tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGetting Behind Pt. 03

Getting Behind Pt. 03


As Sandy sat anxiously waiting for Jack to arrive the mounting tension was apparent in her eyes and in the way she fidgeted in her chair, constantly crossing and uncrossing her legs, feeling self conscious in the flimsy dress that Larissa had selected for her.

Larissa sensed Sandy's discomfort and tried to put her at ease, not wanting to spook her before Jack arrived. As Larissa talked to Sandy, it was the first time that the two of them did not have their claws out. Sandy was surprised that they were actually sitting together engaging in girl talk. Larissa asked Sandy about her boys, their ages, what grade they were in and generally tried to put Sandy at ease.

"You are well on your way to becoming a new and very valuable member of our organization," said Larissa to Sandy pleasantly, finally getting back to business. "You may not realize it now, but you have been given a tremendous opportunity, both you and your husband. I know it may not seem that way right now, but given time..."

Larissa's voice trailed off as her door suddenly swung open. There had been no knock, the door just swung open and Jack strode to the middle of the room. Larissa had been leaning against the edge of the desk as she talked to Sandy and immediately jumped to her feet and rushed to Jack and put her arms around him, giving him a big kiss on the left cheek.

"Hello daddy," said Larissa energetically. "Let me introduce you to Sandy, she is Mike's wife and she has agreed to become the newest member of our team."

Jack turned to Sandy and looked down at her as she remained in the chair without saying a word. Jack's eyes pierced through Sandy, mentally undressing her as his fierce, predatory eyes tried to penetrate her mind and read her thoughts. Sandy squirmed in her chair, uncomfortable with Jack's penetrating stare and the intense scrutiny as his overwhelming animal magnetism, his power, his will to dominate, cowed her, sending shivers down her spine. Averting her eyes downward, Sandy weakly extended her hand to shake Jack's, but he made no move to accept it.

"I see," said Jack, not showing a trace of emotion or interest. "Does she understand what will be expected of her?"

"Yes daddy, I think so daddy," said Larissa nervously, as Sandy could detect just a hint of fear in Larissa's voice for the first time.

"You had better know so," said Jack flatly, still staring at Sandy as he talked to Larissa. "Otherwise you are wasting my time...You! Sandy...are you prepared to do as you are told? Will you do what I say, when I say? No questions asked!"

"Why, well, yes...of course, I..." Sandy started to say before Jack cut her off.

"Good then!" said Jack with a note of finality. "Go outside and stand next to my car and wait for me. My black Mercedes is right in front of the door to the gym. I need to talk to Larissa privately for a moment. You may go now."

Without saying a word, Sandy got up and walked toward the door. Looking back, Sandy noticed for the first time that Jack was dressed entirely in black, from the mock turtleneck to the suit that he was wearing. The suit was expensively tailored and fit Jack perfected as did the handcrafted Italian leather shoes on his feet. Jack looked far more formidable in his suit, Sandy thought, than in the workout clothing she was accustomed to seeing him in at the gym.

For the first time, the dark clothing gave Sandy a sense of Jack's formidable build with his barrel chest and broad shoulders, and the dark clothing contrasted with Jack's red, though graying hair.. At the gym, Sandy had only observed Jack from across the room. Having stood next to Jack in the same room now, Sandy realized for the first time just how tall he was, at six-two or six-three.

"Close the door behind you," said Jack impatiently, getting Sandy's attention again. Jack did not turn around as he spoke and the tone of his voice made it clear he expected to be obeyed. Sandy quickly closed the door behind her and headed down the hallway to Jack's car.

"Well, she passed the first test," said Jack to Larissa. "We'll see how she fairs the rest of the afternoon and evening. Are you just about ready to leave? Are all the arrangements made for your trip?

"Yes daddy! I'll take care of Mike...you take care of his wife," said Larissa, before adding, "I'll miss you daddy."

Larissa was hugging Jack again as he leaned down and put his arms around her in a tight embrace, kissing her full on the lips, as their tongues disappeared into each other's mouths.

"I'll miss you too," said Jack warmly now. "You've done a good job with our little novice here. I'm proud of you."

"Thank you daddy," said Larissa as she basked in Jack's approval. "I'll text you along the way and let you know how we are doing."

"I'll do the same," said Jack as he kissed Larissa on the forehead one last time. "Now you had better hurry. You don't want to be late for your flight.."

