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Gerry Government and His Telescope


One of the most troubling aspects of the free speech issue pertains to the issue of personal privacy. We are photographed more and more in our daily lives...in department stores, as we make transactions at a bank, and now even in our own cars. There seems no limit to what can be analyzed, tallied, taped, or measured, in the interest of "public control and safety." The following vignette shows what could happen if the concept of "hidden cameras" goes too far. It concerns a certain Gerry Government, and his new telescope...


Gerry Government was all smiles. His new telescope had arrived, and it was a beauty. 50 feet of shiny aluminum, a powerful light, and responsive controls. The technology had been perfected so well, he could now stare into the room of any house without being detected. Essentially, the telescope was akin to a one way mirror; he could see within with ample illumination, but the people inside would not be aware of anything unusual.

In back of his latest toy was a huge easel which held THE BOOK. This immense tome coldly and scientifically listed all the rules of morality and sexuality, and the violations pertaining to each offense. Earn 25 demerits, and receive a warning letter. 50 demerits, and be forced to move to a seedy neighborhood, 75 demerits, and your children would be taken away, 100 demerits....well, no one had earned 100 demerits as yet.

Today, Gerry was concentrating on the Downes family, who lived about five houses down the street. They already had earned 15 demerits for distributing religious material without permission, and seemed to have a bad attitude. That is, they basically did whatever they wanted to, and constantly ignored the Neighborhood Rules, which were posted on large signs every 50 feet. Gerry pointed the telescope at Richard Downes bedroom. What incredible luck! Richard had just come home from work, and had brought his mistress along.

As Gerry watched, his eyes popped. The blond bombshell was already down to her bra and panties, and had the largest breasts he had ever seen. Richard was similarly unclad, and his boxer shorts were tented with a massive erection. The government official fingered his own twinging penis in his pants as the horny couple quickly got naked. Then, Richard entered his mistress in one quick thrust. She let out a blood curdling scream, then thrashed on the bed in ecstatic abandon. Gerry frigged his trapped cock for a good two minutes before Richard stiffened suddenly. He let out a loud bellow as he came a bucket, causing his mistress to scream as she orgasmed at the same time.

Gerry chuckled to himself with glee as he fingered the heavy pages of THE BOOK. "Let's see, adultery, that's 25 demerits. They have 40 now, almost halfway there." He hummed along as he filled out the Downes' Transgression Log, then went into the kitchen for a little snack. When he returned, a shiny new Toyota was just turning into the Downes' driveway. It was 22 year old Mark, the oldest boy. As he got out of the car, Gerry could see he had brought his afro-american girlfriend with him. She was as dark as he was pasty white, and the two made an odd couple indeed as they went into the house.

Gerry tried various rooms of the Downes' residence until finally he hit paydirt: the side guestroom. Mark was stark naked on the bed, handcuffed to each bedpost by his girlfriend, who held a mock whip and chains. She rained blows on his chest and legs as he screamed in wild abandon. Then, she mounted him in one easy motion, and grunted into oblivion as Mark's fat cock sunk further and further into her honeypot. The two young adults screwed for what seemed like an eternity, as Gerry impatiently tapped his watch. Finally, Mark let out a sustained loud bellow as he exploded into his girlfriend's tight snatch.

Gerry yawned. Some days were better than others, and black women did nothing for him. Once more, he consulted THE BOOK as he tallied up the transgressions. "Kinky Sex, 10 demerits, Interracial Sex, 15 demerits. That's 25 demerits, or 65 total." The Downes family were really in trouble now. At 75 demerits, their youngest daughter would be taken away as a Ward of the State.

Gerry was mentally and physically exhausted after watching the two intense sex scenes. He decided to take a little nap on the red, white, and blue striped sofa that flanked the enormous telescope. As he nodded off, he planned what would happen if the Downes family earned 100 demerits with an evil smile on his face.

The insistent tooting of a car horn woke Gerry up. He hopped off the sofa and saw a dark blue car in front of the Downes' house leave off two women. One he recognized as 18 year old Susan Downes, but the other much older female didn't look familiar to him. The couple walked into the home hand in hand as Gerry frantically fingered the dials of the telescope. This could be the break he had been waiting for!

In an infrequently used den on the third floor, Gerry found a real treasure. The two women were in a "69" position on the bed, clad in nothing but crotchless blue panties. Susan was fingering her older lover with evident passion as her partner ate her out with frantic tongue thrusts. Gerry's cock pressed against his american flag underwear insistently. He loved woman to woman sex and these particular partners were really getting into it. Susan started making high pitched moans which really drove Gerry crazy. The moans turned to howls as her clit was stimulated to the max. Suddenly, the younger woman let out a full bloodied scream as she had a massive orgasm. Simultaneously, Gerry exploded into his underpants, hoping the stain wouldn't go through to his trousers.

The hapless government official collapsed on the floor, totally spent. After a delicious afterglow, in which he almost fell asleep again, he managed to crawl over to THE BOOK.

"Lesbian Sex, 40 demerits, that's 105 demerits total."

Gerry suddenly stood up, completely energized. 105 demerits! This was it!

His ecstatic mood was interrupted by his wife Linda entering the room. She had just gotten home from work, which she considered an escape from the infernal telescope. Gerry faced her with mock seriousness.

"I'm afraid the Downes family has earned 105 demerits!"

"105 demerits!" Linda turned white. "Doesn't that mean..."

"Yes, I...er....they are going to have to be...eliminated!"

"ELIMINATED?" Linda felt herself going into shock.

"Yes, eliminated. I will have to do it myself."

With that, Gerry went downstairs to the basement. When he returned, he carried a sledgehammer and a five gallon container of gasoline.

Linda's lips started to quiver as she noticed the Downes' station wagon zooming by the window. Everyone would be home!

"I'll be back in a little while...don't worry about it."

Linda tried to stop him, but it was useless. Gerry Government brushed past her like a robot programmed to kill.

The sky was darkening as Linda strained to see what was happening. Through the large picture window, she saw Gerry stride purposefully toward the Downes' residence. He went out of view in back of the house, and for awhile, nothing happened. Then, as the first stars peered out from the inky blackness, Linda saw it. A thin strip of orange flickering along the Downes' roof. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion, and the entire house was engulfed in flames. Linda heard a young girl screaming for help, and totally lost it. She rummaged in her son's room for a baseball bat, and frantically tried to knock the telescope off its foundation. The stubborn aluminum failed to yield, but she succeeded in tipping the easel, which propelled THE BOOK towards the floor. One of the projecting knobs of the telescope caught it, and ripped several pages in half.

Linda let out a blood curdling scream. Tearing the pages of THE BOOK was the only crime punishable by immediate death! She had to think fast. Grabbing a bottle of sleeping pills, Linda hurriedly forced down as many as she could without gagging. Then, she called 911. Hopefully, the ambulance would arrive before her husband got back, taking her to the relative safety of a hospital. It was her only chance!

Linda sunk down onto the sofa as the room swimmed around her. As she progressed into unconsciousness, she imagined a world where everyone possessed the right of Free Speech, where governments were stripped of their powers, and where children and adults alike could lead happy, fulfilling lives free of censure. Then blackness overcame her...


Those who feel the above story is too exaggerated or fanciful, think again...it's only a manner of time. Big Brother IS watching you, in the most innocuous situations. Soon, your car will be able "to tell" on you and that will only be the beginning. Our personal freedoms are more at stake than they ever have been, especially the founding fathers' "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

And yes, be very careful of your new neighbor...Gerry Government!


(I would like to dedicate this essay to the wonderful Impressive. Yes, she lives up to her name and has enriched everyone at Literotica!)

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