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Getting Fixed


Author's Disclaimer and Note: All characters are over 18 and are fictional as are the events presented in this story. I have had this idea for a while. Though creepy, it is quite erotic too.


George Parker was nervous. He was nervous and he was sweating. He had arrived for his appointment at the clinic twenty minutes before he'd been scheduled and was waiting, nervously. He wasn't nervous about the room, with its light tan wall paint or the recessed canister lighting, or even the scenic artwork on two of the walls. He wasn't really nervous about the patient in the room, a man who was reading a copy of some men's health magazine depicting a muscled body that seemed more in the realm of fiction than reality. He wasn't even nervous about the purpose of his visit.

Recently he and his longterm girlfriend Sherri had considered having children. After two miscarriages, it was discovered that George had a genetic abnormality that resulted in something called polymorphism and it had ended his relationship with Sherri. George had decided that the only responsible thing to do was have a vasectomy so that he wouldn't possibly cause any further problems when he had sex. He'd made the appointment earlier that week. He'd arrived and presented his insurance cards, filled out the necessary paperwork, and was now sitting in the waiting room for his consult for surgery. The surgical procedure was simple and straight forward, and it didn't make him nervous. The fact that the urologist was a woman was what was making him nervous.

George didn't consider himself to be shy exactly. At 31 years, he'd gotten over most of his nervousness around women. He could talk to women quite well, even flirt with them with relative ease. George considered himself a decent lover and had not been informed of any deficiency in his physical ministrations to the opposite sex. He'd become fairly comfortable with his body and wasn't bashful about nudity in front of his partners. Yet, the thought of dropping his pants for a woman who was going to touch, poke and prod his most intimate parts and later cut into them had sparked an anxiety inside him he couldn't really quell.

He looked down at his watch again and noted with some annoyance that only about a minute had passed since he'd last checked it. He sat restless shifting his weight and alternating putting his ankle up on a knee. After about two minutes of moving about he grabbed the nearest magazine. The cover showed a striking woman, kneeling before a obviously naked man, hands at his groin while she stared into the camera with a look of intensity. George's face screwed up and he put the magazine back on the small table. He sighed heavily and then looked around self consciously at how loud it had sounded. He looked at his watch. Four minutes until his appointment. He let out a frustrated breath and rose, turning toward the exit.

"Mr. Parker?" came a woman's voice from the door by the reception glass.

George froze, did his best to compose his features and turned to the woman. She was a lean brunette, dressed in medical scrubs that hid all but the barest hint of femininity. He smiled politely, although he was certain it came out as a grimace. "Yes?"

"Dr. Exhaurio will see you now."

He paused only a moment before approaching and following her through the doorway. They moved back through a hallway passing several exam rooms and a bathroom before turning into a a small room with a small counter with a sink and a chair and a small steal stool. The woman indicated the chair with her hand. She smiled kindly at him as she moved to leave.

"The doctor will be right in." She said and then exited the room, closing the door behind her.

George paced nervously as the anxious energy continued to build. As he glanced down at the chair and contemplated sitting he heard the door open and spun round to see the invader. A woman wearing a doctor's white coat over a black and green blouse and black suit pants stepped through the door. She was wearing squared black framed glasses and her dark black hair was in an efficient ponytail. Her build was somewhat slender, but strong. Her skin was extremely fair and her face a strong diamond shape that brought a fierce beauty. But it was her eyes that seemed to draw him in. Her eyes were such a dark brown that they looked almost black. He couldn't look away from her eyes and didn't speak, simply stunned and captive to her gaze.

"Mr. Parker, I'm Dr. Orchis Exhaurio." She said, extending her hand. He took her hand which felt cold to the touch. She closed the door and moved to the stool where she sat, motioning for him to do the same. The spell somehow broken, George sat in the seat.

