tagLoving WivesGetting Her Ready Ch. 04 - Final

Getting Her Ready Ch. 04 - Final


I had never seen my loving wife so vocal during sex.

Calling Sean's name out like that over and over as he buried himself to the hilt in her was unbelievable to hear and to watch. The titillation and the teasing of this very erotic evening was now over and what was left was the hard raw sex needed to get them both to their mutual orgasm.

As I watched them fuck each other I couldn't help thinking back on how we were able to get this comfortable and open in our sexual relationship. This was something we both had fantasized together for years but I don't think either of us ever thought it would really happen, especially me. She has always been a little conservative by nature. We both loved each other very much and neither of us had ever cheated on the other yet here we were tonight letting another man fuck her harder and deeper than I ever could.

Later we would admit to each other that although our own sex was always terrific, the events of this evening had taken us both to new sexual heights that we never imagined possible. We moved far beyond any personal insecurities in our relationship with the other and we had gone on this wonderfully erotic journey together.

Whether or not we ever do this again, we had broken through a forbidden sexual barrier forced upon us by society over our lifetimes. Tonight allowed us to permanently remove any and all barriers that normally hold back a loving couple from experimenting and experiencing the most enjoyable and the most erotic sex possible in a marriage.

I had never been so hot or so in love with her than I was right now. I also never wanted her more. We both would acknowledge later that we were actually able to enjoy this because our love and our trust is so strong.

Just then her moans drew me back to reality.

"Oh Sean, oh God, yes, so deep, yes fuck me," she cried.

I listened as their bodies slapped together as his hips rose up and her hips rammed down on his hard cock. My God I thought only to myself, the way he was taking her, "It's like he's her bull."

"That's it baby enjoy," I said to myself so in awe of also how well she was taking him.

"Let him know he's been fucked by my hot wife, the sexiest and hottest woman on this earth."

In her passion she suddenly reached in front and almost ripped off her sheer top in her excitement to get it off tossing it on the floor. She then arched her back and while pushing her breasts and nipples out she reached behind her and quickly unsnapped her bra and also tossed it aside freeing her breasts as she rode him. She then went back to fucking him as her naked tits moved so sensuously up and down before his eyes. He kissed and sucked them both going from one to the other and back again.

They fucked hard like this for a good 10 minutes. Their fucking was only interrupted by occasional deep and passionate kisses. I thought they would surely be climaxing soon but then she got off Sean and quickly got on her knees and elbows and then pushed her hips back and up high opening herself again for him and said, "Now, take me from behind Sean, please."

Sean got up and he quickly got into place on his knees behind her. She arched her back even more now opening and offering herself to him. He placed the head of his cock at her opening and easily slid his cock all the way back into her. She was already nicely stretched and wet for him. As he slid back into her she once again raised her head and cried out as the hard thick shaft buried itself totally in her. Holding her hips he then rammed her from behind for another good 5 minutes. Her whole body shook with each thrust from him. Each time he would hit bottom she would let out a little cry. "Oh, oh, oh," she would cry out.

I then watched as one of her hands even moved to cup one of her breasts and start to feel and pull on it's hard nipple as he drove into her. Damn, she was so turned on.

We had openly talked once that if we ever did do this it should to be with someone that would hopefully be a little bigger and could 'fuck her' even better than I could. She would say to me, "I mean otherwise what's the point, if he wasn't better than I could just stay home and you and I could fuck."

I pushed any insecure feelings of jealousy aside and accepted and wanted it that way and I know she certainly did. We even both admitted one evening over drinks that although 'size' was important, just 'different' might qualify as better too. That's when I first felt it might truly happen.

Finally, Sean raised his head towards the ceiling and moaned as he slammed into her, "I'm going to cum."

She heard this and quickly responded, "Yes, yes give it all to me Sean, go ahead empty your wonderful big balls in my pussy, it's ok, give it all to me." she cried out.

Then it happened, they both started to cum. My God, they were both cumming at the same time. It was as if they were old lovers that knew each others bodies so well and could time their orgasms together. It seemed odd to call what I was witnessing as beautiful, but that's the way it looked and felt to me at that moment.

She was thrusting back harder now, obviously to get him in her as deep as she could. I noticed her sexy manicured toes were starting to curl. Her tiny hands now clutched the pillow in a death grip. Her thrusting that started out so fast and furious was now starting to slow down but each individual thrust was harder than the previous one. He kept thrusting into her and I knew that with each thrust he was shooting more of his hot cum deep within her. He was filling my wife up in front of me and she was taking everything he had to give her so well. She moaned loudly into the pillow now.

Finally, Sean stiffened and stopped moving, only small little twitches of his body were left in him, he was finally done filling her. She pushed her face deep into a pillow and cried, "Oh my God, oh my God, yes, yes."

Her toes remained completely curled and her body continued to quiver for a full minute afterwards. Sean knew what he was doing and left his cock buried deep in her so that she could finish her own orgasm around it's thick shaft. He reached underneath them and cupped and felt her breasts as they hung down. He planted little kisses on her shoulders and down her back. Then he lightly stroked her naked ass and cupped and felt each sexy cheek as her breathing finally slowed down.

After her orgasm finally stopped he slowly slid out of her and sat back on his calves and let out a gasp. His huge cock still standing up proud and hard and wet from both their juices. Even when he finally moved over to the side of the bed she remained with her hips high and her legs still spread. She was in a dream state. Seeing her like this was a vision of beauty and eroticism like I never imagined.

Sean was a gentleman and knew it was his time to leave us alone. He went to her and as he ran his hand softly over her back and down over her naked ass he leaned in and kissed her cheek. She turned her head to receive his kisses directly. They kissed each other on the lips, almost lovingly, three, four, five times. Then she reached out so lovingly and gave his semi hard cock a soft squeeze as she whispered, "Thank you, that was wonderful."

