tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGetting Caught Ch. 02

Getting Caught Ch. 02


I could hardly concentrate at school all day thinking about Stacy, and what she had in store for me at 4pm. I got home at my normal time, and quickly showered, and put on my sexiest outfit. I thought I looked hot - short skirt barely covering my tight ass, and a silk blouse buttoned halfway down with a tube top underneath. I decided to wear my favorite thong, and to complete the look my 3-inch high heels.

I arrived at Stacy's right on time at 4pm, but I noticed my new friend had a different look about her. I said hello, but she said nothing as she closed the door. She was looking me over when I was shocked to hear her scold me with "Who told you to dress like a slut?"

I tried to speak, but was met with a slap across my face. I tried to speak again, and was grabbed by my hair. Stacy screamed "You will speak when I tell you too, and you will call me mistress from now on! Do you understand slut?!"

"Yes." I whimpered.

Stacy slapped my face again, and said "Do you understand? You will call me mistress, and you’re my slut!! "

My face was now red, and I was stunned by her actions, but I managed to say "Yes, mistress."

If I thought what had happened so far was shocking I wish I could have seen my face when my top was ripped off, along with my tube top.

Mistress then told me "Undress now slut, and from now on I will tell you what to wear, where you will go, and who you will speak to, and I expect not to have to repeat myself!"

"Yes mistress I understand."

"Good slut. Now undress, and be prepared to serve me."

I got undressed, and was standing nude in her living room, and not sure what to expect next.

"On your knees, slut" mistress commanded, and I got on my knees very quickly."I gave you a little taste of serving me yesterday, and was nice about it, and if your a good girl you will be rewarded, but if you're not look out."

After saying that, mistress unbuttoned her top, and slid off her pants, and was nude standing before me. "I know you want to lick my pussy, but you will start with my feet slut!" I eagerly started licking her feet, and was instructed to start with her toes. I sucked on her big toe like it was a little cock.

I was so busy with mistress' toe I didn't notice that she was rubbing her breasts, and pinching her nipples. I felt mistress grab my hair, and force my face inches from her pussy, and thought it was my chance to lick her pussy, but I was wrong. As I started licking her pussy she grabbed my hair very hard, and asked "Who told you to lick my pussy?"

I lowered my head, and didn’t know what to say when mistress forced me face first into the floor.

"Did you hear me slut? Who told you to lick my pussy?"

I started to say something, but bit my lip as I felt her hand slap my ass hard. "When I ask you a question I expect you to answer me! Do you understand slut?"

"Yes, mistress" I replied, and again she slapped my ass hard, not once, but five times, each time harder than the last. She then grabbed my hair and forced my face into her pussy again. This time I didn’t move as she rubbed her wet pussy all over my face. I wanted to lick her pussy so bad, but didn’t dare to try. I then heard mistress say "nice slut", and was rewarded when she commanded me to lick her pussy. I licked her pussy as she ground her hips into my face. I wanted to make her cum, and could tell she was close to cumming. She grabbed my hair as her body trembled as she orgasmed onto my tongue.

"Very good slut. Now call your mommy, and tell her you will be staying with me tonight."

After saying that she left me in the living room, horny and wet, and wanting to cum. I waited a few minutes, and got up to call my Mom to tell her I wouldn’t be home. After speaking to my Mom I went to find Mistress to see where I would be spending the night.

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