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Wassup, wassup. Hey, this shit is supposed to make you laugh, so don't get pissed, alright? You want some story about a white house wife dropping to her knees in front of some 2,3 meter tall, bald headed, Mr. Olympia type of black dude and worshipping some 12" black cock, I suggest you don't read any further. Try Jordon Lynn's "Faith Debased" or something. You want a cuckolding story, try KarenKay or something. I dont write that type of shit, I write other shit, Aight!!!

This story is like, you gotta lighten up and take it with humor. I mean, it'll make you jerk or frig off, if that's all you're after, don't worry. Pappa got this shit on lockdown, right?

Enjoy, and please send me your comments.

Dedicated to wifey:


Chapter 1

It was their last evening together. What better way to spend it, than in the living room, sitting close together, yet a million miles apart? Thank God for expensive, imported wine, coz that held back the tears, and eased the mood. And thank the Lord for wide screen TV and Oprah, coz that at least drove away the uncomfortable silence.

Beth did not really care much for Oprah, Elroy even less. Beth was in the habit of watching Oprah because everybody else she knew did so, and they talked about it at work. He was only sitting with her because they had agreed to spend their last evening together, in their home, which they had once purchased with pride, joy and optimism for a happy, mutual future.

This evening's show was rather outrageous and entertaining. The main guest was some woman in her early forties. She had guts, thought Beth. She was basically coming on one of most popular TV shows in the nation and announcing that she had had sexual intercourse with more than 1000 men. To make it even more scandalous, she was saying she had tried out every race on God's green Earth. Then they got to the main reason why she was on Oprah. Oprah's question was, were black men bigger than white.

The guest said, yes, they were. In her experience, out of 100 black men, at least 50 were well hung, and out of 100 white men, it was about 20. And sex with black men was wilder, and more intense, she said.

"So, that is the reason why Anne and Jack live their sick life, huh?" Elroy said dryly.

Beth giggled drunkenly.

Anne was a friend of theirs. A few years back, Anne had left her husband, Jack, and their two children for a young black man. It'd only lasted 18 months, after which the black man dumped her, leaving her with a mixed race child. Anne had returned to her family. Since then, she had given birth to two more children, both of them mixed race. And to everyone's surprise, Jack, her husband, had not put her out on the street, despite such blatant evidence of habitual, unremitting infidelity.

Once, Beth had cornered Anne at a party, and asked her point blank what was going on. Anne was drunk and her tongue was pretty loose. With no shame, but rather lots of pride, she said her husband could not satisfy her in bed as the "hung black studs" did. And Jack loved to watch them take her. And he did not mind raising their offspring.

"But that's!!!" the words failed Beth. "That's unnatural!" Beth finally exclaimed.

"No it aint. Deep down inside, every white woman is a slut for black cock, and every white man wants to submit to a dominant black man. Lemme tell you something girl..."

Anne was getting all excited, giving her sordid, shocking details, like that her husband liked to eat the black guys' cumm out of her pussy, and would even suck their cocks. Beth was disgusted and sick to her stomach and very nervous. And when Anne started suggesting that she could arrange for her and Elroy to "broaden their horizons" and try out black cock, Beth ran away like a bat outta of hell.

When she told Elroy of her conversation with Anne, he was rather upset and said people like Jack were a disgrace to the whole white race. In the end, he blamed it on Jack's German and Cajun parentage. What could one expect from such a cocktail.

"But darling, don't you ever fantasize of watching me take on one hung, black stud, or two. And maybe cleaning them up afterwards?" Beth had teased her husband, smiling coquettishly, and stroking her thigh seductively.

Elroy said emphatically, "Listen Beth, before you start getting funny ideas, I will purchase a semi-automatic rifle and shoot somebody before I will watch you fuck some ***** and then clean them up. Jesus f**** Christ! I will never shake that Cajun's hand again!"

Beth started giggling, as she remembered their conversation. That was four years ago, when things were very different between the two of them.

Elroy's voice ripped her out of her reverie. "What was that? Sorry I didn't get it," she said.

Elroy was commenting on Oprah's guest.

"Is that slut trying to say that the office cleaner or the garbage man packs a longer, bigger hose than most of us. Stupid, shameless, lying slut. Did she measure all the 1000 men she slept with?" he sneered. "Why is fucking Oprah putting this shit on her show anyway? She wants all women to run out and try some black cock or what?"

