tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGetting In Line Ch. 2

Getting In Line Ch. 2


I guess he was just another horny old guy who hadn't gotten any in a long time. I scanned his six-pack and quoted him the total, while my eyes kept scanning the parking lot outside the store, trying to catch a last look at her before she drove away. I blamed the old guy for once again interrupting my fantasy of her, of Anna, my mistress of delight.

"That'll be $7.02, sir," I said, trying not to show how disgusted I was with his remark about "get in line." How dare he insult my goddess, the woman of my dreams who deserved every bit of devotion and admiration. He made her sound like some kind of eye-candy for every horny geezer in town, like she was the centerfold in some porn-zine to be slobbered over and rubbed against one's crotch.

"Thank you for shopping at . . . ," I began the tired old line. However, he had already snatched his six-pack from the counter and was headed for the door, before I could finish. But I didn't care. My shift would be ending soon, then I could once more drive by her house and possibly have fortune offer me yet another glance at her loveliness.

"Oh, no," said Leslie from the nearby check-out. "She forgot this." Leslie picked up a magazine laying near the end of the counter.

"What's the matter?" I asked her.

"Mrs. Johnson bought this magazine," she said, "but forgot to take it with her. And I'm sure she's driven off by now."

"Perhaps she'll remember and come back for it," I said, with the hopeful thought of Anna returning to the store.

"Then again, maybe not," said Leslie. "I'd take it to her myself, but I don't get off until 4."

"You know her?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said, "she's really good friends with my mom. I'm sure she meant this for her husband, Keith."

Oh, what perfect opportunity had been laid before me.

"Well, if you want," I said, "I can take it to her. I get off in about a half hour."

"You know where she lives?" said Leslie.

"Yeah," I said, "over on Robinson. I've driven by there a few times and seen her." I figured my lie would be convincing enough to secure the magazine from Leslie.

"Well," she said, "it would be a big favor to me, if you did; that is, if you don't mind."

"No trouble at all," I said.

"Thanks, Allen," she said. "Just remember to tell her that I'm sorry for not noticing it sooner. I wouldn't want her mad at me."

Leslie handed me the magazine. It was one of those publications spotlighting the latest video technology. Anna's husband was probably into that stuff. Some of it looked really interesting. There were articles on closed-circuit TV, digital cameras, DVD recorders, video editing gear. Man, this guy must be some kind of high-tech freak, and with lots of money, no doubt. He and Anna had a really nice two-story home, at least it looked nice from the street. The area they lived in was kind of posh by suburban standards.

I saw the SUV parked in the garage, as I pulled up. Great, she was home. Oh, the thrill of actually coming face to face with her again, and of perhaps being rewarded with another delicious smile from her red delicious lips for the prompt delivery. I saw no point in playing up Leslie's part in the recovery.

I rang the doorbell and clutched the magazine with my nervous, sweaty hands. I tried drying it off on my shirt, hoping she wouldn't notice the smudges on its cover. The door silently cracked open and slowly swung back. There she was, wearing a short purple silk bathrobe, the front of which was opened low to reveal more of her smooth and deep cleavage.

"Yes?" said Anna. "Can I help you?"

"Hi," I tried saying, then cleared my throat and tried again. "Hi, my name's Allen Sullivan. I work at Food World. We, I mean, I saw this laying on the counter after you left earlier, figuring you had forgotten to pick it up." I handed her the magazine.

"Oh, yes," she said. "Thank you. I must've not noticed it, I was in such a hurry. Won't you come in for a while?"

"Uh," I said. Here I was, being offered the very thing I had been fantasizing about. "Sure."

Anna led me into the den.

"I feel like I should offer you something," she said, "for being so kind about bring this to me. Would you like anything? Maybe a beer?"

"Uh, sure," I said. "Thanks."

Anna came back with the cold can of beer and handed it to me.

"I was just about to take a shower," she said. "Why don't you take a seat and make yourself comfortable. I won't be long. You can turn on the TV, if you like. Oh, here's the remote." She picked it up from the table and handed it to me, as well. Then, she trotted upstairs. As she was climbing the steps, I tried catching a glimpse of her naked ass from under the robe. But, she was too quick, only allowing me a peek of her upper thighs.

I sat down on the couch, opened the beer and flipped on the TV. On the screen, there appeared the image of a shower stall, with the camera situated high up and pointed down. Next, I saw a hand reach through the partially open door and turn on the water. The hand tested the water, then withdrew. Maybe one of those adult channels, I thought. I decided to keep watching, at least until Anna returned. The door to the shower opened wider, and a woman stepped in with her back to the camera. She had long wavy red hair like Anna's. She began by wetting the front of her body, then letting the water run over her hair.

