tagInterracial LoveGermany Confidential Pt. 04

Germany Confidential Pt. 04

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

Around that time, Iris announced to Dez that she was pregnant with his seed. They were still celebrating when the same news came from Trish. She was expecting Dez' second, and Angela was already on number four.

Iris put the photos of her whole family on the wall.

"Dez, if you love me, if you really love me, you will fuck my mom, my sis and my sis in law and give them all black babies. And you will fuck my brother up the ass and make him suck your black cock like you did to Leo. If you don't do it, I know you don't love me and you are not man enough to be my man. I have nothing more to say," Iris said to Dez.

Dez smiled inside. Iris didn't know that that was his and Angela's plan anyway.

"What about your dad?"

"It will be enough to see the look on his face after you have accomplished all that and made sure the next generation of the family will be black."

The first person Iris wanted to get was her sister Kata. Kata was pissing off Trish and Iris big time. Their naughty little young sis had done an about turn. Their dad had lured her with loads of cash. Now, Kata was sucking up big time and feeling all important. Their dad was calling her a good girl and she was jet setting and trying to be all of that.

Iris was really pissed at her. How could she go from bad girl to traitor. And what was worse, she was snitching big time. She had grown long blond hair and was dressed up elegantly and all of that now. She was even hanging with Daniela. She didn't associate with Trish and Iris and acted like such a snob. When Iris and Trish confronted her, she told them to fuck off, she was gonna get the cash and inherit everything when their dad and mom passed, she said.

Kata. She put a black circle with a cross in the center over Kata's face. Kata was now their mom's pet. She agreed with everything their mom said and did. Iris hated her for being a back stabbing snitch! Dez wanted to see Kata broken and he wanted to fuck her and knock her up.

Iris discussed her plan with Dez. Then she called her sister Kata and invited her over. Kata wasn't even too keen, but Iris finally talked her into it, after lying that she had dumped Dez and also that...

"Look, I have a friend of mine who works for Maxim, a photographer. They are planning on doing this series and they are looking for models, and basically, I showed him some photos of yours and he loved them. He wants to meet you in person and maybe take a couple of snap shots. You will be in Maxim, Kata girl."

"Why you doing this for me. I know you don't like me!"

"Don't be silly. You my sister and I love you. And I want my cut, 40 percent!"

"Are you crazy?"

"Hey, we are talking 250 K here. And everybody will see your pictures, lil sis. Come over. Listen, put on some street gear. Something hot and all in your face. Something ghetto. With attitude! All right!"

Dez stayed in the bedroom, smoking a blunt when Kata turned up. The 22 year old brunette was looking hot. She had folded and tied a bandanna across her long, dark, straight, smooth hair that went halfway down her back. Her pretty, long, pale face was lightly made up. Her dark eyebrows were trimmed and penciled, giving her the look of a predator. Her big, deep, dark eyes were enchanting. She wore an expensive brooch in her nostril that Iris had given her as a present. Her long, thin lips were a cherry gloss.

Kata had a tall, lithe, model like body. She wore a skimpy, tight top that strained against her medium sized breasts. A pair of three quarter, camouflage trousers sat low on her curvy hips and her round, tight, cute ass. They were so tight that they cupped her pussy and the seam was wedged up her slit.

Iris greeted her cheerily but Kata replied with a grunt and brushed past her into the room. Iris was in a short, jeans skirt and a backless halter top. Her long hair was tied back and dressing gown. Her lips were a glossy pink.

She poured herself and her young sister a glass of prosecco and they sat down in the living room, opposite each other. They drank.

"It was pretty smart of you to dump that nigger. How could you date one of them Iris? Don't they stink?"

"He has a huge cock and he fucked me out of my mind," Iris laughed.

Kata looked disgusted. "Well, I am glad you found your mind again. That was quite a show you pulled the other day!" Kata sneered. "Mom and dad are still pissed big time."

"Whatever, they disinherited me yunno," Iris reached for a fat joint and fired it up.

"Iris, you should keep your hands off drugs. If you smoke that, I am leaving."

"But Kata, you used to smoke from morning!" "I changed. Stop it or I am leaving."

"Go ahead. This guys works for Maxim. 250 k for a photo shoot, in an exotic location. Now, little sister, if you don't smoke this, you might as well go."

"How do I know you ain't lying?"

"Jessica, you know I don't like you, little sister. But this guy thinks you are hot and you might get this job. I want 40%."

"No! Twenty!"

"Don't be stupid. Alright. 30!"


"Alright. Fine. Here!" Kata smiled, and took a deep puff.

