Germany Confidential Pt. 03

byThe Avenger©

In the car Park, Iris was told to never ever contact her family again, till death. She only waved them away and spat at their feet. Then she and Dez were off. As Dez drove, he was surprised to see her sobbing. Tears glistened on her cheeks. He stroked her shoulder and tried to console her. She said not to worry, she would be all right.

She then took a fat joint from her purse and fired it up. She bunched her dress around her hips as she smoked. She splayed her legs and took Dez' hand and led it to her pussy. She was soaking wet. Dez stroked her engorged clit and Iris sank back in her seat, moaning. She grabbed his big, black hand and rubbed it vigorously on her excited cunt. She used him to bring herself to a hard, shattering orgasm as they cruised the streets of Hamburg. She came hard, moaning and crying at a traffic light. The occupants of a car next to theirs stared at her, and their jaws dropped as Iris writhed and came shamelessly. She gazed at them and smiled dirtily. Then she sank down to Dez' lap and started sucking his hard, engorged cock. Dez cruised down the affluent, CBD of Hamburg as his dick was sucked ravenously. As they pulled up in front of a club, he parked the car and sank back in his seat. Iris wanked and sucked him so hard and fast that his dick simply exploded in her mouth. She drank his cum down to the last drop and thanked him for the nutritious feeding.

Chapter 4

They went into a top echelon club. It was strictly for members, who were all rich people. Your average Jo only got in to serve drinks and clean up. Iris was a member, by virtue of her family name and her father's gold card.

The party was being hosted by one of Hamburg's party Kings. It was called the cream party, and the whole interior was done in a rich, immaculate cream, the walls, the floors, the tables, the chairs and seats... Even the service staff, who all looked like models or athletes, were dressed in body hugging, elegant, cream outfits.

Dez recognized some German prominence, pop stars, actors, young moguls and TV and sports personalities. The smell of rich perfumes and deodorant hit the nostrils comfortably. The women were dressed in sexy, elegant, expensive clothes, not some cheap hipsters and €2 thongs from Penny. The men were in smart casual clothes, Arman

Iris walked around proudly with Dez, kissing and fondling the handsome black man. People stared at them. The white men all looked mad, like they were so pissed. Dez laughed to himself, seeing the top notch white chicks licking their lips at him. These were the type of chicks that would not talk to a black man, talking shit like, "Oh, only fat, ugly desperate white chicks date blacks." But if they saw a top notch white woman with a handsome black man, they started getting all horny and envious, wishing they were the ones getting a big, fat black dick shoved in their white pussies.

"Fake ass hypocritical bitches!" Dez sneered, and shoved his tongue down Iris' throat.

Iris led Dez to a cream couch, in the dimly lit VIP lounge, where some low, soft music was playing. The air was fresh and clean. They sank back into the soft cushions. Dez had given his suit jacket up Iris was snuggled up to him, her long legs crossed over, her hem riding dangerously high. She popped Dez' buttons open, down to the belly button, and had her hand inside, stroking his taut belly muscles. Her head was laid on his powerful chest, and once in a while, she was nibbling on his nipple and kissing it. Dez felt like a king, as his big, black palm stroked a silky thigh.

Iris ran her hand over his lower belly, and settled it over his crotch. She gave Dez a squeeze, and felt his cock stir with life. She settled her palm over the bulge in his pants, and started stroking it, feeling the juices flow into her cunt. She was truly impressed.

"Take me to the dance floor," she knocked down her drink and held her hand to Dez.

Dez took her hand and led the blond temptress to the dance floor The dance floor was empty, the patrons of the club were hanging at the bar, or sitting on chairs and couples, chatting, drinking or necking.

A soft soul song was playing. Iris moved into his arms, molding her soft body into his. She put one arm around his shoulder, whilst the other snaked around his hips. Her hand settled on his ass cheek, stroking and caressing the firm flesh through the thin material of his suit. She laid her head on his chest, and they rocked and swayed to the music together.

Dez slid his hands to her hips and stroked the busty blond's handlebars. She moaned into his chest, and started rolling her hips against him. Dez slid his hands down to her pliant, soft ass cheeks, cupped them, squeezed them, and they felt so good. He pulled them to his crotch and ground his cock into the softness between her legs.

All eyes were on them. German eyes were watching the mixed race couple like a steamy, erotic movie.

"Look, they are all watching us," Dez chuckled.

"Yeah, they all wanna suck your big black cock and eat my blond pussy. Lets give them a good show!" Iris chuckled back, and humped Dez lewdly.

