tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGetting Behind Pt. 01

Getting Behind Pt. 01


Sandy's body shuddered as the orgasm swept over her body, the warm water cascaded over her in what had become her morning ritual. Sandy would wait for her husband Mike to leave for work and then would take a long hot shower before she got her boys up to get them ready for school. Sandy's morning ritual of pleasuring herself under the warm water in the shower was now her only sexual release.

Mike hadn't made love to her in months and the frustration of going untouched by her husband was weighing heavily on her. Even though she understood that Mike was overwhelmed by the stress their finances were putting on him since the economic downturn, she still longed to have his arms around her again and, even more important, deep inside her again. Sandy understood how emasculated Mike must feel, no longer being able to provide for family in the way he always had.

She and Mike had struggled through the first year or so of the downturn, hoping the economy would get better. They had blown through what little money they had saved as Mike's commission checks grew smaller and smaller and now they found themselves underwater on their mortgage, as they desperately tried to refinance with their local bank.

As Sandy stepped out of the shower she looked at the clock on the wall. It was taking her longer and longer to get off each morning and today she would have to rush her boys if she was going to get them to school on time.

Fantasizing about her husband was no longer enough to get her off any more. Increasingly, Sandy found herself fantasizing about her personal trainer at the gym, Eamon. This morning she fantasized about having his hands all over her body and his huge penis deep inside her. Sandy knew that his penis was no fantasy, she had felt its rigid length pressed hard against her body many times as he spotted her on the apparatuses at the gym.

Quickly, Sandy brushed out her hair, brushed her teeth and through one of her sundresses on as the rushed to wake the boys and get them prepared for school and feed them breakfast before driving them the short distance to school. Sandy shued the boys out the door to the car as she rushed back to the bedroom for the gym bag she had left on the foot of the bed.

Sandy sat with her car idling for a few extra moments as she watched her two boys run to meet their friends after dropping them off in front of the middle school. As the group of boys crowded through the narrow gate into the schoolyard Sandy put her aging minivan into gear and finally headed toward the gym.

She looked forward to her time at the gym...and now she cherished it even more, since there were only three weeks left before her membership expired. Given their money troubles, Sandy knew they could not afford to renew the membership, so there was no use even talking to Mike about it.

Sandy had been going to the gym everyday lately, taking full advantage of her last few opportunities to enjoy her alone time as well as the emotional and physical release from the overwhelming stress she was feeling over she and Mike's worsening money troubles. The physical exertion at the gym helped relieve the tension that gripped her tight muscles, if only briefly, and provided the only bright spot in her dreary days that were consumed with child care, housekeeping and worrying; worrying about their overdue mortgage payment, worrying about whether the bank would allow them to refinance...and now worrying about whether Mike would still have a job after his company went through the next round of job cuts that had been rumored in the local newspaper the previous day. Sandy and her husband were getting behind on all their other bills too and their financial woes were spiraling out of control.

Pulling into the parking lot at the strip mall, Sandy tried to put these thoughts out of her mind as she parked at the far end of the row of cars across from the entrance to the gym. As Sandy grabbed her gym bag from the back of the minivan she walked toward the gym past the newer and far more expensive cars belonging to the other gym members, most of them trophy wives who didn't have to worry about anything, except looking pretty for their rich husbands.

The gym was among the most expensive in town and catered to an elite clientele. Ordinarily, a place this expensive wouldn't have been in their budget, but the membership had been Mike's anniversary present to Sandy the previous year, before their money troubles had begun. As Sandy walked through the front door she enjoyed the looks she got from the men who were working out, as well as from the young men who worked at the gym as trainers. Sandy took pride in the fact that she could still turn heads, even with a room full of exquisitely beautiful trophy wives.

Even in the knee length sundress that Sandy was wearing, all the heads turned as she crossed the gym floor to the locker room. Sandy's shoulder length auburn hair was radiant in the early morning light that washed through the floor to ceiling windows on the front of the gym as she strode across the floor on her long and shapely legs. The movements of Sandy's sleek and athletic body were almost catlike as she approached the door to the locker room.

