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Getting Kookie


The flight from Christchurch to LA, with a stopover in Honolulu for fuel, was about eighteen hours, followed by another three and a half hour flight into Denver. The three ladies stepped off the plane exhausted from the travel, but excited to see somewhere new, which was the point of the whole trip.

A cheerful tour guide named Ricky met them. 'He's cute,' Adele thought, thinking that taking tours would be better if their guide was hot. She shook her head and listened to what he had to say.

"Welcome to the Mile High City of Denver, everyone. I'm Ricky and I'll be your tour guide for the week that you're in town. First thing we're going to do is collect your baggage and then I'll drive everyone to their hotel to we can get you all settled in. There will not be any tours today but I will be staying in the hotel with you, just in case anyone has any questions or needs to locate something. Any questions?"

Ricky looked around at the tired faces and chuckled. "Okay. I think the best thing would be to get all loaded up and we'll get you back to the hotel for some rest. Follow me."

He led them to baggage claim, getting two baggage porters to help him with their large carts, since there were just shy of a dozen people in the tour group. Once bags were loaded, he led the group to an extremely large white van. With the help of the porters, everything was loaded into the back and the tour group loaded throughout the van. Adele was the last to get in and there was no room in the back. She looked inside, looking for a seat.

Ricky noticed her lack of seating, tipped the porters and walked up. "Miss, since there's no more room, feel free to sit in the front with me. I promise: I don't bite."

Adele grinned and grabbed the handle to the passenger side door. "I do, though. But only if you're lucky" she said, only loud enough for Ricky to hear. She climbed in, giving him a good view of her athletic legs and muscular behind as her pants stretched across her hips. He could only smile and shake his head, walking around to the driver's side and climbing in.

"It'll be about twenty five minutes to the hotel so feel free to get to know each other." He started the van and pulled away from the curb. "And what about you, miss? You seem to be stuck with me. Anything you want to talk about?"

Adele blushed slightly and she heard two giggles from the seat behind her. She turned and glared at Shannon and Mary, but didn't say anything. "My name is Adele and my two friends back there are Shannon and Mary." Ricky looked in the mirror, smiled and waved at her two companions. "We're from Christchurch and this is our first trip to the States."

"Well, then. Let me be the United States first ambassador to welcome you to our fine country. What brings you all this way?"

"We decided we needed a vacation. Work. Family. Relationships. You know, all that kind of thing." Adele saw a movement out of the corner of her eye and turned and saw Shannon making the 'ok' sign with the fingers on one hand and pumping her index finger of her other hand into it. Adele quickly turned and looked out the window, feeling her face burn as she heard the other two giggle again.

Ricky looked in the mirror again, but Shannon had moved her hands to smooth the pleats of her skirt, a smirk on her bright red lips. "Um, yes. Family and work. I know how those things can be stressful. But, if you don't mind me asking, why Denver? Why not Los Angeles or New York?"

Adele opened her mouth to answer, but Mary beat her to it. "Adele is looking for a mountain man to sweep her off her feet." The two in the seat behind him started laughing uncontrollably and he smiled, noticing that those two were very much in need of some sleep. Some of the other passengers had already fallen asleep, the rest quietly looking around or reading a book.

He cleared his throat. "So, a mountain man, hm? Why a mountain man?"

Adele couldn't keep from blushing again. "Someone big and rugged. But that's not really why we came here. We just needed to get away for a while. This seemed as good a spot at any."

Ricky nodded, but kept quiet. He needed to concentrate on the next few blocks since accidents were fairly common in this area. Some detached part of his mind asked if he counted as a 'mountain man.'

He pulled into the parking garage for the hotel and pulled up next to a large elevator. Ricky then pulled out his cell phone and made a quick call. A few minutes later, several bellhops made their way out of the elevator and started loading luggage. Passengers were standing in small groups talking or walking around and stretching.

Ricky led them into the elevator and up to the lobby. He walked up to the desk and asked for the room keys that would be provided. The desk clerk provided them, but frowned as he tried running a card through the activator. "Is there a problem," Ricky asked.