Jack turned and exited Larissa's office, heading down the corridor toward his car and the new woman he now looked forward to bending to his will and dominating into complete submission.

"Get in," said Jack firmly as Sandy heard the door beep and the lock click open.

Sandy sank into the soft black leather seat as Jack got in and started the car without saying a word. They were out of the parking lot and a block down the boulevard before Jack spoke again.

"Did Larissa tell you where we were going, what we were going to do?" asked Jack pointedly.

"Yes sir. She said..." Sandy started to say before Jack cut in.

"You can call me Jack," he said as an almost imperceptible smile crossed his face and as his voice trailed off, his last words obviously meant for himself, "at least for now."

"Yes, thank you Jack," said Sandy, desperately trying to be agreeable.

"We're headed to a boutique downtown where I will select your new clothes," said Jack curtly. "From now on you will only wear the clothes that I select for you...and nothing else. Do you understand?"

"Ah...yes Jack," said Sandy compliantly.

"Good!" replied Jack. "Then we are going to another store where I will pick out some additional items for you and begin to introduce you to some of the new things that will be expected of you in the future."

"Yes Jack," repeated Sandy compliantly again.

"After that, we'll have dinner together, and I can get to know you a little better," added Jack. "We'll be meeting another couple at the restaurant and after that there is some business I need to attend to. You'll be accompanying me, perhaps even assisting me..and then I'll drive you home."

"Yes Jack," said Sandy again, very quietly and submissively.

"Did Larissa arrange to get your car home?" asked Jack.

"Yes Jack," replied Sandy. "She is having Eamon drive it home for me later."

"Good," said Jack in what was now a more conversational tone of voice. Turning to really look at Sandy for the first time since they had gotten into the car, Jack said, "so now, let's find out more about you, your background, what makes you tick."

"Oh, OK," said Sandy cautiously. "What do you want to know?"

"Everything!" said Jack, leaving no doubt he meant EVERYTHING!

"Well, I am married and have two childre...." Sandy started to say.

"I know all that!" said Jack impatiently. "I want to know about you. Are you an only child? Are your parent's alive? Start at the beginning."

"Yes, I was an only child. My parent's both died in a car crash when I was very small," said Sandy softly. "I was raised by my grandmother, she..."

"Is she still alive?" interjected Jack.

"No," replied Sandy as Jack continued his questioning.

"Do you have any other family, other than your husband and children?" asked Jack.

"No," said Sandy, with a hint of sadness. "The rest of my family are all dead. I only have Mike and the boys...and his family."

"How old were you when your grandmother died? How long did she raise you?" continued Jack with his interrogation.

"My grandmother raised me from the time I was six until just before I started junior college, when she died," said Sandy. "That's when I met Mike. We got married the same year."

"Was your grandmother strict with you?" asked Jack. "Did she punish you when you misbehaved? Was she a task master?"

"Yes," replied Sandy truthfully. "She was very religious and very set in her ways. She was determined that I be a good girl and she made me tow the line."

"But you still loved her?" asked Jack, appearing to be keenly interested in her answer.

"Yes, of course," said Sandy. "She only wanted what was best for me."

"Good, very good," said Jack, very pleased with the answer for some reason.

They were nearing mid-city now on the freeway and Jack was getting over into the right lane to take the Main Street exit to the downtown business district. As he did so, he turned to Sandy and launched into a new line of inquiry.

"So," said Jack as he paused theatrically for a moment, "did you ever have sex or engage in any sort of sexual activity before you met your husband?"

"No. Absolutely not," replied Sandy immediately, suddenly feeling very self conscious and offended by the question, her face turning beet red.

"So your husband was your first sexual experience then, " said Jack. "Did you have sex before you were married?"

"No," said Sandy, uncomfortable with the new line of questioning. "Not until our wedding night."

"So you were a virgin then?" asked Jack.

"Yes!" said Sandy firmly.

"And he was the only person you have had sex with...up until recently, of course?" said Jack, an unmistakable note of sarcasm in his voice. "No extramarital affairs?"

"No," said Sandy softly as she looked down into her lap, embarrassed.

"But that is different now, isn't it Sandy?" said Jack, not really asking a question.

"Yes," agreed Sandy so quietly she almost couldn't hear herself.

