tagHow ToGetting Her In Bed Ch. 03

Getting Her In Bed Ch. 03


As you may have noticed, the first two chapters of these instructions have stressed on major thing: in order to get a woman into bed, STOP TRYING to get her into bed.

I'm going to continue that with this chapter, but in a slightly different manner. This chapter (third and final) is about how to get her into bed by getting her into bed. Not by ignoring, or pretending that you don't want sex, not by using little tricks.

Now, I have a few words of caution before we go into this.

1. THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK ALL THE TIME. For several reasons.

2. When you do this you must do it during an opportune time. Do not attempt this when she is angry, extremely stressed, etc. Choose a time when she's in a GOOD MOOD. Or at least a non-negative one.

3. Don't interrupt anything important.

4. If there was a time in her life when she was the victim of some kind of forced sexual activity... use this warily and with respect for that.

Let's look at the difference between "I'm trying to get you into bed with me" and "You're getting into bed with me."

Well, the first statement is a bit of a defeatist attitude. It says, if this doesn't work then I'll just go away and deal with it. WE CAN SMELL YOUR DOUBT. Trying also tends to lead to begging, whining and other unattractive attempts as the trying slowly fails.

When you approach her with the attitude of your getting into bed with me, you come off as arrogant, self-centered, extremely confident... and all in all actually pretty damn sexy. For one, the attitude is there. The confidence is there. The whole bad boy persona is there. NICE GUYS CAN DO THIS TOO. In fact it's TWICE as sexy when a nice guy does it.

Now, DON'T take the attitude of, "You're doing this because I'm so sexy". No. The correct attitude is, "We're doing this because YOU'RE so sexy that I need you now. And I'm so sexy that I'm going to get you, NOW."

You need to have BOTH components of that, insufferable arrogance is NOT sexy. Confidence surrounded by the emotion that you can't wait a moment longer, than you need us here, now and one the closest reasonably comfortable flat surface... well can you see how that would be flattering? The image that you give her is that she is such a beautiful, sexy, wonderful, erotic woman that you can't hold back... I mean, come on!

But you do have to make sure the timing is right. If you can get her on a day when she's feeling slightly depressed and/or unattractive, THAT'S EVEN BETTER.

The way to do this is to just come onto her, with lust in your eyes, and hands all over her like an octopus. Pull her into your arms, securely and confidently, as she laughs and tells you no or tries to push you away, IGNORE HER. There ARE some times when No means Yes... and other times when No can be changed to Yes. Please though, do not take this essay as an excuse to force your sig other when they truly don't want to. You should be able to tell from their voice. If there is a hint of laughter, a bit of a smile, or they try to make excuses, GO FOR IT. If there is NO amusement in their voice, they try to push you away or they start crying, BACK OFF AND START APOLOGIZING IMMEDIATELY. In the apologies, include many reasons why they were just so sexy that you couldn't hold back, and ask if this is just something they NEVER want you to do or if this just wasn't a good time.

Anyway, to continue. Once you have her in your arms and she's either laughing protest or wrapping her arms back around you, take her to a near reasonable comfortable flat surface.

Now, this CAN be a good way for you to get a quickie... my advice for you would be not to use it for that. Draw it out, make her love it... you may get it reciprocated at some later point *wink*.

Bring in the passion, bring in the sexiness... if you can get her up to a bed and proceed to ravish her. Don't tell her "Yes" don't say "You can do it later", don't answer ANY of her protests, just keep kissing, making noncommittal noises and take her.

This is the equivalent of the romance novel. Handsome strong man sweeps beautiful and sensual woman over his shoulder, carries her up to the bedroom where he proceeds to make her his. THIS IS A TURN ON... but don't overuse it either. Seriously though, it's the white-knight fantasy, the fairy tale prince. Sweep her off her feet and don't take no for an answer. In fact, stop her protests with kisses. It's hot.

Anyway. I hope that these three how-to's have helped =) I'm going to be writing some for your women too! So get them online to read when they come out, the first one will be called, "Getting the Lover You Want" =D

Thanks for reading!

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