tagGay MaleGetting . . . Educated Ch. 02

Getting . . . Educated Ch. 02


I had been taken sexually by three men within my first week at school. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I let it go for several days and then, when I was on my way to throw some hoops at the gym, I just snapped and found myself seeking out the dean of men students. I didn't know if I could get a walk-in appointment with him, but I felt like I needed to talk to someone about what was happening to me.

I walked into his outer office and encountered another student at the secretary's desk—a well-built blond guy who gave me a smile that made me think that even he knew what I'd been doing—or, rather, what had been done to me—this past week. When I asked if I could see the dean, he asked me my name and said that I was in luck, that the dean had just come back from a practice. I remembered then that the dean was also the college's wrestling coach. And, from the looks of his secretary when he got up and escorted me to the door, he was probably on the team as well, at some middle-weight level.

I entered the office. Dean Seeman was a big, burly guy with heavy muscles rather than fat. He was still in his gym clothes, gym shorts, and a loose T-shirt with a deep scoop at the neck and both of the armholes. He was a real bear, black curly hair everywhere.

When we entered the office, the secretary announced my name, and even before I could say anything about why I was here, the dean pushed his chair out from the desk and waved me over with a beefy mitt.

"Oh yeah. I've been hearing about you. Hollings send you over for my lunch snack? Good man, Hollings." He grabbed me by the hips and turned me this way and that way.

"Uh, no, Dean. It's about Professor Hollings, but he didn't—"

"Said you were a good lay. Said you had a great butt." He pulled my shorts down off my butt cheeks and squeezed them and gave them a good slap. "And a nice tight hole too. He said you had a sweet ass." He had a big finger working at my asshole.

"Hey . . . Ouch!" I cried.

"And Nate said you were a good screw, too, that you liked it a little rough."

Nate, my dorm counselor? Of course. He was a star wrestler at this college.

"Oh Gawd, no," I cried. "I didn't come in here for this!"

"Greg, lock the door and come back and help me with this dude," the dean said to his secretary. "You can strip on the way back, but make it snappy. Here's a rubber." Greg snatched the condom packet out of the air and torn it open as he was shedding his clothes.

I flailed around, trying to break free, but he was a wrestling coach. Probably had been a star wrestler in his day. There didn't seem to be a thing I could do about it. A now-naked Greg got behind me, between me and the desk, stripped my T-shirt up and off me, and put me in a bear hug that had my arms raised over my head and his naked body behind mine. I could feel his cock rising to the occasion at the small of my back. But most of my troubles were in front of me. The dean was sitting in his chair facing me, and while Greg was stripping my T up, Seeman was pulling my gym shorts and jock down and off me. He reached around me and took a tube of ointment from a drawer and got a gob into his hand. He cupped one hand around my balls and the base of my cock. His mouth went to my cock, and his other hand, with a big gob of ointment, went straight to attacking my asshole. I tried to make my legs work, to use them to break free and get out of there, but Greg got his calves wrapped around mine and held me there, like a bow, with my cock out front, being pumped by Seeman.

In just a few minutes, Seeman let loose of my cock, stood up, and shucked his shorts and T off. He was gigantic in every way. He stood there in front of me, rolling a condom on and working his cock and covering it with the ointment, making it huge and thick and slick. When he was satisfied, he sat back into his chair, pulled himself up to me, and grabbed me by the thighs. Greg let loose of me then, and I struggled as best I could, but Seeman just set me down astride his lap, facing him. Our cocks were rising together between us, his larger and thicker than mine. Seeman wrapped one hand around them both and started stroking them together. The other hand, covered with ointment was back to pushing at and up my ass. All three of us were breathing heavy now, with no telling who was or was not sighing and moaning and groaning.

I came in three jerky ejaculations, which seemed to be the signal Seeman was looking for, because he released our cocks, took me by the hips, and raised and pulled me in toward him.

I fruitlessly cursed and pleaded, as he released my hip on one side but only so that he could guide his dick to my hole. And then he just skewered me, split me with that big sausage of his, and pulled me slowly, but steadily down into his lap until my butt cheeks felt his curly pubic hair.

"Lift him up, Greg. About six inches should do it." Greg was quick to respond; he moved his arm lock to under my pecs and lifted me up several inches. Seeman held me in place with his big mitts around my waist, just above my hips, and he started to fuck me, to pump me from below. Long strokes that had him pulling down so that the knob on his huge sausage was just inside my sphincter and then dragging up my prostate the full length and as far into me as he could go. I was gasping and quivering and holding my legs out as far as they would stretch to open my canal up to him as much as possible. And he pumped me for almost forever. Greg was shivering behind me, leaning back on the desk, giving himself room to dry fuck the small of my back. Seeman came inside me with several flinches and ejaculations, and, almost immediately, his cock began to soften. But he didn't withdraw it.

Then, when I felt like I was going to be able to endure this, Seeman pushed me back into his lap, tipped me forward, and wrapped his big arms around my back. My face was buried in the deep, hairy sweaty crevice between his pecs; my cheeks were being gouged by the chains of a heavy gold necklace.

