tagGroup SexGetting Down & Physical Ch. 1

Getting Down & Physical Ch. 1

byAndrew Ryan©

Chapter One: The Nurse's Office

Rachel was frustrated on Thursday afternoon. With everyone in school heading home for the Easter break, she had to get her physical examination for track. Everyone else had theirs last week, but she missed it and could not participate with the team until she had the exam.

However, unbeknownst to Rachel, this physical would be unlike any that she had ever taken before. The nurse's office was at the end of the high school building, put there because it is adjacent to the physical therapy room. No one was left in the school, except the janitor and the nurse. Or so she thought.

When Rachel arrived at the nurse's office, she saw Juan O'Brian sitting there. Her heart simply went "pitter-patter," and she tried to remain calm as she sat down, smiling to Juan. He was a true hunk, the best sprinter on the track team, and an awesome football player. But he was painfully shy. Since they were both 18-year old seniors at Maple High, Rachel had hoped that he would ask her out. But he hadn't even asked anyone to the senior prom -- yet.

Rachel's physical assets were bounteous. She possessed strawberry blonde hair, flowing straight down her back, about 10 inches below her shoulders. Her sexuality was evident to anybody who ever met her. Her face was tanned, a result of some time in the tanning booth. And she was athletic, a tremendous sprinter with long, lean, and muscular legs that guys just drooled over. Her breasts were small, but they were ample for her lean and supple body. She hoped to join Juan at the state track meet later in the year.

She smiled at Juan and said, "Hey, Juan. You have to get your physical too?"

He smiled, and nodded affirmatively without speaking. Rachel appraised his assets. Black, wavy hair, with sideburns to the middle of his ears. Dressed in jeans and a tight blue t-shirt, the definition to his body was awesome. Powerful shoulders, with a lean stomach, abs that were probably like a washer board, Rachel thought. His legs were muscular and well-tanned. He was part Mexican, part Irish. The Irish genes must have been the shy ones, the Mexican, the sexy part.

Then Miss Presley, the school nurse, came out into the sitting room where the two were waiting. "Only two of you?" the nurse asked. "Where's Priscilla Promise? She has to get her physical, too."

This school nurse presented the guys at Maple with an eyeful. She was just out of nursing school and was working on her Master's at the "U," which was located only ten miles from Maple High. She was 24-years old, with long, black, shining hair. The nurse had a stunning figure to match her beauty. The guys in the school were constantly feigning headaches or other similar disorders, just so they could have an excuse to get out of class and visit this foxy nurse.

Miss Presley, who was wearing a tight, white nurse's outfit, then turned to the two athletes, "Doctor Wesley called and said that he had an emergency at the hospital. He won't be here until 5. He told me to get all of the preliminary work done, so let's get moving.

Juan had been furtively sneaking a look at Rachel, whom he adored. But he was fearful that she would turn him down if he asked for a date. She was stunning, dressed in a pair of cutoffs and a tight blue tank top. He suddenly felt himself hardening at the sight of her, but could not take his eyes away from, her gorgeous body.

Miss Presley took the athletes back toward her office. She motioned them to two small dressing rooms, handing Rachel a gown. "Take off all of your clothes and put this on," the nurse told Rachel, handing her the gown and pointing to the first room. "Then I'll come back and get you and we'll get started."

Little did either of the athletes know that nurse Presley had been planning this day for quite a while. She loved lithe, muscular male bodies, but also had experience with some beautiful woman. Jeanie Presley was uncertain whether or not she was bi-sexual, but hoped that this experience would answer some of her questions.

The thought of seeing Rachel in a skimpy gown had Juan hardening down below, his penis starting to press tightly against his jeans. "Here, you take off your clothes and put this on," she said to Juan, unaware of the problem that he was experiencing. "Then I'll come back here and get you, too."

What she handed Juan appeared to be a blue towel, but was a wraparound one that had snaps on it so that you could buckle it around your waist. It offered a little modesty, Juan thought.

So he started moving his hand back and forth as quickly as he could, masturbating, hoping that this would rid him of the embarrassment. He would be traumatized if nurse Presley -- or Rachel -- or anybody -- saw him in this condition. He was a virgin, with little sexual experience, other than a little fellatio and some other action that occurred when he was going into his freshman year in high school.

That first blow job was a story in itself. Suddenly, those video clips were racing through Juan's mind, at a time when he definitely did not want them to.


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