"Speak up," demanded Jack. "You have had sex with other men...and women, haven't you? And you've enjoyed it...haven't you?"

"Yes," said Sandy submissively, knowing the answer was true to both questions and for some reason, not daring to even try to lie to Jack, as she continued to look down into her lap.

"You liked Eamon's big cock inside you, didn't you?" continued Jack. "It was bigger than your husband's and you enjoyed having it all the way deep inside you. Didn't you?"

"Yes," confessed Sandy meekly, wishing Jack would change the subject.

"And Ned's cock," added Jack immediately, "it was even bigger and spread your pussy wider, didn't it?. You liked the feeling of the way he stretched and filled your pussy...didn't you?"

"Yes, yes," said Sandy her voice pleading. "I enjoyed them both, Owen too! Oh please Jack, do we have to talk about it?"

"Yes!" said Jack sharply. "Yes we have to talk about it. Because you are going to be asked to do more...much more...do you understand?"

"Yes Jack," said Sandy even more submissively, shuddering at the implications of what he just said. "I understand."

"Good then," said Jack in a more agreeable voice. "We're here."

Jack pulled into a narrow parking lot between two tall buildings and parked at the back. As they got out of the car and walked toward the street Jack said, "One last thing. While we are in public together, never make direct eye contact with me. Always cast your eyes down. It is a sign of respect and you need to show your respect for me at all times. Do you understand?"

"Yes Jack," said Sandy softly.

"Another thing," said Jack, a serious tone in his voice, "only speak if I ask you to. You are to speak to no one else. About the only thing you will be asked to say is 'Yes Jack' anyway. But you speak only to me and you respond only to me. Understand?"

"Yes Jack," was Sandy's meek reply. "I understand."

"Good," said Jack as he opened the door to the clothing boutique and Sandy stepped inside.

Larissa had gotten stuck in mid-afternoon freeway traffic on her way into the main office and she was really running behind now. As she pulled up in front of the main entrance, the limo was already waiting and she pulled up behind it, handing her car keys to the security guard who was hovering nearby. "Put my bag in the the trunk and then park my car please. Leave my keys with the reception desk. Thanks!" said Larissa, uttering the last few words as she settled into her seat in the back of the limo as the guard closed the door. Before Larissa could say another word, the chauffeur was already pulling out into traffic, frantically trying make their early afternoon flight to Chicago as he maneuvered through the burgeoning traffic.

"Well, that was cutting it kind of close," said Beverly, breaking the silence.

"Sorry," said Larissa, "I got stuck behind an accident and it took forever for them to clear a lane. I take it that you and Mike have introduced yourselves."

"Yes," said Mike. "Beverly stopped by my office earlier to introduce herself and to make sure I had all the paperwork...and to answer any questions I might have. You have no idea how helpful she has been."

"No Mike," said Larissa with a glint in her eye, "you have no idea just how helpful she is going to be." Larissa and Beverly exchanged knowing smiles.

Larissa and Beverly were on either side of Mike in the back of the limo and although there was plenty of room to stretch out, both women were sitting close to Mike so he could feel the softness and the warmth of their bodies. Neither woman made an effort to move, since it was apparent from the bulge in Mike's pants that he was enjoying the attention. As they discussed business on their way to the airport, both women would occasionally let their hand come to rest on Mike's thighs. Both women enjoyed watching Mike's surging discomfort as they sped toward the airport.

As Sandy stepped into the boutique, the welcome warmth inside enveloped her body like a fuzzy blanket. The dress that Larissa had selected for her was nonexistent for the most part, barely covering her breasts, and it was open down the back all the way to the crack of her ass. The bottom of the dress barely covered her lower cheeks and when the late afternoon breeze caught the dress in the canyon of tall buildings that was downtown, the furrows of her pussy were clearly visible to the pedestrians who had passed by on the sidewalk.

Sandy was relieved to escape into the warmth of the boutique and evade the eyes that had gawked at her exposed femininity. Immediately a soft spoken middle-aged woman took Sandy by the hand and ushered her toward the rear of the store.

"Hello my dear," said the woman, "my name is Yvette and my staff and I will be taking care of your every need. Mr. Jack is one of our oldest and best customers." Yvette nodded to Jack as she led Sandy across the store.