The desk clerk tried again and still it would not activate. "Let me check." He punched in a few keystrokes and then a few more. "Ah. It seems that one of the rooms reserved for this tour group had been given away to someone in the medical conference for this week. I'm sorry sir."

Ricky took a deep breath. "Okay. Whom was the room reserved for?"

"Adele Walker, sir. Every other room is still intact. Her's was given to a..."

"Look. I don't care whom it was given to. You need to find this woman another room. We made these reservations six weeks ago."

"Sir, we have no rooms left. All of them have been taken by the conference and your tour group."

"For the love of god. Maybe we should just find another hotel to use from now on."

"Sir, honestly, we treasure the business that your company sends us through these tours. Please give me a moment and I'm sure I can work something out."

Ricky glared at him. "I'll be right over there. Call me when you have something arranged."

He stalked off and went to talk to Adele and tell the rest of the tour group what was going on. Amazingly, there were a number of people who were willing to shuffle themselves around, just to give Adele a place to sleep.

"This is ridiculous," Ricky exclaimed. "If I have to, I'll give her my bed." He started to shake his head and then realized exactly how that sounded. "Um...while I slept on the couch, of course."

There were chuckles throughout the groups, especially from Adele's friends. Adele was blushing, as was Ricky. He hadn't thought it out before he said it. Saving him from further embarrassment was the desk clerk calling his name. Ricky quickly hurried over, only to have the man behind the counter smirk at him.

"Quite the offer, sir. As it turns out, we had a cancellation on one of our few unheld rooms. Of course, it's a suite and not a regular room, so there will an additional fee..."

Ricky clenched his jaw and felt his upper lip pull back, showing his teeth. "A FEE? Let me get this straight. YOU gave away a room promised to US. You manage, somehow, to find a room for one of MY guests and you want to charge us a FEE because you screwed everything up? Listen, you..."

Before he could say anything else, he felt a hand on his arm. He looked and it was Adele. She smiled at him and then turned to the clerk. "Sir, I think my friend here it right. I don't think you should charge us extra for your mistake. Now, if you'll just give me the room key..." She smiled a million watt smile at him and he melted. The desk clerk grinned a goofy grin, looking like his face was going to break. The card was handed over and the whole issue was resolved.

"Thanks, Adele. I think if I had had to talk to him any more, I would've killed him."

"That's okay. You can make it up to me sometime during the tour."

"Oh yeah? How's that?"

Adele smirked. "I'm sure I'll think of something. The offer of the bed was...intriguing." She laughed as he started to turn red again.

"Well, that was...you know, just trying to find you somewhere to stay. It was...ummm..."

"Ricky, it's okay. I'll take it in the spirit it was meant. I know! You should take me dancing sometime!"

Ricky reached up and scratched the back of his head. "Dancing? I don't know. Dancing isn't really my thing. You know the saying 'two left feet?' Well, I've got three."

Adele smiled. "You've got an extra foot, eh?" She collapsed into a nearby chair in laughter as Ricky's mouth hung open, speechless for the first time in a while.

The group got their key cards and grabbed their luggage and headed to their rooms. Mary, Shannon and Adele were talking about spending all their time in Adele's suite instead of their rooms. Everyone said goodnight and settled in for a long afternoon's nap.


The next few days went by smoothly. Ricky showed everyone around the city, pointing out various landmarks and regaling them with the oh-so exciting history of Denver. One day, he took them up into the foothills, everyone oohing and ahhing at the wildlife and the differences between here and home.

Adele seemed to take an interest in Ricky, talking to him on the side, making it a little flirtatious. It took him a couple of days, but he seemed to catch on and make some remarks of his own, out of earshot of the party, of course.


The second to last day of the tour, Adele pretty much forced Ricky to agree to take her dancing the next night. It took some wheedling and threats, but he finally relented, promising her that she would be embarrassed to no end.

The next night, he showed up at her suite door, dressed in a dark blue button up shirt and blue jeans, completed by a nice pair of shoes.

Adele, on the other hand, had gone with a loose shirt and a short skirt, the edge of a tattoo sticking out at the bottom.

"Wow," he said, looking her up and down. She smiled back at him. He held out his hand. "Are you ready to go?"

She nodded and they were on their way.


