tagInterracial LoveGermany Confidential Pt. 02

Germany Confidential Pt. 02

byThe Avenger©


After Dez and Iris used Leo for a while as their sex slave and they even pimped him out to anybody that wanted to fuck a muscular, handsome, blond white boy.

Iris started dating Dez and they moved into Leo's apartment and sent him to theirs, making him pay the rent on both. Summer went and winter came.

Some of Iris' friends were quite shocked that she was dating a black man. Some of them acted like she had committed a heinous crime. When white men frowned at her, she didn't even care. For her, German guys and white guys in general were history. She would never date them again. They could go fuck each other up the ass as far as she was concerned.

In Dez, she found a man who treated her good, appreciated her and found her beautiful the way she was, never saying, "Hey you should lose a few kilos or this and that" like white guys. Dez made her feel happy and safe. He was manly, a real man, and he had a back bone, he didn't let anyone trample all over him, not even her. He was a thousand times more man and more human than any white guy she had ever dated. He wasn't strange or weird in some funny way. And of course, he fucked her much better and much longer and simply much much nicer than any white guy she had ever fucked.

If things did not work out with Dez, Iris would date another black guy, but never a white guy. The only role they could play in her life was to suck her black lover's cock, clean it in their mouths, like her ex boyfriend Leo did. Iris just did not need The Man anymore.

With Dez, she discovered that she loved and enjoyed sex much more than she had ever dared to imagine. Iris discovered new sides to her sexuality. Sex with Dez wasn't stiff and boring as with Leo. First of all, sex with him was fun. They would laugh and play with each other. He was master of her body. He fucked her in so many ways and she got wild and started fucking him back in so many wild ways. She started watching loads of porn, to learn new stuff and tricks. She found out that porn with white guys just bored her, even when they had huge dicks, even bigger than Dez. However, porn with black guys fucking any type of women got her so wet and horny.

Dez seemed to know just how to pull out the slut in her. He had her doing things she had previously considered perverse and base. Never had she imagined she could be the one to spend three hours in a row, worshiping a guy's body with her lips and tongue, sucking a guy's dick, eating his balls and feasting on his ass, sucking and tonguing it, but that is what she was doing. And she simply loved him fucking using her body for his pleasure, fucking her face, pussy and her white ass with his big, black dick!

Iris was ready to do anything to keep Dez happy and satisfied. She wanted to belong to him, to be his. She wanted to be the most special woman in his life. She went and got a full body waxing. She enrolled in course to learn pole and strip dancing. And she threw away all her boring, old underwear and switched to sexy lace and thongs and g- and c-strings and half or quarter cup bras. Dez loved it and he fucked her good. In fact, whenever he caught her, she got it.

Dez returned home, on a chilly winter afternoon, Iris was waiting for him, with a surprise present. She was looking hot, her hair neatly combed her face made up like a sexy vamp. The busty blond was wearing a white blouse with billowy arms, like the Beer garden girls at the Oktoberfest. It was very low cut, revealing the tops of her generous cleavage. The blouse ended halfway down her belly, exposing her toned midriff.

Her curvy hips were clad in a flesh hugging, tight pair of brown leather shorts, held up by suspender belts. Knowing her African lover's obsession with tiny thongs, Iris had the black straps of her brand new, skimpy tanga sitting high around her hips, disappearing tantalizingly into the tight shorts. The shorts cupped her juicy thighs. Her shapely legs were in knee high white socks, stuffed into black leather shoes.

Iris smiled at Dez, striking a sexy pose for him. She was in an excellent mood, and definitely aiming to have some fun.

"Hi darling. I thought I would show you a piece of Bavaria today," she cooed in a sweet Bavarian accent, her voice laced with honey.

"Wow! You look hot baby!" Dez replied cheerfully. He had been thinking about her all day, the bulge in his pants could vouch that. His hand snaked around her hips, gave her ass a loud slap, then he cupped her butt cheeks, and pulled her against his hard crotch.

"Oh darling, its so good to see you again," Iris mumbled as her glossy lips sought the black man's full, thick lips.

Iris loved Dez' firm ass, and so as she wrapped her arms around him and feasted on his mouth, her hands made straight for them cheeks. Dez grabbed the busty blond by the back of the neck and squashed her lips with his, as his hand toyed with the flimsy straps of her thong. They kissed liked two wild, greedy animals, grinding their crotches feverishly, hard African cock pressing into hot, soft German wetness. Dez soon had her suspenders down, and her leather pants riding halfway down her thighs. His palm slid under her thongs and his middle finger lodged into the warm, sensitive cleft between her butt cheeks. The German woman moaned into his mouth, her hips shuddering.

