tagIncest/TabooGettin' Your Kicks On Route 66 Ch. 01

Gettin' Your Kicks On Route 66 Ch. 01


This story has been almost two years in the making and it's fair to say it has been a labour of love! Be warned from the outset though that it's a very long story, so much so that I am posting it in two parts. The story is entirely fictional although the places and locations do exist. ALL CHARACTERS ARE OVER 18. I hope you enjoy my latest work.



Through the wall that separated my bedroom from my son's, I could hear the unmistakable sounds of a horny teenager beating his meat. The slapping of skin as he smacked his fist along the length of his hard cock, the hushed groans as he neared his self induced orgasm and the slight creaking of his bed as he moved around.

On my side of the divide, I stood with my ear pressed up against the wall, listening intently. My hand had snaked down my busty body and between my legs. My hungry pussy was wet and hot, my fingers delving deep into my snatch. It had been so long since I had felt a nice hard cock up me. My pussy was gagging for a good fucking.

I could feel an orgasm building once more inside my cunt. I rammed my fingers furiously up myself, listening to the sounds coming from behind the wall. Oh how I would love to just rip my thin little nightdress down and run right into his room. Mommy would know exactly how to take care of her big boy's cock. He would not need to jack off every night then, he would be too busy pounding it right up his horny mother's cunt!

Oh yes sure, he was my son, but he was also a man now, a man that could use his big dick to give me what I needed. Oh yes, mommy would ride his cock, I would ride that big fucker all night long just to satisfy my hungry sexual appetite.

I was close now, close to another big orgasm. I squashed my hand against my pussy and wriggled my fingers around inside me. I held my breath and desperately tried not to scream out. I was gonna cum hard, my pussy ready to erupt, thinking about my son lying in his bed, beating that big, stiff cock.

"Just let mommy have it baby," I thought to myself..."Just fuck me son!"

My pussy gushed with my juices and I quickly pulled my sopping wet fingers out of my hole. A squirt fired from my cunt and landed on the carpet beneath me. My legs suddenly felt heavy and I leaned against the wall for support. I raised my hand and covered my mouth, muffling the cries of orgasmic pleasure.

Several moments passed as I regained myself. I tried to control my heaving breathing as I pressed my ear tightly against the wall. It was silent now and I could only assume that while I had been fingering myself, my son had blasted his hot load and settled down to sleep.

With a pang of regret at having not heard 'the main event,' I threw myself onto my bed and stared up at the ceiling. It was a warm night, but not as warm as the night before when I had removed my clothes and climbed butt naked into bed. Tonight it was cooler, but between my legs a fire burned.

Wild thoughts ran through my mind..images of my son laying there, his thick young cum streaked across his abs, his big dick starting to deflate after giving it a good pumping.

I thought about the week that lay ahead and I could not help but smile. I had been thinking about this coming week for months, ever since we first accepted the invite to my friend's wedding in Los Angeles. A whole week on the road, just me and my hunky teenage son...this was going to be a road trip to remember...and I was going to make sure that it was!!


We have all heard the stories about Route 66. It is woven into the fabric of America and a lost monument to a by-gone age. From its intrepid first travellers who sought a new start in the west, to those romantics and sentimentalists who attempt to trace its path today, ribbons of tarmac stretching from the shores of Lake Michagan to the rolling waves of the Pacific. A symbol of our great nations achievements and possibilities in the most troubled of times, carrying with it a soundtrack that will live forever.

I had always wanted to go on the ultimate American road trip. Route 66 had been a strange fascination of mine ever since I read 'The Grapes of Wrath' when I was in college. At the age of almost 40, I was starting to wonder if I would ever get the chance to journey down the old 'Mother Road,' that was until one day a few months ago when one of my old school friends called me up and invited me and my son to her wedding.

Clarisa Jones had been one of my closest friends right through High school and into college. She had moved to California with her parents when we were both 19. I had not seen much of her over the years, living so far away, but we had spoken a lot on the phone and through the internet. I had agreed right away to be at the wedding but it was actually my son Brandon who came up with the idea of going by road instead of the much quicker way of flying.