Sandy took the inside of the store in as she was escorted to the back. It was very French and very old school, like something from a different era. Everything was red and black and frilly and, Sandy thought to herself, looked like...well...a New Orleans bordello.

Yvette opened the ornate double-doors to a separate room that was filled with floor to ceiling mirrors and a plush red carpet. Standing in the middle of the room was a large gold chair with red velvet covers on the back and bottom seat. In front of the chair was a low circular pedestal rising about six inches from the floor and perhaps three feet in diameter.

As Jack took his seat in the chair Yvette led Sandy to the riser and had her stand in the middle facing Jack. No sooner was Jack in his seat than Yvette snapped her fingers and another door opened at the side of the room, with clerks rolling carts full of dresses and other apparel into the room and arraying them to Sandy's left and right.

"Knowing your taste, Mr. Jack," purred Yvette, "I took the liberty of selecting some of the garments I thought you might like." Jack nodded his approval.

Yvette let go of Sandy's hand and took her place just to the right of Jack's chair, turning to face Sandy. Waving her hand, two of her young male assistants moved forward and untied Sandy's dress behind her neck and let it slip to the floor. Sandy now stood naked in front of Jack for the first time and was glad that Jack had insisted that she keep her eyes downcast, since she wouldn't have to make eye contact with the eyes she was sure were searing into her naked flesh. Ironically, the six other people who were now in the room, besides Jack and Yvette, all seemed indifferent to Sandy's nakedness and went about their tasks as though she were nothing more than a mannequin.

Sandy's body had not yet adjusted from the cold outside and her body was still flushed red and covered with goosebumps. Sandy's nipples were fully erect and her breasts swelled in and out as she tried to control her breathing, excited at having Jack finally appraise her naked body. For some strange reason, perhaps her vanity, Sandy hoped her body would please him.

"Oh, very nice indeed Mr. Jack," gushed Yvette. "Don't you agree?"

"Yes," said Jack with no discernible emotion. "Bring her here. I want to take a closer look."

The young men had Sandy's hands now and assisted her in stepping down from the pedestal.

"Turn around," said Jack, "and bend at the waist."

Although she felt humiliated, Sandy did as she was instructed and put her hands on her knees.

"Spread her apart so I can take a closer look," said Jack as he looked back and forth to the two young men.

As Sandy stood there frozen, each of the young men used one of their hands to grasp the inside of her thighs and used the other hand to spread her ass cheeks and pussy apart. Sandy was an even brighter shade of red now that when she came in from the cold and involuntarily, almost without thinking, spread her feet and legs even farther apart to give Jack a better look at her moist femininity.

Sandy was bursting with excitement now. She realized that Jack had not yet so much as touched her and she braced herself for the thrill she was sure would accompany his first touch. But the touch never came. Instead, Jack leaned forward and looked closely into her pussy and her exposed ass, taking a deep breath to appreciate the feminine perfume of her moist pink flesh.

As Jack exhaled and his warm breath filled her pussy and asshole, Sandy swooned with excitement as her pussy became even more wet and the juices began to trickle down her thighs.

"Very nice, very nice indeed," said Jack finally as he sat back in his chair. "Fresh as a spring day. It is going to be an exquisite pleasure peeling away the petals from this beautiful rose, one at a time," concluded Jack as Sandy both shuddered and thrilled at the thought of what his words might portend.

Jack motioned to the two young men and they took Sandy's hands once again and placed her in the middle of the pedestal facing Jack. For what seemed like hours, the young men draped various garments on Sandy's body and Jack either nodded his approval or disapproval. The young men continued to caress or knead Sandy's flesh throughout the sitting and the touch of their hands betrayed no emotion, as though they were, indeed, dressing a mannequin in the store window as they quickly dressed her in one piece of clothing after another.

Very few of the garments that Jack selected for Sandy were anything she would have selected for herself, much less worn in public. All the clothing was very revealing and could best be described as provocatively sexy. When Jack was through selecting clothing they were all boxed or bagged up and carried to Jack's car by the young men.

While the young men hurriedly packed up Sandy's new clothing and took them to the car, Sandy stood silently on the pedestal, stark naked facing Jack, who continued to stare at her body intently as his eyes examined and devoured every inch of her body. Although she never looked up, Sandy could feel Jack's eyes burning into her and every passing moment made Sandy more and more aroused.

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