that kind of..." Her sentence was cut off as he jammed his tongue into her mouth. Geri was very much still in the red zone and Don wasn't about to let a halfhearted protest slow him down.

Don pushed her against one of the stalls. Their kissing went uninterrupted as she reached down to undo his belt buckle and pants. Don pinched both nipples through her shirt as she freed his member. It felt really big in her hands. She wanted to see it. She wanted to suck it. As she started to sink down to claim her prize, he pulled her back up by her armpits. "Don't move", he commanded. These were the first words he spoke since they started grinding on the dance floor.

Don slid his fingers along her collarbone and under her bra strap, tank top, and jacket. In one move he pushed them down over her shoulders to elbow level, exposing those beautiful breasts. This also pinned her arms to her sides. And with that, Don pressed his cock against her pussy, and shoved all of his manhood into her with a single motion.

Geri let out a huge gasp as he drove himself home. It wasn't that she couldn't take him in. He was in. But she usually needs a few strokes to get used to it. Don backed down and started to slide in and out as he continued his assault on her mouth with his own. Don started pinching her nipples hard.

Don changed gears and started ramming it home. "Oh. My. God. It. Feels. So. Good. Fuck. Me. Fuck. Me" she gasped with each thrust. Don was pulling almost all the way out and thrusting in with everything he had. He was pushing so hard her head hit the stall door with each thrust.

All this was too much to bear and Geri felt her second orgasm coming on. Don saw it too but he wasn't done with her yet. He pulled her by the hair and dragged her over to the sink. Don practically threw her into the sink. He pushed her back down so her tits were pressed against the porcelain. Once again he thrust his cock into her but now started a rapid fire pounding.

This immediately brought on Geri's orgasm. It was stronger than the first! Her pussy squeezed down on his manhood. Geri's legs finally gave out but it didn't matter since she was bent over the sink. Don pounded through her orgasm until he reached his own seconds later. Geri could feel his cum spurting inside her. It felt so good.

After a minute Don pulled out. Their juices mingled and ran down her inner thigh. Geri straightened up and pulled her clothes back into position as Don zipped. She was headed to the stall to clean up and suddenly Don pulled her hair and snapped her back to him like a rubber band.

"No. You are going to go outside as you are. If someone notices, then I guess that's your fucking problem, slut!"

"I don't think so Don." Geri turned to head back to the stall but again Don pulled her back by her hair, harder than before.

"Listen bitch! It's time for you to focus. Do exactly what I tell you to do. Now get out of here. And find your own ride home." Geri did not know where this hostility was coming from, but she was going to fix it.

"Don, don't bother coming into work tomorrow", Geri said with a grin. She knew she had the ultimate upper hand. Her father owned the company.

"Oh, that's clever. You're going to tell your daddy to fire me because you're a slut and you got fucked?" Don replied with a rather cocky attitude.

Fuck! I didn't think about that. "Okay Don, you win. But let me clean up first. I have an image to maintain."

"Oh really? What exactly do you think that image is now? Are you of the impression we were the only two people on the dance floor tonight?" Yup. Geri REALLY didn't think this far. "Here's a fucking dollar. Call a cab, bitch. And don't breathe a word to your dear daddy."

With that, he shoved her through the door, cum still running down her legs. She saw him go over to Jackie and say something. Geri could see his eyes as he was being told. They got bigger and bigger. Embarrassed by the whole scene, she ran out the door and hailed a cab.

On the ride home, Geri quietly sobbed in the back seat. What started off as an exciting day with a little thrill seek, turned into a total disaster. "How will I go into work tomorrow and face Don and now Jackie too. I can't just quit. My Dad will want to know why. I can't even call out sick because he will know I'm lying."

When she got home, she paid the cabbie and went upstairs to the bathroom. She had to take a shower at midnight to wash the sex off of her. She stripped down, threw her skirt in the trash, and climbed into bed. Hugging her pillow, eventually she managed to get to sleep.

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