All of the men were openly staring at Sandy's ample breasts as they bounced freely beneath the sheer material of her sundress. Sandy had gotten in the habit of not wearing either panties or a bra beneath her sundresses when she came to the gym in the mornings, since she would immediately be changing into her workout clothes anyway.

That is what Sandy tried to tell herself in any event, but deep down inside she enjoyed the attention her swaying breasts got as she crossed the floor. She also was excited by the men's leering eyes as she walked through the front door with the bright morning sun leaving no doubt in any of the men's minds that she was completely naked beneath the flimsy material that covered her gorgeous body.

The rush that Sandy got as the men in the gym mentally undressed her each morning was one of the few sexual releases she got anymore, other than when she took care of her own needs during her long warm showers or baths at home. Sandy often found herself daydreaming about the great sex she and her husband used to share as she fingered herself to orgasm. But more recently, Sandy was increasingly fantasizing about her personal trainer at the gym, Eamon, whose long, thick penis was unmistakable beneath his flimsy gym shorts.

Sandy looked forward each day now to feeling Eamon's penis pressed into her back or side as he assisted her with the gym equipment. Although he was about 10 years younger than her, Sandy could tell that Eamon found her attractive and desirable, since his cock was anything but flaccid as he would press it hard against her flesh, often lingering far longer than necessary as he assisted her with the equipment.

As Sandy changed into her tightly fitting leotards her pulse was quickening in anticipation of spending the next hour with Eamon. Sandy felt both exhilarated and guilty at the thought of having Eamon's hands all over her body and his rigid penis pressed hard against her flesh as he assisted her through her workout. Sandy was filled with guilt because she felt as though she were cheating on her husband Mike given the sexual excitement that gripped her body now at Eamon's every touch.

Sandy sat quietly in the locker room for a few minutes before making her way to meet Eamon at the first apparatus. There were small tears forming in Sandy's eyes as she thought about the struggles she and her husband were having making ends meet and how the stress was affecting him. Mike no longer showed any interest in sex and seemed to avoid touching Sandy and she missed his attention horribly.

Sandy knew Mike was shouldering all of the responsibility for supporting the family and the stress was sucking the life out of him and Sandy could understand why he had become so remote. Even so, it still didn't relieve the sense of emptiness that Sandy felt in her life. All she could do was hope that things would somehow turn around and she and Mike could go back to having the warm and loving relationship they once knew.

Sandy took a deep breath as she got up and headed out the door of the locker room, the excitement and anticipation of having Eamon's hands all over her body, now filling her thoughts completely.

As Sandy turned the corner from the women's locker room to the weight room she could see Eamon waiting for her, a smile on his face as he admired her scantily dressed body. Eamon had long brown hair, tied in a ponytail at the back of his head, Eamon had to be six feet four and he towered at least eight inches over Sandy as she looked up, returning his smile with her bright green eyes. Sandy's body was tingling as she moved in close and pecked Eamon on the cheek, saying good morning.

Standing close to Eamon, Sandy was in awe of his broad shoulders and muscular chest and legs. Eamon had the ripped body of someone who spent a lot of time in the weight room and his pecs and washboard stomach were a sight to behold. Sandy was almost intoxicated by Eamon's manly scent as he grabbed her arms and assisted her as she took her position on the bench to begin her weightlifting. As Eamon re positioned her legs properly, he was leaning over her and consciously making sure she got a good look at the bulging cock in his loose gym shorts.

"You feel a little stiff and tense this morning Sandy," said Eamon in a low voice, not wanting to disturb the people nearby on the other equipment. "Let's start with a little less weight than yesterday. I don't want you pulling anything."

"That's fine Eamon," agreed Sandy. "I am feeling a little tense today, with everything that is going on."

"Yeah," replied Eamon, "I saw the newspaper. I hope everything works out for you. You know, I hate to bring it up, but the manager wanted me to ask if you were going to be renewing your membership. He said it expires in about three weeks."

"Honestly Eamon," said Sandy with a hint of disappointment in her voice, "I doubt it. Money is so tight right now and everything is so up in the air."

