tagGay MaleGetting . . . Educated Ch. 01

Getting . . . Educated Ch. 01


I'd only been in graduate school a week and already I'd let my logic professor smother me with logic enough to get in my pants. (See the previously posted "Logic One Oh Ouch.") I was trudged back to the dorm from that penetrating experience, feeling very down and very sore, hoping that no one would ever learn about my humiliation; angry at the professor, not knowing how I was going to be able to sit in his class in front of him now. Worried about whether and what demands he might make on me for the rest of the semester. I wasn't that way. I didn't want to be that way. Nothing like this had ever happened to me in my safe world—my world before coming across country to this graduate school.

When I reached my dorm room, I didn't even turn on the light. My roommate, Lance, was already asleep in his bed. Or, so it seemed. His covers were rustling, so maybe he was jacking off again. He was always jacking off and always so proud to show off his dick. Granted it was a long one, maybe seven inches, but it was thin and had a crook near the end. He said that just made it all the more enjoyable for his partners.

Under the circumstances, I just felt disgusted and bummed out. And I felt I had to wash the filth of my experience this evening off my body—especially because the professor was right, I had enjoyed it and it was logical that I shouldn't feel any guilt over enjoying it. I hadn't hurt anyone else while receiving considerable pleasure. I grabbed a towel off my rack in the dark and my soap from the basin, stripped down, and headed for the shower.

It was 1 a.m., but steam was pouring out of the communal shower when I arrived. I turned to leave, not wanting to see anyone just now, but a voice boomed from the depths of the shower.

"Who's that? Someone there?"

I recognized the voice of the dorm counselor, Nate, a wrestling scholarship student in his last year of eligibility. He had been real nice in greeting me when I had arrived at campus, my car filled to the brim from the cross-country drive, already lonesome for home. Strange he was using the communal shower, however; I thought he had a bathroom of his own in the counselor's apartment.

"That you, Nate?" I called out. "It's kinda late for a shower, isn't it?"

"Late wrestling practice tonight; trying to get the knots out, but yes, it's late for a shower. What's your excuse?"

"A late dinner at a professor's," I answered, as I tossed my towel on the bench and entered the steam. I could barely make him out on the other side of the shower room, a big, black monster of a man, with bulging muscles everywhere—everywhere but downstairs, though, I could see. His penis, obviously in repose, barely peeked out of his black bush of pubic hair. What was showing, though, showed an extra large, cut head.

"At the professor's? What professor?" he called out to me. He was vigorously scrubbing away under his arms and across his massive chest with a sponge.

"Uhh. Professor Hollings, the logic professor."

A brief pause, and then a snort, "I see."

I wondered what he "saw." I harkened back to the warning I got before I went to Professor Hollings's house, and I reddened up, as I soaped up, wondering just how many people knew about Professor Hollings and his "meetings" with his new students.

I heard the sound of something hitting the floor of the shower and skidding past me into the corner. I looked up, and Nate was standing closer to me, a little smirk on his face. I couldn't help but notice that he was stirring down below. Not long, by any means, but bigger now, much bigger around, and sticking out farther.

"Soap, I dropped my soap," he said with a grin. "It's there behind you. Can you reach it for me?"

"Sure, Nate," I said, and I turned and bent over—and he was on me in a flash. He had his big mitts wrapped around the front of my thighs and was diving for my asshole with his tongue."

"No, Nate, stop that!"

"Ah, I smell the professor's ointment and his scent. He's been up here, hasn't he?"

"Nate! God, get off me!"

"Scream all you like, Pretty Boy. Everyone on this hall knows I take what I want when I want it. Hollings has been in you, hasn't he? He's been fucking you, hasn't he?"

I tried to pull away, tearing at his hands, but he moved one of his hands between my legs and grabbed my balls and squeezed. I screamed in pain.

"Stop squirming or I'll castrate you, right here and now. Gave you that lecture on logic and pleasure, didn't he, and then couldn't hold himself; came almost as soon as he got it in you, didn't he?"

"Nate, no. Yes, yes, he seduced me. What do you want me to say. And I'm here to clean him off me. I don't—"

"Well, tonight you do. I don't care about it being seconds. I've had my eye on you since you rolled in here. Come on, open up again, Baby. Ah, that's better."

