tagHow ToGetting Her In Bed Ch. 02

Getting Her In Bed Ch. 02


A continuation on how to get your girlfriend or wife or fiancé to be more amenable to your advances.

Ok, so we've gone over not expecting sex for the sweet things you do. Now, what about other times?

Well, to start off with, again, STILL don't expect sex. There's nothing sexier.

Now I'm going to talk about using your friends and her friends to help you in your pursuits. First of all, don't ask for their help. That's not what I mean, instead you're going to demonstrate to them just how great you are.

Compliments are fantastic when they come from you, they're even better when they're done in front of an audience. Think about it, your girl is standing there looking absolutely gorgeous in front of all your friends and you bellow out, "There's my gorgeous one! You look so fucking hot! Come over here and sit on my lap!" You think she's going to say NO??? Absolutely not! She's going to walk across the room strutting her stuff knowing that all eyes are one her, that all the men are now checking her out and all the women are wishing that their men had done the same thing.

Compliments. Compliments, compliments, compliments. Ain't no faster way to a woman's heart when you are constantly saying how damn fine she looks. And if she's not looking damn fine, pick something else. Brag about the fantastic dinner she made you the night before, or the new hurdle she's jumped over at work, something in her life that not only shows that you paid attention to what she said but that you are proud of her for it too. Public regard that makes everyone else look at her enviously and see her as something great is going to make her feel great. And it's going to make her feel grateful... to YOU.

The best way to get sex is to make a woman FEEL sexy. Who wants to have sex when they come home from a hard day's work, have a lackluster dinner, hang out with your friends doing the same old things and then crawl into bed? Parties and get togethers are the PERFECT time to start putting the moves on her. Now, especially if she has nothing wrong with PDA, make sure that you can' t keep your hands off her! Notice the sexy way her shirt clings to her breasts or how firm and round her ass looks, make sure to look at that sparkle in her eyes, the shine of her hair, think about what you'd like to be doing to her right now. See her inner sex goddess. Now, obviously if she's not into PDA or she considers it rude then keep it low key. Little touches, just so that she knows that you think she's absolutely so freaking sexy that you can't keep your hands off her. Just know the boundaries and don't push them.

If your woman is a little bit of an exhibitionist then you'll have no problem. Maybe even cop a feel or two through out the night... and when she flirtatiously protests flirt back... "I just can't help myself, you're so sexy" (try to say it loud enough for her friends to hear), a wink, maybe another quick caress around her waist and then make sure that she catches your eye on her often.

One thing to NOT do. DON'T brag about her prowess in bed, not when she's there. Chances are, this will just make her extremely embarrassed, not to mention that she'll probably then just think that you're trying to get in her pants. Which you are, but when it's obvious it ceases to be sexy. Just because you're attached to us doesn't mean that the flirtation and the games have to end. The chase is what made it fun in the first place, YOU CAN STILL CHASE. Try to be subtle, to tease, to flirt, make her feel special, give her that little thrill of being admired and wanted.

On the way home make sure that you mostly keep your hands to yourself, eye her a lot, compliment, tell her how the guys all said she looked incredible and they were jealous. Any little tidbits to up the ante on how special and wonderful she feels. Hell, if you can do it, find a copy of "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton and croon it to her on the way home. It's cheesy but it's romantic and if you do it playfully then she'll think it's even more so.

Or, if you were hosting, help her clean up, get everything just put enough away and all the while doing all the talking about how your friends were jealous and all (which chances are they will be since you were pointing out all her great qualities all evening) and thought that she looked great, etc. Either way, make sure to kiss her and thank her for a wonderful night, hold her, maybe even try to slow dance. She may giggle and protest but trust me, there's nothing cuter than a guy trying to dance when there's no music around. Have fun with it and don't try to make it sexual. Not yet.

When it's time to go upstairs and go to bed, do more kisses and insist on undressing her... NOW it's time to get sexual. Chances are she'll be so prepped from feeling so special and wonderful that she'll want to feel even more special and wonderful by having you back up all those words with some actions.

Now obviously I'm not going to claim that this is going to work all the time. But if you sincerely put effort into it, really try to find the things that are going to make her feel good when they're paraded in front of people, and keep to her boundaries, you are BOTH going to be feeling good. Better believe it, she's going to be reciprocating all night too, and nothing makes other people more jealous that people who are showing just how firmly in love they are without actually flaunting it.

Use the friends. Make sure some of her girlfriends over hear you bragging about how beautiful and accomplished your girl is, find the things that you know will mean the most to her when she's complimented on them. Say them to her, say them in front of people, draw attention to her inner sex goddess - and possibly be prepared to fend off some competitors. Even if they're not real competitors, a little bit of possessiveness on your part can be VERY attractive. But just a little, don't overdo it.

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