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Getting Bi in Ottawa


"Rupert, my dude, you worry too damn much, I don't care if the boss catches us, I simply love danger," Malik Brown said, and the tall, burly, dark-skinned, ruggedly handsome African American stud grabbed the tall, slender, red-haired and green-eyed British nerd and kissed him passionately. As far as first kisses went, this one definitely took the cake...

All the sexual tension that Malik had been feeling whenever Rupert was around finally came to a boil, and he wanted to show the handsome but awkward British newcomer what he could do. Malik liked being forward, with women and men. Something about Rupert's mixture of shyness and hotness simply drew the brother in, and he wanted some of that milky goodness...

Rupert Norton was surprised by Malik Brown's kiss, but he nevertheless kissed him back passionately. Just like that, the two of them began making love, on a cloudy night, right there in the darkened underground parking lot of the Rideau Mall in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Earlier, they were in the security room in the basement of the Rideau Mall, and Malik suggested they go on patrol. Rupert acquiesced, having no idea what he was in for. And now they were about to fuck...

"That's hot," came a sultry female voice, and Malik and Rupert looked up to see...her. Kayla Yan, the infamously stern supervisor of the security team at the Rideau Mall...and Malik bossy ex-girlfriend. There she was, clad in her light gray uniform shirt and dark cargo pants, a smug smile on her beautiful face as she shined the flashlight on the two hunky security guards who were about to get busy.

"Kayla, boss, I can explain," Rupert mumbled, and he looked at Malik, who remained silent as Kayla came closer. They were totally busted, that's for damn sure. Rupert hadn't known Kayla Yan, for he had only been working for the security company for a couple of months. He'd moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, from his hometown of Berkshire, United Kingdom, only six months ago, to study economics at Carleton University.

"Nothing to explain, Rupert, Malik is a switch-hitter, he's annoying as fuck but he's good in bed," Kayla said, smiling at the clearly uncomfortable Rupert and unfazed Malik like the cat that ate the canary. From the moment Kayla first laid eyes on Malik Brown, she knew that the six-foot-four, burly and broad-shouldered brother from Chicago, Illinois, was trouble with a Capital T. Kayla, a sucker for rough guys, couldn't resist Malik sexual magnetism...

Malik Brown carried himself with the unique swagger common to black males from the United States. The brother from Chicago simply did not let anyone intimidate him, not with their wealth, social status, or background. Malik came to Canada with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Psychology from Chicago's Loyola University, and wanted to become a licenced psychiatrist, hence why he was continuing his studies at the University of Ottawa. When fellow psych major Kayla met Malik in one of her classes at the University of Ottawa, the brother flirted with her and eventually won her over...

"Hello Kayla," Malik replied casually, in that deep, charismatic voice of his. This was the same tone of voice that Malik used on Kayla during nights of passionate lovemaking. Kayla was exactly Malik's type...when it came to females, that is. Lots of black men the world over have a thing for women of the Caucasian persuasion. Not Malik, the brother liked Asian women...

Kayla Yan, Malik's latest female love was fairly unique, in more ways than one. Kayla was a newcomer to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, having been born and raised in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia. Her father Nicolas Yan was a Chinese immigrant, and her mother Helene Wilson was a white Canadian woman originally from Barrie, Ontario.

Tall and curvy, with light bronze skin and long dark hair, her lovely features a blend of Asian and Caucasian, Kayla Yan was quite beautiful, and had a lovely, rather thick rump. This made her totally Malik Brown's type...until he craved something she didn't have. They had a whirlwind romance, going to movies and restaurants, concerts and sporting events, and had an awesome time.

For Kayla Yan, her romance with Malik Brown surprised her because she'd mainly dated white guys and Asian guys prior to meeting the African American stud from the City of Chicago, Illinois. Kayla's friends and family had been quite surprised to see her dating a black guy, although they were cool once they got to know the handsome, educated and charming Malik. If only things had stayed cool between them...

Kayla Yan fell in love with Malik Brown, and he seemed to care deeply for her. Of course, he was bisexual and had to have his manly fun on the side, and this forced Kayla to end their relationship. Of course, they remained friends, and continued to work for the same company. Kayla became the overnight supervisor for the security team at the Rideau Shopping Center, and Malik remained her most dutiful team member...until Rupert Norton came along...

"Malik, you simply can't help grabbing whoever's nearby whenever you get horny," Kayla said, looking directly at Malik, who shrugged and winked at her, then kissed Rupert. Of course, like everyone on the security team, Rupert knew that Kayla and Malik were once an item, and that their split sent shockwaves throughout the security company. Rupert, who was still reeling from his nasty divorce from his ex-wife Debra, who hadn't accepted his bisexuality, could relate to Malik and Kayla's situation...

"Um, perhaps I should go," Rupert said, feeling quite comfortable as he witnessed the back and forth between Kayla and Malik. The burly black stud laid his hand firmly on Rupert's shoulder, holding him into place. With his other hand, Malik unzipped Rupert's pants and pulled out his dick. As Rupert gasped in shock, Malik began stroking him right in front of his ex-girlfriend and current boss Kayla...