On their way to the club, Adele managed to get out that dancing, especially with an attractive date, tended to...you know...get her excited.

He turned and looked at her and she blushed. He returned his view to the road and a small smile crept onto his face.

Soon, he pulled into the parking lot of the club and they headed inside, Ricky paying a small cover charge for the two of them and they were assaulted by a drum track that made the windows rattle. They immediately moved out onto the dance floor, Ricky looking sheepish.

Adele grabbed his hands and started trying to get him to move. He grinned and moved a little, mostly the junior high school dance bouncing the legs kind of moving, but at least he was trying.

The current song ended, startling the two of them with the small space of silence. They moved a little closer together and started swaying with each other as the next song started.

As the night progressed and their body heat increased, Adele and Ricky moved closer and closer together. Soon, they were almost on top of each other. Adele looked deep into his eyes and he looked back, both of them caressing each other's arms and backs, Ricky's hands even slipping down onto her behind.

With almost no pause, the next bass track started thumping, causing her chest to vibrate. She couldn't even feel her own heartbeat from the booming coming from the speakers. She turned and looked at him and watched his chest rise and fall as he walked toward her, sweat beading his forehead. She took a step toward him and his arm was around her waist, holding her close and looking into her eyes. They bored into her, his excitement reflected from the spinning disco ball in the ceiling.

His eyes traveled her body, from her beautiful face to her sculpted body to the trace of her tattoo showing below her skirt, down her firm legs. He ground himself into her as she straddled his leg. She gasped as he held her close and almost possessed her body there on the dance floor.

Her hand went to his neck, drawing his face toward hers. He moved toward her lips, holding himself back from them by less than an inch, feeling her hot breath on his face. They moved together to the beat of the music, her skirt riding up slightly giving him a better view of her tattoo, the pattern drawing his eyes up her leg. She smiled and flung her dark brown hair back, pulling on her skirt, drawing it even higher.

He grinned and watched as her pattern grew, stopping at halfway up her thigh before letting it drop back down to the normal level. He put his hand on her leg and ran it up the side and under her skirt, feeling her muscles flexing. He slid his hand up further to grab her firm behind, belatedly realizing his fingers hadn't traversed any fabric on the way there. She laughed at the look on his face and pulled him close enough to kiss.

Their mouths finally met, working their lips against each other. Adele opened her mouth, licking around his lips. She could feel him moan into her mouth, sticking his tongue out to touch hers. Their tongues engaged and it felt like electricity flowed from hers into his, causing his heart to start racing even faster. He reached up and cupped the back of her head in his hand and mashed his mouth onto hers.

They held the kiss for the rest of the song, breathing shallow through their noses. In the space of a few seconds before the next song started banging in their chests, she whispered to him and he grinned and then grabbed her hand and they almost ran for the door.


They quietly made their way to the elevator. This was quite a task since they couldn't keep their hands off of each other on the drive back. Once the door was shut, though, he pushed her against the back of the elevator car and ground himself against her, trying to touch her everywhere at once. She lifted her leg and hooked over his hip, just like she did at the club and accepted his humping. She murmured in his ear and he reluctantly pulled away from her as the bell rang, signifying their floor. The pulled on their clothes to look almost presentable as the door opened.

They stepped out and looked both ways down the hall, but saw no foot traffic. He grabbed her hand and practically dragged her down the hall. They got to the doorway and he paused, reaching into his pocket for her key card, since she had no pockets. He pulled it out and held it up. "This is your last chance to..." That was a far as he got. She had snatched the key out of his hand and threw herself into him, closing his mouth with her own.

She awkwardly worked the card key into the slot and then pulled it out, slapping the door latch as the light glowed green. They fell into the room, letting the door close behind them.

Tearing each other's clothes off, they broke kisses only long enough to remove shirts. Adele started to unzip her skirt and he shook his head. "Leave it on," he mumbled into her mouth. "At least for now." She nodded and pulled off her shoes, sighing with relief. Just as things were reaching a boiling point, there was a knock on the door. They looked at each other and he leaned his head against hers. "I'll be right back." He removed her hand from his pants and grabbed his shirt, pulling it on as he went. Adele crawled onto the bed and started moaning.