Dez thought this was a good idea. He eased his big middle finger between Iris' ass cheeks, feeling the heat through her thin dress.

Iris purred into his chest, and gave him a kiss and a nibble. She started rolling her hips around, pressing her hot wetness against his burgeoning hardness. Dez eased a big, powerful thigh between hers, pressing it into her smoldering cunt. Iris purred, gyrating her hips round and round, dry humping him.

"Ah, fuck yeah Dez," Iris moaned, and nibbled on the muscular, dark chest, squeezing Dez' firm ass. "Kiss me baby, shove your tongue down my throat!"

Iris turned her face up to Dez and dove at his lips. Dez grabbed Iris by the hair and squashed her mouth with his. She panted into his mouth as thick black lips feasted hungrily on pouting pink lips. Their tongues slithered into each other's mouths, licking anything they could touch.

The two of them gave up any pretense of dancing. They dry humped and groped and fondled each other like two exhibitionists, grunting and groaning their pleasure. Dez stroked her silky thighs and slid his hand under her hem, just as she slid both palms down his pants, to grab his firm ass. Dez' hand ran up her thigh, to cup her ass cheek. The people watching could see his hand moving under her dress, working on her ass. Iris threw her head back, and her hips shuddered. Shamelessly, she dry humped his cock like a bitch in heat.

As the song ended, Iris turned to Dez and said matter of fact, "Fuck Dez, I am horny as hell, lets go to the toilet and fuck!"

"Thats the best fucking idea of the night, baby!" Dez agreed.

They held hands as they went to the men's toilet. A couple of guys who were pissing developed gaping mouths as Iris and Dez went into a cubicle. Seconds later, they could hear her feasting loudly and wetly on his big black cock. Then they heard the black man telling her to bend over and spread her ass cheeks. Then she was crying out for him to shove his big, black dick all the way up her white ass hole. They heard them groaning, grunting and banging away in the cubicle, fucking like beasts. A couple of the white guys started jerking off. But one got jealous and went to get security. As Dez and Iris heard loud voices and fists banging on the cubicle, they only fucked harder and louder until Dez exploded in her ass hole. Then they finally emerged, sweating, wearing wide smiles. They were asked to leave by two huge security guards.

They were escorted as they got their jackets. At the entrance, one of the bouncers, a big, meaty German type sneered at Iris.

"This is a fucking shame for Germany!"

"What's your fucking problem.." Dez began, his fists itching to do damage to a Nazi.

"Relax baby, lemme handle this," Iris said, kissing him, before turning to the bouncer. "You pissed cozy I got a black boyfriend or what?"

"Yeah! Look at yourself, a beautiful German woman like you, you can do better than that!!"

"No, I don't think so. Black guys fuck much better. Plus their dicks are much bigger!"

"Fucking Nigger whore!" the bouncer cursed.

"You can call me names baby, but you cant have this ass," she raised her dress and yanked her thong to the side, showing him her well fucked, gaping, smeared hole. For a second, he looked like he was about to fall down on his knees and suck her ass. She wiggled her fine ass at him.

"I am sorry, but I only take black dick! So I guess that cuts you out Mr Bouncer." As the muscle man glowered angrily at her, she turned to Dez and kissed him. "Take me home and fuck the shit out of me with that big black cock baby!"

Dez winked at the bouncer, and walked off, a big black hand squeezing Iris' fine white ass.

The bouncer was cursing and spouting Nazi bullshit as they disappeared from sight. His hands and feet were itching to attack the black man and stomp the life out of him. But he couldn't do shit.

Chapter 5

Iris' mom called and said she had been cut of her parents will and would never get a cent, even if she turned into a nun now.

She was so pissed. Dez and Iris immediately agreed that they needed to break her family and take the cash. Iris' sister, brother and his wife would need to be both fucked and used, so would her mum and her sis and dad. There wasn't even a question about it. Iris and Dez wanted to get her birth right.

Now, Iris had no real experience breaking a whore so she needed practice.

When they got home, Iris told Dez that she wanted to hunt and humiliate someone, and she had an idea who. She then pulled out some snap photos. They showed an attractive Turkish girl, giving a man and a woman hand jobs.

Iris then told Dez what had happened,

"Well, the other day, I drove over to Sandra's, for a cup of coffee, a joint and some pussy licking. Well, Sandra seemed very excited, as she let me in, led me to her room and promptly divested of my clothing. She made me lay on my back, propped up on two pillows, and spread my thighs. But instead of diving face first in there and gorging herself as usual, Sandra knelt between my legs...

