Getting Laid The Mature Way Ch. 02


Belinda moved under me and I got aware of that I held her in a firm grip around her waist pressing myself hard against her upturned ass. But my cock had become limp and was no longer in her pussy. I let go of Belinda and sat down beside her.

Belinda moved and sat beside me. She moved forward and hugged me and pushed me down on my back.

"You didn't stay hard in me. Is something wrong? Didn't you like fucking me," she asked concerned. "I liked fucking with you. So much better than my former boyfriend. With him I had to be quick before he came. He didn't give a dam about me coming. But you, you made me come several times. I loved that, I really did. But did I do something wrong since you didn't stay hard as you did in Rosie?" She sounded to be very concerned about not being as good as Rosie.

"Oh no, of course I liked fucking with you. Very much indeed. But it doesn't always happen that I stay hard. It depends," I answered not wanting to tell her that it had happened only once. "But I always recover quickly and can do it twice in a row."

"Depends on what," she immediately wanted to know.

"Well, I don't know really. The circumstances I guess. When you saw it happen with Rosie I think it was the combination of Rosie's lovely pussy work and the sight of you in that skimpy bikini. You have a lovely body. You looked very sexy standing there frigging your pussy hard."

"I didn't frig my pussy . . . Well, maybe I caressed it slightly. You think I look sexy? Thank you," she said being very charmed.

"Oh yes, you frigged your pussy all right. You even came as far as I could tell," I teased her and caressed her breasts that swung above me.

"All right, maybe I did. It was such an arousing sight, Rosie on all fours with you behind her fucking her brains out. You should have seen the look on her face. Contorted by lust and joy and pleasure. You gave her everything. And what orgasms she got. We have misjudged her I must admit. We thought that she was an old frump that never had had a cock in her pussy. Well, that was inciting."

While she chatted on her hand had went down my body and now peeled the rubber off. She held it up, checked it and with a pleased look on her face threw it away. She had felt something else too, my cock had started to swell from her touch. She moved to kneel at my side and started to kiss my cock that grew rapidly. Soon she started sucking.

I put a hand on her ass squeezing and tried to get between her thighs. She readily spread them giving me access to her pussy. I caressed her but the angle was bad. I pulled at her leg to make her move and suddenly she swung her leg straddling me. Her ass and pussy was just in front of me to study and caress.

Now this was the sixth pussy I had seen at close range and it struck me that they all looked different as far as I remembered. The essentials were there of course, the ass hole, the slit with puffy outer lips and pink inner lips and an opening but the colors were different and so were the folds and wrinkles.

Belinda moved her ass slightly and I got an urge to lick her. I grabbed her thighs and pulled back. She understood and eased her knees backwards until her slit was just above my face. She lowered herself until our lips met, her pussy lips and my mouth. She grunted when I started to lick through her slit. It was fun to watch how her clit slowly grew out of its sheltering hood and get hard when I licked her. Meanwhile she sucked my cock to hardness which wasn't difficult. I was fully hard long before her clit. But then she grunted each time I flicked it with my tongue. Suddenly she cried out and arched her back pressing her clit hard against my tongue. Her mouth closed around my cock head when she tensed and moaned a few times.

When she relaxed she spun around and quickly impaled herself on my cock. She started to ride but suddenly cursed and stopped. She jumped up and got another rubber from her dress which she put on me. With a satisfied grunt she impaled herself again and resumed her ride.

Her horsemanship was good. She changed tempo and angles now and then giving us a pleasant time. But her pussy control couldn't match Rosie's. I now understood how good Rosie was even if she didn't like being on top. But Belinda was good enough to give me a very pleasant time.

She rode on and obviously enjoyed herself too. Her face expressed joy and there were moans of pleasure. Her breasts swung over me and I grabbed them which made her smile lustfully. I understood that she liked getting her breasts fondled and gave them a good working over which made her grunt of joy.

