tagGay MaleGetting Acquainted

Getting Acquainted


I was in the final stages of a merger between my company and one owned jointly by a brother and sister. He was in his late forties, like me – his name was Harry Mercer, and his younger sister was called Melanie, although I'd never met her. I was going on a short trip, but there were still a couple of details to clear up. Harry lived with his sister, and their house was on the way to the airport, so we'd agreed to meet there briefly instead of one of our offices.

I'd never been there before, and I saw that it was a large house with a spacious well-kept garden. I rang the bell, and when the door opened I saw a fair, curly-haired youth of about eighteen standing there, smiling at me invitingly. For a split second I took in his long, almost feminine eyelashes and full, pouting lips, but what grabbed my attention was the fact that he was completely naked, and that his cock appeared to be semi-erect as it dangled between his slender thighs.

I stuttered something about meeting Harry Mercer, and he held out his hand.

‘I know, Mr Norris. Mummy and Uncle had to go the lawyers to sign some papers, but they won't be long. I'm Julian, and they told me to look after you.'

He shook my hand, smiling bashfully – in fact, he fondled my hand rather than shaking it, holding it far longer than necessary, and then to my amazement he lowered it and rubbed the backs of my fingers against his cock before releasing me. He looked at me with soft, doe-like eyes, and asked me to come in. I followed him into a large living room, eyeing his naked back and legs, and particularly his firm backside, and then he turned and smiled at me shyly. He saw me looking at his body, and glanced down at himself.

‘Mummy is going to play with me while you're talking to Uncle,' he said as if in explanation for his nakedness, unconsciously touching his cock, and I swallowed painfully.

‘Would you like some coffee, or a glass of beer or something, Mr Norris?'

‘Thanks – coffee would be fine, Julian, and the name's Mark.'

Julian smiled at me again, and once more took my hand. ‘Come with me while I get it – Mark!' He looked at me coyly and smiled into my eyes, then lowered his gaze as he led me into the kitchen – there was a pot of coffee already on the stove, so there wasn't much to ‘get', but I watched him as he opened a cupboard and reached for a mug, his cock brushing against the counter top. I was unable to take my eyes from his slim, naked body, and watched, fascinated, as he poured the coffee – I was standing by the refrigerator, and his body briefly rubbed against me as he opened the fridge door.

‘Milk? Cream, Mark?' he asked, bending down and giving me a good view of his bottom, and also his cock, which seemed to have hardened a little, hanging freely.

‘No, thanks. Black's fine – no sugar,' I said, my voice suddenly husky.

He closed the door of the fridge and handed me the mug – he was very close, and I felt his cock touch my leg.

‘Thank you, Julian – that's fine!' I muttered and took a sip.

‘Let's go back into the living room,' he said, and again took my hand. He escorted me to a large settee, and watched as I sat down and placed the mug on the coffee table. He was standing in front of me, and I couldn't help looking at his naked body – it would have been difficult not to. He was quite tall, with a slim body which was practically hairless, and I suddenly wanted to stroke his smooth chest ...Again he glanced down at himself.

‘Do you think I'm beautiful, Mark?' he asked coyly.

‘I think you're very beautiful, Julian,' I said honestly, and allowed myself to stare directly at his cock.

‘I like being looked at,' he confided, ‘it makes me feel nice!'

He came round the coffee table and sat down beside me, very close, and then he turned sideways and swung his legs up onto the settee. He took my left hand and drew it round his bare shoulders, snuggling against me – there was nowhere to put my right hand except on his smooth thigh, and I let it rest there, noticing that his cock had now stiffened appreciably. I'd never held a naked boy in my arms before, especially one with a growing erection, and it felt wonderful.

How old are you, Julian?' I asked.

‘I'm eighteen,' he confided, ‘although Mummy and Uncle like to pretend I'm younger – when our games started …'

I tried to swallow the feelings of guilt I'd been experiencing at the way he aroused me, but I was still unsure of whether he was in fact merely playful, and unaware of the sexual implications of his behaviour. His cock was only inches from my hand, though, and as I stared down at it I was sure he was getting much harder. But then, any doubts I'd had were swept away.

‘You can feel me if you like, Mark,' he whispered.

When I was a boy my step-brother and I had often rubbed each other's cocks, but it all been fairly innocent, and I hadn't been aware of any homosexual leanings until now, but when I took the boy's cock in my hand a wave of unaccustomed emotion swept through me, and I fondled him urgently.

‘I saw you coming up the path, and I wondered if you'd like to touch me,' he whispered. ‘I wanted you to …'

I briefly released his cock to run my hand over his belly and thighs – his skin was incredibly soft, and I tightened my arm round him before returning my attentions to his cock, now at least a couple of inches larger than when I'd started. I fondled his tight scrotum and stroked him again, and then lightly rubbed him.

