Getting Laid


"Was it any good, Bodil? It sure looked nice." I startled. Eva was standing in the doorway smiling broadly.

"Hi Eva, yes it was lovely. And did you see how he came? Like a volcano, wasn't it? Look, what a mess." Bodil giggled and laughed happily. "How did you like it Eric? Not bad, huh?" For response I kissed her. She kissed back letting her tongue play with mine..

I slid down her body to lie on top of her. Her body was soft and warm and felt lovely against mine. She wriggled her ass and hips to get comfortable and her thighs opened slightly. My limp cock slid into the opening between her upper thighs and felt heat and moisture from her pussy.

Meanwhile Eva went to shower. She took her time which we didn't regret. We necked on Bodil's bed and had a good time.

Eva came out of the shower stark naked. Her nipples were very taut after the cold ending of the shower she told us she had taken. She dried herself and her dark pussy bush looked very attractive atop her thighs. She walked around completely unashamed of her nakedness letting her breasts bounce.

My cock reacted to the nice view. It lay along Bodil's slit and she noticed when it suddenly swelled and got hard. She heaved under me to make sure it was hard again. I felt her thigh muscles flex around my cock pushing it harder against her pussy slit. She did it rhythmically several times. Her thin panties were wet by now and I felt her knob grow and harden against my shaft. She whined and moved her ass up and down making my cock slide along her pussy slit giving the knob a good massage. Her movements got wilder until she cried out telling that she had reached her goal.

She relaxed and recovered quickly. She pushed me down at her side and my cock popped out from between her thighs.

"Oh my god. Eva, look. Look at this formidable thing. It never tires. Oh, isn't it nice, standing so proudly?"

"Oh my goodness. Yes, it's hard again. Well, I have better do something with it, don't I? Goodness gracious me, I want to try that breast thing as well. It looked lovely, just as the old lady said," Eva exclaimed. "Oh yes, he wants to come into my tunnel. I can see it," Eva said excitedly. "Come Eric, let's put him where we want him to be."

Eva rushed to her bed and flung herself down with spread legs. I got a good glimpse of her naked pussy as I approached the bed. Eva pulled me down and I lost my balance and landed stretched out over her body. My cock got between her upper thighs pressing against her pussy. She startled and pushed me away.

"Oh no. That's a no, no. Up here you should be. Be a good boy and straddle me. On your knees, boy. Yes, that's right." She pushed me in place with both words and hands. Bodil rushed to our side.

"Maybe you need some of this," she said and giggling she put a good amount of my come in Eva's cleavage. I leaned over and placed my stiff cock on her chest and Eva pressed her breasts together around my cock. I started to slide back and forth and it felt heavenly, just like it had a while ago in Bodil's tunnel. Eva's pubic hair tickled my balls when I moved.

Eva enjoyed it too. She started to moan and carefully kept her breasts together. We went on like that for quite some time before I felt the tingling and grunted. Eva sensed what was about to happen and tightened her breast tunnel. I shot when I was at the top and my come hit her throat. The following shots she directed to her face and breasts. She cried out in the middle of it all, her long high pitch cry and let her breasts fall to the sides.

Eva relaxed and hugged me, holding me tight for some time.

"Oh yes, that was lovely. And totally safe as well. Seems like the old ladies have something to teach us after all." Eva giggled. "I just wonder what the real thing will be like when the second best is so marvelous. Well, we will know in due time won't we?"

Bodil and Eva broke into a happy relieved laughter.

I sat in a chair for quite some time chatting with the girls while they packed. They didn't bother to put something on. Bodil even took her soiled panties off wanting a fresh pair in the morning. It was lovely to see the girls moving around freely. Eventually they told me I had to leave, they must get some sleep they said. After full body hugs we parted. I felt sad knowing that it would be lonely without the girls.

The girls left and so did the woman in the window. The summer was nearly over. My friend and I had to admit that we hadn't got laid although we had come a bit on the way. And we sure had had a good time. I didn't tell him just what a good time I had had while he was away though. He would only feel sorry for himself, I thought.

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