I have lived with my now 18 year old son, Brandon, by myself, ever since his dad left me when Brandon was just a year old. We were never married but it still left me to bring up my son alone. Sure I had had boyfriends over the years, some even got pretty serious, but in the end they never worked out and before long it was just me and my son again.

This business of getting turned on by listening to him masturbate, had started about a year before. At first it was just curiosity when I heard some strange noises coming from his room late at night. However, as time passed, I started to make of point of listening to him and before I knew what was happening, I was getting turned on.

Brandon has grown up into a very good looking boy. He works out and is captain of his school football team. His hair is dark and wavy, his eyes penetrating and deep. He reminds me so much of his dad when I first met him all those years ago. He is rather cocky and sometimes arrogant, but that only makes him more attractive to me, I like a guy with spirit!

Now of course I know it's wrong for a mother to be sexually attracted to her own son, but the more I listened to him beating his stick off, the more I thought about fucking him.

Without a man in my life, my son had replaced a boyfriend as the sexual object of my desires. So many nights lately I have stood by that bedroom wall, listening to the unmistakable sounds and finger-fucking my wet pussy. In my wild, sex starved, imagination, I think about Brandon climbing on top of me and pumping his big young cock deep inside me..fucking me so good and hard. I think about that night I came home late and slightly drunk and stumbled into the bathroom, not realizing that he was in the shower.

It had only lasted a moment before he noticed me and covered himself up, but for a few seconds I got to see just how 'big' my boy had gotten. His cock was only semi-hard but it hung long between his legs. About 6 inches of fat cock meat that instantly made my pussy get wet.

I had made my apologies and left the bathroom, but seeing that big dick and knowing that he obviously got much bigger when fully hard, had really confirmed something that I had known for a while...I wanted to have sex with my son.

Now for my age, I guess I am what you would describe as a MILF!. I have a good figure and am curvy without being fat. I have big 38 double d breasts and a nice bubble butt..think of the porn star Sara Jay and you will have some idea of what I look like!

Brandon had never been shy in telling me how sexy I was, often complementing me on my dress or my hair or telling me how good my ass looked in my new figure hugging jeans. I guess it was another factor in my sexual attraction to him. Knowing that he thought I was hot and imagining him thinking about me while fisting his dick, just got me even wetter for him.

"You know Mom..How about we don't take a flight to L.A?" He had said when I told him about Clarisa's wedding.

"What do you mean?" I had replied.

"Well how about we take a different route to California..You have always wanted to go down Route 66, or at least what's left of it...how about we drive to L.A?" He asked.

"You mean it...really?" I had said enthusiastically. "You don't think it's too far..I mean that's one long drive baby!"

"Well we can spilt the driving between us, I got my licence now, so you drive some and then I drive some..it will be ok!" He replied.

I had needed no more persuasion. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tight, squashing my big rack against his chest. From our home in Willow Springs in suburban Chicago, it is about two and a half thousand miles to Los Angeles...

"But what about hotels..It's gonna cost a lot of money to stay in hotels every night on the road?" I said, thinking more practically now as I moved my head from against his shoulder and looked him in the eyes, our faces just inches apart but our arms still locked in a tight hug.

"Well...we don't have to stay in expensive hotels in the city's..There must be hundreds of cheap little motels down Route 66, you know those old mom and pop type places in the small towns...and we don't need two rooms, we can share one, right?" He replied confidently.

As soon as he said it, I felt a funny little tingle deep within me. The thought of sharing a room with my handsome son and maybe, just maybe, catching sight of a nice big morning hard-on while he slept, made my pussy cream!!

"Are you sure...you wouldn't mind sharing with your mom?" I said.

"No of course not," He replied with a slight chuckle, "Might even be able to share a bed!"

He said it with a naughty little wink and a smirk on his face, then he broke the hug and pulled away from me, I felt his hand momentarily slide down my back and come to rest on my butt before he backed away, winked at me again and headed out of the room.

I stood for a few moments gathering my thoughts. Brandon had always been quite flirty and often came out with little comments like that but now it took on a whole new meaning for me.. was he serious about wanting to share a bed, or was I just reading too much into his innuendo comment. Maybe I was just horny and listening to him whacking off his cock all the time had distorted my perspective on things?


