tagErotic CouplingsGetting In Line Ch. 3

Getting In Line Ch. 3


Hi, my name's Leslie. I know you want to just dive into the final installment of Allen's silly little story; but before you do, just let me interrupt for a moment to give you the woman's perspective on the issue. You see, Allen's such a total dweeb. I mean, he can't control his erections, and he's always leering at the breasts of other women who come into the store where we work.

Also, the guy has needed a serious ego adjustment for a long time, and we girls, that is me, Mom and Anna, came to the conclusion that it would be up to us to make sure that Allen got exactly what he deserved. So, I hope you'll enjoy the "big" surprise that we prepared for him. And by the way, I got to see the whole thing, along with a couple of other people. In other words, it was our turn to "get in line."

* * * * *

As Anna showed me to the door, I was already begging for another session. However, she was relentless. Oh, my sweet, you were so cruel!

"Now, Allen," said Anna, "I have other clients coming soon for their session, too. So, you'll just have to make another appointment."

"Next Saturday," I asked, "same time?"

"Well," she said, "I already have someone booked for that time slot. I mean, business has been booming lately, with summer and all. But maybe I can squeeze you in that evening, say about 6 o'clock."

"That'd be great," I said. "Can I bring a couple of buddies along? I mean, I'd do anything to help you increase your business, even referring new clients, if that's what you needed."

"Well," said Anna, "new referrals have contributed a lot to the growth of my business. Of course, yours would get a free sample, just like you did, to kind of help them decide."

"No, no," I said, "I'd be willing to cover for them. Just as a gesture of appreciation to you. I guarantee that they'll want to subscribe almost immediately."

"O.K., Allen," said Anna. "I'll just charge it to your credit card in advance. Then, they won't know that you were treating them."

"Great," I said. "We'll be here next Saturday, 6 sharp."

"See you then," she said.

Oh, boy! Now was my chance to get pay back from Ted and A.J. for all those times they stiffed me with the bill for using my computer to visit porn sites on the web. I called up each of them during the week and got their commitments. I told them that it would be $2.95 a minute, and that they could pay me when I picked them up on Saturday. After all, Anna would get her money, I'd get mine back from them, and they'd get the kind of entertainment they truly wanted. I figured that that would make everybody happy across the board. So, on with the show!

We got to Anna's right before 6. As we were approaching her drive, a truck was pulling out of it. I saw the face of the driver, and it was that old guy that had come into the store on the same days as Anna did. I guess he had gotten in line ahead of us. No matter. Now, it was our turn.

Anna met us at the door wearing her purple robe again. Man, she looked good! Ted and A.J. couldn't get their eyes off her, which was making me kind of jealous. I was relieved, when she told them that she'd be busy, and someone else would be entertaining them on the tube. I liked to think that Anna was for my viewing pleasure only.

"You fellows go get settled in the den," said Anna. "The show will be on in a few minutes. Oh, Allen, I need your help with something upstairs. Would you mind coming with me?"

Wow! Would I? I thought.

"Sure, Anna," I said. "I'm ready to help in anyway I can."

I followed Anna up the stairs, trying to stay a few paces back. I wanted to get a real-life glimpse of her gorgeous ass from under the short robe. Maybe, even a peak at her sweet pussy lips.

Anna led me down the hall and into what appeared to be her husband's office. It had a lot of fancy furnishings, along with a huge video tape library. They must record and sell each session for extra profit, I thought. It must be nice not having to work for a living, or at least, enjoying your work and making lots of money at it.

There was a long, plush couch in the office. Anna took a seat on it and motioned for me to sit beside her. My whole body was shaking, as I sat down next to my love goddess.

"You know, Allen," said Anna, "you've really proven yourself to be a good and loyal client. And I just wanted to thank you in person for all the help you've provided so far. So, I've decided to take a break from the video sessions to spend some close-up time with you. Carol and Leslie will be entertaining your two friends, leaving us alone to get to know each other better."

"Oh, Anna," I said, "I haven't thought of anything all week long, except for the possibility of getting in your . . . I mean, getting to know you better. You're someone who's been a real inspiration for me."

"Well, then," said Anna, "why don't we get a little more comfortable first. And I can't think of any better way than this."

Anna lifted herself from the couch and straddled my lap. Then she took my head in her hands and planted the most sensuous kiss on my lips. Oh, man, I was so stunned, I didn't quite know what to do. After what seemed like an hour or more of her sweet lips locked together with mine, she pulled away with a smack and stood up in front of me. She undid her robe and let it slip from her smooth and perfect body. My dick was pounding at my zipper and screaming to be let out. Anna must have heard it and promptly responded.