Dez grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her away from his face.

"Ouch!" Iris grimaced. "You wanna play rough today, huh?" One thing she liked about Dez was that he wasn't a predictable lover. One time he was gentle and loving, the next he was aggressive and even brutal. Iris loved it all.

"Go down and suck my big black dick, you slut! Open your mouth!" Dez sneered at her, and then spat into her mouth. The German girl shuddered and nearly head butted her black lover, as she dove to kiss his mouth fiercely.

Then he pulled her down to her knees by her hair. Though she grimaced, the moment her face was level with his bulging crotch, her hands literary sprang to his jeans and she had them open in a second. Dez was not wearing any underpants, and his hard, black tool literary sprang into her face, slapping her cheek. Iris grabbed it with both her pale white hands, and she doubled fisted him lovingly.

"Oh Dez, I am so glad to see you again darling..." she purred happily, as she peeled the foreskin off his fat, bulging dick head. She inhaled his man smell and the Bavarian lady immediately went into cock worshiping mode, holding the big black dick up and licking it like a delicious Popsicle.

Dez' pants dropped down to his feet and his t-shirt soon joined them, leaving the athletic black man's dark alluring muscles exposed. Dez leaned back against the wall, parting his powerful thighs, watching the German lady gobble his man meat. "Mmmmm," Iris groaned with delight, as she swiveled her tongue around the sensitive tip, and grazed it lightly with her teeth.

Dez had unleashed a carnal hunger for flesh in her that she had never known with another man. She simply loved licking him, sucking him, eating him, any part of his body she could grab and hold on to.

Her pussy was getting so wet as she bobbed her head, sucking and slurping away loudly as she sent his thick, dark shaft in and out of her pretty mouth, all the way to the back of her mouth.

"Ah yes, that's it Iris! Suck that black dick like you love it. Show me how much you can take," the black man grunted, stroking the long, smooth hair. Iris bore down on him feverishly and took it all down her throat. Then she fucked him nice and slow, getting him rock hard.

"Das gefällt dir was? (You like that huh?)" she teased, and spat on his fat dick head.

She gobbled it up again and slowly pulled her sucking lips off it with a loud plop. This blond temptress definitely now knew how to give a wet, sordid blow job. Dez knew his black cock was a tool in the hands of an aspiring champion.

Iris pushed the fat cock against his belly, and tended to his big, hairy black balls. She licked them, bathing them in her drool. Then she sucked them into her mouth, one after the other, rolling them in her hot, warm cavern, stroking them with her tongue.

Dez' hips danced her horny ministrations. He grabbed her by the forehead and pulled her into his flesh and moaned as she sucked and slurped his balls. Then he turned around and thrust his ass in her face.

"Mmmmm!" Iris groaned, starting to drool copious as she gazed at the firm, dark ass that was beckoning to her, pulling her mouth like a magnet. She grabbed his ass cheeks, sinking her pale, dainty, manicured white fingers into the firm, dark flesh. She pulled them apart, exposing the dark crack. A musky male aroma, laced with sweat, hit her nostrils, and excited her so. She dove in there, face first.

Iris had his hips shaking as she chewed on the small of his back. Then she bore down on his crack, plating him, swiping him all the way up and down, like she wanted to clean him up real good. She reached between his legs, grabbed the big, dangling black cock and tugged on it, shook it, and wanked it as she ate his ass. She teased his hole with the tip of her tongue, then she poked it inside and tongued his hole. Her hungry lips clamped onto his puckered hole like a suction cup, and she literary sucked the shit out of him.

"Uuuuuuu!" she grunted like a hungry, carnal beast.

"Fuck yeah, lick my ass good bitch!" Dez grunted deeply and pushed his ass back at her, loving the shit.

Finally though, he was so horny and so hard that he needed to cum instantly. He turned around and pushed his dick in her face. Iris grabbed it eagerly and gobbled it up instantly, one dainty hand stroking his six pack belly, whilst the other cupped his huge, hairy balls.

"Yeah thats it bitch, suck that big black cock..." Dez groaned, grabbing her forehead in his big hand and pumping her back and forth. Iris moaned for she loved it when he did that, grabbing her face and stuffing it full of his dick as he was doing now. She sucked him greedily, producing loud squelchy noises in her throat as she juggled with his balls. Dez felt his orgasm rapidly approaching.

"Oh ja. Ja!!! Blas mir einen. Leck meinen schwarzen Schwanz du geiles Miststück! (Suck me off you bitch! Lick my cock you piece of shit!)" he growled like a beast.

