tagLoving WivesGetting Her Ready

Getting Her Ready


"I think I hear him knocking," said my wife as she broke our kiss.

We were laying naked on the bed in our room on the 24th floor at Ballys in Las Vegas. Prior to the knock we had been involved in foreplay. Or should I say I was in the process of getting my wife ready for our guest.

A short time earlier we had both taken a nice hot shower then crawled onto the bed. We had started by facing each other, Sandy on her left side and me on my right. My right arm was under her neck allowing me to rub her back. My left arm and hand extended down towards her leg left leg, which she had draped over my right leg. In this position Sandy could rub herself against me.

At first our kisses were light little pecks that went on for a couple of minutes. Then Sandy's head twisted slightly, her eyes closed and her mouth opened ever so slightly. This is her signal telling me, and her, the mood is beginning to take hold. She is starting to get lost in her feelings. Feelings that will take both her and I to wonderful places.

She wanted my tongue to enter her mouth and for our kisses to last much longer. My wife loves to suck on my tongue as we lock lips. I start to lightly rub her leg. I moved my hand from just above her knee to just below her ass. Slow and steady. Up then down.

As we kissed her head twists again. She is telling me to rub her back and right side with my other hand.

Several minutes went by then her hips started to move. A little side-to-side motion at first, then a little more. Soon a forward thrust was added, then another. When this started my hand moved up to her ass. Before long she was grinding her pussy onto my leg.

The grinding motion was slow at first but as our kisses became stronger and my hand on her ass tightened its grip, she ground her pussy into me firmer.

An "Oh god" escaped from her lips.

My cock was hard and flapping in the air. Both her arms were around my back and I knew she was not going to touch my cock

Tonight was for her. Well for both of us, but she was to be the center of attention.

As she worked her cunt onto my leg I broke our kiss and asked her "Is your pussy feeling good?"

"Oh yes."

"Are you getting wet?" I wanted to know.

Sandy tried to reconnect our lips, but before I would allow it she knew she had to answer me. "Oh yes" she said. "I am getting real wet. Kiss me."

She ground her hips harder into me as we resumed kissing. I knew she was getting excited, so was I.

This time she broke our kiss to ask me, "Is your dick hard?"

"God yes and it would get harder if you would touch it." Was my reply.

"Do you want me to touch it?"

"Please" I begged.

"I think it will get even harder if I don't touch it." My wife told me.

"Please, touch me." I pleaded again.

"I can't, not tonight." was her answer as she resumed kissing me.

Her answer did made my cock a bit harder and both of us hornier.

A little moan came from deep in her throat. I not only heard it, but I felt it in our kiss. I could feel the heat of her cunt as she humped my leg. Our kissing continued. She was getting closer.

"Close?" I asked her.

"Not yet" my wife replied. "But it won't be long though."

She pulled my head back to her and her moans were louder and came more often as we continued kissing.

She moved her lips away from mine just enough to say, "Get me ready." Then returned to kissing me.

It was time. Time to make sure my wife's body and mind would be ready.

Time to get her juices freely flowing and her thoughts 100 percent on the hard cock that would be hers for the evening.

Time for me to make her ready, ready for the man who was coming to our room.

I knew what we both were thinking. Our kisses were a warm-up, time to give thought to what was going to happen. Now we were moving beyond the preliminary and getting her/us ready for the main event.

My hand on her ass moved to her hips and I lightly pushed. Slowly, very slowly Sandy rolled to her back. I felt a chill on my leg were her pussy had been rubbing.

I knew her pussy would be wet, very wet. Just like my dick was very hard. We were wet and hard because we both wanted to happen what was soon going to happen.

As I moved my left hand between her spread legs, touching her mid thigh before moving my hand to her pussy I said "Let's make sure your pussy is nice a wet. Wet and hot."

"Oh yes, please." She replied. "Get me real wet. Real wet and real hot."

She was anticipating my hand touching her cunt for her breathing had stopped. She was lying in my arms staring into my eyes, waiting for my touch.

To build more anticipation, I moved my hand very slow. As her eyes looked into mine she mouthed the word "Please." Almost begging me to touch her. "Please touch me."

Another little moan came from her throat as she waited the arrival of my hand.

The soft moan quickly became a loud one as her body completely relaxed when I finally touched her.