"I am going to give you a Tantra Massage," she says.

"Whats that?" I ask curiously.

"It is a pussy massage... Lay back and enjoy it," Sandra replies, raring to go.

"For the next thirty minutes, Sandra does delicious, exciting things to my vagina, with her nice, long fingers. She does not just jam them in there, or just grab the clit and squeeze. There is a purpose and a system to every movement, geared at stimulating a vagina to the maximum. So, I am thinking, Sandra is obviously learning something kinky. Sometimes, she stops in the middle of some action, apologizes and saying dumb stuff like, "Sorry, that should come later," or, "I cant do this properly yet..."

"But on the whole, the massage was hot. She had me so wet that my cunt was leaking in floods onto the bed covers. The stuff she did so exquisite and so stimulating and exciting, that I was cumming like a bitch.

So, afterwards, after I ate her and finger fucked her well, I ask her , "What's the Tantra stuff was all about"

"Well, you know Ceylan, from the University?"

"What, you mean that rude, aggressive, ghetto Turkish slut that wanted to kick my ass..."

"Well, you shouldn't have made racist Turkish jokes to her, now should you?"

"Come on, I didn't mean it like that and she knew it. She just wanted to have someone to hit out at. Bitch needs to have some humor."

"You need to be more sensitive. Anyway, she taught me this stuff..."

"She did? What the fuck does she know about pussy massages. Aren't those Turks supposed to be virgins till they marry?"

"Well, actually, she works in a Tantra Massage place, you see. But it is a big secret. Her family is very religious. Her father is a devoted Muslim, he goes to the Mosque 5 times a day. And if he ever found out what she is doing, he and her brothers would fucking kill her, or ostracize her at the least. So don't fucking tell anyone, alright?"

"But why is she doing it?"

"Well, you know it is hard for Turks to get anything other than cleaning jobs. And the Tantra place pays much better. And you know what, she was telling me that even some prominent people in Hamburg come to the place, to get their pussies and dicks massaged."

"Fuck, I don't believe you. Not Ceylan!"

"Wait, I can show you some photos. But don't fucking tell anyone about this, alright?"

"I swear I wont. Show me..."

Sandra went to a drawer and pulled out some photos. There were at least ten. They showed Ceylan, dressed in some Asian looking garb, catering to men or women, who were lying on a massage bed. She was basically giving them sophisticated hand jobs.

"Fuck, are they allowed to take photos of customers!"

"No, these are her workmates. They were practicing, you see."

"So, why is she telling you her secrets and shit? You fucking that girl, diving into some Turkish meat?" Iris asked, slapping Sandra's pale ass.

"No! We are just friends. She is not into women at all anyway. I think she is just glad to share her secret with someone. But Iris, don't fucking say anything about this to anyone, OK!" Sandra said, scooping up the photos and returning them to her drawer.

"Do you think she would give me one of those pussy massages?"

"No. She fucking hates you, thinks you are some kind of Nazi. Plus if you ever mention this Tantra stuff to her, she will kill you!"

"Well, I got an ache in my pussy that is killing me. Why don't you come lick me before I die..."

"I spread my thighs. Sandra needed no second bidding. She dove face first into the offered cunt and was soon lapping away at Iris' womanhood.

"Later, when Sandra went out to make them a cup of coffee, I sneaked to the drawer and stole three of the photos," Iris said, very excited. "I wanna break Ceylan and fuck her, you can fuck her afterwards."

"She looks very dangerous. You sure you can handle her?"

"Of course. I think she is sexy and she and I can have loads of fun. You just set up a couple of cameras in my bedroom tomorrow. She I have broken her, you can have some fine Turkish pussy tomorrow."

Chapter 6

The following morning, Dez and Iris went for a jog. Afterwards, they showered together and had a nice long fuck in the kitchen.

Then Iris dialed Sandra's number.

"Hi Sandra sweetheart. How are you doing?" she asked cheerily.

"I am fine. How come you haven't been calling me back?" Sandra asked, sulking.

"I've been busy baby. But I miss you darling," Iris replied sweetly, rolling her eyes.

"And how come you missed class today?"

"Coz I am busy man, earning a few bucks. Listen, could you please give me Ceylan's number?"

"What do you want with her? This is not about the Tantra stuff now is it?"

"No man! She has got a book that I want to read for this paper that I am writing. I swear I wont talk about dick and pussy massages to her."

"Alright. It is ------," Iris jotted down the number. "So when can I see you?"