As the time got closer we began to plan for our road trip. I went to a book store and got a really good map of Route 66. The problem today of course is that the old road does not exist in the same way it used to. Today it is broken up with interstate highways that run right next to the famous tarmac or indeed just right over the top of where it once was. Our Satellite Navigation system would be important but if we wanted to travel the historic 66 highways, then we needed a good road map too.

We decided that rather than trying to book our places to stay ahead of time, we would just drive and pull into some small town, when we had had enough of the driving for one day and try to find a place to stay. Brandon said it would be better this way as we would not have to get to a certain town each night but just pull over when we got tired. So, that's what we agreed to do.

About a week before we set off, I went to this beautiful store in Chicago to buy my dress for the wedding. I was wandering around the store when I strayed into the women's underwear section. I thought about the nights I was going to be spending in those hotel rooms with my son and a plan formulated in my mind. I was already thinking some naughty thoughts about what we might get up to on this trip, when I spotted the most beautiful nightdress I had ever seen. It was almost transparent but in a beautiful white lace. It was fairly short and would reach just above my knees. It had a fine and delicate patchwork of white and red around the edges. The straps hung from the shoulder's and gave way to a plunging neckline, that I knew would just about be able to hold my big tits within it but would certainly create an eye-popping sight.

I imagined Brandon's face as I climbed into bed and he saw me wearing this. It was the kind of nightwear that a wife would put on for her husband to see her in, or a bride to wear on her honeymoon night.

"God I would look really hot in that!" I said under my breath, looking around to make sure that nobody had overheard me.

Thinking naughty thoughts about my son again and smiling to myself, I took the sexy little number off the hook and placed it in my basket.

I found a nice blue dress to wear to the wedding and then headed for the checkouts. The girl behind the counter gave me a knowing little smile when she took the nightdress out of the basket and placed it into the bag.

I thought to myself, "If only you knew who was gonna get to see me wearing that thing!!"


As I lay in bed, the night before the trip began, having finger-fucked myself to another wet and sticky orgasm and with my new sexy lingerie packed in my suitcase, I considered what lay ahead. I did not know what, if anything, was going to happen. I knew I wanted to fuck Brandon but did he really wanna 'do me'...despite all his bravado and sexual innuendo, I was still his mom..and could he fuck his own mother?..even if I was wearing that fucking hot little nightie??..I thought too about us sharing not just a room but a bed as well, as Brandon had suggested, would I be able to control my unnatural urges, sleeping right next to that good looking boy, or would I just jump on him and to hell with the consequences?

I fell into a restless sleep that night, my mind whirling with so many naughty thoughts and hopes about the week ahead. I was going to do all I could to seduce my son and get what I wanted, that much I had decided...this mother was going all out to 'Get her kicks on Route 66!!!

Day One -- Willow Springs, Illinois to Rolla, Missouri

We set off early next morning, wanting to make good progress on our first day.

"Ok, you drive first then I will take over later," I said as I climbed into the passenger seat of our Toyota Hilux.

"Yeah alright, I'm a better driver anyway," Brandon replied as he got behind the wheel.

"This is gonna be so much fun," I said with a big smile, "I have been waiting years to do this."

It wasn't just the excitement of finally getting to drive Route 66, but the anticipation of the nights to come in the hotels!!

Our GPS tracker, lead us out of Willow Springs and through the sweet little town of Joliet, before taking us on to the I-55 and south towards Bloomington.

Brandon and I chatted as we drove along, talking about all sorts of things, until the subject turned to boyfriends.

"What about that last idiot you got with, what was his name, Tommy?..What a dickhead he was!" Brandon said disdainfully.

"Yeah I know he was, he had cute eyes though." I replied.

"Cute eyes, give me a break...That guy looked like Pee Wee Herman on a bad day..I don't know why you wasted your time with that deuce?"

"Well, he was kinda sweet...he took me to some nice restaurants and do you remember he always showed up at the house with some flowers?" I reminded my son.

"Yeah right, flowers!!..That'll keep you warm at night!" Brandon replied sarcastically.

