tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGet Noticed in 1,000 Words or Less

Get Noticed in 1,000 Words or Less


"Are you sure there aren't sharks?" I scanned the horizon, but the bright sun bounced off the swelling waves and I couldn't see a damn thing, even in my Ray-bans.

"I'm sure." Finn flashed me his irresistible grin. It was that devil-may-care attitude that got me here in the first place. I didn't swim out into the ocean with men I had just met, but I was uncharacteristically powerless against his charm.

"Ok. There ARE sharks, but not this shallow, they're out there, past the sandbar, in the deep water."

I looked where he pointed, but I only saw bright points of light dancing on waves. The brisk salt water lapped at my breasts and I felt giddy.

"The only animal you have to worry about is me." Finn grabbed me around the waist and pulled.

I couldn't stand guys like Finn. The overconfidence irritated me. But he was so goddamned good looking. When he interrupted my beach reading of Fahrenheit 451 by quoting from it, I was unable to resist.

One thing led to another, which led us into the ocean, with only a sandbar between us and the sharks. Finn knew, because he tracked them. You know, there's an app for that.

"Oh? Are you a dangerous man?" Finn's muscled chest, not to mention the bulge below his waist, managed to put some distance in my mind between the sharks and me.

"Danger is my middle name, baby," he whispered into my ear. I rolled my eyes so hard I almost strained a muscle. Was I so desperate that I just blindly followed the first pretty face into shark-infested waters?

Finn's hands roamed down to my bikini clad bottom and and squeezed. A tingle ran all the way up my spine. Yes, I was that desperate. It had been way too long since the last pretty face.

With a glance at the horizon I threw caution to the waves and draped my arms around Finn's neck. I boosted myself up and wrapped my legs around his waist. His impressive erection strained against the thin material that separated us. His board shorts. My bikini bottoms. All that stood in the way of a really good time ... or a really big mistake. What the hell. We were way out here. No one could see us. God, please let no one see us.

"Girl, you are so ..."

I pressed my mouth quickly to Finn's before he could utter something more ridiculous than his good looks could overcome. He had an amazing mouth; full sensual lips that fit mine, a quick tongue he knew how to use. I melted into him, gave in to my rising arousal, and hardly noticed when he deftly untied the back of my bikini top.

I lost myself in the passionate breathlessness of the kiss. After a few moments of his fingertips rolling and pinching my nipples as the gentle waves lapped against them, I found myself pushing his shorts down with my foot, bikini bottoms in my hand.

The hot sun beat down on my head. Any hesitation was lost in the insistent throb between my legs. I made a small space between our bodies and reached down to circle his cock with my hand. I teased it with a few slow strokes before guiding him to my pulsing, needy opening.

"Oh," I breathed. "This feels so good." I pushed the head of his cock into me, pulled it back out, pushed it in. I could taste salt on my lips. The waves lapped around my shoulders.

Finn pushed my upper body back so that I floated just under the surface. His strong hands gripped my hips, pulled me fast and hard onto his erect cock. The feeling of the water sluicing over my skin added to my arousal and my leg muscles began to tighten towards orgasm.

When I heard the distant voices raised in alarm, I opened my eyes and turned my head. That's when I saw it. A gray fin slicing the water just behind us.

"Ohmygod! Shark!" I shot up and gripped him tight as I scanned the water around us. Where did it go? All I could see was the bottoms to my bikini floating away. My top was gone, too.

Finn held onto me as he turned one way and another. "Where?"

"There!" I pointed. It was only fifty yards away. I could see people gathered on the shore, gesturing, many with binoculars pointed our way. They shouted, but I couldn't hear the words.

The fin swam closer and I gave in to panic. I climbed Finn's torso like a monkey up a tree and perched on his shoulders. Salt water stream off the tips of my breasts. Finn grabbed at my legs, grunting a muffled, "Hey, hey!"

It was right behind us! What were we supposed to do? Try to out swim it? Punch it in the nose? Where were the rescue boats? The fucking Coast Guard? I could see the lifeguard on his tower, binoculars in hand, pointing with the rest of the crowd. Coward!

The fin came close, and I screamed, expecting teeth and blood. Instead, I saw a bottle nose, a winking black eye, and a splash of water as the playful dolphin dove up and into the waves.

"A dolphin." I could hear Finn's relieved laughter, and I sat up straight on his shoulders, waving my arms at the crowd to reassure them that we were ok.

Then it hit me. They weren't alarmed, they were delighted at the appearance of the dolphin. I looked around. The dolphin was gone, but the crowd still gathered, pointing. They were getting an eyeful ... of the wet naked woman astride some dude's shoulders, waving her hands like a damn fool.

I dropped my arms and wondered how long it would be before I went viral. From the number of phones I could see raised in the gawkers' hands, it wouldn't take long. Dammit.


Authors Note: I hope you've enjoyed my entry into the Summer Lovin story contest 2015. I've been experimenting with writing flash fiction, as I really enjoy the challenge of creating conflict within the confines of a very short story. As always, I truly appreciate your votes and comments.

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