tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGetting Behind Pt. 02

Getting Behind Pt. 02


As Sandy pulled into the driveway she reached up and tapped the compartment for the garage remote. Sure enough, they had remembered to transfer it from her old beater. Sandy had noticed when Larissa tossed her new gym bag in the trunk, that all the personal stuff from her old car were already there, inside a large plastic container. Larissa's people had apparently thought of everything.

The trip home in the car had brought Sandy back down to earth and she was completely back in mommy mode...even as she sat uncomfortably in her own sex juices. The boys had peppered her with questions and each answer produced more questions. Where did you get the new car? Where is the old car? You have a job now? Does dad know about it yet? What does a personal trainer do?

What does a personal trainer do? That was the question that made Sandy gulp before answering. Sandy knew what personal trainers were supposed to do, and that is what she explained to the boys. But, she feared, her new job would involve more than supervising someone's exercise routine...much more. And none of it was going to be anything she would want to tell her young sons about, thought Sandy sadly!

Turning the engine off after pulling inside the garage, the boys were still bombarding her with questions. "So how many hours are you going to have to work? Are you still going to be able to drop us off and pick us up from school, asked Mike junior, the oldest.

"Boys, I don't know yet. I just got hired today. I'm sure I'll know more tomorrow and I can tell you then. Now you boys go inside and change and start your homework. I need to sit here a minute and figure out how everything on the dash works. I don't even know how to turn on the radio," said Sandy lying, desperately wanting to get the boys out of the car, so they wouldn't see the huge wet spot on the back of her dress or the puddle of sex juice on the seat beneath her.

"Oh, I can show you..." Sean started to say, as his mother cut him off.

"No, no...I want to figure it out myself," said Sandy in exasperation, frantic to get the boys out of the car and into the house before they could see her condition...and then have even more, potentially embarrassing, questions. "Out of the car you two. Go change and do your homework. That's an order. Now!"

As the boys raced each other to the door that connected the garage to the kitchen, they slammed it loudly behind them. Waiting for a minute to make sure they didn't return, Sandy got out of the car and checked the dryer in the connecting laundry room. Thank God, she thought to herself, one of her other sundresses was inside. Quickly taking off the the wet dress that reeked of sex juice, Sandy put on the fresh dress. Sandy wiped herself dry between her legs with a towel from on top of the dryer and then the leather car seat before depositing the towel and the dress that reeked of her pussy juice into the washer. It was a relief that her boys hadn't seen that their mother looked like a bitch in heat, Sandy thought to herself.

After entering the house, Sandy scurried down the hallway to the master bedroom with her gym bag, before the boys could finish dressing and head to the kitchen table to do their homework. Sandy didn't want them to see that she had already changed her clothes and didn't want another interrogation about the gym bag. She had barely closed the bedroom door behind her and sat the bag down on the edge of the bed before one of the boys knocked on the door.

"What is it?" asked Sandy, exasperated that the boys wouldn't give her a moment's peace.

"Can we have a coke?" asked Sean politely through the door.

"Yes," said Sandy more pleasantly now, not wanting to take her frustration out on her boys. "You can go ahead and have a snack too, if you like...but do your homework!"

"Thank you," said Sean politely.

"You're welcome sweetie. Mommy is kind of tired. She is going to lie down for a while. OK?" lied Sandy, wanting to go through the gym bag before her husband got home.

"OK mom," said Sean as he headed down the hallway to the kitchen.

Sandy quickly walked to the bedroom door and locked it from the inside, not wanting the boys to come in by accident and see something they shouldn't. Sandy had no idea what was in the bag, but since it had come from Larissa, it could be almost anything...and would probably be difficult to explain to eleven and twelve year olds!

As Sandy fidgeted with the zipper on the bag, she noticed for the first time that her hands were shaking. Sandy was filled with anxiety as she pulled the long zipper on top of the bag and dumped the contents out on the bed. Most of the contents of the bag appeared to be clothing. There were three different colored pair of the very expensive leotards that they sold at the gift shop in the gym, something she could never afford on her own. There were also gym shorts, sweatshirts and t shirts with the gym's logo as well, all of it very well made and expensive.

