tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGetting It On Camera Ch. 1

Getting It On Camera Ch. 1

byArch Stanton©

"Let me get this straight." I said to my friend. "You want me to videotape you and Stacey having sex?" Brad had already explained it to me twice, but I just couldn't believe it. I'd known both of them since high school, I was best man at their wedding, but I had no idea that they were so kinky. Brad grinned and nodded as he downed the rest of his drink. I took another swig of my brandy, unable to stop the nervous smile spreading across my face. "You're serious." I told him.

"Yeah." He said. "Matt, we've been married for ten years. We have to keep the spice somehow. I've posted pictures of her on amateur websites for a year now. Now we want to try something new."

I was overwhelmed by this. Stacey had always seemed so conservative to me. But I had to admit the idea of seeing her being fucked by my best friend turned me on a little. I'd always had something for Stacey; we'd even gone out once in high school. Although ten years had passed since then, she still looked the same. She was around five and a half feet tall, and thin. Her hair was blonde and very long and wavy. She had an angular face with large, blue eyes and full lips. Her breasts were rather large and looked just as firm as when she was eighteen. She had a nice, round ass and curvy hips. Her legs were lean and well toned. Just thinking of her made my dick twitch a bit. Then I thought of another question. "Why me?"

"Well, you have a nice digital camcorder." Brad chuckled. "But more so because Stacey knows you and is comfortable with you. She said she probably wouldn't mind trying it as long as you were the one recording us."

"Oh." I said thoughtfully. Finishing my drink and felt my cheeks flush. I still couldn't believe he was asking me this. "What about you? You don't care that I watch you fuck your wife?"

"Doesn't bother me." Brad assured me. I squinted at him suspiciously. Brad also looked very much as he did in high school. He was always the class hunk with his rugged good looks and athlete's physique. The only difference was his dark hair was thinning a bit. "You sure about that? I remember how shy you were in the gym showers." We both laughed.

"Well?" He prompted.

"Okay." I said, still suspecting a colossal joke at my expense. "When?"

"Why not now?" He smiled, showing his perfect, white teeth. "Stacey's at home, I'll just call her and let her know you're coming. You can swing by your place, get your camcorder and meet us at our house."

I thought that over for a moment. I was still a little nervous about the idea, but the drinks I'd had were taking the edge off. "Alright. But another drink first, okay?"

We left the bar and I went home to get the camcorder. I went to the bathroom to freshen up. Splashing cold water in my face and looked up at my reflection. Although I had always been a little jealous of Brad's good looks in high school, I felt that I wasn't so bad looking myself. I have kind of shaggy black hair and dark features. My body is muscled since I started working out a couple years ago. In the back of my mind I wondered if the two of them had more planned than they were telling me. I shook my head and tried to ignore the growing hard on in my pants while I got my stuff.

I arrived at Brad and Stacey's a few minutes later. I steeled myself and knocked on the door. Brad opened it, still dressed in the clothes I'd seen him wearing at the bar. "Hey, Matt." I entered and looked around. The lights were dim and there was light music playing. I saw Stacey sitting on a plush couch and smiled at her a little nervously. She looked fantastic. She was wearing a white mini-dress that clung tightly to her gorgeous body. Her breasts were spilling out over the top of it and I found myself staring at the delectable flesh.

"Hey, Stacey." I croaked out. "You look great." Maybe this wasn't a joke.

"Thanks, Matt." She said sweetly. She was drinking wine from a long-stemmed glass and took a sip of the red liquid. "Have some wine." She offered a glass that was already sitting on the coffee table in front of her.

"Sure. Thanks." I took it and sat on an overstuffed chair next to the couch while Brad sat next to his wife. I stared down at my drink, feeling a knot tying itself in the pit of my stomach.

