tagGay MaleGettin' To Know Each Other Again

Gettin' To Know Each Other Again


This is a true story, I've changed the names of myself and my "friend"

This all started about 13 years ago when Jason and I had a one night cock sucking contest. After that, we never saw each other again. His parents divorced shortly afterwards. Both his parents left our town and he went and lived with his mother. About 5 years ago though, his mother moved back to town. Then once in awhile, Jason and I would see each other, but nothing would ever happen. I never was with another guy again after that night when we were kids, it was something I decided I didn't like, and we never talked about it again. Until one night.....

Jason was in town visiting his mother, and I ran into him down at the local supermarket. We just walked around gettin' caught up on what we'd been up to. You know, braggin' about each other's football teams, all the different women we'd been "bangin'", your typical macho thing. Well to make a long story short, we decided that since it was a Friday night, and neither of us had nothing to do, we'd meet up downtown at the bar and get wasted. So I'll fastforward to the bar.....

I walk into a boring scene of a place. Jason is already downing his first so he's like, "Teddy, Blue right?" I happily agree and we sit there and just BS about all kinds of topics. In the meantime, neither of us are watching the time, and after a mountain of beer, and a ton of shots, we both realise that it's closing time. Problem is Jason, like myself, is way too drunk to drive. Fortunately, my apartment is only about a 5 minute walk from the bar. Well we exit and start walking over to my place. This is where my life changed for the better.

We walk in, (more like stumble really), and I offer Jason another Blue. So we sit on the couch and decided that we're bored and we're going to watch a movie. I start lookin' through my collection and realise that I don't have much of anything for 2 drunk guys to watch at 2:30 in the morning, so I make a joke, "Wanna check out some porn?" Jason replies, "Well Teddy, if that's all that you got to watch you pervert!" We laugh and I put in1of these white guys just banging all these fine black women. after awhile of watching that it's time for bed, since both of us are just too wasted to stay up. Or so we thought....

I make a joke to Jason on how I hate watchin' porn 'cause it always make me so horny, and I'll probably have to smack it out at least 5 times tonight just to fall asleep. He agrees with a chuckle. So I lay down in bed with nothing on but my boxers, and this burning sensation in my balls. So, of course, my hand wanders.

About this time, Jason calls out to me, (you need to understand that I live in a studio apartment), "Hey Teddy, can I ask you something man?" "Sure dude, what's up?" "Do you remember when we were teenagers, and I spent the night at your house the one night?"

At this point my face must've been white with fear.

"Well yeah dude." "Do you remember what happend that night?"

At this point I realised, I never forgot. I was never with another guy, because deepdown, I wanted, no, I needed to be with Jason again. Not only be with him, but let him do things to me that I had done to so many women, and vice versa. "Jason, I never forgot!" There was a couple seconds of silence then, "Teddy, do you want to again?" That's when I told Jason to come stand at the edge of my bed.

As he walked over I found myself removing my boxers. He stood at the edge of my bed and I sat up. I looked up at him and smiled nervously. I then grabbed his hips and slowly pulled down his boxers to reveal a 7" man piece that I needed in my mouth! I slowly opened my mouth and let his tip slide in. I sucked lovingly on him then licked him up and down his shaft. I caressed his balls. As I wrapped my other hand up and down his shaft, something dawned on me.

"Jason, have you ever masterbated with fingers in your ass?"

He looked down at me and quietly replied no. When I asked him if I could, he said okay, but to be gentle. I had done this to a few girls before entering them anally, so I kinda knew how to approach the situation. I stroked Jason as I sucked hurriedly on my middle finger. Then I let him enter my mouth, and my juiced up finger ran a ring around his backdoor. He let out this groan as my finger gently and slowly entered him. I let it sit there for a moment until it was clear he was comfortable. I deepthroated him as I moved my finger in and out of him. As I began tasting precum, I sucked wildly on his tip, stroked his shaft, and even managed to work 2 fingers into his manhole. He grabbed the back of my head, screamed out,

"Oh shit Ted!"

, and came what felt like 10 gallons of love down my throat. For some reason, it wasn't difficult at all for me to swallow it all!

Jason slowly recovered and layed down next to me. I looked over at him and said,

"Don't you be falling asleep, it's my turn!"

