tagIncest/TabooGetting Frisky

Getting Frisky


This story, as is all stories, isn't written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you're welcome, if not, thank you for visiting.


My name is Bob. I have a sister. Her name is Hanna. I'm 19 and she's 18. We have a mom and dad. Her name is Mom and his name is Dad. We're into the summer months about three weeks. In the fall I'll be off for my second year of fighting the books and Hanna the Hyena will be off for her first year of fighting the books.

H the H is out for the evening and mom and dad are just finishing up supper. I already ate pizza. I sit down and say, "I would like to talk about something."

They both say, "Sure. What's up?" Standard family saying.

I pause for a few stretched out moments and say, "I think the very last thing any of us want is for Hanna to pop up at supper and say, 'Oh, guess what! I'm pregnant! Isn't that great!'. Blank stares. I have their attention I think. I keep going. "She's getting a little frisky. Actually it started about a month ago. I think she's using me to experiment on and I thought it better if I let her experiment on me rather than her experiment on somebody else and one evening making that kind of statement.

"I thought as a family we should take care of each other. I wanted to let you know so you'll be careful about accidentally seeing or hearing something and saying something. She would think I told and she would never trust me again. No more sister."

Mom says, "What do you mean by 'frisky'."

"Well." I said. "She started accidentally catching me in my shorts in the bathroom or my bedroom and then doing the same in her underwear. Once she was topless but had a small towel covering up. She's been coming over and chatting about stuff, climbing on the bed, close. She wears those really small knit shorts that you can see right up. She caught me in the shower once."

We have a joining bathroom. She has her own sink and cabinets and I have mine. The shower is on my side of the bath and the toilet in the middle, storage cabinets on the other side. Both doors lock and we have a system of use which has been thrown by the wayside lately.

"Wow, that must be fun," Dad said. "I wish your mom would do more of that. She's always changing in the closet and cutting the lights out."

Mom almost took the bait but smiled and said, "It's fairly normal at her age. Maybe late for her age. Bob, when you and Hanna were about eight or nine or ten your dad and I had a conversation about this. We decided with a boy and girl almost the same age situations might develop. Hanna was started on the pill as soon as it was feasible. She can't get pregnant. I keep track.

"We also decided that if the two of you got together we would stay out of it and let you have fun. That's one of the reasons our bedroom is on the lower floor and yours are on the upper floor at the other end of the house. Also the noise level would be much lower. If there was a serious problem it would get noticed and we would all settle it and come to an agreement. Both of you have been great."

Dad said, "She's grown, you're grown. She's your sister. Take a look at everything and see what you're up against. If you think one of us should get into it let us know. We can get a handle on things and keep you two together family wise. Otherwise you might see if you can supply enough to satisfy her. She'll be off to school soon and new friends will probably pop right up. Meanwhile, if she gets to be a handful find some saltpeter. Probably works for girls too."

Mom almost blushed. Mona Lisa smile there.

Neither one actually said it but I think the message was 'Man up'. I suppose the first thing was to find out what she wanted. I could get ahead of her and see if she backed off. So far she was just sneaking peeks and fishing. I was pretty sure 'let you have fun' was parent talk for sex. May be something there. I would leave that to Hanna and follow her lead. But she's my sister and I'm her brother. She knows I'm her brother. But she's still fishing. Looked nice in panties and a towel, shorts too.

I thought, 'wonder what she's like in bed. I wonder if she wears a night bra. Is there such a thing as a night bra? Why would a girl wear a night bra? So she wouldn't sag. No other reason. Can you sag in bed? Sure you can. Do guys sag? Sure they do but that's a good thing. Probably why they don't have dick bras. I gotta get a handle on this. Now dads got me doing it'.

So a couple of evenings later Hanna comes over to my bedroom and climbs up on the bed. I'm running my tablet. I turn it off and look up. She's got this pair of long pants in her hands and she's fiddling with the zipper and she's wearing a normal top and some of those really short pants. Not underwear. She shifts her leg around and I can almost see right up. There's some kind of shadow there but I can't quite make anything out.