The woman then took a bar of soap from the nearby rack, and began rubbing it over her chest. Next, she began rubbing it all over her front. I waited in anticipation for her to turn around and show me what kind of chest she had. She continued with the soaping of her chest and belly, keeping her back to the camera. The camera panned down lower to reveal her well-formed ass. Man, what an ass! It made me want to reach out and grab it. Then, the camera slowly panned back up again, and it was then that she turned toward it.

Woe! I couldn't believe my eyes. There was Anna! Naked! And on TV! She had soap suds all over her front. I nearly dropped the remote. One of her hands made its way slowly down her belly to her pussy hairs, then inserted itself between her legs. She then leaned against the wall and began rubbing her cunt. The bar of soap slipped from her other hand, which she now ran frantically over her sudsy tits, while the other hand continued moving in and out down below. She closed her eyes and softly moaned. Her body, drenched in soap suds, was squirming and shaking. She gripped one of her breasts tighter and raised her shoulders slightly, as if some inner feeling had seized control of her body.

"Oh, oh," she moaned loudly, her mouth wide open now. It was obvious that she was cumming. She pressed her body harder against the wall, as her quivering voice emitted the final sounds of ecstasy. After a few seconds of catching her breath, she reached out and splashed some of the water on her body, then stepped into the stream and rinsed more thoroughly. Finally, she turned and looked up at the camera with a smile on her face, then placed her hand to her lips and blew a kiss toward the camera lens. The remote fell from my hands, as I sat there with my mouth gaping. Anna shut off the water and stepped out of the shower stall. I sat motionless, feeling my cock still throbbing in my pants.

"Allen," she called from the top of the stairs, "you still down there?"

"Uh, yeah," I called back, starting to fumble for the remote to turn off the TV.

"O.K.," yelled Anna. "Just checking."

A few minutes later, she came down the stairs wearing the same bathrobe as before and drying her hair with a towel. She draped the towel over her shoulders and sat down in the plush chair near the couch.

"Well," she said, "find anything interesting on TV?"

"Um," I began, fumbling for words now. "No, just the usual daytime stuff. Nothing else."

"Oh, O.K.," said Anna. "Most of the stuff during the day is kind of boring anyway. The good stuff usually doesn't come on until the weekend. The weekday shows usually come on for free; it's the weekend shows that you have to pay for, though. By the way, Allen, do you own a credit card?"

"Uh, sure," I said. "My dad gave it to me after I graduated high school, just for emergencies and stuff. Why do you asked?"

"Oh, nothing," she said. "It's just that I'm currently operating a small business out of my home, and thought you might be interested in the service. I'm always looking for new clients."

"What kind of service?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing special," said Anna, "just a little something I provide for people's enjoyment. It's very discreet, so you don't have to worry about someone knowing about your using it. It's rather cheap, and very customizable. Are you interested?"

"Yeah, sure," I said. "What's it about?"

"Well," said Anna, "I can't be more specific about it now. I mean, I don't have any samples to show you right away. Perhaps I can make an appointment for you, say Saturday, about 1 o'clock? I'll have something special for you to look at then."

"O.K.," I said.

"Great," said Anna. "Looking forward to showing you what I have to offer. Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready for this evening. My husband's bringing some of his friends by. So, I'll see you Saturday, then."

"Sure," I said. "And thanks for the beer." Anna showed me to the door. I was floating all the way back to my car.

After lunch Saturday, I told my parents I was going to meet some friends for a movie. I turned onto Robinson then pulled into Anna's driveway. She greeted me at the door wearing nothing but a T-shirt and shorts. The tightness of the shirt emphasized the sharpness of her nipples. Man, did this woman ever wear a bra? Again, she led me to the den.

"Well, thanks for coming, Allen," said Anna. "I thought I'd start off with a little video presentation. Now, where did I put that tape? Oh, I must have left it in my bedroom upstairs. Have a seat, while I go look for it." She quickly trotted up the stairs. Then, half way up, she turned and leaned over the railing. "Go ahead and turn on the TV for me. I'll have that video ready in a few minutes."

Anna disappeared up the stairs. I grabbed the remote and plopped down on the couch. When I switched the TV on, there was a channel showing a bedroom with a king-size bed in it. Then, to my surprise, there was Anna walking into the room and climbing onto the bed. Next, another woman came in from the other side, climbed onto the bed and sat beside Anna. Woe again! That was Leslie's mom, Carol. Carol snuggled up to Anna, and they began kissing each other on the lips. Carol reached down and began tugging on Anna's T-shirt. After getting it off, she bent over and began sucking on one of Anna's tits. Anna leaned back and ran her fingers through Carol's hair.