"Come on, this rumor was around way before Oprah," Beth replied. "And you are not tiny," she told him with a smile, but in her mind she continued. "Though I haven't been seeing much of you in the last two years."

"So, Beth, have you never, ever been curious about black men?"

"No, I mean, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock are well, sexy. But, like, what's that rapper, 50 Cent!!! If I was to meet that black man face to face, whether it was in a dark garage or on in office, I would run for it," she giggled.

"Well, now that the rumor of huge black cocks has Oprah's stamp of approval, are you going to check it out?" Elroy said, smiling his cheeky, naughty smile that had become rare in the last several years. "Huh!"

"No!" she exclaimed. "Should I go to some black dude and say," She put on a fake cowgirl accent. "Hi, excuse me Mistah! I heard it on Oprah that you guys are hung like horses. Can I please try out your large black cock!" she laughed.

"Most black guys would probably fuck you on the spot, the way they all WANT WHITE WOMEN! They'd shove a black cock in you before you could count to three!" He laughed.

"Are you calling me a n**** whore! Huh! Cowboy!" Giggling, Beth put her wine glass down, and pinched and tickled him in the sides playfully. Elroy was very ticklish, and he tried to fight her off, laughing. "Huh! Am I n**** slut! Huh!" she kept tickling him, until he was guffawing loudly. The two of them played and laughed like two happy, lil children.

Suddenly, she chocked on her laughter. Her smile froze, and a wave of gloom engulfed her. "Oh my god, Elroy, what happened? Where did it all go wrong?" Beth asked with pathos.

He shrugged, and started to say something. Beth put a finger to his lips. She cupped his face in both hands, and kissed him. He came into her arms, and they kissed, with an intense passion that revived memories of their first kiss, 10 years earlier.

Beth had always been a passive partner, who never took the lead. However, on this, their last evening together, she didn't care. After eight years of marriage, she had definitely earned herself a good fuck. She had them both naked in seconds.

She trailed her tongue down his chest until she got to his thick, excited cock. After a short blowjob, she pushed him back on the couch and climbed astride him. She hastily brought his man meat to her wet, sticky pussy and impaled herself on it. In a rush to cumm, she rode his cock vigorously. Soon, her eyes were frenzied, her upper lip curled in a snarl, and her mouth was gaping, her breath coming in loud gasps, as she galloped away on Elroy's cock.

She wasn't having sex with him, she was using his cock to satisfy a wanton craving, and relieve the pent up sexual frustration that had been gathering in her for the last two years in which they had hardly made love. On this, their last night, Beth was going to settle for nothing less than at least one shattering orgasm. She was determined to fuck his dick and cumm exploding all over him.

Hips rising automatically to meet hers, Elroy felt almost like a bystander, watching her fuck herself on his dick. He could not remember her ever being this sexually aggressive or horny. Her face was a mask of carnal lust and arousal. Yet there was anguish and anger! He gasped as she sank her manicured talons into his chest, making him grimace. Even the way her hips were pumping vigorously, slapping loudly into him, seemed to contain some animosity.

Her orgasm came suddenly, ripping through her body, making her scream and convulse as if she was in pain. Her wet, hot cunt clutched and clasped his cock and her fingers dug deeper into the flesh of his shoulders as she held on to him, like a tenacious rodeo rider. Their hips bucked harder and faster and she kept cumming, her pleasure gaining in intensity until it was excruciating, threatening to overwhelm her.

But, groaning through a constricted throat, and gritting her teeth, Beth kept fucking him until she finally knocked herself out on his cock!

Then she collapsed weakly on top of him. His hard, erect cock buried deep inside the folds of her vagina, he stroked the back of his heaving, panting, soon to be ex wife. Once she had recovered her breath, Beth rolled onto her back and pulled Elroy on top.

"Fuck me hard! Give it to me!" she snarled, her eyes blazing at him. "Make up for all those nights where you didn't take care of business, you fucking bastard!" she spat.