She looks at me and says, "I think my zipper is broken. Can you take a look at it. I really like these pants. They fit very comfortable except a little tight in the hips. They were really hard to take off with the zipper up but I finally wrestled them down. They were so tight they pulled my panties down when I worked them off my butt." She hands them over.

I take the pants and start to look at the zipper and she gets up and goes over to my bookshelf. I turn the inside of the zipper out, all the way down to the crotch area and out comes the inside crotch of her panties with my fingers right in the middle. Like she forgot to take them out but who's complaining. My dick is up and she's not looking so I take a sniff. Now my dick is really up.

"Think you can fix them? I can probably take them over to the cleaners if not," she said. She comes back to the bed and climbs right up beside me. I had already turned them back the way they were so she wouldn't know I knew about the panties.

"Sure, I think I can fix them," I said. "I gotta get something to merge the things back together so It'll zip. Leave them here and I'll get to it soonest." I still can't see up her pants clearly. I have to look up past my eyebrows with my head bent down at the zipper so she won't see me looking.

She says, "Ok." She splits. I wait until she's gone, really gone, and play with the panties. I wiggle the zipper back and forth and up and down and get it working fine. I figure I can keep them until the next afternoon and hide them under the side of the mattress.

Later on mom and Hanna are hanging out in the kitchen and mom says, "How's Bob doing?"

Hanna looks up and says, "What do you mean?"

"You know," she says. "He's away from his friends at school and most of his friends here are off getting their life going and he's probably a little lost. You'll probably be that way next summer. You might spend some time with him and see if he needs cheering up. I know it's not easy, young men are strange creatures. Your father was. It took me some time to get him trained."

"Trained," Hanna said. "Why were you training him. What did you train him to do?"

Her mom turned around with her mouth open and said, "Oh, maybe I shouldn't have said that. I don't know why I did. It doesn't apply to you and Bob. It just came out. Sorry."

"Oh no mom," she said. "You're not getting off that easy. Out with it."

Her mom came and sat down across the table. They were having tea. "Hanna, men instinctively only have two things on their mind from when they're born, breeding and hunting. That's it. They have to learn everything else. School replaces hunting. They get food from working. But they don't have a clue about females other than basic breeding so we have to teach them.

"Somewhere the man you'll have is being taught by someone else. It won't be exactly what you want when you get him but it helps. We all do our part. You can do your part with your brother. Whatever you're comfortable with. If nothing then that's all right. Be true to yourself. Think of him as someone's knight in shining armor. Rounding off some of his rough spots might be fun. Think about it."

The next day, early evening, Bob was in the shower when Hanna came in and standing where he couldn't see her said, "Bob, I have to get a shower now or I'm going to be late. How long are you going to be?"

"I just got here," he said. "Can't you wait five or ten minutes."

"No, I can't wait that long. I'm going to be late," she said. "Turn around and look the other way and stay turned around." He did. The shower door opened and closed and she said, "You stay turned that way. My back is to you. Take your shower and I'll take mine. Give me the soap and my scrub pad." He did.

The water ran, they showered, occasionally their bottoms touched and they jerked apart. Eventually she said, "Could you scrub my back. It's a lot easier than me trying to reach it. He said 'sure' and turned around.

Hanna was 5ft9, normal size with nice waist size, flat stomach, and slim butt. Her hair was neck long and very nice chest adornments. Bob was 5ft11, normal size with some workable muscles showing.

Water was running down her back and down her buns and right down her butt crack. Her shoulders seemed a bit wide and he could almost see a slope of one breast. Her lower back slid outward into her buns towards him. He moved back slightly blocking the water, besides, his dick was coming up. He soaped her all the way down to her buns and started scrubbing with her scrub pad she handed back.

She started to move forward and he slipped an arm around her waist with his hand clamped on her stomach, low, little finger just up from her tuff. He said, "Don't slip and fall." He had also moved so the front of his thigh was against the side of hers, his dick right across her buns but not touching, much. He could see one breast nicely even with her bent over a little. Scrubbing her back took a little longer. His dick lightly whapping her buns occasionally. He was about at the top of her butt crack and she said, "Could you wash my buns while you're down there?"