With that said, he giggled, and sat up. I stood up and he looked up at me. Jason grabbed hold of my hips and then proceeded to make out with my cockhead. Maybe it was the beer, (like they say on the commercial, anything can happen outta the blue!), but whatever it was, I was in heaven. As he sucked on my lovestick, I urged him to fingerfuck me. He then began to finger me, like I did him. I was lost! After about 5 minutes of him doing this to me, I had worked up enough courage and told him to stop. He looked up at me strangely, and all I could do was tell him to lay down on his back.

I took him in my mouth again, and sucked like a champ! I quickly moved him in and out of my mouth as my tongue tickled his tip. I didn't take long to get him fully erect. At this point I looked up at him and grinned devilishly. I slowly climbed on top of him and he just says,

"Oh wow!"

I grabbed ahold of his member and slowly slide it into me. The pain was a killer, but I just sat there on it. After a few moments, the pain subsided and I began sliding on top of him slowly. Jason's eyes were closed as he was just as lost as I was. Oh god was this amazing! Then I had another drunkin' idea,

"Jay, you ever have phone sex??!??"

I hopped off of him and quickly ran over to my computer. I turned everything on and hurriedly jumped into a gay chat room.As I'm advertising, Any older men wanna hear 2 younger guys on the phone? Message me, you call me!", Jason has moved up behind me and starts entering me. I was completely lost again. Here I am, trying to type, and getting screwed like a little girl. Finally found what I felt was a worthy man in his late 50's, and I tell him to give us a minute. I grabbed my headset, hooked it up to the phone, moved back over to the bed, bent over, and Jason knew just what to do. As he entered me again, this feeling of being completely filled just came over me. He was slowly sliding in and out of me now, and I couldn't help but buck my hips back onto him. I was moaning so softly enjoying every bit of this passion when, the phone rings!

I answer and hear,

"Hello, are you 2 already busy?"

"Oh god yes we are!"

I was wearing the headset and Jason was now moving quicker. As he rammed in and out of me the man on the phone was telling me how if he was here, he'd be in my mouth, and how he was stroking himself listening to my hot moans. Jason told me he was going to cum and I told him to stop before he did. He stopped but asked why. When I layed down on my back and handed him the headset, he smiled and knew why, he entered me again, and began telling the dirty old man on the phone what he was doing to me, that I wanted to watch him cum. Jason was ramming me now like a piston! He screamed yes and I watched him cum again, this time filling my ass with his love. It took everything I had not to lose it myself!

I looked up at him and told him again,

"My turn!"

He nervously agreed, and then told the phone guy that it was his turn. I had Jason bend over in front of me and he whispered,

"Teddy be gentle."

I decided I probably need to lube him up more, so I began lickin' his sweaty ass, and spitting all over and in his hole. When I was convinced he was slick enough, I gently pushed my head into him, then stopped, as he relaxed, and moaned, I pushed more into him until our balls were touching. When he relaxed I moved in and out of him. His tightness almost drove me over the edge. I grabbed his still throbbing hard shaft and stroked him. He moaned with delight and told me and the man on the phone, how much he loved this, and was going to cum again. With that I had to stop. When I pulled out, Jason layed down, and I told him I had a better idea. He handed me the headset and I said,

"It's me again, and I'm going to cum!"

The man on the phone told me he was about to for the 3rd time. I told Jason to stand up, and with that I layed down on my back. He gentle smiled at me and said,

"Well Teddy, what do you want me to do?"

"Put it in my again Jason, and stroke me will you do it!"

With that Jason entered me and moved in and out of me again gently. He then wrapped his hand around me, and stroked me quickly.

"Oh shit Jay, I'm going to cum so hard!!"

"Dammit Teddy, so am I!"

After hearing that, I couldn't help it. My ass tried in vain to clamp shut, but all it did was hug his cock tighter! My juices flew everywhere! I screamed as I had the most intense orgasm of my life! Jason groaned loudly as he filled me again, and some man on the phone was moaning in my ear as he completed his fantasy! I said good night to the man on the phone, and smiled tiredly. Jason and I both decided that that was without a doubt, the best night of our lives!

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