He nuzzled against me. ‘You're very gentle, Mark – it's lovely! But sometimes I like men to be rough with me – perhaps you'll be rough with me the next time you come …'

Julian turned his face towards me, offering me his mouth, and for the first time I kissed a man – a youth. At first it was a strange experience, but then I felt his tongue searching for mine, and we kissed passionately, a long, wet, lingering kiss …

Now his cock was rock-hard, and I saw that it was huge … I savoured the feel of his gristly shaft and the soft head as I squeezed and caressed them, rubbing my finger over his moist tip, easing my grip up and down his startlingly white, blue-veined length, and found myself wanting to kiss it. Our mouths parted, and the boy looked at me softly, and I again ran my hand over his body before starting to rub him rhythmically. His gorgeous young body squirmed deliciously in my embrace, but every time I felt his excitement mounting I released his cock and stroked his body and thighs, kissing him, and when he quieted I began to rub him again. I brought him nearly to the point of ejaculation several times, wanting to break off and kiss his smooth body, but unable to stop rubbing his enormous young cock. I fondled his scrotum, and squeezed his cock, before wrapping my fingers round him once more, and then he put his arm round my neck and kissed me.

‘Now, please, Mark!' he whispered.

I began rubbing him properly - his breath started to come faster, and without taking his eyes from my face he fumbled for a box of tissues on the coffee table with his free hand. He grabbed a handful of tissues, still staring at me, and then his body arched.

I saw him clutch the tissues to his cock, and then he was kissing me frantically as I continued to rub him, feeling his semen pulsing through his throbbing cock. Some of the warm, creamy stuff escaped from the tissues and leaked over my hand, adding to my excitement. I held him close, returning his kisses as I kept rubbing him.

Then, to my regret, his cock started to soften … he took the soaked tissues away, and I fondled his wet, shrinking cock, delighting in the remaining few drops of semen trickling from its head into the palm of my hand … I slipped my hand under his thighs and lifted him so that I could kiss his shrivelled cock, and then I held him close, moving my hand beneath his firm bottom, and allowing my finger to probe his crack.

Julian kissed me, wriggling in my embrace. ‘Thank you, Mark – that was lovely – and I like you touching me there. Will you fuck it for me one day?'

I returned his kiss. ‘We'll see, won't we?'

He sat up, and at last I could kiss his body. I ran my mouth over it wetly, loving the salty taste of his smooth skin and semen, while my hands roamed over him, again caressing his sticky cock, his scrotum, and his bottom. Then he slid off the settee and fumbled with my fly – he had difficulty in freeing my cock, because it was fully erect, and had been since I first touched him. Then I felt his soft lips on it, kissing its length. He looked up at me and smiled. ‘This is as nice as being fucked …'

Neither of us was in any hurry – I could willingly have let him use his mouth on me for hours, and he rubbed my cock against his face and kissed and licked it. I ran my fingers through his hair and stroked his soft cheek, and he leaned up to kiss me. I reached down to fondle his cock again, realising that I loved feeling it, and then he sank back and kissed my cock again.

‘I love doing this,' he said tenderly. ‘I belong to this art cinema club. He giggled and licked my cock. ‘There are always lots of men there, and a few women … Mummy's a member, too, and we sometimes go together. The films are wonderful – beautiful naked women and lovely great cocks, and Mummy and I watch and play with each other. You're allowed to do anything you like in the cinema, and I go and find a man I like the look of, and ask him if I can sit next to him and put my hand on his thigh, and then I take his cock out and suck it. I like older men – thinking about how often they've used their cocks … will you tell me about the people you've fucked, Mark? Sometimes I suck five or six cocks … Mummy always takes lots of condoms, and usually she gets fucked two or three times, and then I fuck her … we both like doing things where other people can see us.'

He sucked me briefly. ‘Mummy loves being fucked … I fuck her a lot, and so does Uncle Harry … and other men. I know she'd like you to fuck her, too …'

He began working on my cock in earnest, swirling his tongue round its head and rubbing me, and then to my surprise he eased it down his throat and started fucking me, his head slowly bobbing up and down on me. It was heaven, and I stroked his bare back and shoulders, savouring the feel of his soft skin. Then he pulled his head up and released my cock, and started rubbing and licking it again, forcing his hand into my trousers so that he could fondle my balls, and then after kissing my cock repeatedly he took it down his throat again. There was only so much I could take, and soon my hips started to buck, and I was banging my belly against his face, wishing I was naked with him.

