Get Me Pregnant


She flashed me a smile and we were being introduced. Just as Maggie had predicted her Hubbie suggested we meet at our local pub for a drink. My wife explained that we did not have a car and it was too far for her to walk in her delicate condition.

Maggie jumped in to the conversation and we were being offered a lift, there and back. I saw a flash of gratitude lighten my wife's face it had been months since we had a social evening out. And so we were to go out for a drink as a foursome that evening. Hubby explained that it would have to be a bit late, as he did not get off duty until seven thirty, so an 8:30 pick up was arranged. He asked us for our phone number. I was embarrassed to confess we were not on the phone.

"Ok I will get there its just that in this job one never knows if shift end really means going home time. But as the local cricket team is playing away, it should be a quiet day. See you at eight thirty all being well."

Maggie and husband were about ten minutes late but we were soon in the pub. As a police officer, he was obviously known by the publican and most of the locals, so room was made for us at a large nook table and we had a pleasant evening swapping life stories. The first pint went down smoothly Maggie's husband had bought the first round. I determined to buy the second, I was not going to have a fourth. So I went to get the second round.

The drinks were surprisingly cheap. I looked at the publican as he gave me more change, but he just winked. It seemed being in the company of the local police officer had its benefits. When I got back to the nook, I was aware something had happened. My wife, never a smiling person had a stony look and Maggie and her husband were a little withdrawn. I tried to get the conversation going again, but only Maggie and I conversed. My wife and her husband were sat in a strained silence. My wife downed her drink quite quickly; she was usually a slow drinker even with the squash she was drinking.

Noises were being felt, if not heard and the evening was obviously over. We got back into the car for the short ride back to our rented detached country cottage, well back from the road. I was saying my good nights and asked them in for a coffee. I was embarrassed to find that my wife had closed the front door. Maggie who was half out the car noticed and slid back in. "See you at work Monday." and they were off.

My wife never spoke to me about what had transpired between her, Maggie, and Maggie's husband while I was getting the drinks and Maggie never told me. I never met her husband again so can only assume things went very badly.

The next week was very busy. I was getting close to the deadline, Maggie was working hard swapping components, I was busy writing up the final report, and component lists.

We did not really have the opportunity to talk as other people in my area were also working overtime. This was the end of the testing process there would be no more overtime. On the next day, a Saturday my wife refused to go shopping with me and so I had to go to town on my own. And of course, Maggie was waiting at the bus stop when I got to town.

"Hi I guessed that you would be on this bus! Can you spare me an hour and still do your shopping in time to catch the bus back?"

I agreed and found myself being pulled down the back lane towards the old churchyard then across the graveyard and into the church. Maggie had not said a thing and I had not seen anyone I knew on the way. Maggie seemed to know where she was going and we went to a wall drape. Maggie pulled it aside and pushed open the old door that was concealed behind the drape. I followed her up the rickety wooden stairs, which opened, into what looked like the choir vestry. She took my hand and pulled me across the room to another door. An even older door than the first hidden door. It creaked open inwards and a spiral stone staircase with heavily worn treads was revealed . "Pull the door shut behind you." Said Maggie as she started to climb the steep stairs. I pulled the door to and heard the heavy latch fall back. The stairway was now very dark I hurried, climbing unsteadily upwards in the poor light, which got a little better with each revolution. I had not caught Maggie up; she was at least two turns ahead. The light suddenly improved, the door at the top had been opened. The gloom returned, it had shut again. I slowed a little and made the last turns, there were three, before I came to the partially opened door.

I pushed it open and heard Maggie say, "Shut it and dog it, there is a peg!

I turned and shut the door and found the peg, a simple bit of wood that prevented the outside latch from rising. This door could only be held closed from the inside! I turned in the confined space looking for Maggie.

There was another door across from the bell ropes. She had gone up the tower. I followed many turns up the worn treads. I could hear Maggie ahead and again the light improved. She had reached the top. This time the door did not close and I made better time for the last four or so turns of the old stone spiral stairs.

"Good grief Maggie have you been up here before?" I said as I gained the doorway. I was interested to look at the view from the old tower high above the oldest part of town.

"Don't shut the door." Said Maggie. I looked about for her. There was a lead covered pyramid about ten feet high in the middle of the roof space with a path about a yard wide running round it. I looked to the left, no sign of Maggie. I looked to the right and there she was, stark naked arms spread wide.

"Come get me pregnant lover. I am just about at my peak so I am most likely to conceive this weekend and into next week."

I was nervously removing my trousers. I had to stop and remove my shoes then start again. Fumbling while I feasted my eyes on Maggie's naked charms. I pulled my underpants off and was pulling my shirt over my head when I felt Maggie's hands on my body. She was pulling me back and down on to the rough stone floor.

I felt her hands guide my hard cock into her hot wet cunt. I managed to get the shirt off. Maggie had her legs wrapped round my waist and was thrusting up against me as I thrust down. I was getting very close, very quickly and suddenly my ejaculate was starting its intended journey. My climax went on and on. Maggie made a frantic movement below me, but my wilting cock slipped out.

Maggie released her lags and pushed me off her.

"Sorry lover I have to move a quickly, don't want to lose a drop."

She swiveled round and walked her legs up the lead pyramid side. She put her arms above her head, pushed, and lifted her bottom. Her lower body was now on the pyramid side. She looked at me with a wry grin.

"Not very elegant is it? This way is supposed to improve the chances. Come kneel here Love, play with my tits and get me off."

I was happy to comply and was amazed when she took my soft cock into her mouth and played her tongue round and round the end. I pulled and twisted her nipples, like I had done before and she was moaning and sucking on my cock like an industrial vacuum cleaner.