There was no need to gather any of her moisture on my fingers before going inside her pussy for she was completely soaked. There was no resistance to my fingers entering her.

Sandy was well on her way to being ready.

"God you are wet," I told her. "I think your pussy wants to be fucked."

"I want a cock in me. I want a hard cock in me fucking me hard." She said as her kisses covered my mouth.

Her hips were pushing up to meet my hand. Not only was she fucking upwards, she was also rotating her hips.

"My cock?" I asked.

"No, his cock." She answered. "I want his cock in me."

Upon hearing her words my cock twitched.

"Oh your pussy is nice and wet. His hard cock will have no time going into you." I said to my wife.

She moaned while looking straight into my eyes.

"Are you thinking of fucking him?" I asked.

"Are you going to like me fucking him?" She asked.

"Do you want his cock in you now?" was my next question to her.

"You are going to like his cock in me won't you?" she asked me.

She felt me as my body stiffened to her response.

"Your cock will love seeing and hearing his cock in me, won't it?"

My cock twitched again.

"I am going to like watching you fuck him as much as you are going to like fucking him." I told her.

"I want you to watch my pussy as his cock disappears inside me." My wife told me.

"How much of his cock will be inside you?" I wanted to know.

"All of it, all of it." She said. "All of his and none of yours."

She knew what words to use to make my dick even harder.

"That means he will be fucking you." I said to her.

"I will be fucking him. Fucking him right here, just like this." Cried my wife. "I am going to fuck him with you laying next to us."

My cock was about to burst.

As she spoke my right hand moved to her breast. She has always told me my hand on her tit as I finger fuck her connects the dots. And it did now. Her eyes rolled back and she arched her back trying so hard not to cum.

"Oh yes, keep playing with my pussy. Get it nice and wet. Get me ready for his cock." She cried.

My dick was straining. It wanted to be touched.

"Hold my cock." I asked.


"Please" I pleaded.

"No, tonight I am only be holding his cock, not yours."

We were both doing what we love, teasing each other. We were getting both of us ready.

We continued like this for the next several minutes, and then Sandy said, "I think I hear him knocking."

Sure enough there was a knock on the door and the time was about right, so we were sure it must be the man who was to be my wife's lover for the night.

I did not bother to put on any clothes when I went to the door. I looked through the peephole to make sure it was Bill. It was.

Bill was an acquaintance from back home. A man we had been with before. He knew the game Sandy and I played and he played it well.

Our initial plan for this trip was to find a man once we got into Vegas but about 2 weeks before we left we were at a gathering and ran into Bill. During our conversation with him we learned we be in Vegas at the same time and arrangements were made for this get together.

Upon entering the room Bill and I said our Hellos and shook hands. Then he turned to Sandy. She was naked on the bed propped up on the pillows. She was leaning towards her left with her long lovely legs partially curled up under her butt. She looked wonderful.

Bill had brought a couple of bottles of wine and some snacks and asked if we would like any. Sandy told him no, she was done snacking and was ready for the main meal.

Bill knew his role and wasted no time removing his clothes then coming to the bed. Sandy moved down from the pillows, turned to her right side and waited for Bill to lie next to her.

Once on the bed Bill and Sandy said "HI" to each other and began kissing. Their arms went around each other and Sandy resumed the position she and I had started in, her leg over his.

I retook my position on Sandy's other side. I left enough room behind her so I would not be in her way when she rolled onto her back. My left hand reached out to touch and stroke her shoulder. Me touching her was expected, but she would not be touching me.

Bill was holding her just like I was earlier. With one arm under her neck and that hand rubbing her back. His other hand was moving up and down her shapely left leg.

But Sandy was holding Bill different then she held me. Her right arm was between their bodies and the other draped over him. The difference in her style of holding him vs. me was in her right hand was his dick.

Bill and us are around the same age with Bill being about 20 lbs lighter and an inch taller than me. His cock is just about 7 inches long and thin where mine is 6-1/2 and quite fat. For those who have not read stories of our adventures let me describe my lovely wife. Sandy stands 5 foot 8 inches, weighs less than a 130 lbs, brunette, trimmed not shaved, small tits, shapely butt and long smooth legs. We have been married for well over 20 years and what we are doing tonight is something we both enjoy very, very much.