Next, Carol moved down toward the foot of the bed, undid Anna's shorts and slipped them off. She positioned herself between Anna's legs, bent over and started sucking her pussy. Anna's back arched as she moaned loudly. The next thing really blew my mind. Another woman, smaller than Anna and Carol, climbed onto the bed. It was Leslie!! Leslie began kissing Anna, while Carol continued eating Anna's cunt. Leslie worked her way down to Anna's chest and began devouring her tits one by one. Both of these women were all over Anna, just eating her body up. My cock was aching to be released, and I was ready to whip it out, when the TV screen suddenly went blank.

I froze and stared dumbfounded at the darkened tube. What had I just witnessed? Had I imagined it? Was my sex-addled brain playing tricks on me? I frantically pushed the power button, but there was no response from the TV.

"Allen?" called Anna from the second floor.

Her voice startled me. I felt my heart pounding and my mouth turning dry.

"Uh, yeah?" I whined.

"I'll be down in a sec," she said. As she descended the stairs, she was pulling down her T-shirt over her shorts, while grinning at me. She plopped down in the plush chair and heaved a big sighed.

"So," she said with a breathy voice, "what did you think?"

"What did I think?" I asked nervously.

"Yeah," she said. "Did you like it? Got pretty intense there, didn't it."

"Uh, uh," I muttered.

"Good," said Anna, "glad you enjoyed it. Now, if you want more, it'll only be $1.95 a minute. You can watch as much as you like. There's a computer-controlled timer on the set which clocks your viewing time, at the end of which it'll automatically bill your credit card. I'll just need to get it from you to register you for the service. Do you have it with you?"

"Uh, sure," I blutted, quickly reaching in my pocket for my wallet. I pulled it out and handed it to her.

"Good," she said. "I'll go process this and be right back." She walked to the kitchen. I heard a buzzing sound like a card reader makes, then some audible tones. Then, Anna returned and handed me my card.

"Now you're a registered subscriber," she said. "And don't worry about your parents finding out. It'll just show up on your monthly statement as 'Medusa Video Arcade.' They'll think nothing of it. So, care to see more?"

"Uh," I began, not sure whether I could take more of seeing Anna, Carol and Leslie go at it. Man, Leslie! And Leslie's mom! Devouring Anna's body! My Anna! I couldn't wait to get the show going again. "You said the other day that this was customizable. How customizable?"

"Anything you want," said Anna. "We're just here to please."

I started digging through my brain for every fantasy I had ever had of either Leslie or Leslie's mom.

"Do you have any vibrators?" I asked.

"Uh huh," responded Anna. "Even got the strap-on kind. Oh, I know what you want to see. I bet you'd just love to see me fuck Leslie for you. Is that it? Is that what you've been fantasizing about, while you lay in bed at night jacking off? You want me on top of her, grinding that vibrator into her soft, wet pussy? Hmm? Come on, Allen."

I was shaking uncontrollably. Anna had moved to the couch and now had her hand on my crotch, gently squeezing the bulge in my jeans.

"I can do it for you, Allen," she whispered. "For as long as you want. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy; you can even stroke yourself, while you watch, if you like. It's money well spent, I assure you."

"O.K.," was all I could muster.

"Just give me a few minutes to strap on the vibrator," said Anna, patting my hard-on. "By the way, I have a switch up in the bedroom that flips the TV on automatically. So, when you think you've had enough, then just press the power-off button, and that'll signal the computer to stop the timer."

Anna got up from the couch and casually strolled up the stairs, smiling back at me the whole way up. A few minutes later, the TV flipped on by itself. There was Leslie, lying naked on the bed. Then, Anna crawled onto the bed with the vibrator strapped to her waist. Leslie grinned and spread open her legs for Anna who knelt between them and pulled Leslie toward her. She positioned herself over Leslie's body, reached down to turn on the vibrator and place its tip against Leslie's pussy, then she gradually pushed her hips forward.

"Oh, yeah, oh," Leslie cried, as Anna drove the vibrator deeper in. Leslie's body was twisting and writhing under Anna, while her hands clinched the sheets of the bed. Anna pulled out, turned Leslie over, and entered her from behind. Leslie groaned loudly, her arms wrapped around a pillow and squeezing it tightly. Anna was bucking slowly at first, then she made a few swift thrusts with her hips. Leslie screamed in response.

I had undid my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. I slouched lower in the seat, placing the head of my dick between me and the screen. I stroked it with the same rhythm as Anna's measured thrusts were making into Leslie's pussy.

For a buck, 95 a minute, I was definitely getting my money's worth, and then some.

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