She knelt down and began undoing my pants. She slipped them off, along with my shoes, and laid both on the floor. Next, she ran her hands up my thighs. One hand continued up and under my shirt to my chest, while the other gently stroked and squeezed my hot rod through my briefs. I became putty in her hands, with my whole body going limp and sinking into the cushions of the couch. She tugged at my briefs to pull them down, but they got snagged on the head of my rock-hard cock. When she worked them free, my cock spring up to perfect attention, ready for my mistress' inspection.

After she helped me get my shirt off, she hungrily sucked and nibbled my nipples, like they were the appetizers before a feast. Then she worked her way down to the main course, taking it in her mouth and sucking it ferociously. Her hand reached between my legs and began kneading my balls like cookie dough; they became the next dish on the menu, dessert.

She pushed my legs apart and moved in between to savor my jewels. When I lifted my legs to give her room, she chuffed her face deeper and began tonguing my ass hole. Oh, baby! I could never have imagined how starved this woman was for my body. She didn't hesitate to give my anus a good and thorough licking. When she seemed to have gotten enough, she let down my legs and crawled onto the cushion beside me. She pulled me toward her, as she laid herself down along the length of the couch.

"Oh, Allen," Anna said, "I've got to have you inside of me. Come to me, my young lover."

As I got on top of her, she reached down and aimed my cock at her already obviously wet cunt. I accepted her invitation and slowly pushed my hardness into her soft and warm snatch. Not really sure how far I should go into her, I began by making short strokes between her pussy lips. But then, she wrapped her legs around my hips and pressed me further into her.

"Deeper, Allen," she moaned. "Deeper, my love."

I started pounding harder and faster, obliging her requests. She slipped her hands under my arms and gripped my shoulders, pulling me closer to her. It felt like she wanted my whole body to be merged with hers. Pretty soon, I was not able to move myself, being held so close and tight against her body. Now, it was her arms and legs which were controlling my motions, using me like a life-sized dildo for her pleasure.

Her pussy lips contracted around my aching cock, holding it in and squeezing it for all it was worth. When it seemed like I was on the brink of letting go of my manly juices, I heard something buzzing behind me. I tried turning my head to see what it was, and out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of someone climbing onto the couch behind me.

"Hi, Allen," came a woman's melodious voice. It was Leslie's Mom, Carol! I could barely make out something strapped to her waist . . . Oh, man! She was wearing that strap-on vibrator that Anna wore last week! I looked down at Anna's face and saw her grinning up at me.

"You did say that you would do anything to help out," said Anna, "didn't you, Allen?"

"I don't get it," I breathlessly muttered, hearing my heart pounding in my ears. "What's happening?"

"Why, Allen," said Carol, "you didn't think that you could just sit back and watch my daughter have her pussy whipped week after week. Why, we wouldn't want you to feel left out. Now would we, Anna?"

"Of course, not," laughed Anna. My dear, sweet Anna! And Carol on top of me! And me, trapped in between!

"Smile, Allen," they both said at the same time. Anna used her feet to spread my legs wider. Then, I felt the hard tip of the vibrator, as it pressed against my anus. Anna had lubricated it well with her tongue, so the vibrator slipped in easily. Its oscillations resonated throughout my entire torso.

"Ugh!" I cried. It moved in and out of me with fiercer stroking, hammering the roof of my rectum. Anna clutched me more tightly to her, as Carol pounded deeper and faster into me. I felt like my whole body was about to explode. When it did, the massive unloading of my cum into Anna's vagina seemed to continue without end. I felt like every ounce of my being was being sucked inside of her, while the vibrator kept churning at my own insides; the pain was almost unbearable, yet somehow exhilarating. I couldn't believe that I was enjoying having a woman butt-fuck me.

I could hear raucous laughter coming from down stairs. I felt the blood rush from my groin to my face, as Anna clutched me tighter and began screaming.

"Oh, yes!" she cried. "Oh, yes, Carol! Harder!"

Carol pushed me with all her might against Anna's body.

"Oh, shit!" I screamed.

I felt like the meat being pressed between two slices of bread. I had become dinner for these two horny and beautiful women, and it was frightening the hell out of me; but at the same time, it was blowing wide open what was left of my sex-addled brain.

"Oh, yes! Mmm!" moaned Anna, coming down off her orgasmic high. I cringed, as Carol slowly pulled the vibrator out of me. Anna laughed at the expression on my face.

"Allen, my boy," said Carol, slapping my butt, "you've been needing that for a long time. Too bad Leslie wanted to watch, or she'd have done it herself."

Leslie! Watching her Mom screw my ass! Oh, man! I'd never still change from her drawer again. Of course, for the rest of the summer, she'd keep me on a short leash. And the guys! Man, I'd never live this one down.

"Go, Allen! Go, Allen!" I could hear the guys and Leslie shouting from downstairs. This was the last time that I would ever cut in line again.

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