Then he whispered to her, "Baby, you were unbelievable and I thank you. I'll never forget you and I'll never forget this wonderful evening. I have 'never' had a woman like you or an experience so thrilling as I've had tonight."

Then, after dressing, and with a nod of his head to me and a very heartfelt thank you, Sean quietly left our room. We were now alone together, husband and wife.

She had finally slowly turned over on her back and now rested her head on the same pillow she had so tightly grasped only minutes earlier. She still seemed in some type of state of euphoria and I wanted to give her a little time to come out of it. She ran a hand through her hair as she let out a long sigh and looked up at the ceiling. I only watched as her breasts still stood up firm on her chest. Her nipples were still hard and they were pointing upwards and still very wet from Sean's mouth. They looked so sensual as if they were still looking for more attention and wanting to be caressed more and to be sucked on.

She slowly drew her right leg up and the other stretched out straight on the bed. Finally she slowly moved her head to the side and then noticed me. When she saw me she looked surprised as she suddenly remembered my presence in the room. After a few moments she smiled the sweetest smile of contentment I had ever seen on her face. I smiled back and whispered, "I love you." She whispered back "God, thank you, I love you too."

Then my eyes slowly moved down to that sweet area between her tanned legs that had just been so ravished earlier by Sean. She saw right away where my eyes were trying to look. I think it was finally at that very moment that she suddenly realized that, unlike her and Sean, I myself had not cum during this whole wild and wonderful evening.

Normally she's a little shy and would tend to cover herself up but maybe it was because she realized her husband now also needed release so desperately she looked at me, and, ever so slowly allowed her right bent leg to slowly fall outward. She was opening herself wide for my eyes. It was so erotic. I moved closer to the foot of the bed so I could see better. The lips of her well used pussy were still hard and swollen. They were still open with Sean's white cum clearly visible inside and all around the outside. She was turning me on letting me look like that, and she knew it.

She finally whispered, "Babe, look what he did to me, he fucked me so good. He fucked your wife so good. Now I want you to add your cum to his. I need my wonderful husband to fuck me now, please come to me and fuck me too. Come, reclaim me. Reclaim your wife's very naughty pussy."

Then she held out her loving arms to me.

Reclaim me, she said. In that split second I remembered that while researching our fantasy she had come across something online months before called "reclamation sex."

It was described as the type of sex a loving married couple would have 'after' she had been taken by another and had come back to her husband. Sex so intense and so erotic because now the loving wife would have a burning desire to satisfy her own husband and in turn it was now the husband's job to attempt to 'reclaim' his wife's loving pussy.

I'll never forget what she said after reading about it, "God babe, I can only imagine that kind of sex, it would just have to be the best sex a woman could possibly ever have."

I moved on top of her and we held each other and kissed more passionately then we have in a long time. Her body still felt so warm and wet all over from their lovemaking earlier. We couldn't stop kissing and thanking each other for tonight. She asked if I was ok with everything and I told her I had never witnessed anything so erotic and that I was so proud of her. She smiled, comfortable now with my response.

Then, finally for me, she reached down and grabbed my own hard cock and directed it to her wet opening.

She said, "OK baby, go ahead, put it in me and fuck me like a loving husband should. I want your cum to mix with his."

She didn't have to ask twice and I easily slid into her all the way. She was obviously stretched from Sean's much larger cock but it still felt so damn good. It was a warm wetness that felt like warm velvet around my cock. As I started to fuck her I felt for some reason I had to acknowledge that I knew I was not as large as Sean. I softly whispered, "I know I'm not as big as Sean was for you baby."

She smiled and answered me so lovingly, "Shhhhh, that's ok baby, that's ok, it still feels good, go ahead." It was comforting to hear her say that.

I fucked her like never before and she raised her hips to help me get deep in her. She was taking care of me now, her husband. She knew the state of arousal that I must be in after watching them tonight. Especially after she briefly rejected my advances while she was taking care of Sean. She held my head to her naked breasts cuddling me sweetly as if she was comforting a young school boy that had skinned his knee after a fall in the playground.

"There, there, that's it baby, fuck me. Go ahead and fuck your loving wife. Put your own cum in her too. Go ahead and cum, empty those balls, I know you really need to. It must have been so hard for you to watch us tonight, you were so good, that's it baby go on, cum for me."

I exploded in her like I never have before. I swear I saw stars. I came longer, harder and stronger than I ever have with her. All the while I was cumming she kept whispering in my ears encouraging me , "That's it baby, empty those balls of yours, all of it, come on give me all of it. Fill me with your own cum. That's it fuck me hard. Take me back. Reclaim your wife's naughty pussy, yes that's it."

After I was finally done I felt like passing out and softly whispered one word, "Unbelievable."

"Oh my God baby, you must have been so hot, you've never ever fucked me like that before, she said."

Then she smiled, kissed me deeply and whispered, "Thank you, for 'everything' that happened tonight. I will never forget this evening. I love you."

Tonight I had witnessed her having more intense and lasting sexual satisfaction then she had ever experienced before. I was there to watch it happen. I had witnessed my loving wife become a wanton sexual creature so sensuous and so exciting that before I had only dreamed 'may' have existed in her. It was magically amazing.

I myself had experienced a mind blowing mixture of emotions that ultimately led to sexual satisfaction on a level I previously thought unattainable.

Afterwards, with a smile of true contentment on our faces we held each other, tighter, than ever before as we drifted off to some much needed sleep.


There will be an epilogue where we will talk about what happened tonight, and, whether we will ever do this again.

Love to hear your comments, especially from the females point of view.

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