I was getting hard again. She put a hand on my wrist and pushed. I released the engorged nipple. I felt her shake her head and she pulled my wrist back down to her breast. I heard a vague, "No, harder," come from her cock filled mouth. I got the hint and resumed the tit torture. I twisted really hard, pinched, and pulled. She was pushing both wrists now. I just held her nipples, pinched between finger and thumb, Maggie did the rest in effect modulating the pain I was causing as I pulled this way and that.

The stretched nipples being extended quite a way and I was rock hard, Maggie was sucking away. I felt her change, her face was getting red, and a flush went down her neck. She was pushing hard against my wrists and obviously having a climax. I was getting very close to a second climax myself and suddenly very close. I tried to pull out of her mouth. A hand released a wrist and went behind me and stopped my withdrawal then returned and pushed my wrist even harder. I dared not pull harder so pinched and twisted as hard as I could. She was shuddering beneath this attack as I ejaculated into her mouth.

I spurted and spurted again and again. Maggie was writhing, throwing her body back and forth from side to side making her nipples extend to incredible lengths. I felt her sucking like mad at my wilting cock. Her tongue was making wild circles round my sensitive glans. She was still thrashing about but I was afraid to pull harder and began to move with her and resist her pushing wrists.

She came down slowly, her sucking eased, and the thrashing just about stopped. She was bright red almost down to her waist. I was able to pull out and I released her nipples, she pulled my hand to cup her beautiful, but now very red breasts and smiled at me.

"A good orgasm is also supposed to help the little buggers on their way!"

"That was my best ever; if that has not done the trick then I am a lesbian."

She licked my limp cock, pulled it to her mouth again, licked, and sucked the sensitive end. She pushed her tongue to the eye in the end. She pulled and pushed my foreskin and to my amazement, I was getting hard again.

Soon Maggie was pumping a raging hard cock. "My, My. Ready to go again, so soon, you are a real stud. Ok. How about you fuck me with my legs up like this?"

She released me and twisted round again, her legs folded over her head, her wet slimy cunt as high up as it could go. I moved and placed my cock at her entrance.

"No honey turn around I can play with your balls then." I turned and she spread her ass for me to thrust down into her. I felt a hand close round me and I entered her wet sloppy interior. I pushed down, but she pulled harder. I found her pushing and pulling first my cock then just my scrotum as I thrust deeper and harder into her folded body.

I heard her begin to wail and her push back, pull down, became more violent, more urgent. She was having yet another orgasm. "Come on lover slam it into me, as hard as you can, all the way out, then all the way in, hard and fast, yes, yes, that's it!" I was ejaculating again!

My cock remained hard so I kept plunging in and out in this novel position for me. Maggie encouraged me to push down harder with all my weight. "Slap my bottom; go on, harder, harder." And so as my still hard cock rammed in and out, I slapped her bottom until it was bright bright red, sporting many large handprints in a pretty overlay pattern.

Maggie was moaning and stroking my scrotum with one hand the other was at her crutch flicking her engorged clitoris, the first time I had seen one up that close and engorged. I realized I was going to cum again into this incredible woman's body and really let go. Sometimes pushing fast, other times slower, but resting my full weight on her then pulling out fast and plunging back in. She began to wail, a high-strangled scream. I thrust down and climaxed with her.

I felt what seemed like another gallon of ejaculate pump into her, but it was probably just a mil or so.

I realized my weight was still holding her in this strange folded position. So pulled out and stepped back then squatted down beside her. I helped her get her feet back onto the pyramid side.

She was hot, very hot, very flushed and had a smile a mile wide.

"I know a few women who would pay for a session like that, want me to give them your name?" She looked deadly serious.

I was horrified," Good God no, please this is all your idea to get pregnant. I have never had sex like that before it's so..." I could not find a word to describe the feelings.

I felt her hand cup my testicles again, "any more in there, want to go again?"

I looked at my watch "Good god no I have to do the shopping I have quite a large list and less than an hour before the next bus. I was grabbing clothes and frantically getting dressed. "Must get the next bus, No Maggie that's another three hours away. I cannot be that late, she would suspect. I have to go, come on get dressed."

"Its Ok Lover I will stay like this a little longer just don't shut the doors, OK? There is a trick alarm that gets set if you close them. I can still give your sperm the best chance and will hear if anyone starts to climb the steps. Go off and do your shopping."

I was soon dressed and bent to give her a kiss. As I got close, she turned her head and I ended up giving her a cheek a peck.

"Bye Lover, see you Monday, tell your wife that will be the last overtime. See you at work Monday now scoot."

I clattered down the stairs, and was careful to leave the doors unlatched. I stole off like a thief in the night.

I managed to get the shopping done and just managed to catch the bus. I was sweating like a bull and my cock seemed to have a mind of its own and became painfully erect while I was on the bus. Getting off was a trial to say the least as my wife was waiting with the pram to save the long walk down our drive with the groceries.

I carefully kept my bulge covered by the bulk of the pram and pushed off at a brisk pace.

"I am dying of thirst I will go on ahead if that's ok Love." I felt very guilty as I said this; I had not waited for an answer.

I actually had to work over time that Monday evening and it was the last of that summer. I only saw Maggie twenty one times after that, she came to work for a month and gave a weeks notice after the fifteenth day. She was pregnant. I saw her and her Hubby about a year later; we literally bumped into to each other, me, my wife and our one year old in a pusher. Maggie and husband pushing a pram with a newborn. Some vague pleasantries passed back and forth.

They moved to another town soon after and my career took an upward step and we moved to a northern city the next year. There has been no contact since then. Oh, their baby bore my Christian name; he would be about 46 now.

If you can identify the town, I have probably given far too much away already.

Please vote and I welcome all comments good and bad. I still feel guilty!

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