Bob said 'sure' and he soaped her buns and then scrubbed. When he was almost done she said, "You don't have to if you don't want to but could you wash my butt crack?" Bob said 'sure, ok' and she spread her legs a little bumping into his sack. He ignored it for at least a millionth of a second then his dick got harder. The foreskin slid down under the ridge. There was a lot of soap which made it slippery.

She bent a little more so he had room and tilted her buns back and up. She might have been leaning over a little too far but he held her nicely with his hand where it was. Her middle section was sandwiched between his hands. Her lips and eyes were closed and she breathed deeply through her nose. He took the small bar of soap and rubbed it thoroughly up and down her butt crack, maybe a little lower, a finger or two pushing the soap. He wanted to do a good job.

When it was properly soaped he took the scrub pad, which was a light mesh affair, and gently scrubbed up and down her butt crack, sides and middle, maybe way down. Every time the scrub pad touched her pussy she pressed her lips tighter and weathered it. He hit his dick with the scrub pad almost every time he went up and down her butt crack.

When he was done Bob said, "Can you do mine?" A bit of a pause and she said, 'sure, turn around'. He said, "Ok." She turned and started soaping his back and scrubbing with the same scrub pad. When she got down to his buns she paused again and nobody said anything. Finally she started to soap his buns and scrubbing. When she was done she noticed him open his legs and bend his buns back and up. She almost bent down to look but she didn't know if he did so she didn't. She wouldn't have seen anything. He was up and his sack was very tight.

Another pause and he felt her hands soaping down his butt crack. He inadvertently squeezed his buns closed a little bit causing her hand to slip outwards but not all the way out. She ignored it and kept soaping. Way down. She got the scrub pad and started scrubbing up and down his butt crack. Way down. She was washing all the way under and up to the bottom of his sack. Her breathing was a little ragged, like his.

She said, "Move over. I'm going to rinse off. I'll let you know when I get to the door. He did and she did. He spent some extra time in the shower. She breathed heavier while getting dressed. 'That went really well', she thought.

Two evenings later she heard him getting into the shower. She had waited and listened. She went through his bedroom and into the bathroom again. She stood in front of the shower, full frontal nudity. She said, "Bob, can I take a shower with you?"

He said, "Are you late again?"

"No." she said and stood waiting.

He turned around and looking at her for a few moments said, "Sure," and gave her room and in she went. Her breasts were breathtaking and her tuff was terrific. He could see her ridges below the tuff. They flared out and disappeared down under. She quietly took in a big breath and let it out in a very controlled manner when she saw his dick. It was about half up and climbing. She looked up into his eyes and he was smiling so she did too. She turned and bent over and got her soap and scrub pad. Turning back she saw his dick was full up. Bending over must have done that.

She reached a hand up high and rubbed soap under her arm pit and switched and did the other one, rubbing her tits and nipples with her arms as she went. She was struggling at the sight of his dick, it must be eight or nine inches and bigger around than she though it would be. She actually had no idea it was that size, even after all these years.

She glanced at him a lot, front and buns and side and he did too. Their hips touched and their rumps touched and his dick hit one of her hips now and then. It was standing up at a pretty steep angle so it didn't swing as much as she thought it would. They didn't jump back from each other this time, an unspoken agreement. He washed high and low and she washed high and low, neither wanting to be seen playing with their stuff.

At about the right time she said, "Would you mind if I washed your front? You can tell me if I miss something."

He slowed down and turning slowly said, "I think that would be great. It won't break and it won't hurt but try not to scrub a lot right on the top if you don't mind. Just treat it like an eyeball." He was smiling and she liked that.

"Ok," she said, "I think I can do it better from the back. I'll have better leverage that way." With soap in one hand and her scrub pad in the other she got behind him. They were almost the same height and she wrapped her arms around and slid her hands right down into his crotch below his balls. Her tits were planted into his back and her thighs were comfortably against his. He could feel her tuff messing with his butt crack.