He had his tongue in me farther than I thought a tongue could go. And he was working my balls and cock with one of his hands. He left doing that, picked up his soap from the floor, and began soaping up my ass, exchanging his tongue with his fingers. I was huffing and puffing and doing a little screaming, but he paid me no mind whatsoever. I once tried to stand back up, and he slapped me on the butt and told me to stay bent over. Then he just took one big mitt and wrapped it around my belly. He used his other hand to help guide his huge knob of a dick to my asshole, and then he just pushed his way in a couple of inches. I screamed and writhed.

"Com'on. You opened for that old professor. Open up for me. God, you've got a tight butt. The professor was the first, wasn't he?"

"Yes," I whimpered, hoping that he'd have some mercy on me.

"Argh," he yelled, as he grabbed my hips with both of his hands, and knocked my legs farther apart with one of his feet. I slipped on the filmy floor, and grabbed for the floor with my hands to keep myself from falling. I needn't have bothered. He had me well under control with his beefy hands—wrapped around my pelvis on each side, his thumbs pulling my butt cheeks away from my hole.

With another "Argh," he was in another two inches, and I was being split, my ass canal opening to him whether it wanted to or not. And then he just rocked me like a rag doll, his thick dick coming a bit out when I was rocked in one direction and then a bit farther in than before when he rocked back.

"No, no," I was whimpering, but he wasn't paying a bit of attention to me. He continued with this for several minutes, obviously much better at controlling himself than the professor had been. But the steamy water was still on, and it was scalding us. So he just frog marched me out of the shower room into the main bath—without losing his position up my ass, which was quite a feat, considering his cock wasn't all that long. There was a dining-height table up against the wall to the left of the entrance of the shower room, where we all threw our wet towels to go to the laundry. With a sweep of his hand, Nate, sent the accumulated towels onto the floor and slammed me down on the surface of the table on my left side. At the same time he lifted my right leg with his left hand. He was side splitting me now, going to town with his pelvis, pumping me as vigorously as a seasoned wrestler could do. With his right hand, he was roaming my pecs and nipples, abs and stomach, cock and balls. After a couple of minutes of this position, he rotated me up to where my tailbone was barely gripping the edge of the table and my back was arched against the back wall. He held my legs out in a wishbone and continued pumping until I heard a big intake of breath and he pulled his dick out of my ass and shot his load on my stomach.

"Okay, now that was good. Really a nice piece of ass," he said, with a big grin as if we'd both had a good time, "Back to the showers."

I cowered in my corner of the shower until he had washed himself off and left the shower and main bathroom, whistling a jaunty tune. And then I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed myself and dragged my wounded body back to my room.

The lights were still out, and Lance was quiet on his side of the room when I returned from the episode with Nate in the shower. Lance was a snorer, so chances were good that he was awake—that he'd heard at least some of what went on in the shower room. I was so embarrassed and dejected that I should got in my bed naked, pulled the covers over me, turned my face to the wall, and cried as quietly as I could—not just from the pain in my ass, but from the humiliation of my introduction into graduate school life.

I felt a touch on my arm, and someone sinking down onto my bed behind my thighs.

"Tough night?" Lance asked in a concerned and gentle tone.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that," I responded in a hurt voice.

"Hollings and Nate both?"

Silence and then. "Yeah. Both."

"First time?"

"Yeah. Never before."

"So, it must hurt a bit, I guess."


"Here, I have some ointment that will help that. Sorry, but it's the best help I can give."

A few moments of silence and then, "Okay, yeah . . . thanks."

The covers were pulled off me, and I felt cool ointment being applied to my ass. With his other hand, Lance was gently massaging my back. After a while, Lance stretched out behind me, my butt cupped into his belly. His left arm came around me and stroked my chest. He was naked.

"Lance . . . please don't," I started.

"Shush, shush, it doesn't have to be the way you've already gotten it tonight. It can be gentle and soothing." I felt his long, thin cock between my thighs.


He moved up on me, and the tip of his cock was against my asshole and then, ever so slowly and for such a long time, it just glided into me and up my ass canal, farther, ever so farther than either Hollings or Nate had reached.

"Lance . . . No, no," I groaned.

He nibbled my ear and whispered into it, "Give us a kiss." His hand had already found my cock and he was stroking it. I turned my head and we went into a long kiss. Sometime in the middle of that, he began to slowly pump me, sending shivers throughout my body.

Our kiss was broken, and I whispered "Lance, Lance . . . yes, yes, oh yes." At length we had both come, and I drifted off to sleep, still wondering how I had gotten into this position, Lance snoring behind me, his arm thrown across my torso, his crotch nestled into my butt, and his long, slender dick up to the root in my ass.

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