She looked over a clipboard and glanced up. "Now before we get into the particulars of the procedure, I want to go over a few items with you that are listed on your intake. It says that you have no children. As a measure of precaution, we like to know a little about our patients and the reason they choose to be sterilized and make certain that they have thought it through. There are other means of birth control that are very effective that are not permanent. Despite popular opinion, surgical sterilization is not easily reversed. For this and other minor risks we always want to confirm that this is in fact a decision you have thought through."

As she spoke professionally and candidly George felt his anxiety ebbing, replacing itself with respect for her professionalism and knowledge. He told her of his genetic condition and the subsequent problems it had caused in his personal life and she made some notes on his chart. "I just want to enjoy sex without having to worry if my partner might not be protected."

Dr. Exhaurio smiled sympathetically. "I see you have thought this through and we'll be happy to perform the procedure for you." She smiled reassuringly. "If you would please undress so that we can make certain there are no physical reasons to postpone the procedure."

George stood and awkwardly undid his belt. He opened the button on his trousers and pulled them down.

"The briefs as well Mr. Parker." She said without the barest hint of amusement or jest.

George took a breath and looped his thumbs in the band of his briefs and pulled them down. The air felt cool on his genitals and backside. He avoided looking directly at the doctor and desperately hoped he wouldn't get an erection.

Dr. Exhaurio scooted the stool closer and leaned forward. "Please hold your shirt up out of the way."

As he gathered the front of his shirt up to his belly, her hands moved forward. He expected her to put on a pair of exam gloves, but instead she gently cupped his balls in her cool hands. He tried not to look down as she rolled his testicles one at a time around within his sac, gently squeezing them as she did so. George tried not to squirm as she tugged, prodded and fondled his testicles for longer than he thought necessary. He glanced down to see if something was wrong. The doctor had her head tilted sideways, mere inches from his penis and scrotum. He noted with a minor amount of dismay that he could see down the front of her blouse due to the angle. As he caught a glimpse of the milky white flesh he felt a familiar sensation in his groin and felt his face flush in response. He was mortified as his penis began to fill with blood, pulsing in time with his rapidly increasing heartbeat. His embarrassment was made worse when she gently grasped and lifted it up to inspect the junction between his scrotum and the base of his shaft. Internally, George was trying to decide on an explanation or apology that might down play his embarrassment. He was amount to apologize when the doctor lifted his scrotum and pressed a finger along his perineum. It had been a long time since he'd had sex or even masturbated and the sudden stimulation made his penis jerk suddenly.

"I'm sorry." He paused humiliatingly grasping for words.

Before he could launch into a full apology and explanation of his body's reactions, Dr. Exhaurio released his genitals and smiled understandingly. "It's quite alright Mr. Parker. The male penis responds to external stimulus and an erection is a healthy and natural reaction. There is nothing to be embarrassed about." She scooted the stool back and turned to wash her hands at the sink to her left. "You may put your pants back on, Mr. Parker." She intoned as she scrubbed her hands with antibacterial soap.

George hastily pulled his briefs up and tucked his semi-erect member back into its cloth holder. He then pulled up and re-fastened his pants, putting the belt buckle back in place. Despite her reassurance, he was still mentally kicking himself for his body's physical betrayal.

Dr. Exhaurio dried her hands and turned to him. "We can go ahead with the procedure as I didn't find any palpable masses, irregularities, or external skin lesions." She made a note on her chart looked up at him. "Are you familiar with how this procedure is done?"

George remembered perusing a pamphlet that described the particulars of the procedure but couldn't bring the information to his brain. Instead of admitting this he replied, "Vaguely."

Dr. Exhaurio opened a drawer in the cabinet and pulled out a sheet of paper that was titled Male Sterilization Procedure at the top with a few paragraphs, several bullet points, and a diagram of a testicle on it. "This outlines the basics of the procedure. Like most sterilization procedures, we perform them here in the office. You are fully awake through the process, unless you opt for general anesthesia in which case the procedure is performed at the hospital. We use local anesthetics on the scrotum to block any pain. A slight piercing of the skin allows us access to the vas deferens. Rather than most common procedures where they clip the tubes and tie them off, we use a special extraction procedure that eliminates the cells that produce sperm. Once extracted, we then flush the existing mature sperm cells from your system." She looked up to his face again, and continued. "Typically a male is still fertile up to eight weeks after a vasectomy. Our method reduces the time on average of one-four weeks, although it is likely you will be infertile immediately after the procedure due to our method."