I knew I had done a very good job of getting her body and mind ready, but she was re-warming herself against Bill's leg as she slowly stroked his cock to full attention. The movement of her hips against him matched the stroking of her hand on his cock.

My dick reacted to each stroke of her hand on him. It felt as though she was pumping my dick. As her hand went down his shaft I pushed my hips forward. I believe my hand on her shoulder may have been pushing her closer to him as they kissed.

Their kisses where hot but short, each time they broke they exchanged words. Words spoken so soft that not matter how hard I tried I could not hear them.

For the next several minutes they kissed then talked and all the while Bill stroked her leg as she stroked his cock and ground her pussy into his leg.

The whole time I laid quietly behind my wife lightly rubbing her shoulder with my dick throbbing for attention but remaining untouched.

I do not know who said what to whom but Sandy's head fell back slightly as Bill rose up just a bit. They lay there looking deep into each other's eyes when I heard my wife say "Now."

And with those words she rolled onto her back, her legs spreading as she turned.

They/we were moving onto the next phase and my dick was getting ready to witness him pleasing my wife. Remember, I had lain on the bed far enough away as not to interfere when she rolled. They never knew I was there.

Bill's hand that was on her leg moved across her hip and stopped at the top of her trimmed bush.

Sandy's hand was still holding Bill's dick but she had stopped stroking it.

Their eyes were locked onto each other's. No words were being said.

It seamed like minutes had gone by with nothing happening when Sandy said, "I'm ready."

With those words Bill moved his hand to her cunt.

I quickly looked down to her pussy and then back up to her eyes. I love to watch my wife's face when she is touched for the first time by another. Sandy's eyes normally close and her mouth opens ever so slightly and a little tiny moan will escape from her throat.

What I miss is her hips moving upward to meet the mans initial touch. I don't get to see his fingers sliding on then entering her pussy. But I do get to watch her facial reaction and that is very rewarding.

An "Oh god yes." Came from Sandy's mouth. "I have been waiting for this, don't stop."

She ground her hips forcing her pussy into Bill's fingers. Her eyes were now wide open and she was sucking air deeply into her open mouth. Her hand had resumed stroking Bill's dick.

My hips where pushing into thin air while my dick was swelling even larger. Years past when we first began playing this game, this would have been the point that I would have cum. But with a lot of training I can control myself beyond the finish of their togetherness.

"Kiss me" Sandy told Bill.

Sandy managed to get some words out as they kissed. She said things like, "Oh yes." "Don't stop." "Oh fuck." "God." "I love this."

Then I heard, "Honey, is your dick hard?"

She was asking me. "It is very hard." I replied. "I think you should touch it."

"Not now, maybe later." Was my wife's response. "I am busy right now."

"Busy with what."

"I am about to tell Bill his cock is hard enough to fuck me."

"Then I am going to tell him my pussy is almost ready to be fucked."

"Would you like to feel my pussy, babe? Before Bill fucks me?" She asked me. "

"Oh yes, I would." I told her.

"Bill, let my husband feel my pussy before you fuck it. Let him feel how wet it is now and he can then compare it to how wet I will be after you cum in me."

As I moved my hand to her Bill took his hand from her pussy. I thought I had gotten her wet before Bill had arrived, but I had gotten her nowhere as wet as she was now.

Sandy was looking deep into my eyes as I fingered her. Nothing was said between us; all we needed was to look into each other eyes. The look was one of love and appreciation for what we were doing.

As I continued to finger her, my wife continued stroking Bills cock and ignoring mine. This drove me nuts and I loved it.

"Do you think I am ready?" She asked.

"Ready for what?" I asked.

"Ready to fuck Bill." Replied my wife.

"Is his dick hard enough to fuck you?" I asked her.

"Oh, yes, his cock is hard and ready." She told me. "Ask him if he is ready to fuck me."

I did not say anything as I continued to finger her. I did look down to where her hand was stroking his cock. I thought that in just a few seconds she would be guiding that cock to her pussy and urging it to enter her.

I then looked back up to Sandy's eyes and she said again, "Ask him."

"Bill, my wife would like to know if you are ready to fuck her?"

"Is she wet? Is she ready for my cock?" He wanted to know.

"Yes she is." I told him.

And with those words I took my hand away from her, moved back just a bit and watched as my wife turn slightly towards him as he moved between her legs.

They where staring into each other's eyes as Sandy put her hand between their bodies. I watched as she took hold of his hard cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy.

