tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGetting Caught Ch. 02

Getting Caught Ch. 02


The Act:

Mindy and Jenni were getting a little closer to each other on the couch with every sip of wine. Their hands started to wander, first lightly petting on each others legs, starting at the knees and then working their way up. Mindy reached Jenni's waist line and pulled her in, close enough to feel each others breath. Jenni ran her figure across Mindy's lips, making them part just enough for her to slip her finger in. Mindy welcomed Jenni's finger, gently teasing and tickling the tip of it before lightly sucking it in deeper.

Jenni's pale finger looked amazing in between Mindy's lush pink lips. Mindy let her hands wander to Jenni's breasts cupping them tightly working her way into Jenni's blouse.

Jenni slowly pulled her finger out of Jenni's mouth and wrapped her hands around Mindy's soft face, pulling her into a deep kiss. Their lips both tasted like the sweet wine they were drinking and they moaned into each others mouth. Jenni pulled away and stood up, taking Mindy by the hand and leading her toward the stairs.

Jenni looked over her shoulder at Tom, who was practically falling off of his seat, she motioned for him to follow them up stairs. Once in the bedroom Jenni moved the computer chair in to a corner for Tom to sit, he obliged and sat down patiently. Mindy sat down on the edge of the bed, taunting Jenni as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, and let loose her front clasping bra. Mindy's breasts heaved to her labored breathing as Jenni leaned forward cupping on breast while taking the other into her mouth.

Jenni slowly worked her hands down Mindy's waist until she got to her pants, she was surprised when she realized she only had to pull on them and her hands were able to slip right in. Jenni pulled down Mindy's pants and kissed her way down her torso until she reached her wet, wanting pussy. She pulled back the hood and began to tease Mindy, first barely touching and then working her way to sucking Mindy's swollen clit into her mouth.

Jenni let her hand wander down her wet slit until her fingers slid into Mindy's pussy. The feeling was familiar and greatly missed; her own pussy began to swell and gush as she let her thoughts run wild. She licked her way from Mindy's clit down to her wet gaping pussy. Jenni lapped at the juices flowing from Mindy and relished in the moment.

Mindy moaned as Jenni probed her and explored every part that she could reach. Then Jenni stood up and went to the dresser, stripping her clothes as she went. She returned to Mindy's side a few minutes later and knelt down next to her. Mindy looked over at her and was surprised to find Jenni's dildo in her face. She opened her mouth and Jenni slipped right in. She let Mindy adjust to the new cock in her mouth. "Does this excite you?" Mindy nodded and muffled a response. Jenni picked it up a bit and started to pump into Mindy's mouth, not really giving her a chance or much of a choice.

Jenni wrapped Mindy's hair up in her hands and held her head steady while she fucked her mouth. Mindy moaned and groaned on the cock. Jenni pulled out and crawled in between Mindy's legs. She placed the thick head at Mindy's opening, making sure to tease her a bit before pushing the eight inch long, three in thick dick into her. When she did Mindy gasped and clung to the sheets and Jenni pumped Mindy's pussy.

Jenni decided that Mindy needed her ass fucked. She turned Mindy over onto her knees motioned for Tom to come over to her. He knelt down by Jenni. She whispered at him "Get the anal lube from the top drawer." Tom obliged and brought the lube back to Jenni and then returned to his seat. Jenni had noticed that Tom was bulging in his pants, ready to burst at any moment. Jenni applied the lube to Mindy's ass and worked it with her fingers for a few moments.

Once she felt Mindy ass relax she pulled out of Mindy's pussy and went straight for her ass. Mindy whimpered when the thick dick entered her; moaning into the sheets as Jenni fucked her ass.

Getting Caught

The surprise:

Jenni slid a glass dildo into Mindy's pussy while she fucked her ass with the strap-on. She felt Mindy's cum squirting from her pussy with every thrust. Jenni could feel her own orgasm build and it wasn't long before she too was gushing cum all over the two of them. Jenni pulled the dildos from Mindy and removed the strap on. She laid down on her back next to Mindy, totally exhausted, hoping that she had satisfied Mindy. Mindy decided to return the favor, she began at Jenni's neck and worked her way down to Jenni's cum drenched pussy.

While Jenni laid there on her back enjoying the soft feel of Mindy's tongue running over her clit, she thought she heard noises downstairs. She knew the boys weren't home and that Johnny wasn't due back until tomorrow night. She dismissed it as the dogs and went back to relaxing and focusing on her upcoming orgasm. Mindy probed Jenni's wet hole with her fingers, first one, then two, and eventually her entire fist. Just as Jenni was in the clutch of an orgasm she heard the door slowly open.

There in the dark shadows of the door stood a very familiar figure; it was Johnny home early and standing there completely shocked at the sight before him. He walked over to Jenni and knelt down beside her. "What is this my love? Who is this?" he said, completely puzzled.

"This is Mindy, we met at the pub tonight. She made me an offer and I just couldn't say no. Are you mad?"

"No, just a little stunned, that's all."

"Good, her husband Tom is watching everything in that corner over there. Please don't be mad, he has not done anything at all. It has just been the two of us the whole time." Jenni pleaded with Johnny, hoping that he would understand.

"Do you like this sight Tom? Does my wife being naked arouse you?" Johnny asked in a gruff and imposing voice.

"Yes, sir. Your wife is a very talented woman from the looks of it. I am more of a voyeur, this a truly amazing sight." Tom stuttered. Johnny laid down on the bed next to his wife and took off his pants. His thick dick was at attention, wanting to be touched and loved. Jenni reached over and grasped her husband's cock, stroking him and moaning as her pussy was being ravished. Then, she felt a mouth cover her husband's cock. She looked over and it was Tom...

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