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Get Laid Another Day


The morning in Singapore was drizzling. VJ star Donita Rose of MTVAsia was going to interview Pierce Brosnan who was in town to promote his new James Bond flick – ‘Die Another Day.’ Donita was giddy with excitement to meet the handsome debonair star that she adored since his Remington Steele days on TV.

Donita entered the Raffles Hotel accompanied by James Choi, her videographer. Donita glanced at her watch and she was five minutes early for her appointment. She gazed at her reflection in the elevator mirror and then to James Choi. “How do I look?” Donita asked him as she patted her light brown hair.

“You look divine! A view to a kill!” James exclaimed.

“I’m a little nervous,” Donita said tapping her bosom.

“Pierce will fall into your charm,” James crooned.

Donita was dressed casually in Diesel slim-fit shirt tucked into coffee brown leather pants, slightly flared and matching Prada boots. She had pulled the front of her hair up and away from her face, leaving the rest to fall past her shoulders. Her eyes were emphasized with thick brown mascara on her lashes, and pink and bronze shadow blended across the browbone. The effect was startling yet subtle. A choker of amber and crystal beads adorned her neck.

Pierce Brosnan whisked opened the door of his suite and there he stood snuggled in maroon robe looking dashing as ever and flashing that sexy grin.

“Hi! I’m Donita Rose of MTV Asia,” she said quite cheerfully and they quickly buzzed cheeks. “Come in, you’ve come to the right place.” Her eyes dilated and her eyebrows moved up and down as she looked at Choi.

“Well, I think you’re the most beautiful reporter I’ve seen in recent years. Can I offer you something? A drink? Breakfast? Diamonds?” Pierce winked.

“How about the drink first, you make me a little nervous, Mr. Brosnan.”

“You won’t be if you start calling me Pierce,” he said grinning as he waved a hand to the sofa.

“Mr. Brosnan, er Pierce may I present our videoman, James Choi,” she gestured to James and the two shook hands. “Oh, the real James. How do you do James?”

“I’m fine. Thank you sir.”

“Have a seat, please. I’ll just change clothes, won’t take long if you’ll excuse me.” He strode into his bedroom leaving a trail of his masculine scent. In just a few minutes Pierce emerged in a light blue gingham shirt matched with off-white pleated pants, taupe belt and monk strap shoes. He settled on a chair and sighed. “I’m all set.”

The interview began and James set off with his digital handycam. Pierce talked of the usual how exciting the new James Bond flick was and how it differed from the previous ones. He talked about the amazing gadgets, the new Aston Martin he drove in the film. His newborn son, his fear of heights, and that he never kept a gun in real life. That the thing that amazes him is the computer technology of how vast an information one can get from the internet which sadly he doesn’t have time to indulge and finally the exhibit of James Bond to open in the hotel the next day.

During the interview Pierce was aware of Donita’s pristine beauty. Gosh, I’ve got to have this exquisite woman. I haven’t got laid since my son was born. The newborn has taken all his wife’s attention.

For the first time Pierce felt horny and craved for an honest to goodness sexual contact. He knew that sex can be an excellent therapy and can do wonders on one’s psyche and physical body. As he looked at Donita, his imagination flourished. She was sitting there and talking without any clothes on. Her angelic face, sleek and feline body, high breasts and long legs that kept cross and uncrossing giving him a peek of her exquisite pussy were giving him a woody. For a while his mind was lost in his prurient reverie.

Donita was aware that there was something in Pierce Brosnan’s stare. He was transmitting a powerful sexual energy that was electrifying her.

When the interview was done Pierce whispered into her ears. “I’d like to invite you for dinner tonight.”

“I’d be delighted but I’m sorry Pierce I am not free tonight. I have a live show. Perhaps tomorrow…” she said playing a bit hard to get.

“Tomorrow may never come. You’re attending the opening of the James Bond exhibit this afternoon, so I’ll see you. I want to be with you.”

“Yes I will attend,” she replied.

“Then I’ll see you.”

“Yes Pierce, could I have an autograph?”

“Gladly,” he said and he scribbled: To the loveliest rose in Singapore, Donita. Pierce Brosnan. “It’s been a thrill seeing you Mr. ah… Pierce.”

“The pleasure is mine,” he said and gave her a peck on the cheek.

James took pictures of them. Donita also took pictures of Pierce and James.

Pierce winked and patted James on the shoulder. “Have a good day pal.”

“You too, Mr. Brosnan,” James said and Pierce nodded.

“Pierce Brosnan as my date!” Donita and James slapped hands while in the elevator going down.

Pierce Brosnan wore a tuxedo in the opening exhibit. Donita was radiant in her light pink one shoulder off dress that stops several inches above her knees. Donita looked genuinely beautiful. Pierce spotted her immediately and gave his arm for her and they walked to the Vanquish – the latest Aston Martin that he drove in the film and the world’s fastest and high-tech car. He opened the car door and invited Donita to slide in. Then he sat behind the steering wheel and gunned the engine into action driving off surprisingly from the exhibit room and rocketing onto the street outside the hotel. The guests were stunned at first and then they clapped their hands. Pierce drove the car in great speed like he owned all the stoplights in Singapore. Donita was amazed how he could do that. The car has no gearshift and at once Donita felt Pierce’s hand land on her knees. Donita felt helpless.