As if sensing this, Stacey reached out and placed a dainty hand on my knee. I looked up at her. "Don't be nervous, Matt. I know that we're kind of asking a lot of you, and if you don't want to do it I understand." She cocked her head to one side. "But I really think it could be a lot of fun." She didn't take her hand away immediately and I felt my penis stiffening.

"So you guys are serious, then?" I asked.

"Yeah." She nodded. "Does that surprise you?" She took another drink, moving her hand off my knee slowly.

"Uh, yeah a bit." I admitted. "But I also think it's interesting." I said trying to sound nonchalant and failing. I decided to down my wine. Stacey laughed like tinkling bells.

A half hour or so passed as we consumed more wine and talked, becoming more relaxed. They told me how much a turn on posting their pictures on the Internet was and I admitted to enjoying looking at pornography on the web, especially the amateur sites. I joked about never seeing them though.

"Well, you going to see something now." Brad said as he leaned over and kissed his wife's long, swan-like neck. Stacey moaned delightedly, her eyes staring at me. A little drunk now, I felt my inhibitions and nervousness melting away. I reached down and took my camcorder out of its case. Turning it on I moved around in front of them on my knees, getting a tight shot of their faces. Stacey turned and kissed Brad deeply. I was watching the color view screen, making sure the shot was in focus and everything. I looked up and saw that Brad was cupping one of his wife's large tits, squeezing it gently. I was missing some of the action! I pulled back on the zoom and got their entire bodies in frame. I felt my erection returning as I watched Brad's large hand fondling Stacey's right breast. I could see her nipples hardening under the thin fabric.

When Brad pulled the dress down over her tit, I almost dropped the camera. It was the most perfect boob I'd ever seen. Though large, easily a D-cup, it was firm and perky. Her nipple was rock hard and very large, while the surround areola was a soft pink, slowly blending in with the white surrounding flesh. I zoomed in a little on it just as Brad began pulling at the nipple with his fingers. "Ohhh." I heard Stacey sigh. I looked up at her face and saw she was staring at the camera, smiling prettily. Leaning down, Brad touched his tongue to the fleshy nugget and began to lick it. Another sigh escaped Stacey and I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and widened the shot. Her hand was searching Brad's crotch, quickly latching onto the large lump in his pants. She squeezed his erection and I felt my own hard on growing in spasmodic bursts. Now I heard Brad groan as she touched him, and he noisily sucked her nipple into his mouth. With his left hand, Brad began to caress Stacey's left leg, slowly moving it up to her thigh. As he did so, her dress hitched up and I could see the crotch of her white, lacy panties.

"Suck the other one." Stacey breathed as she pulled down her dress with her right hand, revealing her other perfect tit. Happy to oblige, Brad took the other hardening nipple into his eager mouth. Stacey absently played with her left tit as her husband sucked, her other hand still touching his crotch. She looked up and smiled at me. "You getting all this?" I grinned back to her, beginning to feel very warm now.

"Oh, yeah." I assured her as I absently wondered if she could the bulge in my own pants as it grew. She spread her legs as Brad thrust his hand up her skirt. His fingers dallied at the damp crotch of her panties before slipping in around inside it. Stacey's breath hitched audibly and her eyes became hooded.

"Oh, you're so wet, baby. You like this don't you?" Brad whispered as he looked over at the camera, grinning. Stacey nodded in agreement as he fingered her wet pussy. I grinned back at him and shook my head slightly from side to side. I couldn't believe this! Brad continued to suck at Stacey's plump tit as he rubbed and finger fucked her quim. Stacey began to move her ass up and down in jerky movements, panting heavily.

"Oh, Brad, oh I'm gonna come!" She squealed. "Yes, right there!" She leaned her head back and moaned through clenched teeth as an orgasm shook her body.

"Goddamn." I murmured as I reached down and adjusted myself. My cock was getting painfully hard now. This was the hottest thing I'd ever seen!