As she took the joint, Kata didn't know that Iris was just lying. There was no photographer who wanted to take photos of her.

After they had drunk several glasses of prosecco, and smoked two fat joints, Iris's phone rang. She answered. She talked in an animated voice, winking at Kata, "She is here. Yeah, she has got some street wear," she said, showing her sister the thumb and they saying, "You wanna start with the other gear. Alright. See you soon."

"Woo! He says he was caught up at another photo shoot. He will be here in a thirty minutes, to see if he can work with you. Don't disappoint me. I went and got the clothes he suggested. Get into them. Woo!"

Kata was feeling very excited as she stood up. Then she saw the thong and bra that her sis took from the bag.

"Aren't they a bit too revealing?" Kata sneered.

"We are talking about Maxim. That is a man's magazine. And you will put a jacket on over the bra anyway," Kata seemed to relax. "250k. Now, come on. Get with it."

Feeling excited about the money, Kata stripped naked, then she put the skimpy undergarments on. Iris was impressed, seeing her slim, athletic, pale younger sister looking so fine in the black thongs, and her perky boobs looked so hot in the half cups. Then Iris a silver leash and a leather collar.

"What's that for?" Kata asked, staring at the leash. "I ain't putting that on."

"That's what I thought you'd say. Dez! Come here baby!"

Chapter 2

To Kata's utter disbelief, Dez burst into the room. Kata whirled around to see him busting in, wearing a tiny pair of boxers that were stretched around his thick cock and nothing else. He was running straight at her. Kata whimpered, cringing...

"Iris! What the hell is going..."

"I lied. I didn't dump my nigger, you stupid whore!"

Iris gave Kata a hard sack across the face and yanked on her hair. Kata started to scream and Dez grabbed her by the throat, sinking his digits in, choking her breath and then he shook her mightily. He mouth worked but she could not get any sound out. She tried to grab his hand and tear herself loose. Iris smacked her again. Then Dez smacked her. Then he and pressed her against the wall, and Kata sobbed.

"Now Kata, I heard you calling me a nigger, huh! You are going to do exactly as you are told. Or you will see what a nigger can do to you!" Dez raised his hand to slap her and she covered her face and cried.

"No! Please! Don't hit me!"

"Down on your knees! Down!"

Dez forced her on her knees.

"Iris please!"

"Shut the fuck up! And stop sobbing or I will let Dez rape your ass."

"Iris, I am your sister," Kata sobbed.

Iris smacked her again and then as she tried to scream, Dez chocked her again and made her open her mouth. Iris slid a gag in, a smooth ball with a rubbed band she hooked around her head. Swiftly, Iris tied Kata's hands behind her back and put the dog leash around her neck.

Then she made her kneel down, and held on to the leash like Kata was her dog. Dez handed Iris a leather belt. Iris gave Kata one good whack. Kata jerked and cried with pain through her gag.

"How is it, Kata. Mom's little girl! Now, crawl around like a nice, sweet, little dog or get whipped, little sis!"

Kata shot her a hate filled glare. She raised the belt again and gave her one across the back. Kata whimpered and Iris dragged her across the room, making her crawl.

"Now, growl in your throat like a dog! Do it!" Kata whimpered and looked up at Dez, he was smiling and stroking the thick bulge in his pants gazing at her exposed ass. Kata felt fear. She turned and looked up at her sister imploringly. Iris only laughed and whacked her back, looking like she was enjoying herself

"growl, little dog! Growl!"

Kata felt so humiliated as she growled like a dog and was made to wag her ass and rub her head on Iris' then Dez' leg. "What a sweet little dog. Now do like you are pissing on a tree. Go on!"

"This little slut called me a nigger huh! And said we stink. I need to smack that ass real good."

Dez then dragged a whimpering Kata across his lap and smacked her ass, whacking and grabbing her cheeks, squeezing, pinching and whacking again. It wasn't all that painful for he didn't use all his strength. But it was so humiliating for Kata. He fished her thong out of her crack, stretched it, obviously looking at her ass and slit. Then he spanked her. At one point, he pulled her thongs halfway down her thighs and him and Iris pulled her cheeks apart.

"Look at her little pussy and that winking ass hole. You reckon she had had a big dick in there?" iris smacked her cunt and Kata struggled against her bindings but she could not break loose.

Iris yanked on her hair and made her wince. "Have you ever fucked a black guy? Ever had a big, black dick in there?" Iris asked, squeezing her cunt! "Answer!" iris slapped her cunt hard. Kata shook her head.