"Relax, Rupert, Kayla, why don't you join us?" Malik in that seductive voice of his, which had a habit of causing both women and men to swoon. Kayla looked at Malik, who was stroking Rupert's rapidly hardening dick, and felt torn. She felt aroused by the man to man action before her, and disturbed as well. The two of them were doing their thing in a company car. She should report their lascivious behavior to the company and get them fired. And yet...

"Fuck you, Malik, I'm the boss and you do as I say, now get your dick out or I'm reporting you," Kayla said, hands on her hips. Malik looked at her and sighed, and an amazed Rupert watched as Malik pulled his long and thick, dark dick out of his pants. Kayla nodded in approval and joined the men, grabbing each man's dick and stroking them gently. Rupert looked at Malik, then at Kayla, and smiled nervously. The lady had them literally by the balls...

"You're something else," Rupert said, somewhat meekly, as Kayla got on her knees and began fellating him while stroking Malik dick. Kayla nodded, her lovely head bobbing up and down as she sucked his dick. After polishing Rupert's dick, Kayla turned her attention to Malik. The burly African American stud's thick dark dick tasted just as yummy as she remembered, and she sucked him greedily.

"Hmm, I like the way your dicks taste, fellas, now I want to see you fuck," Kayla said, and Rupert and Malik exchanged a smile, then got down to business. Time for the man to man action to begin in earnest, as far as the bossy lady was concerned. Kayla unzipped her pants and began fingering her already wet pussy as she watched Malik suck Rupert's dick...

"Oh fuck," Rupert moaned as Malik sucked his dick, and the burly brother stroked himself as he pleasured his lover. Kayla felt her nipples harden as she watched a sexy bisexual black man suck a skinny, red-haired white male's dick. She fingered her pussy, and got so turned on that she joined the action. Malik was pleasantly surprised when Kayla got on all fours and fastened her full, sensuous lips around his dick. Just like that, Kayla began sucking Malik's dick like oral sex was going out of style...

"That's nice," Malik paused to say, and both Rupert and Kayla paused to look at him, for they weren't sure which one of them the Chicago stud was addressing. When Rupert came, Malik drank his cum, and he barely had time to catch his breath, for Kayla's deep-throating of his own dick made him cum. Rupert and Malik looked at each other, then at Kayla. The two bisexual studs were hornier than ever, and the lady boss had big plans for them...

"Fuck that's hot," Kayla squealed as Malik took her on all fours, face down and big ass up. Gripping her wide hips, he thrust into her. At the same time, Rupert lubricated his dick after putting on a condom, and then eased his way into Malik's ass. The Chicago stud groaned as a thick British dick popped into his backdoor. Rupert pushed his dick into Malik's ass and at the same time, Malik pumped his dick into Kayla's juicy pussy. For the sexually adventurous trio, the fun was just beginning...

Malik fucked Kayla's sweet pussy for a while, and her screams of passion delighted him. They switched things up, and Malik found himself on all fours as Rupert fucked him, and Kayla resumed masturbating, fingering her pussy and rubbing her erect nipples as she watched the hot man to man fucking. Her pussy was still sore from the pounding that Malik informed her. The two bisexual studs continued with their fun for a while, then finally relented...

"I think I'm going to love Canada," Rupert said to Malik Brown and Kayla Yan as the three of them returned to the security room in the basement of the Rideau Shopping Center. Walking through the deserted food court, they saw one of the cleaners, an older black man, and he smiled at Malik, who winked at him. Another one of Malik's conquests, Kayla thought with a grin.

"We're not getting back together, but if you don't come to my place next weekend and fuck me silly, I'm firing your ass," Kayla said to Malik, as they reached the security room. Malik smiled and nodded, then kissed Kayla on the lips. Rupert looked at the two of them and grinned. After his divorce from Debra, he was more into men than women, but hot women like Kayla were like unicorns. He certainly wouldn't mind another threesome with her...

"Yes ma'am, I aim to please," Malik Brown said to his ex-girlfriend and current boss Kayla Yan, and he even mock-saluted Kayla, causing her to laugh. As Kayla headed to the backroom to look at the cameras, presumably to delete footage of their recent tryst, Malik admired her thick round ass. The brother from Chicago loved a big ass, and he didn't care if it belonged to a female or a dude.

"Watch out for that one," Rupert said to Malik, who shrugged. Sitting on a nearby corner, Rupert laughed and high-fived Malik, who evidently still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend Kayla. Perfectly understandable, given how hot and feisty Kayla was. Rupert then resumed doing actual security work. There was a contractor who was coming by to power wash the local restaurants and he needed to be escorted. Dutiful as ever, Rupert got to work.

"Now you see me, now you don't," Kayla Yan said to herself, as she carefully deleted footage from the security camera. Her own actions surprised her, but what was done was done. Too late to turn back now. The steamy threesome that took place between herself, her ex-boyfriend Malik Brown and the hunky newcomer Rupert Norton was not for public display. On another night, when they were off, perhaps they could have more fun like this, all three of them. Kayla giggled with excitement at the thought, then returned to work. As soon as Rupert was back from escort duty, she intended to yell at him, and Malik, of course...

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