They hesitated for a moment, Bill holding himself up off her body, and then they pushed their hips together. I watched as Bill's cock entered my wife. She was so wet there was no resistance to his seven inches going all the way into her.

My ass checks were clenching and my cock nearly came, but I managed to control it.

I heard an "Oh god." Come from Sandy. "Fuck me."

Bill remained off my wife allowing to me witness their mating. She met each one of his forward thrusts with one of her own. I was matching Bill's hip movements. As he plunged into my wife, my hips moved forward. The only thing different was her pussy surrounded his cock and mine was surrounded by air.

I had to make sure my dick did not touch anything. Not Sandy's body, not the bed covers, nothing but air or else I would have cum and this we did not want. Driving my dick insane, along with the games this played on my mind was part of tonight's objectives. And so far so the night was going well.

One of the things we had learned from our other times with Bill is he has pretty good staying power and this was perfect for the games we liked to play. Nor did Bill mind if I touched him, which also worked well.

Sounds of pure pleasure continued to flow from Sandy as Bill pumped his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Oh yes. Oh yes." Were words that were spoken often.

Along with, "Fuck me, fuck me with you dick. Don't stop. Oh fuck."

Due to the pleasure my wife was receiving, my dick was about to burst. Just as I thought I would not be able to take much more, Sandy turned to me and said, "I hope you are enjoying this because this is wonderful, Thank You."

Damn, that went right to my dick, I loved it. I loved her.

Then she said, "Mike, touch me, play with me."

Knowing what she wanted I moved my hand to her pussy to play with her clit as she fucked Bill. I had to slide my finger around Bills dick to get some moisture, and when I touched my wife's clit she bucked her hips even stronger into my hand and Bills cock.

"Oh yes. Oh yes, don't stop. Whatever you two do don't stop. Please don't stop." Sandy wailed as my finger worked her clit and Bill's cock slid in and out of her.

The sensations were overwhelming her. My dick was so very close to cumming I was not sure I would be able to control myself much longer.

Words of pleasure continued to flow from Sandy. Bill and I did not stop what we were doing to her. We enjoyed the pleasure we were giving her.

Sandy then said, "Feel his cock. Feel his cock as it is fucking me."

My fingers wrapped around Bill's dick. I held it just firm enough to feel it as he moved it in and out of Sandy's pussy. It was hard. It was wet. Wet from the juices of my wife's pussy, and hard because of my wife's pussy.

Sandy asked me, "Is he hard?"


"Is he wet?"

"He is very wet."

"How come?" she asked me.

"Because he is fucking you." I told her.

"Can you feel me on him?"

"Oh yes, I feel the juices from you pussy. I feel the heat from your pussy."

"Does your dick like this?" She asked.

"My dick loves this."

"Loves what?"

"My dick loves holding the cock that is fucking you. The cock you are fucking back." I told her.

My dick was oh so close to cumming. I was straining real hard so it would not. But at the same time I was still pumping my hips and squeezing my groin muscles in time to their fucking motions.

"Play with my pussy, play with me as I cum." My wife cried.

My fingers touched her clit just as the first of her orgasm struck her. Sandy arched her back making sure my fingers and Bills dick stayed in contact with her pussy. She cried out in pleasure as we continued to work her to an even higher level of pleasure.

"Oh yes. Oh yes, fuck me. Do not stop fucking me." She cried.

With her back off the bed she was still driving her hips to us, getting every bit of pleasure she could from our touches.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck." Is what we heard from her as her orgasm subsided.

While she may have been coming down from her orgasm her fucking motions did not stop or slow down.

"Take your hand away." Was her next command.

Then, pulling Bill to her she said, "Kiss me."

She wanted Bill to lay his body on hers. She wanted him close to her. She wanted to wrap her long legs around him as he drove his full seven inches into her. She wanted to kiss him as they fucked. She wanted to be kissing him as he came in her. She wanted to feel his body as it tensed when he shot his seed into her. She wanted a good old hard fucking. And Bill was about to give her one.

For the next several minutes they both fucked each other as hard as they could. Not fast, but hard and steady. Words were being said as they kissed, words of passion, words of lust, words said in the mist of hot lovemaking. Words between them, words meant for me but yet not meant for me. Words to express their lust. Words to help make them cum. Words that worked.

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