tagLoving WivesGetting Her Ready Ch. 02

Getting Her Ready Ch. 02


She seemed so excited and I could hardly believe we were actually going to do this.

We had talked about sharing her with another man for years but only as a fantasy. Now she was all dressed up and ready to head downstairs to the hotel bar to meet Sean, for sex.

She has always been so loving and conservative by nature but tonight would demand that she become extremely sexual, even wanton. I secretly wondered if my loving wife could be that way tonight.

We got up to leave the room and I looked at her again realizing that I had never seen her looking so sexy or so desirable. I thought about how everything that we both had done up to this point was to make her look that way. I could also tell that she "felt" sexy and that was so important for tonight. She now seemed more than ready to have this happen. I almost started having second thoughts. She had never looked more desirable and I, somewhat painfully, realized that this time it wasn't for me. For some strange reason my own apprehension only added to the eroticism of what was about to happen tonight.

We walked to the door with my hand on her lower back and resting on the swell of her sexy ass that I loved so much. I knew that soon it would be enjoyed by another man. Alone in the elevator going downstairs I went to kiss her but she stopped me saying, "I don't want to smear her lipstick." It was yet another subtle reminder that she looked this way tonight; not for me, but for him.

When we walked into the hotel lobby bar we immediately saw Sean. He stood up and greeted us. I noticed they kissed each other on the lips and surprised myself in that I already felt some jealousy. Sean quickly ordered us some drinks.

We both felt comfortable with Sean. He was good looking, in great shape, respectful, and he clearly wanted her in a sexual way. That had always made me somewhat excited and also very proud of her.

We all seemed comfortable and talked for awhile until I got up to use the rest room. It was the first time I left the two of them alone and that's all I thought about while I was gone. When I came back I noticed her leaning over to him and saying something and smiling and then when she saw me she leaned back and looked more serious. After a minute or two Sean then excused himself to go use the restroom.

We sat in silence at first but she had a sexy smile on her face and while stirring her drink she whispered to me.

"Babe we talked a little while you were gone and, well, we're both a little nervous."

"Would you mind if Sean and I went upstairs alone first for a little while, you know, just to get comfortable with each other? Then I can text you when we're ready and you can come up, I promise."

I was surprised and a little taken back but then again it seemed understandable so I answered, "Will you two be doing, you know, anything together?"

"Oh no, I doubt it babe, not until you come up, maybe just 15 or 20 minutes," she said.

"Well, sure, I guess then it's ok." I answered.

She smiled and said back to me, "Ahhh Babe, your the best, thank you. I promise it shouldn't be too long."

Sean returned and he paid the bill and then as he walked to the table she quickly got up and while touching his arm and smiling sweetly at him she whispered to him, "It's ok, he'll stay here for awhile."

Then with his arm around her waist they turned and walked towards the elevators. As they walked away I noticed his hand was on the swell of her ass, exactly where mine was only minutes before. She looked back at me once, but only briefly, and then they were gone.

Siting in the bar and waiting was driving me absolutely mad. Twenty minutes quickly came and went. For some reason I imagined her actually ready to text me but mentioning to Sean to "let him wait awhile longer." Finally, after almost 40 minutes the text came. It was a simple one, "you can come up now."

I left and went upstairs, nervous, hard and very very excited.

I knocked lightly and it was Sean that opened the door and let me in. I noticed right away that he had only an open shirt and only his under shorts on. Then I saw her. She was sitting over on the end of the bed and she looked so sexy and actually stunning. Her legs were crossed. It was obvious that something may have already have happened but at this point it only heightened my excitement so I wasn't going to make an issue out of it. Her sexy little skirt laid over in a nearby chair and it was obvious she was siting on the bed in her tiny thong panties.

Realizing that he must have seen some of her before I had even come up was a turn on. Our eyes met, she gave me a sweet smile, acknowledging me, but then her eyes went over to Sean. Good, I actually thought to myself, "She knows she is all his for tonight." Honestly, deep down I had hoped that would happen.

It was also obvious that a button and maybe even two had been undone on her blouse. Her shelf bra under her sheer blouse allowed her breasts and their hardened nipples to be held up and out to him. I thought about how they looked like they were actually being presented to him.

I also thought about how they say the real turn on to a man is that a woman took the time to really "prepare" herself for sex with you. That she wants to look her best for you and to help make you feel excited just by looking at her. To make you want her sexually. Just the fact that she purposely wore the shelf bra so that her sexy breasts and nipples looked their best and their most enticing for him drove me wild with passion.

Her breasts could both be seen so much clearer now then when we were downstairs in the bar. The shape and of course the darkened hard nipples pushing out proudly and only partially hidden by the thin sheer blouse.