And then there was the other clothing, the clothing that instantly reminded Sandy what was really going to be expected of her. There were sheer nighties, teddies, chemises and there were crotchless panties and thongs to match each of them. There were a couple of exquisitely sheer robes that were virtually transparent. There were also three pair of stiletto heeled shoes.

As Sandy continued to dig through the contents of the gym bag, her body shuddered as she sorted through the bondage gear that had been in the bottom of the bag. There were handcuffs and other leather or fur-lined restraints and an assortment of crops and cat o'nine tails. Sandy's whole body shivered as she wondered whether these were to be used by her...or on her. Sandy could feel the hairs standing up on the back of her neck as she contemplated what was going to be demanded of her.

Sandy took a deep breath and stripped off her dress, looking long and hard at her naked body in the large mirrors that filled the closet doors. Surveying her own body in minute detail, Sandy was intensely aware that many more people, both men and women, would probably be looking at what she was now seeing in the very near future. What would they think of her body, Sandy wondered. Would they find her beautiful, exciting, appealing? Sandy knew she had a nice body, but would people actually pay to use her? The thought both excited and repulsed her.

As Sandy stood in front of the mirror contemplating how she was going to be used, by both men and women alike, she could feel the streams of juice dripping down the inside of both her thighs yet again. Oh my God, what's wrong with me, thought Sandy. I should be scared, appalled, disgusted, Sandy thought to herself. But instead she found herself fantasizing about the men and women who might soon be ravishing her body, but most especially she fixated on Eamon.

Sandy was trying on each of the pieces of lingerie now, making sure they fit, as she continued to let her mind imagine all the different ways she might soon be taken, might soon be used. Sandy let her mind run wild, imaging the different sexual pairing of men and women she might find herself participating in and her mind always drifted back to images of orgies in which she was relentlessly taken, over and over again, by both men and women.

Sandy tried desperately to put these images out of her mind as she attempted to focus on the lingerie and make sure that it fit properly. Larissa must have a good eye, Sandy thought to herself, because everything seemed to fit perfectly, including the stiletto heels. She was outfitted in the black stiletto heels now as she looked at herself in the mirror.

The stilettos were topped with thigh length black stockings as well as the garter belt to which they were attached with the crotchless frilly black panties underneath.. Sandy was also wearing a black lace accented half bra from which her ample and luscious breasts spilled, reveailing her eminently suckable large pink nipples. The outfit was finished with an almost transparent black gown that extended all the way down to her ankles.

As Sandy looked at herself in the mirror, she thought about putting the studded dog collar around her neck, but decided that was probably too much. Next she posed in front of the mirror with each of the riding crops and the various leather cats. Looking at the woman who was staring back at her in the mirror, Sandy was suddenly overwhelmed by the realization of what had happened to her today, and what has likely going to happen to her tomorrow and the day after that and then the next day and everyday in the future.

Tears began to stream down Sandy's cheeks as the full import of what she had done and what she was going to be doing, weighed down on her suddenly like a ton of bricks. Oh my God, Sandy thought to herself, how can I be doing this? I'm a mother, a wife, how can I be doing this? The only answers that came back to Sandy from the dark recesses of her mind were...because you have no choice, and then the other answer, the one that frightened Sandy the most...because you liked it and you want more, a lot more!

Grudgingly admitting the hard truth to herself, Sandy knew she hadn't just endured the three men who had gang-banged her today, she had never been so aroused or cum so hard in her life as the three men had filled all her holes with their huge cocks. And Sandy quickly overcame her original horror at the thought of lesbian sex, and found that she enjoyed eating and having her own pussy eaten by another woman.

Sandy looked over at the clock radio next to the bed and realized that her husband Mike would be home soon and that she needed to hurry. Quickly folding the lingerie and other clothing, Sandy stuffed them neatly back in the bag. Remembering the cell phone that Larissa had mentioned, Sandy opening the side compartment and fished inside, feeling around for the phone among all the other things inside the compartment

Knowing she still had a few minutes before she would have to start dinner, Sandy emptied the outer pocket of the bag one item at a time and examined each of them closely. There were three different bottles of very expensive perfume, bottles of different scented massage oils, and lubricant, lots of lubricants. There were both creams and liquid lubricants, as well as the more expensive silicone variety. Sandy's hands were shaking again as she stuffed the bottles and tubes back in the bag, knowing why the lubricants would be so necessary a part of her work kit.