Quickly recovering from her orgasm, Stacey sat up, smiling at the camera. She fanned herself with her hand. "Whew!" She exclaimed. Then she looked over at Brad and began to undo his pants. Brad settled back onto the couch and I got a good tight shot of his midsection as Stacey unbuttoned and unzipped him. She pulled down his pants to his knees, leaving his briefs on. His erection pushed against the fabric of his briefs as if trying to break through them. "Ooooh." Stacey cooed as she dug her fingers under the waistband and pulled the garment down. Brad's stiff cock sprang free, standing rigid like a soldier at attention. It was about six or seven inches long, of average thickness, with a small, circumcised head. He kept his pubic hair well trimmed, and his shorn nut sack was big and loose. With some satisfaction, I noted his dick was smaller than mine, which even now was raging against its confines.

With her left hand Stacey delicately gripped Brad's shaft and with her right one she gently paddled his balls. He looked over at me, making sure that I had the camera trained in on his genitals. She lazily played ran her hand up and down his dick, making him moan with pleasure. Through the image on the view screen, I saw a trickle of pre cum squirt out of the moist slit of his dick head. Stacey saw it too, and she leaned over and carefully lapped it up with her tongue. "Mmmmm." She smacked her lips. Then she began to lick all around the head as if it were a tasty lollipop, all the while pulling and hefting his heavy scrotum. Suddenly, she plunged down onto his prick, taking half of it in her throat.

"Oh, God!" Brad yelled out as she began to suck him. "Oh, yeah, suck that cock, baby." He told her, pushing his hand down on the back of her head. He looked into the camera, his features contorted with pleasure. I smiled at him with open envy as my own dick continued to throb painfully. After a few moments of this, Brad pushed her off of him. "You're going to make me come too soon." He told her. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and shrugged innocently. He sat up and began to unbutton his shirt as Stacey lay back on the couch. She raised her luscious ass up and, hiking up her skirt, pulled her panties off. I moved over to the right some to get a good shot of the well- trimmed muff in between Stacey's outspread legs. Stacey played with herself as she watched her husband remove his shirt, revealing a well-built, hairless torso. Brad crouched down beside the couch and, gripping Stacey's thighs, began to slowly lick her small, pink cunt.

Again a twinge of envy invaded my brain. How many times had I thought about doing the very thing Brad was to Stacey? Too many to count. I zoomed in on Brad's tongue as he delicately lapped at Stacey's stiff, little clit. I could see it pulsating with each lick and heard Stacey beginning to moan. I panned up toward her face and saw that she was again playing with her tits. She saw that I was had the camera trained in on her face and she smiled at me. "Enjoying the show?" She said teasingly. I didn't know if she was talking to me or to their intended audience so I merely nodded. Her quiet laughter turned into a squeal of delight as Brad hit a sensitive spot, making her spasm with pleasure. I thought Brad was going to coax another orgasm from her but he abruptly got up off the floor and, grabbing Stacey's ankles, sat on his knees on the couch. I kneeled down to capture the moment of penetration as Stacey reached down and guided his twitching cock into her pussy.

A moan of pleasure escaped them both as Brad eased into her. He placed both of his hands on either side of her head and lay down on top of her. I moved around behind them to get a shot of his dick sliding in and out of the gripping vagina. Brad's ponderous balls swayed back and forth, obscuring my view. Impetuously assuming the role of director I said to Brad: "Lift you nuts up, man. You're blocking the shot!" Issuing a quiet laugh, Brad reached down and complied, lifting his balls up to one side.

"How's that?" He asked.

I watched him push his muscle in and out of Stacey's glistening vagina, faster now than before. "Perfect." I murmured. As if encouraged, Brad began to fuck his wife faster, making Stacey grunt and groan with each thrust. My cock was still hammering away inside my pants becoming really uncomfortable. I was longing to touch myself, to simulate the pleasure Brad was feeling in a fractional degree. Confident that they couldn't see me anyway, I slowly unzipped myself and placed my hand inside. A thrill of relief coursed through me as my fingers caressed my agitated member. Wishing I had worn boxers, I stretched the left leg band of my briefs so that my engorged cock could slip out of it. Now slightly more comfortable, I took my hand out and tried to concentrate on videotaping. Moving around to the other side of the couch, I stood crouched near Stacey's head, getting a good shot of her wobbling tits when Brad leaned up. The muscles in his arms rippled as he fucked her, and she wrapped her legs around his ass and her hands around his neck.