I again imagined what they did when they first got in the room. Was she shy when they closed the door behind them? I knew they had to kiss. Did she remove her skirt? Or did he? Did he already see her breasts? Did she try to hide them at first, or was she proud and stood up straight and even maybe let them push out to be admired and wanting them both to excite him. I imagined the later.

She sat with her sexy nylon covered legs crossed so I couldn't see her thong panties. I looked at her nylons and heels with their sexy straps and that very special area just between her nylons and below her panties.

Most importantly, for tonight it was now obvious that she felt good and she felt sexy.

She was ready to make love, but she was also ready to be "fucked" deep and hard, as her loving husband could only watch.

I saw that they had opened champagne and both had a glass so I poured one myself. Sean once again thanked me for tonight. I could see he was excited about her and excited to begin and I felt very proud. I asked him if the two had kissed yet and he said, "only briefly." I told him to go to her and stand her up and give her the kiss of a man about to make passionate love to a woman. As he walked to her I could see his hard cock already pushing outwards under his shorts. It did look huge. I saw her looking there as well. I couldn't blame her, after all it had been so long since she has enjoyed any other cock besides mine. Especially one this size.

She waited, almost obediently, until he took her hand and then stood her up on her heels and they went into each others arms and kissed each other deeply. Her hand actually went behind his neck and I could see her pressing her chest and her hips against him. He could no doubt feel her hard nipples pushing into his chest. She felt his own hardness against her stomach, and it felt so naughty and so very exciting to her. His arms felt good around her.

It was both difficult and exciting to sit and watch her being kissed like this and especially watching her respond to him. Even with her sexy heels on she looked like she had to raise herself up on her toes to kiss him properly. This caused her thighs to tighten and her ass to push out even more while also raising her top in the back which exposed the lower part of her sexy ass so nicely. I watched everything and even noticed the backs of her black nylons had two little sexy blue bows on them which I hadn't noticed before.

After a deep and passionate kiss he whispered to her, "Where should he sit"?"

Without even looking over at me she looked up into his eyes and then answered back, "I don't care, wherever he wants." It was now very obvious that she was full of lust.

I sat on the couch across from the bed. Sean turned to me and asked if I had any initial requests. I did actually. I asked him to turn her around, then pull up her top in back so her ass showed and then to have her hold it up for him. She listened to me but waited until he actually asked her and then turned around for him. Then she reached back and slowly and so seductively she slid the material up and over her sexy ass that jutted out so nicely. She clutched the skirt in her hands keeping her sexy ass exposed. Then without even being asked she bent slightly over pushing her hips back for him. I asked him to run his hands over her cheeks and feel them both a little while I watched.

He did, so expertly, I saw her raise her head with her eyes tightly closed indicating this was starting to get to her. Her sexy ass was exposed and being felt by another man as her husband watched and gave instructions. She felt the sensuality of her own submissiveness for him starting to surface and it felt good. Sean looked over at me and said, "Damn, she really has a killer ass."

I know I smiled back, your going to enjoy it. She likes it felt and appreciated too. I let this go on for awhile noticing her starting to even arch her back. She was also starting to even push back a little and slowly moving her hips from side to side. I knew this was making her very excited and I'm sure she was getting wet.

Finally, I asked him to stand her up and turn her around, kiss her once and then sit back down on the end of the bed. He kissed her and she kissed him back so deeply. He sat her back down on the bed.

She was excited and I thought it was time for us to see what was in store for her tonight, especially her.

Once he sat her down I asked him, "Have her remove your under shorts." Let her look at you now, I think she wants to. He smiled and looked down at her as she looked up waiting for the instructions to come from him directly. He asked her to remove them and she smiled softly and whispered, "OK" and then her tiny soft hands obediently reached out to his waistband.

She was about to see the first cock other than mine in a very long time. She took her time and slowly lowered them down over his hips. His taut stomach and muscular thighs were exciting for her to look at and touch but once she lowered his shorts his semi hard cock came into view. Upon seeing it she actually leaned back and let out a little gasp. It was now obvious to everyone in the room that she was not used to one like this.

She lowered them all the way and then helped him step out of them. Then she looked closely at his huge cock and his heavy balls that were fully now on display for her eyes. She was eye level with everything that he had for her tonight. I myself was never considered small but his was much larger and very well proportioned. I knew she couldn't help but be impressed.

Her first thought, besides the excitement of looking at everything, was that she truly would not be able to take all of this cock into her tonight. She was even a little worried about taking it because this was obviously what we were all here for tonight. For her to be fucked by it. That was the whole point and she knew now more than ever that she truly wanted to. But could she? Finally she decided to let things take there course and see what happens. One thing for certain she thought to herself, damn it was beautiful and hot to look at, and she did.