Sandy zipped the large gym bag shut and threw it in the bottom of her side of the closet, shutting the mirrored door to hide it as she did so. She was standing close to the mirrored closet door now and gasped loudly as she looked at herself. Sandy noticed for the first time that there were deep noticeable teeth marks surrounding her left breast. Oh my God, Sandy thought to herself, what was she going to do if her husband Mike saw them. How in the world could she explain them.

Larissa had said that Mike would probably want to have sex with her tonight and she had yearned to have her husband back inside her all afternoon, drenching her dress and the front seat of her new car with the seeping wetness from her pussy as she fantasized about it. But how was she going to explain the deep and noticeable teeth marks that surrounded her breast. Sandy thought she had the solution. Although she rarely wore lingerie, Sandy opened the closet again and put on the lacy black teddy that would surround and mask the bite marks on her breast and put on the matching pair of crotchless panties.

Putting on her very "mommy" looking bathrobe, Sandy headed to the kitchen to prepare dinner and wait for Mike to get home, all the while hoping that he would finally show some interest in her sexually again...and maybe even take her around the world, as she had heard it described in their younger days when they used to watch porn together. Mike had often tried to get her to let him inside her ass and she had rebuffed him, thinking good girls don't do that. Now, Sandy knew that she was most definitely not a good girl anymore and wanted her husband to be the second man to take her ass and fill her with his hot cum. After having Eamon's huge cock all the way up her ass, Sandy knew that Mike would fit rather nicely.

As the boys continued doing their homework, Sandy started to prepare dinner. Looking up at the wall clock, Sandy knew that Mike would be home any minute now. Sandy quickly got the pot roast in the oven and was just putting together the salad as her new cell phone rang. Pulling the cell phone from the pocket of her robe, Sandy could see that it was Larissa calling. Answering the phone and saying hello, Sandy quickly walked to the sliding door and out on the patio, so she would be out of earshot of the boys.

"What do you want? I'm fixing dinner for my family," said Sandy curtly into the phone after Larissa had bid her a warm, but obviously insincere, hello.

"Well, you'll want to set one less place for dinner tonight," said Larissa sticking the knife in Sandy, before giving it a firm twist. "Mike will be spending the night with me, as it turns out. After all, you've had plenty of cock today already, haven't you."

There was a long pause on the other end of the line as Larissa waited for Sandy to respond. Finally, Sandy said, "I thought you were through with my husband?"

"Well, I was," said Larissa almost too nonchalantly, "but the whole executive team went out for drinks after Mike's promotion was announced and he seems to be in such a very happy and frisky sort of mood. In any event, I decided I wanted him tonight so he'll be sleeping with me...eventually!"

Sandy's body was on fire with rage. Whether it was directed at her husband or Larissa or both, she wasn't sure. At the same time Sandy was barely able to hold back the tears as she thought about her husband sharing this special night, the night of his big promotion, the night he would finally be able to provide his family with some degree of security with this manipulative bitch.

"Well then," said Sandy, holding back the sobs, not wanting to give the bitch the satisfaction of hearing her cry, "I guess I'll see you in the morning. I'm worn out anyway, I can use the rest."

"Well good then," said Larissa, way too sweetly, "I guess things are working out for both of us. Oh, Mike told me to tell you he would call you later...if he has time."

Sandy heard the line go dead before she could get another word in, not that she wanted to continue the conversation. Sandy had heard the loud music in the background and concluded that Larissa was calling from the nightclub at the one large hotel in town. Sandy sat for several minutes on the patio composing herself before she went back inside to finish the boys' dinner.

It was a quiet dinner, with not much conversation since the boys sensed their mother was upset. Sandy tried to put up a good front, telling the boys that dad had some very important meetings that would keep him in the city overnight and that he would have some very special news to share with them tomorrow. Sandy let the boys watch one of their favorite shows on TV for an hour while she washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. After that, she let each of the boys play on the computer for a half hour before sending them off to bed.