"Lemme see if she is tight, lick my digit, Iris," Kata tried to struggle and break free somehow, but she got smacked and her face was shoved in the couch, then Dez was burrowing his thick digit into her hole. She was dry. "Get me some oil."

Dez probed her holes with oily digits, saying she was so tight and he would definitely enjoy opening her up. Then Iris also probed her holes. They were talking about her and doing things to her like she wasn't even a person. And she couldn't do anything about it. Not at all. She cried pitifully, her sight going all blurry.

Dez and Iris spent the good part of an hour humiliating her, smacking her, spitting on her, kicking and whacking her, probing her. At first she was mad with anger and outraged and she sobbed. After a while she was helpless, then numb. And as time went on she simply felt like she was nothing but a piece of shit. She started deriving a perverted pleasure from being humiliated, as if it was something she deserved and was lucky to get. She started feeling a strange excitement, and sexual arousal.

Iris went and got a dog bowl and put milk in it.

"Listen Kata, I am going to remove your gag. And you are going to bark and drink milk from this bowl, like a good little dog."

Kata was released. Iris smacked her ass. Head hanging, she barked and lapped up the milk till the bowl was empty.

"Good girl, now here, lick my toes!" Kata was yanked to Dez by the leash and his black foot was thrust into her face. She stared at it.

"Listen bitch, you lick the toes, or it will be the dick."

Kata licked Dez' toes and was made to suck on it.

"That's a good, sweet little dog. Lick my feet Kata. Lick them with your tongue and dry them with your hair."

Kata licked the tops and the bottom of his feet. The perverted pleasure at being humiliating was now so strong, it was making her skin tingly, and her nipples were so hard and her pussy dripping wet.

Iris then made her lick her toes and feet and wipe them with her hair.

"Thanks. That is so nice of you sweet little sister. To show you how grateful we are, Dez is now going to fuck your face with his big, black cock."

Dreamily, she was aware of Dez as he stood over her, where she was kneeling at Iris' feet. He pulled her face to his crotch. As she stared with scared eyes, he eased his shorts down and pulled out his thick, fat, veined, jet black cock. She was scared like a rabbit watching a snake, but he held her head in a firm grip and rubbed his throbbing, musky shaft all over her face. He slapped her with it and told her to open her mouth. Then he forced his throbbing shaft in between her thin, red lips.

"Look this way," Iris said and as she turned to her sister, she saw she was holding a video camera, documenting their abuse and torture of her. "You look so good with a big, fat black cock in your mouth! Grab her head and fuck her face Dez!"

Then Dez held her by the forehead and started fucking her mouth in deep, smooth, slow thrusts, pushing it to the back of her mouth.

"Suck and slurp Kata! That's the way to do it. Please me Kata. Make me happy. Suck my fucking big, black cock real nice. Give it your best. Slurp!"

Something about his deep, dark, commanding voice made him want to obey, and do her best to please his huge, thick black cock. Iris told her to grab it in one hand and the balls in the other. She said to wrap her mouth around it like a real nice, tight pussy and suck it good. It was so difficult to do, the cock was so big, stretching her mouth so. She had hardly ever sucked dick and never one so large. But she loved having it in her mouth, feeling it pulse, and rub against her cheeks and tongue and the roof of her mouth. She sucked it like a vacuum and stroked it with her tongue. He groaned and she felt so good. She grabbed tightly onto his shaft and balls and sucked and slurped away. She was suddenly aware of a wild, carnal excitement that was gripping her, making her gasp fro breath through her nose as she bobbed her head and sucked Dez greedily, ravenously, as if to satisfy some deep seated carnal hunger. She started moaning and shuddering as something hot and wonderful started spreading in her pussy.

"Look at her. She is loving it! Look how she is throwing her mouth at your dick! My sister is a black cock slut! Damn! Stuff her mouth Dez!"

Dez put one big hand on her forehead and the other at the back of her head and she felt so good as he held her firmly and pumped her onto his cock, fucking her mouth like she was just some whore! She moaned and groaned, and did her best, sucking as hard as she could and slurping at the back of her mouth. Then Iris dropped the camera, came to kneel behind her and grabbed her head in both hands. Now she had four hands holding her head, pumping her on the big, black cock, pushing her down on it, forcing it against her throat!

"Oh fuck! This is hot!" Dez grunted.

"Shoot it in her mouth! Shoot it in my sister's mouth Dez! Give it to her. Suck and slurp, you fucking cunt!" Iris' voice was all frenzied as she smacked her head and pumped her sister's head vigorously, as the brunette sucked and slurped as good as she could. Then Dez' cock swelled so large and exploded in her mouth, leaping and flooding her with thick, salty cream.