How different she thought to herself. The shaft was of course much longer and thicker then mine but it was the head and the large balls that she found so amazing and such a sexual turn on to her. She wanted to reach out to touch it, to feel it, to stroke it a little but decided to wait for any additional instructions. She just looked and admired it.

Then it was Sean who had a request. He looked down at her and she tore her eyes away from his cock and looked up, as if she was waiting for any command that he might give her.

"What I would like?" he said.

"Yes," she whispered back anxiously waiting for his request. She must have been thinking he would finally ask her to feel it or something.

Then he said, "Before you and I consummate our wonderful night together."

"Yes?", she asked again almost in a whisper with her tiny hands ready to reach up.

"I'd like you to go over to your husband and give him a deep and sexy kiss." he said.

"What?" she thought. This confused her because she was getting so turned on for him, for his cock. Now to have him send her over to me, her husband. It didn't make sense but she decided to do what he asked and, somewhat reluctantly, answered "OK."

Then he added, "I want you to make it a kiss goodbye for this evening."

We were both taken aback from this request, but it was actually brilliant. It was so wonderfully symbolic of me giving her away, me officially releasing her and of her leaving me for the next hour or so to be his.

She hesitated but then a small smile came to her face, almost sinister, as she whispered back up to him, "Ok, yes it would be my pleasure." She had to know also what this act would do to me.

She stood up, her eyes narrowed and now turned to lock on mine. This was the first time this evening that her mind and eyes were totally on me alone. She started to walk slowly towards me.

As she slowly walked towards me my eyes took in her body for the first time tonight. I looked at her up and down. She looked directly at me as her hips gently swayed and she walked towards me. She was beautifully sexy and I could now see much clearer the darkness of both her own hardened nipples that were pushing out for some much needed attention and the darkness of the narrow strip of hair above her pussy thru her sheer aqua colored panties.

She walked slowly and seductively towards me. She was purposely letting my eyes devour her as she came towards me. She knew what this was doing to me and deep down she was actually enjoying this. She wanted me to see everything, but not just to turn me on like our own lovemaking evenings, this was somehow different.

She wanted me to see everything, she wanted me to want and desire everything that I was about to give to another man. Only the sexual excitement and the anticipation of what was going to happen tonight stopped me from throwing Sean out and taking her myself tonight. It was way too late for that now I thought to myself. We were committed, she was now a sexual tigress. She was now hot like an animal in heat, and nothing was going to stop her for what she wanted and needed tonight.

She loved watching the excitement she saw in my eyes and in her mind she was thinking, "Go ahead, look all you want, you asked for this baby, go ahead and look at what you'll be giving away tonight my loving husband."

She sat down next to me, looked deep in my eyes and then took my head in both her hands and proceeded to give me the deepest, wettest and sexiest kiss I had ever gotten from her. When she broke away she simply looked in my eyes and smiled.

Finally Sean broke the spell and said, now take his pants and shorts off too while your there. I think he'll need to be comfortable.

Genius she thought to herself and she smiled. Turning her head towards Sean she whispered, "Good idea," then she told me to stand as she sat and opened my pants. She quickly took them down and off and then she quickly just pulled down my underwear and helped me step out of them and just tossed them aside.

There was no gasp from her when my own hard cock came out before her eyes, only a small smile and a glance back over her shoulder to Sean's cock, and then back to mine and then up to my eyes.

Then she put both hands on my hips and made me turn sideways. It was intentional and it was obvious that she wanted Sean to see as well.

He looked down at me and then she softly said, See? He only slowly nodded his head. Why did she show it to him like that I thought. It seemed obvious that there was a reason, but why? Had she told him anything about it prior? Didn't she just see his for the first time tonight, while I was here? Or did she see his alone already before I came up? My mind was in a state of sexual turmoil thinking of the possibilities, for some reason I became even harder now.

Ok, you can sit back down now she said. Then with her soft hand on my thigh so playfully close to my excited cock, but not touching it, she gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Then she looked deeply into my eyes as her tiny soft hand moved an inch closer and her finger, with it's well manicured nail, was able to gently run across my balls. She looked at me and a smile came to her face. Then, with her soft hand on the side of my face she softly whispered, "Goodbye my love."

Then she stood up, turned away from me and slowly walked back towards Sean.

I watched her sexy ass move so seductively and so invitingly as she walked away from me and back to her new lover. I could hear the clicks of her high heels on the floor as she walked towards him.

Although she must have known that I was watching, I got the feeling it didn't really matter anymore. Her hips were swaying so seductively now for his eyes, no longer for mine.

Her mind was now on Sean, and she was going to him and to the bed.

It was time....................

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