Iris was only too eager to oblige.

Dez grabbed her face on both sides and held her in place as he started hammering away into her mouth, using her for his pleasure, fucking the taste out of her mouth. Iris gazed up at him with sparkling eyes as she sucked him so good and so hard, like she wanted to take the skin off his cock.

He pressed his cock against the back of her throat, and pushed. She gagged for a second, then she bore down on him and he felt the opening of her throat give. His cock head was engulfed into a hot, tight slippery wetness. Then iris fucked him with her throat, pushing down until she had his entire, impressive cock buried in her windpipe. She fucked him like that, smiling around his cock, her eyes twinkling up at him as she saw his face turn into an intense mask of arousal as his cock grew harder and bigger and fatter.

Then finally, Dez gave her one last mighty stab and then his balls erupted. He held her in place, looking down into her eyes, as he shot a thick wad of cum into her throat. Iris pushed him back and took the rest into her mouth, moaning, sucking ans swallowing. As his cock finally stopped twitching he, she eased back and pulled her lips off him, smiling sweetly, with her lips smeared, and gaping and panting for breath. She scooped up the cum trickling down her chin and licked it off her fingers, moaning..

"Oh fuck! Bist du zum Tier mutiert, du schwarzer Ficker (You have you mutated to a beast, you black fucker)!" she chuckled, slapping his subsiding erection. She was happy as a kid on Christmas.

"Das war nur der Anfang, du geile Schlampe! (that was just the beginning, you bitch!)"

Dez liked dirty talking white women, calling them names. They seemed to enjoy it so much. He grabbed her by the hair, pulled her to her feet and slapped her ass. He pushed her to the the living room and made her climb on a couch, and bend over, admiring the sight of her thick, round ass globes, split by the flimsy thongs. And the leather the pants hanging halfway down her thighs were such a turn on. Dez gave her ass a slap and she wagged it back at him like a happy little puppy.

He fished her thong out of the crack and hooked it around a thick ass cheek. Her shaved pussy lips grinned a vertical smile back at him, looking all wet and puffed up. Dez sank finger into her slit and Iris moaned. She tried to part her legs wider, but the pants held them together.

"Lass mich die Rosen ausziehen (Lemme take off the pants)"

"No, fuck that, just bend that fine white ass over. Hold on firmly, coz you are gonna get rutted!"

Dez dropped onto his knees bringing his face on level with her genitals. He grabbed her ass cheeks like a prize, and pulled them apart. The lusty African groaned as he inhaled the essence of her feminine pinkness.

"Fuck! I gotta taste that!"

"Ja Dez mach schon. Leck mich baby!" Iris moaned with expectation.

Dez did not keep her waiting. The black man dove into the white pussy and plated it like a hungry beast. His tongue was all over her pink wetness, swiping her lips, licking all the way up and down her crack. He chewed and nibbled and sucked on her engorged, bursting, tasty, dripping twat with carnal greed. Iris cried out, cumming almost at the first contact. She acted like she was trying to climb up the sofa, but Dez simply dug his fingers deep into her hips and held her in place for the thorough cleaning.

He wriggled into her and fucked her wet, slimy hole with his tongue and Iris moaned and writhed and shuddered, looking like she was going crazy. As he started rubbing her fat, excited clit, she leaped and bounced so much he had to smack that ass. Dez slid his thumb into her hole and hooked his fingers over her clit. He worked her pussy as his other hand smacked her ass, grabbed a cheeky and spread her crack. Then he went down and ate her ass, like he loved it. He bit into her buttocks and Iris shuddered and cried. Then he lapped up her crack and plated it and she melted and cried and shuddered.

"Oh ja!!!! Ich wird verrückt! Leck meine Muschi! Ja! Ja!"

Iris threw her ass back at him and Dez ate it and tongued it, making her cum continuously, moaning and gobbling like a Turkey.

Dez then stood up and shoved his now rearing erection all the way up her pussy in one swift, hard movement.

"Ouch!" Iris gasped at the sudden intrusion. Dez stood behind her, pulling her ass cheeks against his hips, letting her get used to his cock.

"Oh Dez darling," she moaned sweetly. "I have never felt so full of cock baby!"

"I am gonna pump you even fuller baby!" Dez chuckled as he gave both ass cheeks a hard, loud slap, then he dug his fingers into her hips and started fucking her. Dez pulled her bodily onto his cock, slamming himself deep into the white, tight, smoldering femininity. Iris cried out, and tried to pull away from him. This was the way she liked it. She needed a real man to subdue her, and pull her onto his manhood, ravishing and dicking her, and this is what Dez did.