Ricky opened the door and there was a hotel employee with a bucket of ice with a bottle of champagne chilling in it. The staff member started to ask where to put the bucket when Adele moaned. Loudly. Ricky closed his eyes and shook his head. When he opened them, the man from the hotel quickly resumed his spot, smile in place. He had obviously been trying to see what was going on inside the suite. Ricky grabbed a few bills out of his wallet and traded them for the bucket, and then he shut the door in the surprised staffer's face.

He walked back into the room to find Adele lying on the bed, skirt pulled up, stroking herself. He blinked a few times and then set the bucket on the nightstand, noticing her gaze on the bucket. "You want some champagne?" She bit her lip and shook her head no, then clamping her mouth on his. He slipped his lips loose and began to lick and suck on her neck. She gasped and clutched at his hair, groaning as he took a nipple into his mouth and rolled it with his tongue.

He continued his route downward, nibbling on her rig cage and tonguing her belly button, which made her giggle. He lowered his tongue further and licked around her small strip of hair. Just as he was about to apply his tongue to her, she gripped his shoulders. Hard. He winced and looked at her. She shook her head no and he sighed, enjoying cunnilingus as much or more than sex itself. He licked his way back up, taking a slightly different track, then gently laid his weight on her, kissing her again, tongues wrestling.

With cat-like quickness, Adele rolled him over and held his hands out to the side. She began her own journey southward, licking at his nipples, the tip of her tongue setting his chest on fire. Agonizingly slowly, she licked her way to his patch of hair and touched the underside of his pole with her tongue. It jumped at the tongue and pulled a small groan from him, she still holding his arms out.

She watched as it twitched, sticking her tongue out and letting the underside of his head bump into it, causing him to lift his hips slightly, seeking her warm mouth. She clamped her lips on him, taking only the tip into her mouth, smiling around it as he gripped the bed sheets until his knuckles turned white. She started bobbing her head ever so slightly, gently squeezing his swollen balls with her hand.

As he released his held breath, he raised his head so he could watch her work him with her mouth. She bobbed up and down, still only on the head, her tongue piercing causing him to jerk every time it bumped him.

Ricky thought that he was going to explode almost immediately, but she stopped moving, only flicking her tongue against him while holding his knob in her mouth. He looked into her eyes and saw that she was gesturing at the ice bucket on the night table. "You want some now," he asked, surprised. She shook her head no, the sides of his head pulling slightly out of the corners of her mouth. He reached out and pulled a piece of ice out of the bucket, groaning when she clamped down on his erection harder.

Adele used her other hand to take the ice from his hand. She opened her mouth, keeping her tongue on him and slipped the ice into her mouth and closed it, trapping the ice against his rod.

He groaned and lifted his ass fully off the bed from the simultaneous warm and cold feelings. He opened his eyes again and saw her motioning for more ice. He handed her another piece and watched as it disappeared under her skirt and become buried between her legs. She whimpered around his shaft and the vibrations pushing his control to the limit.

She swiftly jammed most of his length into her mouth, removing the overwhelming sensations from his crown, her cool tongue running along his shaft. She groaned around him again, her hand moving quickly under her skirt.

She buried her nose in his dark, trimmed pubic hair, stretching her tongue along his length. She pulled her head back up and began quickly bobbing her head in time with the moving of her own hand. He groaned again, gripped the sheets and pulling them as her mouth assaulted his cockhead. He knew that in no time, he'd be beyond the point of no return, but that there wasn't much he could do about it.

She felt his cock start to swell in her mouth and moaning, wanting to take everything he had to give. She sucked harder, feeling her own orgasm about to crash.

He grunted and lifted his ass off the bed, spurting into her mouth. She moaned again, swallowing as much as she could, rubbing herself as quickly as she could. As she swallowed and swallowed, she climaxed, screaming around his cock causing him to buck more, his head vibrating with her screaming.

As she shook with orgasm, she laid her head on his stomach, his cock still bobbing in front of her. She reached up and stroked it gently, a small blob of cum still sticking to the end. She stuck out her tongue and smiled as he moaned when she removed it with the tip of her tongue.

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