"I understand," said Eamon, squeezing Sandy's bicep before he began spotting her from behind the barbells. "Who knows, perhaps things will work out. Jack says the cuts may not be as bad as the newspaper said."

"Who's Jack?" asked Sandy curiously.

"Jack, the owner of your husband's company," said Eamon. "He is the guy over there on the treadmill."

Sandy looked over at the treadmill and saw a very fit man in his late forties with a full head of graying hair. He was well tanned and wearing a very expensive workout outfit that covered everything but his tanned head and hands. He as moderately tall, six feet, one or two, Sandy thought. But what struck her about him was his barrel chest and huge head. He looked like nothing so much as a lion, particularly with his piercing, predatory eyes, thought Sandy, before responding to Eamon.

"Oh, I didn't know," said Sandy without taking her eyes off the man who held her husband's fate in his hands.. "Honestly, I had no idea who actually owned the company. It is so large I just assumed it was some big conglomerate or something."

"No, Jack is the sole owner. He just keeps a low profile and lets his management team run the company, just like he does the gym. You'd never know he owned this place either. He is so low keyed, he just acts like any other member," said Eamon, off-handedly. "Oh, and that's Larissa, his wife, next to him.

Sandy gaze now turned to the woman on the adjoining treadmill. She was a gorgeous blonde in her mid-twenties with a sculpted body and breasts to match. Sandy assumed they were store bought since they seemed to be in a constant state of arousal and protruding from her tight leotards.

Sandy had noticed them in the gym every day. They always seemed to be there early in the morning, just like she was. They had often glanced at each other and smiled, but never engaged in conversation. As she looked over at them now, they both smiled back, nodding their heads hello and before they went back to watching the morning news on the TV screens in front of their treadmills.

Sandy continued to size up the handsome gray-haired man across the room from her that she now knew controlled her family's fate. He looked amiable enough, she thought, but there was also a fierceness, a dynamism he seemed to exude. Sandy concluded that he as a quintessential alpha male, just the type who would build and control a vast business empire. Sandy only hoped that what he had told Eamon was correct and that the cuts would not be as severe as reported and that her husband's job would be spared.

She was so focused on watching the powerful man with the piercing eyes who held her life in his hands that Sandy wasn't paying close enough attention to her lifting. Suddenly Sandy's left bicep buckled and as she struggled to regain control of the barbell before it crashed into her neck she strained a muscle in her lower back. Fortunately, Eamon was right over her and caught the barbell, before it could injure her more severely.

"Ouch," cried Sandy in a low but sharp voice, not wanting to cause a commotion.

"Are you OK?" asked Eamon, alarmed.

"Yeah, I guess," said Sandy wincing. "But I think I may have pulled a muscle in my back."

"Oh, I'm so sorry," said Eamon apologetically as he put the barbell back in the rack above her. "I should have been spotting you more carefully."

"Don't blame yourself," said Sandy reassuringly. "It was my fault. I wasn't paying attention. I was letting my mind drift."

Eamon had his large hands under Sandy's armpits now as he helped her up to a sitting position. Sandy could feel his strong fingers pressing into the sides of her breasts and the pain from her lower back was mixing with the tingling feeling of having Eamon's hands finally touching her breasts. As Sandy leaned forward, Eamon sat down on the bench behind her, running his fingers gently down her back.

"Let me know where it hurts," said Eamon as Sandy's body tensed as his fingers found the throbbing muscle on the left side of her lower back.

"That's it. Right there," said Sandy as she winced again.

"Why don't you let me massage it out, before it stiffens up on you?" asked Eamon.

"That's kind of you Eamon," said Sandy, almost apologetically. "But I can't afford a massage. I'll just have to tough it out, I guess."

"Don't be silly," responded Eamon, reassuringly. "This was as much my fault as yours. The manager won't make me charge you for the massage, under the circumstances."

Eamon already had his hands back under Sandy's armpits and was pulling her to her feet. His hands were farther forward this time and were slightly cupping the bottom of Sandy's breasts as he assisted her to her feet. Sandy let out a noticeable sigh as she felt Eamon's large hands surrounding and grasping the bottom of her breasts.

"Are you OK?" asked Eamon with concern.