"I will call you soon as I have a bit of time, I swear. I miss you honey..." Iris hung up quickly.

Iris dialed Ceylan's number. A sweet female voice with a Turkish, ghetto accent answered her.

"Hallo, Ceylan Yildirim..."

"Hallo Ceylan, this is Iris. We take classes together at University. I am this tall blond..."

"I know you.?" Ceylan responded curtly. "Wanna make some more racist jokes or what?"

"Sorry about that incident man, that was just a bad, insensitive joke on my part..."

"What the fuck do you want?"

"Listen, there is something very important that we need to talk about."

"Listen Iris, if you don't tell me what the fuck this is all about immediately, I am going to hang up," Ceylan was definitely sounding pissed.

"You speak Turkish right? I got this translation job. We'll split it fifty fifty."

"How much?"

"Two thousand each. " Ceylan grunted. "Listen, here is my address. -------. I want you to come over at 3 this afternoon. Alright,"

Iris hung up. She put on a Versace jogging suit, jumped into the Lexus and drove to town. She stopped at a solarium and got her tan re enhanced. Then she went for a full body waxing. She then drove to the Reeperbahn and entered a lingerie shop. She bought some skimpy, sexy lingerie. It was a half cup bra, a tiny thong, and a pair of semi-transparent hot pants. The items were made of pure silk, a clinical white, and had the ying yang sign on them. They were a couple of sizes too small for her. Next, she bought a bottle of orange scented massage oil, and a water based lubricant. After that, Iris dropped by her dealer, a Russian named Andre, who was definitely getting a bit too high off his own supply. He was watching a porno, with blood shot, glazed eyes when she came in. She picked up a fat bag of weed and some ecstasy, paid up. He asked her if she didn't wanna spend a bit of time with good old Andre? She told him to catch a wank and left quickly, leaving him leering after her, and stroking a raging erection..

At half past two, Iris got back home. Dez told her the cameras were ready.

Iris smiled as she dropped her clothes and jumped into a hot, steamy shower. She had read somewhere that this was supposed to be good, before a massage. The busty German girl was pretty excited and horny. Her devious plan was already in motion now.

When the doorbell rang, Dez was just exploding in her mouth. Iris was swallowing as she pressed the buzzer. Dez grabbed his bag for he was going to class.

"Well, you better not fuck up because that Turkish girl will bash you," he laughed and left, after making sure the tapes were rolling. He wanted to see Iris' fuck or fuck up when he came back home.

Iris stood at the window, looking so cool, sipping on some wine.

Half a minute later, there were footsteps in the hallway. The door was pushed open. Iris turned, and looked at Ceylan, a 23 year old Turkish girl, with the type of seductive, Mediterranean face most men dream of seeing in a porno. Long, curly black hair framed a long, pretty, sultry face. Her skin was smooth, silky, olive complexioned and flawless. Trimmed and penciled eye brows sat above big, round, dark, secretive eyes. The nose was long and cute; a tiny diamond sparkled in the left nostril. The mouth was pouting, full, heart shaped, the lipstick a rich, glossy Lavender. A pair of silver earrings with sparkling diamonds were suspended from her ears.

Ceylan had the tall, slim, lithe and shapely body of a model. An open, small jacket, with army camouflage colors was sitting on her shoulders. A Dolce and Cubana, sleeveless, T-shirt, with black and white, vertical stripes was glued to her upper body, cupping a pair of firm, medium sized tits, and her flat, toned midriff. A pair of Versace Hipsters sat low around her round, curvy hips. At the back, they hardly covered the slit of her ass crack, cupping her round ass cheeks that looked like ripe melons. At the front, the hip jeans cheekily revealed the top of her shaved pubes, and cupped a nice, promising mound. She had the most shapely thighs and long legs. Her feet were in designer leather boots. A little silver watch glistened around her wrist. Iris' expert eyes could tell that the stuff was all counterfeits, otherwise she would have been real jealous.

Ceylan had an aggressive edge to her pretty jaw. She looked Iris over, with a scowl on her pretty, sultry face.

The busty blond stood before her, draped in a short, silky bathrobe, that ended halfway down her thighs. It was plastered to her wet skin, making her thick nipples stick out like hard pebbles.

"Hi there Ceylan," Iris said cheerily, motioning to a two seater couch. "Please take a seat. Can I get you something to drink? A glass of wine maybe?"

"No thanks," Ceylan replied, not returning the smile. She dropped onto the couch. Iris perched next to her, leaving a foot between them. "so, talk!"

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