Searing anger blazed in him. He was fed up with her silent accusations and disappointment, as if it was entirely his fault that they had grown apart. For once in the ten years they had been together, Elroy felt a violent desire to fuck the shit out of her. His face became a mask of fury, and his eyes smoldered like coals. He bit his lower lip and lunged into her cunt, jamming his cock deep into her. He fucked her hard, and she fucked him back even harder. Elroy grabbed her legs, hooked her feet over his shoulders, and laid into her. Beth cried out sharply on every thrust and kept throwing her pussy at him. She sank her fingers into his ass cheeks and pulled him into her, telling him to give it to her. Their passion went soaring to dizzy, new heights. The couch jarred and bounced under them, scratching the nice, beautiful wooden tiles.

At this incredible pace, he could not last. Elroy felt his orgasm approaching rapidly. Part of him wanted to jam his cock deep into her, and spray her insides full of his cumm, his seed. But Elroy had always been a very controlled, rational being. He yanked his cock out of her, and jumped to his feet. Beth felt some regret, looking at creamy cumm gathering in his pee slit. If only...

"Whew! I almost got carried away there. I think we still have a couple of condoms somewhere. Lemme go have a look," he gasped, wiping his brow, his brain already thinking in a calm, rational manner.

Beth snorted. She definitely would not wait for him to go rummaging around in the closets. She wanted her bitter-sweet souvenir right now, a mouthful of creamy, salty cumm. She laid a possessive hand onto his cock.

"No! Please allow me."

Not waiting for a response, her head dropped to his groin. She stroked his cock as she brought it to her lips. The musky taste of dick, mixed with the tanginess of her pussy juices was an appetizing cocktail that made her mouth water. She licked the shiny head, getting it all wet and slick, then she eased her lips over him. Pretty mouth gaping around his cock, she glanced up at him. His eyes were narrowed down to slits, gazing intently at her. His face was a mask of pure lust. Elroy held her gaze for a second, and then he averted his eyes. He had always been shy, ashamed of admitting to carnal lust.

She lowered her eyes back to his cock, and pleasured it with her hands and mouth. She sucked it in, as she power stroked it with her hand. Her wet, hot mouth rode up and down his stem, his animal gasps and groans fuelling her lust, inspiring her to work more oral magic on his man meat. She was drooling so much now that her saliva was dripping down his stem and all over her hand. She grabbed onto his hips, and started pumping them back and forth, working more and more of his erection into her hungry mouth.

Suddenly, she heard him gasp sharply. His hands slapped into her head, and he grabbed her firmly, his fingers sinking into her scalp, as his body tensed. Beth yanked his hips to her, and deep throated him with ease, pressing her nose into his pubes.

She heard him roar like an animal. His cock kicked, then his cumm came gushing into her throat. After the first two spurts, she eased back and took the rest of his cumm in her mouth. Beth groaned and held onto to his jerking hips, drinking him down, until his spasms subsided.

They had slept in separate bedrooms for the past two years. However, on this night, neither wanted to be alone. They cuddled next to each other.

Chapter 2

The next day, Elroy drove her to the Airport. The atmosphere was heavy, like a funeral. They stood next to each other, shuffling on their feet, avoiding each other's eyes. All attempts at small talk failed. Elroy had never been talkative anyway. They were both longing for the final boarding call to release them from this uncomfortable, painful silence.

Beth hated country music. But the songs with which her mother had tortured her throughout her childhood were burned permanently into her brain. Her mind was like a juke box, and she could call them up at will. Well, a morose, melancholic country song would definitely fit the mood between her Elroy right now.

In her mind, she heard the audience clapping. Don Williams thanked them in his deep baritone. Then silenced, a few coughs and shuffles. And then, the opening guitar riff...


Atta way to go, you finally broke it off, Atta way to go we can't even talk, or cry, Or even wonder why, that a way to go

I thought you knew I lived my life just for you, There was just no price too big to pay, And even though I know I still live for you, The feeling's that you show won't let me stay,


Accompanied by the Country and Western soundtrack, Beth looked casually around the crowded departure lounge. A young couple caught her attention. He was about 23, good looking, in smart office attire. She was a lil younger, pretty and chic. They were hugging and kissing; deeply and happily in love. You could just see it, in the way they looked at each other; the rest of the world did not seem to exist for them. The future belonged to them. Theirs was the greatest love song ever written.

"Been there, done that!" Beth thought, with a lil pessimism, laced with bitterness and anger. Who could blame her. After a 10 year relationship, and 8 years of marriage, she and Elroy couldn't even find enough words to fill up the last 5 minutes of their mutual life.