“Who could object to Pierce Brosnan?” she thought to herself. His hand crept up pushing her dress and soon his fingers were fiddling her most tender spot. The car’s power and luxury matching his license to thrill hand gave an intense excitement to Donita.

Soon it was night time and Pierce and Donita were in the bedroom of his suite. He pressed a button to open the electrically controlled drapes, and was confronted by a wide vista of Singapore at night.

“Donita, I won’t beat around the bush. You’re sensational,” Pierce said huskily. “I want to make love to you—because I like you, I think you like me---and it’s something I need right now. No heavy relationships---just… togetherness. Donita stared at him expectantly---wild tiger eyes. Pierce held her face. Donita took one of his hands and smelled its stimulating fragrance. Just when Pierce was to press his lips on hers his cell phone chirped.

“Hello” he said. “Oliver here, what are you doing there? We’re having a late meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Chan. They are very interested in investing in your next film project and of course they would like to see you.” Oliver Stonewall is the producer of Pierce next movie.

“Well, Oliver, I have a date here,” Pierce said with hesitation.

“Lay it off for while, this won’t take long maybe just an hour. You know too well that this is important to us.”

“Alright, I’ll come right down Oliver,” he said and clicked off the phone.

“Donita, something came up and I’m sorry I have to go down and meet some VIP. Please stay it won’t take long,” he said and pressed on a button again for the big Screen to come out from the ceiling and played on the film—it is the making of ‘Die Another Day’.

“I’ll be fine here, I’ll wait for you,” Donita said smiling sweetly with her irresistible charm. Donita walked into his closet and browsed for something she could wear on his bed. She settled for his silky blue nightshirt and stripped down to her panties. Then she lay on the bed and watched the video. The film finished off in less than 45 minutes.

Pierce was not yet back. Donita recalled what had happened to her in Manila when she was with her boyfriend then. They were on the verge of making love when an emergency phone call came through telling him to come down to a friend’s apartment. The friend was in trouble due to an overdose of drugs. So her boyfriend left and promised that he would be back. But when he came back, it was already in the morning and that day Donita was to leave for Singapore. Her boyfriend’s friend had died so it took him till the morning to come back to Donita. So the would be romance failed.

Donita hoped Pierce would be back soon. This waiting game was driving her crazy. She couldn’t afford another unfulfilled romance.

Pierce came back after midnight and saw her lying on her stomach in back, silent and still. She was wearing his shirt and the covers were up to her waist. She knew he had come in for she had become half awake but she had chosen not to speak.

He nudged her shoulder but she remained silent. He thought that she was mad at him for having been out so long.

“Donita?” he whispered softly.

“Are you awake, sweet babe?” he asked more loudly.

Pierce rubbed her back. “Sweetie?”

Slowly he slid his hands under the covers. He pulled the covers off her immobile body. She was wearing a lacy high cut bikini.

“You awake?”

She remained silent on her stomach. Her eyes squeezed tightly shut.

Pierce was undeterred. He pulled down her bikini and yanked it off from her. She said nothing. Why should she? She was mad at him, wasn’t she?

He parted her legs and bent his head, his tongue darting into her warm wetness like a lethal cold snake.

Why? Was his tongue so cold? Why was she suddenly shaking with ecstasy? Why couldn’t she stay mad at him?

‘Ohhh…Pierce…” The words fluttered from her mouth like summer blossoms falling from a tree.

He raised his head long enough to say, “You’re not mad at me babe, are you?”

She sighed very softly and murmured, “Turn the light out, Pierce. Please…”

He ripped off his clothes. “Why you got something to hide?”

God but she made him horny! He spread her legs wider and replaced his eager tongue with what he had been saving for her all night long.

Donita peered down on her opened legs and watched with amazement how Pierce’s huge erection eased slowly into her wet lips. Then she panted as his motion reached a frenzied level. She was losing control and was about to climax.

Suddenly, a big alarm sounded and it became loud that she and Pierce were greatly disturbed. Pierce had to pull out and she almost screamed: “No Pierce, don’t stop!”

Donita bolted upright on the bed and after a few seconds she realized that she was only dreaming. It was her alarm clock that was ringing and waking her up for her appointment to interview the James Bond star.

“Oh my God, it was like real!” she gasped and switched off the alarm. She looked down at herself and she was wearing her pink teddy with matching panties. She flopped back on the bed and her hand went down between her legs. She felt that her panties were moist. She drew them down and started flicking her clit to pick up the sensation that she had felt in her dream. She closed her eyes and started imagining Pierce’s head buried between her legs making juicy noises. Later Pierce’s fingers were opening up her cunt lips and pushing the head of his cock into her, only the head.

“Pierce shove it all to me,” But he said, “You turn me on so much, I’m going to have to take real slow, otherwise I’ll come right here and now.” Donita was fantasizing their dialogues and she was feeling more aroused. Soon Pierce was above her, and there was her cunt wide apart, with the lips managing to cling to the head of his cock at his every thrust. Then he started to pant, and she noticed that his balls had tightened, and knew that he had to be very close. So she stroked her clitoris, quicker and quicker, so that they could come pretty much together. She felt hot and sweaty and slippery in her night dress and that inflamed her more. She climaxed before he did, and she shouted out loud. Then his climax came, and he jerked and shuddered. It was beautiful and it felt like the heaven lighted up.

“Oh, Pierce, I hope you’ll do this to me in real life.”

* * * *

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