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Getting Even


This is a break from the 3 stories about my wife, My wife wants to write a story about her sister, Mary.

Mary had been married for 5 years and still no children. Her husband, Tony, kept stalling about children until they got a new, larger home. He had a good job except for the fact that once a month he needed to go out of town for a couple of days. What started out to be one night away grew to leaving Friday AM and returning Monday evening. Mary thought about it but didn't really think anything was wrong.

They had just finished talking about children and he decided that yes they were ready and she had gone off the pill now for a month and almost ready to get pregnant.

Now this.....

Tony had left to go to the airport and leave for the weekend. Mary soon after Tony left had to go to the store for some groceries. As she passed one house she saw Tony's car in a drive with the trunk open. She drove to a side street where she could see his can and watched as he came from he house carrying a suitcase followed by a blond. Mary watched as Tony put the bag in the trunk then led the blond to the passenger side of the car and embraced her, and kissed her as she sat in the car.

Mary followed him to the airport where she saw them enter and Tony get the tickets for both of them and soon disappeared down the runway for the flight arm in arm.

The first thing she though as she got into her car was "That's why he is tired and doesn't have time for sex". "I'll get even, I don't know how but I will get even".

Mary was a very attractive woman, age 26, brunette, 5'4", weighing in around 125, and very shapely hour glass figure.

She had to think and headed for home, to herself she said "forget the groceries I have to think this over." She was about 3 blocks from home when she felt the front tire go flat and pulled over to the curb.

To herself she said "That's all I need, a husband screwing another woman and now a flat tire, what next?"

She heard a car stop and looked to see two black men about her age headed her direction saying "You got a problem lady?"

Pointing at the front tire she said "Yeah, it's flat".

The one that talked to her motioned to the car and 4 more black men got out and approached them. Two of them quickly started to change it for her. She stepped back and one man stepped close to her his arm around her waist saying "Please don't get onto the street, and slowly guided her to the curb still holding her at the waist.

As they watched the other two change her tire the one holding her at the waist slowly slide his hand upwards until he was right below her breast. She didn't know what to do mainly because they were helping her, and just as feeling was beginning to her, and pussy was getting wet. Here she thought about Tony and that woman he just left with and her thought "Get even" was strong.

The man there said to her "My name is Rudy and yours?"


His hand know was cupping her breast and squeezing her nipple. AS he was holding one breast the other had took one of her arms and placed it on his crotch and she could feel what felt like his wrist, then realized it was his cock. He released her hand and slowly was unbuttoning her blouse.

By now Mary was in his control and let him do what he wanted. She knew how this would end and she would have a real shock to tell Tony. Her bra came apart and both tits were now bare for all to see.

Rudy called to the others "Look what we have here", as he cupped both of her tits. Then to her he asked "have you ever had a black cock in you".

"No only my husband."

"Oh you are going to like the six of us when we finish changing the tire."

"Do you live near here?"

"About 2 blocks east and my home will be empty until Monday evening."

"Oh guys she going to entertain us all weekend, this is our lucky weekend, lovely lady nice build and willing."

Then tire was now changed and as Rudy guided her to the car she asked him "You and the others can ride with me if you want."

Three of the young black men got into the car with her as the other three got to their own can and followed her. She reached her home and opened her garage door and room for both cars. She stopped and Rudy helped her out of her blouse and bra. she got out of the car topless, and smiling about what Tony would think when he finds that she entertained 6 black men for the weekend.

She led them to the kitchen where she removed her skirt and panties to stand naked for them to look over.

She took Rudy by his hand and told him "I guess your first and we shall all go to the bedroom."

She dropped on the bedand spread her legs.She watched as Rudy stripped and she saw his cock and thought, "He is bigger than Tonys 5 1/2 inch by twice both length and width, So big will it fit, will it hurt?" Naked Rudy wasted no time in getting atop her with his cock headed for her wet cunt. As he slid his cock into her cunt she looked around and saw that the others were naked and she thought "They're bigger than Rudy by far."

One she found out later was 17" long and almost 5" width.

Before the evening was over each of them had put at least two loads of sperm deep into Marys cunt, and another load of cum in her mouth, she loved the taste. She fell asleep with one of them still in her cunt.

She woke and all six were ready for fucking her some more. She smiled at them and told them "OK but when you finish we go to the kitchen for food, then more sex."

The rest of the weekend was spent with one after the other fucking her cunt and ass, feeding

her cum, sometime three at a time.

After they left Monday noon with her phone number and invitation to come when ever they wanted.

She opened the mail and there was a doctor bill and opening it was for her husband and the cost for the vasectomy that was done a month ago. Then it hit her this past weekend she was fertile and she has no idea how much sperm was put in to her, then she smiled and decided not to say another thing to Tony until she knew if she was pregnant, then drop the bomb.

Every day there was at least one of the six black men coming to visit and fuck her which she eagerly did. She told them "If you have a friend bring him along, I want more."

A month later she missed her period and anounced to Tony "Honey, I'm pregnant." The added "Guess your operation didn't work huh."

He looked at her and asked "What operation?"

"Don't act like nothing happened I saw the doctor bill, didn't work huh?"

He tried to find a way to explain but couldn't, Mary then told him "Well just you wait and see what we have,boy or girl."

"By the way are you still seeing the woman around the corner."

"What woman?"

"The blond you have been taking on your weekend trips, not a word Tony I watched you."

Mary was now in her form and getting even, making Tony squirm. "You better tell her I am pregnant and got pregnant since you had your operation and see what she says."

Then she smiled at him and said "In fact you better call her tell her to get over here we have some things to discuss...NOW."

It took Tony a few minutes then her called the woman, Bertha, "Can you come over, important."

He hung up saying "she will be over."

A half hour later there was a knock on the door Tony answered it and escorted her into the kitchen where Mary sat smiling.

He introduced her as Bertha Johnson.

"It seems that My wife is pregnant, got pregnant after we came back a month ago."

Bertha cried out at him "I thought you had the operation."

Mary spoke up "Wait till the 9 months are over and see what the operation did for you and him."

Bertha got up and as she headed for the door said "Forget it Tony I don't want to see you any more." and slammed the door as she left.

For the next 8 months Tony stayed at home except for an over night once. Mary got bigger with the baby soon coming.

Then the baby came and what Mary knew it was a black baby boy. The first thing Tony could say was "How did that happen?"

Smiling Mary then told him. "You remember the weekend you went for 4 days, and I had a flat tire?"


"I met six black men, all young guys that changed the tire."


"Well I invited them all to the house and they took care of my lack of sex, all six of the kept me fill of black cocks and baby making cream."

She continued "And I have kept on meeting them almost every day. So that now I have nearly 30 black men that have filled me with their lovely black cocks."

Since then Tony has tried to be a good father to the boy and Mary has added two girls to the family all black. She has been meeting black men every since and Tony has not been able to stop it, in fact has liked to watch her as she got fuck by the big black cocks go to work on his pretty white woman.

More about Mary and her black men might be coming if I can get her to tell me about them.

One way to get back at your husband huh?????

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by Anonymous02/16/18

Good fucking.

Unusual complications, but I like them. Ass fucking is my favorite, giving it or getting it, either one. I like to fuck a girl and get fucked afterwards by a guy. The combination thrills me, when I'mmore...

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by Anonymous06/23/17


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