"Yeah...well...He didn't do that very well I must admit!"

"That's right he didn't..I am sure that guy was in denial..He had 'I'm Gay' written all over him!" Brandon said.

I laughed out loud and turned my face to look at my son, then replied.

"What makes you think he was gay?"

"Oh please come on mom..If that guy was any further back in the closet he would be in fucking Narnia!" Brandon argued.

I now laughed hysterically, thinking back to my ex partner and those rather damp squib nights I had spent in bed with him. He had not been so bad but was certainly not the best either. He worked as a sales consultant to some big muti-national company and his work really was his life, which is one of the reason we spilt, almost a year ago now...wow had it really been that long ago? How time flew by so quickly.

"And what about that other guy..George?" Brandon continued with a mocking tone, "He looked like Rick Moranis from those old 'Honey I Shrunk The Kid's' movies..another deuce bag!"

"Oh no not George..I have been trying to forget about him," I replied.

"Yeah I bet you have," He went on teasing me, "What the hell were you thinking there mom?"

I pondered for a moment and then replied, "He was rich!"

Brandon laughed and said, "Even so, there's a limit..you two looked so odd together."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"Well come on mom, you're a hot looking babe walking beside a guy who looks like a geeky high school science teacher."

Brandon had said I was hot before but he had never called me a 'babe'..I liked that!!

"Well thank you baby!" I replied coyly.

Brandon turned his head away from the road and glanced over at me. I met his eyes and he winked at me. I smiled and raised my eyebrows at him.

We often exchanged this sort of moment. A look or a glance that acknowledged a mutual attraction between a woman and a man, no words were spoken but it was just that indirect and surreptitious nod of mutual appreciation for the other's good looks.

After this we sat quietly for a while...thinking.


"Shall we stop for lunch in Springfield?" Brandon asked.

"Yeah sure," I replied, feeling my stomach rumbling over.

We found a little truckstop just north of the city which we pulled into and climbed out of the car. Brandon stretched his arms high over head causing his t-shirt to rise. As he did I glimpsed the lower section of his stomach, the start of a six pack starting to become visible.

The little roadside cafe was pretty busy as we walked in and found a table. The place was decorated like one of those old 50's diners, all red leather seats and chrome. Worn out looking truck drivers sat all around the place, munching their way through big burgers and steaks. The air was thick with smoke from the open griddles that were cooking the food behind the counter.

A pretty waitress approached us and took our order.

Over lunch, Brandon and I chatted.

"Well we have not seen much of ole' Route 66 yet have we mom?" Brandon asked as he cut into a slice of pizza.

"No, not yet..It will open up more when he can get off the Interstate and onto the backroads..the other side of St. Louis probably." I replied

"Yeah I guess so...Where do you think we can get to for tonight?" He enquired.

"I'm not really sure..somewhere in Missouri I think..I will take over the driving this afternoon if you like?"

He nodded his agreement and carried on eating his lunch.

"It was approaching mid-summer and the air conditioning in the restaurant was being put through its paces. Outside the day was getting pretty warm and the humidity was rising.

"We better get some gas while we are here the tank is running a little low." Brandon said as he took another bite of pizza.

"Ok!" I replied.

"So this friend of yours, have I ever met her?" He asked.

"Errm, well only when you were little, she came to visit once but apart from that I really haven't seen her in years..she moved to California when we were in college and you know...people drift apart." I told him with a tinge of regret in my voice.

"Is she a hottie like you mom?" He said without a hint of embarrassment.

I smiled and raised my eyebrows at him, then after a moment I replied, "Well I don't know about that...she was better looking than me when we were younger!"

Brandon chuckled and shook his head, "Nah, nobody's that good looking mom."

Like I said before, my son often flirted with me like this but my heightened state of arousal towards him just made it so much more than simple flirting for me.

Then, as we were nearing the end of lunch, I noticed something that made my heart skip a beat. I was wearing just an ordinary t-shirt, it was not low cut although it did bulge out a lot in the front because of my big boobs, but then anything I wore did that! I hated wearing bra's in hot weather and I was aware that my hard bullet nipples were visible through my shirt.

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