As George mulled the information over, she gestured to his groin. "You will need to shave the area, including the entire scrotum and the base of the penis. If you do not shave prior to the procedure we do charge an additional $200 onto your cost, which is not covered by most insurances. So please tidy up the area before you come in for your appointment."

Dr. Exhaurio stood. "We can get you in as early as tomorrow afternoon at 4:00, if you like."

George nodded and she turned to open the door. "If you head up to the front, my assistant Drin can get you scheduled and provide you with any additional information you may need."

George thanked her, exited the exam room and headed down the hall to reception. Dr. Exhaurio watched him go, her eyes faintly pulsed with pink light. She had felt the hollow needle like teeth behind her canines extend slightly when she'd been inspecting his testicles. She walked slowly to her office and placed the chart on her desk, removing her doctor's jacket. She listened until she heard the sound of clinking bell above the clinic's entrance ring out in the office. A moment later Drin, her brunette assistant, appeared in her doorway.

"I have Fred Jensen in surgical suite one when you're ready." She met Orchis' eyes and smiled. "He just needs to be strapped in."

Dr. Exhaurio nodded and smiled back. "Go ahead and start, I'll be in a just a moment."

Drin nodded and walked down the hall toward the surgical suites. Dr Exhaurio removed her glasses and undid her ponytail and walked toward suite one. She was already salivating before she opened the door, eyes lit with an inhuman pink glow.


George Parker left the urologist clinic with the small pack of papers the doctor's assistant had given him and drove to the drug store where he picked up a razor and a can a shaving cream that touted how gentle it was on bikini trimming and other personal grooming which he only assumed meant one's nether regions. He tried his best to be nonchalant as he paid for his purchases and left the store and picked up some Chinese takeout before heading home. He set down his lunch on his dining room table in the apartment and retrieved a fork from his kitchen before sitting down to his dinner and the paperwork. George was a rather conscientious man and like to be well informed about anything involving his health. The pamphlet described the surgical procedure in a bit more detail than Dr. Exhaurio had presented, but the content was about the same. There were a few research articles at the bottom showing the success rates of this particular procedure versus the standard vasectomy.

His pre-surgical instructions detailed how he should trim his pubic hair short and then how to properly shave to avoid cutting himself with the razor. He read further, noting the recommendation for drinking plenty of fluids to remain well hydrated the day of the procedure which he found a bit odd as he worried about having to go to the bathroom in the middle of a surgery might be difficult given the circumstances. As he reached the end of the instruction sheet he was taken aback by the last instruction. It read in bold letters: "Do not engage in any sexual acts the day before or the day of your surgery including but not limited to: oral sex, intercourse, or masturbation as this may increase the length of the procedure."

George stared at the last instruction and frowned. Why would sex beforehand lengthen the procedure? He couldn't think of a reason that it would affect the surgery. Shaking it off, he finished his supper and prepared a bath. He stripped and used a small pair of scissors to trim all of his pubic hair to stubble before applying the shaving cream. He pulled the skin taut and began the sweep of the razor. As he finished he was thankful for the instructions as he'd succeeded in shaving his genitals without cutting himself.

He sank into the bath water and let the warmth flow into him. The lack of hair on his scrotum felt odd and his skin felt porous and sticky. As he washed himself he felt the familiar feeling of blood rushing into his penis and he nearly succumbed to the urge to touch himself before remembering the wording on the pamphlet. He did his best to avoid touching himself for the rest of the evening, but it seemed that everything, including his under ware rubbed against his now smooth skin and kept causing an uncomfortable erection.