"Now, you too, Greg," I heard.

You too, what, Greg? I thought. But only briefly, because I felt Greg's hands on my butt cheeks and his hardened cock at my asshole, pushing in along the length of Seeman's already fully encased, if soft cock. Somehow he got in. Somehow I accommodated him.

But Seeman began to moan and grunt again as Greg's cock plowed its way up me, once again stimulating Seeman's rod, which began to harden again. I heard and felt him slurping his rehardening cock out of me and saw him opening another condom package for a fresh fucking. Then he was pushing in again along Greg's throbbing cock. Greg began stroking inside me and Seeman's cock moved in countermotion with Greg's pumps. Growing in length and thickness . . . stretching my ass canal to and almost beyond endurance.

"N o o o o," I screamed into Seeman's hairy chest.

"Ahhhhhh!" Seeman screamed above me.

"Yessss," Greg whooped, as he withdrew his cock, jerked off the condom, and came across the small of my back, followed by me coming again against Seeman's hard belly, and Seeman coming again deep, deep inside me.

I was held there, just like a rag doll, for several minutes, while Seeman and Greg kissed above me and slowly returned to steady breathing

Then: "I hear the phone goin' off the hook out there, Greg. Go get it and then we'll go get us somethin' for lunch—in a few."

Then, as Greg padded out the door, picking up his clothes as he went, Seeman tipped me back against his desk, his once-more softened cock still buried up my ass, and I just lay there the small of my back supported by his thighs, exhausted, defeated, my arms flopping down at my side, trying not to concentrate on my inflamed innards. Seeman lifted my legs up so they stretched up the arms of his chair, his torso between them.

"Both Hollings and Nate were right," he said, as he ran his hands up my legs, stopping to stroke my cock and balls a few times, and then on up onto my torso. "You are one nice lay. Nice balls, nice juicy cock, really nice, tight ass." And with this, he took the base of his cock in his hand and rotated it around in my hole. My canal betrayed me by grabbing his club and contracting muscles around it. His cock began to stiffen again. His hands explored my flat belly, my abs, and my pecs.

"Great definition in these muscles," he said. "Athletic. You could be a wrestler. You should come out for wrestling. We have a tight little wrestling group. Your tight ass would be a good addition. What do you say? Come out for wrestling this semester. I could give you some one-on-one coaching."

I whimpered a nearly silent demur.

"What was that you said?" Seeman asked, his hands digging into my pecs, squeezing my nipples hard.

"Yes, coach. Yes, I'd like that."

"We could do this about every day," he said, as he took his cock again and rotated it inside me again. He was recovering, getting bigger. I couldn't help it; I let out a little moan.

I felt numb with the realization that he wasn't finished with me, as he pulled his cock out of me, crowned it with a fresh condom, and worked it back into my ass.

"Would you like that? Would you like me in you, fucking your brains out nearly every day?" He had his hands on my butt cheeks, squeezing them.

"God this is a nice butt," he said. "God, you are a gift from heaven. But you don't got what I got. You want me in you every day, Stud?"

I murmured, but even I didn't know what I'd said. He stood and pushed me back down on the desk top with his pelvis, with his rising cock. He took my legs in his hands, behind my knees and wishboned them out. He pulled his cock out almost all of the way and then glided it in up to the hilt.

"What was that you said? I didn't hear you. You want me to fuck you every day?" Out and then gliding back in.

"Yes, yes," I answered.

"Yes, yes, what?" Out and then in more quickly and more deeply. Then he gyrated his hips, screwing his cock around in me.

"Oh God, yes, yes, I want you to fuck me." Out and then plunge and hip gyrations.

"How often. You want me to fuck you how often?" Out, in half way, out, and then dive in up to the hilt. I was panting and moaning and grunting and trying to get a hold on the edges of the desk to keep from being powered off the other side and against the wall.

"This often. Every day. Fuck me every day, Coach."

"How hard, how deep?" He was pumping me hard now and was breathing hard, leaning into me, his left hand still holding out a leg, but the other one pumping my cock.

"This deep, this hard, Coach," tears running down my face.

"Ahhhhh," he screamed, pulling his cock out, ripping the condom off, and shooting off across my belly. He came down on top of me, roughly taking my mouth in his, grabbing my wrists with his hands and pushing them over my head. After deep kissing me, he moved his mouth down my body, licking and kissing and nibbling down my neck; into both of my pits; across my pecs, giving attention to my nipples, giving satisfied sucking and grunting noises, down my six pack, into my navel, along my heaving belly, through my pubic hair and to my cock and balls. His hands followed behind but stopped just below my rib cage, as he took my cock into his mouth, and gently, but rhythmically sucked me off until I had come again.

Then he rose off me and towered over me as he pulled on his T and his shorts.

"Tell Hollings thanks for the gift, Son. You were great. I don't know how long it's been since someone could get me off three times in one hour. But also tell Hollings that you'll be doing more wrestling this year than studying logic." With a laugh he had turned and swept through the door, not a care in the world, off to a late lunch with Greg. Leaving me to pick up my clothes and my life as I could and to go in search of some more of Lance's cooling ointment.

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