"Swallow bitch! Don't waste one drop of my precious cum!" Kata swallowed it all.

Some ran down her chin, onto her neck. Dez kept his cock in her mouth as it softened and he told her to keep suckling and she got still more of the tasty, musky cream out of him. Then he finally pulled it out. Iris turned her around and surprised her, as she licked her lips, chin and neck, moaning with relish. Kata realized her sister was chasing after her boyfriend's cum.

"Welcome to the black cock club, little sister!" Iris rasped huskily, her green eyes flaring into Kata's. The she snaked a hand around her neck and kissed her sister on the lips.

Chapter 3

"No!" Kata rasped, in panic!

"Listen Kata, if you don't do exactly as I say, I am going to gag you and this black man is going to shove his dick up in your ass and rape you. Then he will cum in your cunt and make you pregnant. And I will send the movies to mom and dad!"

"Iris! You are so evil!" Kata whimpered and then Iris dragged her by her leash and made her sit in Dez' lap, with her back to him.

Iris spread her sister's pale, slender thighs and forced herself between them, trapping Kata between her soft body and Dez' hot, hard body. She grabbed her head and shoved her tongue into her mouth and kissed her. Kata tried to block it off but she couldn't As Iris explored her lips and mouth, Kata felt Dez stroke her breasts with one hand as the other stroked her hips and belly. She felt her body becoming all tingly, then Dez was pinching one nipple as Iris pinched the other and sharp thrills coursed through her body. She turned to look into Iris' eyes. They were horny. Iris looked like she wanted to devour her. Kata felt herself melt and heard herself moaning. Then she was kissing her sister back lustily and moaning and writhing against her, rubbing her excited pussy into her big sister's belly as her ass rubbed into Dez' hardening cock.

"I am going to turn you out, Kata!" Iris said with an evil grin that made Kata shiver. Iris pushed her legs up, shoving her knees into her chest, and Dez held them up, leaving her pussy spread wide open. Her fat cunt was bunched up in the sheer, tight black thongs. Iris stroked it and cupped it. Then she squeezed it and groaned. She dropped her face to Kata's pussy and inhaled deeply. Then she moaned with lust. Kata trembled as she looked over her shoulder at Dez. Dez kissed her lips and then made her look.

"I want you to see Iris eating you out! You are gonna love it, you horny little slut."

Kata's face went so red with embarrassment as Iris grabbed the top of the black thongs and pulled them taut over the fat twat. Then she started lapping at Kata's cunt through the thin material. Kata was all stiff at first. Iris slowly eased the thin garment out of the way, exposing Kata silky, shaved pubes. Her dark bush was trimmed to a small patch above her cunt. Her pussy lips were thick and long and so full of blood they were a dark pink.

"Gosh, my lil sis' lil pussy is just so pretty, isn't it Dez?" Dez groaned, tweaking Kata's nipples, getting them rock hard.

Iris started dribbling on Kata. Her saliva dripped in gobs, sliding onto the dark furled lips and down the crease. Then Iris dipped her face and swiped Kata lightly with her long, agile tongue. Kata gasped and tried to pull away, but Iris held her pressed down. She dove into her pussy and ate her like she was starving.

She opened her mouth and engulfed her unwilling sister's twat. She moaned like it was delicious, and started sucking and chewing away. She buried her face between her thighs, pushing in like she was trying to shove her entire head in her. Her tongue slithered deep into the folds of Kata's tasty, salty cunt, inducing it to produce copious amounts of juice.

Kata felt her pussy melt in Iris' hot, wet mouth. Iris' tongue felt so good, slithering and sliding into her tunnel, expertly working the sensitive nerves in her opening. And the way she was sucking and slurping away sop loudly simply drove her mad. Iris hunger and passion for her pussy simply overwhelmed. Kata fought to hold back, but her hips started rolling, and soft moans escaped her.

Dez had a good vantage point of her tongue sliding in and out of Kata. She smiled naughtily at him as she grabbed her sister's pale ass cheeks in her palms and held her pussy up like a delicious platter, and she plated her hungrily, greedily, moaning and groaning and diving frenziedly into her.

"Oh fuck! Kata, you are so tasty darling! Shit!"

Iris shoved two digits into Kata's mouth and made her lick them. Then she slid them into her cunt and started fingering her. She rolled them round and round the dripping cunt, making it get even wetter. Kata moaned sharply and her legs opened even wider. Her clit was so thick and fat now, and electrical currents were sizzling thorough her crotch. She hated Iris, and hated herself for being unable to resist her.

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