Julian matched my movements, forcing my cock deeper down his throat, and then I jerked and started to come. He choked, and immediately eased my cock out so that I could come in his mouth, sucking me and swallowing me while his hands worked on my cock and balls. I ejaculated endlessly, feeling his soft lips and gentle hands driving me on, but eventually the spurts dwindled, and he licked and kissed my cock as it softened, and then he looked up at me, his eyes shining.

‘Slap my face, Mark – hard!'

My palm cracked against his cheek, and he offered his face to me eagerly and I slapped him again. My semen was trickling from the corner of his mouth, and he wiped it off with his fingers and licked them, then tenderly kissed my cock and pushed it back inside my trousers. He climbed back onto the settee with me, and I put my arm round him and fondled his semi-erect cock.

‘Next time, you can fuck me properly, Mark, and be really rough with me – I'd like that!'

Just then there was the sound of voices, and suddenly I heard Harry's voice in the doorway.

‘Well, it looks as though you two have got acquainted!'

I reluctantly released Julian's cock, and he got up unhurriedly and took my hand, pulling me to my feet. I saw Harry grinning at us, with his arm round an attractive woman with Julian's eyes and mouth, obviously his mother. She was wearing a simple, low-cut summer dress that showed off her slim waist and full breasts; her legs were bare and her feet were encased in high-heeled sandals that revealed her scarlet toenails, and I felt a sudden surge of desire as we looked at each other.

‘Mummy – this is Mark – he's really nice!' the boy said as he crossed to her. He pressed his naked body against her and kissed her on the lips, and she stroked his back. I wondered if she could taste my semen in her son's mouth, and then her eyebrows rose as she looked at me over his shoulder, and I got my answer. She kissed him hungrily, apparently enjoying it, and then Harry slapped the boy's backside.

‘Say hello to Mark properly, darling, and the off you go, the pair of you! Mark and I have some business to go over!'

The woman took my hand and smiled at me. ‘I'm Melanie – Harry's told me all about you. I hope we get to know each other better, very soon!'

Then she took Julian's hand, and Harry and I watched them leave. He grinned at me again. ‘I'm afraid we're a rather unconventional family! Hope you don't mind!'

I laughed. ‘I like what I've seen so far a lot!'

‘And felt, eh? You seem to have mad quite an impression on Julian!'

I saw him glance at the bunch of wet tissues, and then we got down to discussing the things we needed to settle. Suddenly we heard a high-pitched wail, and Harry laughed. ‘God, he's really giving it to his mother! You must have got him going with a vengeance! I'm jealous – I think I'll give him a good spanking – and a good fucking, when we're finished – not that he'll mind!' He paused thoughtfully for a moment. ‘All he thinks about is sex … he wants it six or eight times a day, not that anybody objects! Sometimes we get a bit worried, though – he goes off looking for sex … we warn him to be careful, but from time to time he comes home with bruises on his body, and his lips puffy – although he loves it …' I remembered Julian saying he liked men to be rough with him …

Our business didn't take long – Harry made a few notes, and we agreed on what we needed to do next. Then, just as I got up to leave, Melanie and Julian came into the room – this time they were both naked, and his arm was around her waist while he fondled her bare breast. I saw that her body was superb, with firm pink-capped breasts and a neatly-trimmed bush of fair pubic hair, and I felt myself starting to get an erection.

‘Julian wants to know if you'll stay to lunch, Mark,' she smiled, apparently enjoying my staring at her body.

I stammered something about having to catch my plane, and Julian came over to me and took my hand, disappointment all over his face.

‘But you'll come again soon, won't you, Mark?' He squeezed my hand. ‘Feel me again before you go …'

Oblivious to his mother and uncle watching, I took his cock in my hand and fondled it. It was wet again, this time with his mother's juices as well as his semen, and I felt him growing hard in my fingers. I was tempted to drop to my knees and take his cock in my mouth, but I knew if I did I'd never catch my plane, and after a final squeeze I released him, but couldn't resist caressing his firm bare bottom.

He kissed me on the mouth, and then went to stand between his mother and Harry – he grabbed his uncle's hand and drew it to his stiff cock. ‘Will you fuck me, Uncle? Mark said he would next time …' I remembered what Harry had promised to do to him. My mouth went dry, wishing I could watch, and then Melanie kissed me, and I involuntarily put my arm round her naked body.

‘Come and have dinner with us soon, Mark. Now Julian's told me about you, too – I – I wish I'd been here … Spend the evening with us, and we'll all get to – find out more about each other …' she whispered huskily, pressing against me.

I suddenly realised that this was going to be a very enjoyable partnership …

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