She came several times in small orgasms that went over quickly. They were just short stops when she sat down and her body tensed before she was back in full gallop. When my libido rose it felt like her orgasms got more frequent. She cried out and sat down hard just before I shot my load. My shots seemed to prolong her orgasm making her to cry out again before she fell forward over me.

She stayed on top of me for a while before she rose from my body. She knelt at my side and took my limp cock in her hand inspecting the condom. She nodded pleased when she saw a good amount of seed. She peeled it off me and dropped it on the ground. She stood up and slowly put her dress back on. When she was dressed I stood and she hugged me before she left.

I was lucky to have that night off from Rosie. I felt spent. It had been a tremendous experience to have a new woman and I dreamt about it all night.

Two days later Belinda came to see me in the garden. "Want to come to my place for some tea or . . . something," she asked a bit breathlessly. "I'll be alone, Gunilla has the evening shift. Come at seven will you." She turned and went away as quickly as she had come but I saw that she was blushing.

Of course I came to her. She opened the door, casually dressed in a short summer skirt and T-shirt with no bra underneath. Her ample breasts bounced promising when she moved to the side letting me in.

"Want some tea?" She asked politely but then she came close hugging me. From then on there was no more talk about tea. Instead it was cream she was after, the sort of cream that only a man can deliver. Her hands were all over me and in no time she squeezed my cock through my shorts. I was allowed to lift her T-shirt up over her head and undo the button that held her skirt. With that she was naked wearing neither bra nor panties. She quickly pulled my shorts down freeing my hard cock.

With a pleasured cry she flung herself down on the bed and spread her legs. She lay waiting for my move. I watched her lovely naked body for a little while until she got shy and moved her hands to shield herself. Only then did I move forward and started to caress her body from the breasts down. She cried out when I licked her to the first orgasm for the night. It was followed by several when she lay on her back with me on top. It seemed like an endless row of small orgasms when I fucked her with a few bigger ones in between. She was ready for the big one when I shot my load, coming instantly when she felt my cock grew in her just before the release.

She had carefully dressed my cock with a rubber before she fell back on her back and now as carefully inspected that it hadn't broke. She pulled it off me and took it to the trash bucket. It was lovely to see her walk around naked making my cock to swell. She was quick noticing that. She bent over taking the soft cock in her mouth making it swell and grew hard. She got another condom from her supply and dressed my cock again.

She wanted to be taken again. She moved over to the table and leaned over it wriggling her ass invitingly. I followed and was guided right into her waiting pussy. We fucked slowly with good pauses when she got her bigger orgasms and in the end came together very nicely.

As had become her habit she very carefully took care of and inspected the condom. "I love to fuck but I don't want a baby yet," she said smilingly when she pushed me out just before Gunilla was expected to come home.

It became a habit of hers to ask me to fuck her. Either she asked me to come to her place in early evening If Gunilla had evening duty or she sought me out in the garden when I quit for the day. Her favorite place was the lilac arbor and she often came out in early afternoon just beckoning at it. She was always there when I came having sneaked there unseen.

I was quite busy by this. But I never knew in the morning if any of my two women wanted to fuck that day. Sometimes it happened that they both wanted my services. It happened that I went more or less directly from Belinda's bed to Rosie's pussy. But I don't think Rosie noticed. At these occasions I spent a long time kissing and licking her to quite a few orgasms before entering her. She was fully satisfied to get my cock in her only once at those evenings.

One evening when I came to see Belinda I was met in the door by Gunilla.

"Oh, is it you Eric? Well Belinda isn't here. She had to work tonight. Didn't she tell you? Well, you can come in anyway and talk to me." She took a step back and let me in.

I sat in the only easy chair that was so familiar from last summer. Gunilla brought me a glass of lemonade and busied herself tidying up making small talk while I drank it. Suddenly she came and sat down in my lap.

"I was very impressed of what you and Rosie did that afternoon when we caught you," she suddenly said and wriggled her ass slightly. My cock reacted and started to swell. I didn't know what to say. "Belinda says that you have been fucking Rosie all summer and that showed. You seemed to be well tuned together. It was fantastic how many times you made her come." She wriggled her ass some more and couldn't avoid to feel my now rather hard cock. But she was cool about it as if she hadn't noticed.