"Oh yeah," said Sandy, somewhat embarrassed, not wanting to reveal the true reason for her sigh. "I'm just fine. My back only hurts a little bit."

Eamon walked Sandy back to one of the massage rooms and helped her up on the massage table. Sandy had never been back to this part of the gym, since she couldn't afford a massage or any of the other spa treatments they did back there.

"Here is a towel. Go ahead and disrobe and I'll be back in a couple of minutes," said Eamon. "We'll get that muscle stretched back out in no time. Just let me go tell the manager what happened, so he doesn't post a charge to your account.

As Sandy pulled off her leotards, she felt somewhat strange. She had never had a massage before. More important, she had never been naked in front of another man before, other than her husband. And now there was only going to be a small terry cloth towel that would be covering her backside as she lay down on the massage table with the rest of her body completely naked and exposed to Eamon's hands.

Laying on the table quietly, anxiously awaiting Eamon's return and trying to compose herself, Sandy was again filled with excitement and anxiety at the thought of having Eamon's hands exploring her body in earnest as he would massage her naked flesh. Sandy reached down and tugged the towel lower, self-consciously hoping to hide the rivulets of sex juice that were starting to seep from inside her.

Just as Sandy finished tugging on the towel and placing her hands back at her sided, Eamon came back in the treatment room and closed the door behind him. Walking over to the counter, Eamon turned on the small stereo and soft soothing new age music from the CD began to fill the room.

Looking up, Sandy could see that Eamon had a towel wrapped around his own waist now and was naked from the chest up, showing off his ripped torso and massively hairy chest. She concluded that he didn't want to get massage oil all over his expensive workout clothes as she watched him squeeze some oil into his hands.

For the next fifteen minutes Sandy lay there with her eyes closed as Eamon massaged her neck, shoulders, arms and upper back. Eventually Eamon's attention gravitated to Sandy's lower back and as he began to massage her where the muscle pull was located he folded the skimpy towel back until it barely covered her crack and the slit between her legs. Sandy was completely relaxed now and lost in her own dreamy world, completely focused on the two strong hands that were kneading her muscles and massaging her naked flesh.

Without realizing it, Sandy was sighing loudly now as the pleasurable feeling of Eamon's hands pressing deep into her muscles filled her body with pleasure. As Eamon moved to the base of the table, he began massaging Sandy's feet. As Eamon's wrapped his hands around Sandy's left foot, kneading it and massaging it, he inched Sandy's legs a little farther and farther apart.

Now Eamon could see the pink furrows of Sandy's wet glistening pussy and it was no longer hidden by the towel that he had slowly inched back up her backside with his hands as he had finished massaging her lower back. Eamon could also see the matted hair of Sandy's auburn colored pubic hair as it wetly shined from the pool of sex juice that had puddled beneath her.

By the time Eamon was finished massaging Sandy's right foot, her legs were spread wide apart and he could see the lips of her engorged pussy quiver with each stroke of his hands as he began to knead and massage his way up the backs of each of her legs. Eamon was alternating legs as he worked his way up and by the time his hands were on Sandy's thighs he could also see her ass cheeks quivering and the tiny brown star of her asshole puckering as his hands inched their way up her naked thighs.

The closer Eamon's hands inched toward the intersection of Sandy's legs the harder and faster she began to breathe with her sighs turning into moans. Eamon avoided touching Sandy's quivering pussy and instead massaged each of her ass cheeks as he let his hands knead her upper thighs, coming as close to her pussy as he could without touching it.

Sandy was delirious with pleasure now, completely absorbed by the warm sensations that were pulsing through her body. The more Eamon teased her flesh, letting his hands massage everything except the one part of her body that most craved his attention, the more aroused Sandy became. With each stroke of Eamon's hands near her neediest of places, the more Sandy began to lift her ass in the air, trying to will Eamon's fingers to where she wanted them to go. Finally, his hands and fingers, slick with Sandy's sex juice, accidentally glanced across Sandy's swollen pussy lips and his fingers brushed across her engorged clit sending a final jolt of ecstasy raging through Sandy's body as she moaned loud enough to be heard in the adjoining rooms.

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