The fact that her legs were pressed together gave them both extra friction which was driving them wild. Dez was soon galloping away into her cunt and Iris was throwing her ass at him, rearing like a wild stallion, face contorted, eyes bursting, her hair flying wildly.

Dez reached deeper around her hips and raised her knees off the couch. Iris supported herself on her arms as she felt her body thrown back and forth like a rag doll. This was what she had been missing, what her white boyfriends before Dez could not give her, a thorough, animal fuck! She got fucked so good and she came so much that she lost all sense of time and place. She felt like Dez was fucking every individual cell in her, and her whole body was just one big pussy.

"Oh Scheisse Dez! Ich komme schon wieder! Ich schwöre es dir! Fick mich baby! Fick mich mit deinen grossen schwarzen Schwanz! Gib ihn mir! (I am cumming again, I swear. Fuck me with that big, black cock!)"

Dez was glad to oblige. Once in a while, he paused, holding her up, marveling at the sight of his entire black length all swallowed up in her pink, shaved glory. Then he would get back to pumping, body slamming her, his hips slapping loudly into her cunt till he had her cumming again.

"Yeah bitch! Fucking take that! Take that big black cock! I am gonna shoot you full of cumm!"

Dez roared at the ceiling like a beast as his balls suddenly erupted like a violent volcano, his cum pouring like hot lava into her pussy. He kept fucking her throughout his orgasm, his cock leaping deep inside her pussy. As she felt his hot fluid pouring into her cunt, Iris came again. Her arms gave away weakly and she fell face first onto the seat of the couch. Dez pulled out of her, scooped her up in his arms and kissed her. She only gasped and mumbled something, like she didn't even know who or where she was. As he kissed her lips though, she kissed him back sucking and suckling.

Finally, when she had recovered enough to start playing with his cock, he gave her ass a slap.

"I need a drink. Plus I'm starving.

"Hold on daddy," Iris kissed him and slowly raised herself, smiling blissfully. She staggered off to the kitchen on unsteady feet, not bothering to pull up her pants because she knew her African lover liked to see her big ass in thongs, and he would be fucking her pretty soon anyway.

Iris brought a glass of Multivitamin juice, and some tasty sandwiches.

"Here baby, stock up those Vitamins coz you are gonna need them," she said with a happy grin. Iris lit up a joint and snuggled up to Dez He fed her a couple of morsels of food as they chatted and smoked.

Iris wasn't hungry for food. She had another type of hunger, as if trying to make up for years of bad sex with white guys. As the handsome, black male wolfed the food down hungrily, she was soon sitting between his dark, powerful thighs, sucking his cock back to life.

Dez never ceased to marvel at German women's voracious appetite for black cock. It was like, once you gave them a taste, they just could not get enough.

As Dez finished the last sandwich, Iris reached under his thighs and pushed them up. Dez liked the adjustable leather couch. It was quite practical. He laid way back as Iris placed her palms on the backs of his dark thighs and went deep sea diving between them. She nuzzled his balls, groaning.

"Fuck Dez, don't you know I am a vegetarian, tempting me with all this delicious meat?"

Iris licked and sucked on the big black balls, groaning and moaning with relish.

"Yeah Iris, eat that black ass. Gorge yourself on it. Show me how tasty you find it!" he groaned. Iris needed no second bidding. She dipped her face between his firm, dark ass cheeks, her palms sinking into them, and pulling them apart for her tongue...

"Mmmm," she moaned as she ate him.

Dez sipped his vitamin fruit cocktail, groaning and moaning with pleasure as Iris feasted on his ass. She licked his ass crack thoroughly, like she was on a mission to clean him up. She pressed her lips to his hole and tongue fucked his hole thoroughly, her head bobbing feverishly.

"Ah yes. Lick the hole baby! Thats it!" Dez grunted, as he grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her face into his crack.

His cock was rearing like a stiff mast now. Iris grabbed it, and wanked it hard as she performed annilingus on the black man. Dez almost wished he had a second woman there, sucking on his cock whilst his ass got licked.

Chapter 2

Iris had other wishes however. The busty, hot white German chick dropped her shorts and climbed astride Dez, with one wicked intention. She grabbed his rearing stiffness and wanked him as she pulled her gusset off her shaved pink pussy. She gave her cunt a couple of frigs, her fingers slipping in her wetness, then she brought the cock to her opening and simply sat don on it, sending it hurtling deep into her insides.

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