As he slipped into bed, he tried not think about how the sheets felt on his newly shaved skin. He'd always slept in the nude since living on his own and no matter what position he shifted to, the feeling of something rubbing his most private areas was extremely difficult to ignore. After tossing and turning he drifted to sleep, remembering the doctor as she performed her inspection earlier that afternoon but with a strange difference. She was smiling at him but something was wrong with her mouth, more specifically her teeth, but he couldn't place it. A feeling of dread yet excitement washed through him and his mind filled with hazy visions of the doctor on her knees in front of him doing something entirely unprofessional to his testicles. He shifted uncomfortably around the bed with a full on erection rubbing against his sheets until sleep finally rescued him from his torment.


George Parker woke with the most uncomfortable erection of his life. He lay on his back still foggy from sleep, but undeniably aware of his morning wood. He glanced down to find that he'd somehow tangled himself in his satin sheets, or more precisely, tangled his erection. The sheets seemed twisted around his member and every move seemed to caress his sensitive flesh. He began to untangle the mass of material, every tug making the silky material slide back and forth on his raging hard-on.

As his sex became visible he was momentarily shocked at its lack of hair before remembering the previous evening's shaving. He just wasn't used to seeing his penis and scrotum devoid of any covering. He got out of bed and uncomfortably pulled on a pair of gym shorts going about his morning routine. He opened the refrigerator and noted that he needed to get to the store as the selection was rather sparse.

He'd taken both this and the following day off to allow for recovery time after his surgery. George looked at his watch, noting that it was a little after 8 and decided to workout for a half hour. During his workout, he noted with consternation that he kept getting hard whenever any material touched his penis. He opted to skip his run. He stripped and showered, in cold water, finally feeling his erection subside. He dressed in a pair of tight fitting briefs and then headed out to the grocery store.

The day was a blur and George glanced at the clock and knew he was going to be late if he didn't leave immediately. He was in his car an instant later.


As George Parker pulled into the parking lot of the clinic, he noted that there were very few cars left. He parked near the door and locked his car. As instructed he was wearing loose fitting pants briefs. He glanced around, but there was no one about and he entered the clinic. The silence seemed loud, almost like it was forced. He made his way down the corridor until he reached the entrance to the urologist suite. As he entered the small waiting area he glanced up and noticed the same woman sat behind the desk dressed in medical scrubs as before but with some kind of small pictures in random intervals.

He approached the reception desk and signed in on a sheet of paper clamped by a clipboard. She glanced at the clipboard and looked up at him with a friendly smile. She walked around to the door leading to the exam rooms and opened it, motioning for him to enter. "Let's go ahead and get you back, Mr. Parker."

He nodded and walked through the door and paused, allowing her to lead him back. They walked down another corridor until they came to a door labeled "Surgical Suite One" which she opened and stepped aside for him to enter. As he walked past he glanced at her scrub top and did a double take. He had been sure that the pictures on the scrub top random blue and pink human figures in various sex positions. He blinked and looked again but all he saw was blue and pink shapes that didn't resemble humans at all and there was certainly nothing lewd about them.

Drin noticed his shocked look and smiled. She asked cheerfully, "Did you read all the enclosed information about the procedure?"

George was still a bit startled by what he thought he'd seen that he simply nodded.

"And you shaved your testicular region and the base of your penis?"

George felt his face flush and again nodded.

"Great! I just have a few forms for you to initial and sign." She pulled another clipboard from one of the drawers and handed it to him. It was nearly a centimeter thick. The title of the first page read "Consent and Disclosure of male sterilization procedure with related risks, rights, and responsibilities of the patient." George began to read the paperwork, always wary of any agreement he didn't fully understand. He read most of the first page before glancing up. His eyes opened wide as he looked at the scrub top again. The human figures were back and to his utter amazement and shock, they were moving. He stared at the scrub top as the figures on it engaged in sexual acts, like an erotic animation on a cloth canvas. He blinked and they were back to being unmoving geometric shapes.

Drin pointed to a place on the page and he looked down at the signature line. "Is everything okay, Mr Parker?" She asked.

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