"Oh…oh….oh….oh!" Stacey was shouting rhythmically as Brad pounded her. "Oh, I'm coming!" She began to clutch at brad as she cried out, and her lithe body twisted and writhed sinuously as she came. Brad continued to fuck her, coaxing wave after wave of pleasure from her. Again I surreptitiously massaged my boner, feeling drops of warm, sticky pre-ejaculate running down my leg. Eventually Stacey's orgasmic screams died down to a slight murmur as Brad moved his cock back and forth lazily inside her. For a moment I thought he had come, but he slowly pulled out revealing his jerking cock, harder than ever. He looked over at me, a grin plastered onto his face. I realized I was still rubbing myself but he either failed to notice or didn't care, but I quickly removed my hand. He grabbed Stacey's hips roughly and turned her around. Trembling from her last orgasm, Stacey obliged, getting on all fours on the couch. She looked over at the camera. "He loves to fuck me doggy-style."

I wiped perspiration from my forehead as Brad gripped one plump butt cheek in one hand, his dick in the other, and slowly prodded it inside her from behind. I focused on her breasts as they wobbled back and forth like ripe fruit about to drop from the tree. I moved all around, getting various angles of the action. When I stood in front of Stacey I saw her looking at my crotch. Holding the camera on the two lovers I looked down at myself and realized that I had forgot to zip my fly earlier! Not only that but the tent my dick had pitched in my pants was pretty unmistakable. Embarrassed, I looked back up at Stacey, whose contorted face was smiling at me. She raised up onto her knees, her husband's cock still inside her dripping snatch. She twisted her head around toward Brad. "Looks like we're putting on a pretty good show." She indicated my hard on and Brad chuckled as he wrapped his hands around Stacey's tits, jugging them around for the camera. "What about it, Matt? Are we turning you on?" She huffed out.

"Oh, yeah." I replied, nodding my head up and down. Brad began to fuck Stacey with renewed vigor and I suspected it turned him on to know I was getting off on watching them screw. Suddenly he encircled his big arms around her tiny waist and fell backward on the couch. The springs squeaked as she began bouncing up and down on top of him. He splayed, stuffed cunt was fully exposed and I stepped a little closer to capture it on video. "Aw, yeah." I muttered.

"You like that?" Stacey spat in between gasps. She began to rub her clit in tiny, frenzied circles. "Um, yeah." She groaned then ran her finger down to Brad's flopping nuts.

"Oh, God, you're going to make me come!" Brad warned as she began to squeeze his balls.

"I want you to come all over me!" She yelled. "Show 'em how much you come!" After a couple of grunts and thrusts Brad obliged her. He pulled his wet dick out and Stacey grabbed it and began to jerk it off violently.

"Oh, fuck, yeah! Jerk it! Jerk it!" Brad bellowed as he began to spurt white, creamy fluid onto his wife. I was surprised at the volume and force of the ejaculate. The first blast caught Stacey on her face, the second her throat, then her tits, stomach and abdomen were covered with spunk. Still Stacey frigged him, and still drops of cum oozed out the slit and over her tiny fingers. Brad was moaning beneath her, his body twitching uncontrollably as she milked his cock. I stood still, recording the whole thing, still too dazed by the whole experience to really accept it. Stacey took her hand away from the wilting penis and brought the dripping digits up to her mouth. She stared at the camera, at me, sensuously as she slowly sucked the sperm off them.

"Mmmm." She sighed. "Yummy."

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