Once Sandy closed the door to her own bedroom she completely broke down, crying uncontrollably as she threw herself on the bed, tears streaming down her face. Sandy lay there for what seemed like hours sobbing her way to exhaustion, eventually just laying there in her bathrobe whimpering as she relived her own ordeal earlier in the day and imagining her husband locked in the embrace of the bitch she was growing to hate.

Although it had seemed like hours had passed, it had only been fifty minutes when Sandy looked up and checked the clock. All cried out now, Sandy got up and removed her robe, which was now moist with her sweat. Taking off the unnecessary lingerie, Sandy smiled to herself forlornly, thinking to herself painfully that she was all dressed up with no place to go.

Sandy threw the lingerie back in the closet on top of the gym bag and headed to the bathroom to take a shower, hoping it would make her feel better. As the warm water washed over her body Sandy tried to tell herself that Mike was just as much a victim as she was and that he had no more choice in what Larissa made him do than she did. Running the shower wand over her body, Sandy was surprised when more cum washed out of her pussy and ass as she douched herself with the hot water.

Just as Sandy returned the wand to the cradle overhead and began to let the hot water wash over her entire body, the land line began to ring on the nightstand next to the bed. Climbing out of the shower and rushing to the phone, Sandy could see that it was Mike calling on his cell phone as she stood there naked, dripping water on the bedroom carpet. As she answered, Sandy could hear the same loud music playing in the background.

"Hi, honey," said Mike brightly "I'm sorry I didn't call earlier but the guys and I went out for drinks to celebrate. When you hear why, I think you'll forgive me."

"Yeah, why is that," said Sandy coldly as her body began to burn in rage once again. The lying bastard, Sandy thought to herself.

"Well, not only did I make the cut for the layoff, I got a big promotion," said Mike both proudly and drunkenly. "Isn't that great?"

"That's wonderful," said Sandy without emotion. "I suppose you are too drunk to drive home. Am I right?"

"Well, yeah," said Mike sheepishly. "That's why I was calling. If it is OK with you, I'll spend the night at the hotel. The guys chipped in to buy me a room."

"That's fine. I'll talk to you tomorrow," said Sandy with a note of cold finality, obviously ready to hang up.

"Is everything OK honey," asked Mike with some concern, sensing that Sandy was in a mood.

"Everything is fine," snapped Sandy, not able to conceal her burgeoning anger. "As a matter of fact I have some big news for you too. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow too. Good night!"

Sandy hung the phone up quickly, before she let her anger get hold of her and said something she would later regret. Sandy went back to the shower and continued to stand under the warm water as though it would wash the shame and guilt, anger and anguish away if she stood under the pulsing water long enough.

After drying herself off and blow drying her lustrous auburn hair, Sandy headed back to the bedroom and then turned around suddenly and returned to the bathroom. Only rarely did Sandy use moisturizer on her skin, but tonight she decided that she needed to start taking better care of herself. Even though she was apprehensive about the idea of having strangers use her body, Sandy's vanity compelled her to make herself look as desirable as she could, if only to boost her own self esteem and ease her self-consciousness.

As Sandy rubbed the moisturizing lotion into her flesh, she methodically tried to cover every inch of her body, except the portions of her back that she couldn't reach. Once she was through, the exhausting day finally started to catch up with her as she sleepily padded toward the bed. After switching off the overhead fixture in the bathroom, the dim green light from the alarm clock was the only light that illuminated the dark room. The faint green light was all Sandy needed to guide her to the bed as she crawled under the covers and quickly drifted off to sleep.

Sandy was in deep "rem" sleep now and was reliving the events of the day, as though her mind was on rewind, as she dreamed about Eamon and Larissa's tongues inside her and then being impaled by and filled with the three huge cocks. As Sandy dreamed of the cocks that were filling her with cum, Sandy became confused. She couldn't understand why a cell phone was ringing. No one's had a cell phone had rung while they were on the circular bed, she thought in her confusion.

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