Atta way to go.

Beth felt tears well up in her eyes, but she blinked them away. She had cried enough.

The divorce had been smooth and uncomplicated. Elroy, ever rational, unemotional and logical, said it was no one's fault. They had grown in different directions. He warned her several times that she was making a big mistake, to leave it all behind, throw away everything she had been building up for the last 10 years. He would help her find another flat or house, whatever she wanted. But she couldn't seriously just quit her job, move to a city where she knew nobody, and study something with which she could hardly make money.

Beth had given up trying to explain herself to him. Maybe he just could not understand her. Or maybe he was right. But she just wanted out. Out of this damn car city. Far, far away from him, the love of her life, who had stopped loving her. She had stopped loving him too, but somehow that did not seem as grievous.

She gazed into his face. He had put on quite a few kilos, his busy schedule left little time for sport. However, he was still handsome. For a few seconds, Beth regretted that they had not had children. At least a child, that bore his and her features, that carried both their genes, as testimony, to the greatest love of all time, that had died a quite, unobtrusive death.

Sure, they could have afforded kids. But she had never seriously thought about them, and he neither.

Well, now she was a thirty year old, childless divorcee. Well, that gave her 15 more years. Maybe she would meet the right guy. Maybe not. But anyway, she told herself, there were so many children in this world, it would not make a difference if she had one or not.

The boarding call came, finally. Beth reached into the back of her mind and switched off Don Williams.

It was as if they suddenly both realized that their last seconds together had just commenced. Beth and Elroy hugged each other desperately. As she looked into his eyes, they were shiny. She hid her face in his jacket, and her body was wrecked by heavy sobs. Tears streamed down her cheeks and mingled with her face powder, wetting and staining his suit jacket.

Just before walking through the gate, she turned, took one last look, and waved.

"Fare thee well, my Knight in shining Armor", she thought, and disappeared.

Elroy watched her disappear. He shoved his hands into his pockets, shuffled and bounced on his feet a couple of times, forcing back the tears. Then he turned on his heel and walked away.

That was it then.

Chapter 3

It was around eight in the evening as Robi (25) burst into the room of Dan, (22) his flat mate, in the two bedroom flat they shared. Dan, an average looking, blonde athlete, was sitting in front of his computer. A picture of a young, blonde chick gagging on a huge black cock filled the screen.

"Hey, Dan. Where's the weed at?" Robi asked in a jovial voice, slapping the white guy's shoulder.

"There," Dan replied, pushing an almost empty bag of weed to the African. Dan's blue eyes were glued to the screen, and almost bursting out of their sockets.

"Damn!" Robi laughed. "You wanking or what? Should I come back later?"

"No man. I'm just checking out the review of this DVD, "White wives, black cock Vol 4."

"Oh yeah!" Robi giggled, "And what's it say?"

Robi grabbed the mouse and moved around the page. Then he read aloud,

(the following is quoted, with no alteration from myself whatsoever)

Hot N**** COCKS! "Toby says Yep! The BIGGEST FATTEST LONGEST NigNog dicks on the planet. Yum! Yum! These Kunta Kintes tear the holes in these girls to kingdom come. Better job than cotton picking or shoe shining, eh? These lucky whores get pounded time after time by the horse hung humanoid apes. One tree swinger even plants his hosepipe balls deep in an ass, he plunges so deep that the young pussy has to shriek a little. If you like your golliwogs in your wife's or daughter's cunts and asses instead of in jail waiting for parole Rating: 5 out of 5 stars"

Robi laughed and started rolling a joint.

"You aint pissed?" Dan asked warily.

"Why should I? That's an envious, black cock worshipping cracker right there. Needs to tell himself that everything about blacks is shit, except for our cocks!" Robi chuckled. "But say Dan, when you white guys watch them videos of blacks fucking white chicks, is it the sex or is it the black dicks you are after?"

"Come on. Its just fascinating what huge, black cocks some of these guys have. Like that guy, fucking Mandingo, I mean, he sure packs a huge, long hose, dude!"

"So, if he were here, would you go down on him and worship his black cock with your mouth? Would you suck that big black cock, white boy!" Robi laughed, lighting up the joint. "Man, instead of going out there and finding yourself a girl, you'd rather just sit there watching Mandingo fucking white chicks?" He laughed and passed him the joint.

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