She started soaping his crotch and worked up into and all over his sack. She soaped his pubic hair and the skin area all around then ever so softly scrubbed everything with her scrub pad. When she soaped she slightly pressed him backward into her with her other hand and did the same when she switched to the scrub pad. Doing both made her hips move around his buns and her nipples and tits around his back. Twice she felt him thrust up slightly.

Then she held the top of his dick under the ridge with two fingers reserved for the scrub pad and soaped around and up the shaft. She was surprised how easily the outer skin moved up and down and how hard it was and how soft it was. He thrust slightly twice again. She switched hands and ever so softly scrubbed around and up his shaft.

She stuck the scrub pad in her butt crack and held it there. Holding the shaft about middle way she soaped his dick head and, pulling the shaft down, the inside of the foreskin towards the top. Putting the soap in her soap disk and using just her fingers she washed all around his foreskin, still pulled down, and started on the head. He emitted a soft groan and she felt a slight thrust and his butt squeeze when he did that, a couple of times.

She washed the head carefully with her fingers, down under the ridge and along the pee dimple and then once more. She said, "Is that ok? Did I do it right?"

He said, "Yes, I couldn't have done it better myself. Thank you. You did a great job."

"Good. You rinse everything off and if you want you can wash my front. I think I'd like that," she said.

He rinsed and they swapped places.

She said, "Uh, put your, uh, dick, uh, wherever it's comfortable, high or low. It'll be fine."

"Ok," he said, "I don't know exactly how to wash some places. You'll have to let me know when I get there."

Breathing more deeply she said, "Ok."

He pressed in and slid his hands around about at her tuff. Evidently he was going to work from the top down. He was in tight and his dick was up her butt crack, sticking out the top. She opened her butt up and it sank in nicely. She squeezed him a little. He liked that and thrust up her butt crack and back about an inch for a 'thank you'. She smiled and he smiled.

He took the soap and started on her tuff, being sure to get it nicely soaped and all the area left and right and up a little. Moving down slowly he worked on her hood and fully left and right and slowly on down to her clit front. His fingers worked the soap in good.

She said, "Put two fingers on either side on the hood way down near the end and pull back. The clit will be uncovered. Use a couple of fingers and wash it all around. It's very sensitive so I may get a little excited." She held her breath a couple of times until he finally finished. That was very erotic.

Moving on down he soaped her crotch on both sides of her folds and then up the folds on both sides then down the top to the bottom. Through all this she was mindful of his enormous dick in her butt crack. She still couldn't believe the size of that thing. The head was like a balloon and she saw that large ridge all the way up the underside. Her nostrils were flaring.

When he finished down the top of the pussy she said, "We need to move so the shower can wash away all the soap." They did, with him thoroughly clearing away the soap. She said, "Pull one side open and rinse down inside all around. Be thorough. There are other folds down in. Go all over and from up all the way to the bottom. Always wash with clear water down in and around the entrance to the vagina. You can dip a finger in if you want, you know, to wash it a little."

He pulled one side open and slid a couple of fingers in and ran them everywhere he could, water cascading right on. He went slow to do a proper job. She was pressing her butt crack back against his dick and he was thrusting up and down lightly. It was great fun for both. Neither wanted to stop. She spread her legs a little more and her crotch our a little more. He pushed his hips in tighter and slipped a finger in. It was a tremendous sensual flood and they both moaned. They continued that way for several minutes with the shower head hitting right on her clit.

She got her senses back and slowly straightened up and turned. She wrapped her arms around his neck and planted her breasts right in his chest and pressed her clit right on his dick. "Bob," she said, "Right now I'm a virgin. I don't want to be. When I get to college I don't want to have to join a bunch of teeny boppers in panties playing spin the bottle to learn about sex play. I want to learn as much as I can so I can handle whatever comes along.

"If you can go really slow for one or two or three times to get me started I would like to spend the summer having sex. You can teach me what you like and I can teach you what I like We can use my bedroom as well as yours for a change. If there's something we can't figure out we can ask mom or dad. They'll be thrilled." She gave him a really nice erotic kiss and spent a few moments grinding into his dick. "Think about it and let me know." She got out of the shower, got a towel and left.

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