"Tell me, was Rosie your first woman?" She suddenly asked frankly. I said nothing not knowing what to say. "Well I guess she was and she has taught you well. To judge from what I saw anyway. And Belinda doesn't complain, on the contrary. She says that you always take her twice and that you also are good with your hands and mouth." She got quiet and wriggled her ass some more. "You miss her tonight, don't you? You had planned to do something with that hard pole which is poking my ass right now? Like putting it into Belinda making her come? Pity she isn't around, isn't it? I bet that you just now want to put it into me instead? You are a wicked boy, aren't you?"

She rose and went into the inner room. She was out of my sight for a little while before she came back. She walked around the room and suddenly stopped behind me.

"Well, if you want to put it into me you have to make a pass at me. You have to ask to get what you want."

"Oh . . . yes . . . , well, of course I want to . . . but what about your boyfriend?" I stammered.

"To hell with him. What he doesn't know is not his bother. And we won't tell him will we?" she giggled and suddenly her arms were around my neck. I reached around and pulled her down in my knee again. She kept her grip around my neck and pulled me towards her for a long exploring kiss.

While we kissed I also started to explore her body and soon had my hand under her thin shirt. What I hadn't noticed was that she must have taken her bra off while being in the inner room. It had definitely been there when I arrived but was now gone. Her naked breasts felt lovely in my hand and she didn't try to stop me from caressing them.

We kissed some more and I explored the lower part of her body. The skirt sat tight around her waist so I tried the other way the one that went upwards from between her thighs. She made no difficulties for my exploring hand and I was astonished to find no panties in the way to her womanhood. Well, it was perhaps not so astonishing after all, I thought. She had taken the bra off so why not the panties as well.

Her womanhood felt soft and warm and a little moist under my touch. She had no objections when I caressed her down there, on the contrary. She moaned when I stroked over the clit area. Suddenly she spun around in my lap and pulling her skirt up around her waist she hooked her legs over my shoulders. With her naked ass against my chest her womanhood was all of a sudden just inches from my mouth. I grabbed her hips and dug in.

She moaned when my tongue went through her slit parting the engorged lips up to her protruding clit. It was big, much bigger than anyone I had seen before looking nearly like a small cock. She cried out of pleasure when I took it between my lips flicking my tongue over it. I kept kissing and licking her pussy area until she cried out again and pushed her pussy hard against my mouth. My nose was pressed against her clit and I moved my heads slightly to rub it which made her grunt. She exploded in a shuddering orgasm screaming loudly.

I kept my nose pressed at her clit until her pubic bone gave my nose a blow when her body writhed. She didn't notice but complained when I withdrew my nose. So I had to put it back but was careful to follow her moves.

Her shudders stopped but she was hungry for more of that kind. She kept her position with her open pussy close to my mouth. She pulled my hand down to her breasts and moaned of pleasure when I caressed them. It didn't take long before she came again writhing and shuddering. My nose hurt and I was careful to keep it out of the way for her rocking mound.

When her orgasm subsided she vaulted from my lap onto her feet. She quickly removed her skimpy clothing and pulled me up on my feet. She pushed my shorts down freeing my cock. She knelt in front of me and sucked it into her mouth. I soon found that she was the best sucker of the five women that I so far had experienced. I told her to stop if she wanted it inside her. She immediately rose and rushed to the bedside table. She handed me a condom which I clumsily put on. Meanwhile she had flung herself down on her back and waited for me with her legs spread wide. There was no doubt that I was welcome.

I knelt between her open thighs and let my cock nose its way forward. She gripped the sides of the bed waiting for my approach. She moaned of joy when my cock touched her pussy lips and cried out when after some searching around found her opening. The cock head slipped smoothly inside where I kept it still for a little while enjoying being engulfed by the soft warmth. But she wanted it all. With a cry she heaved upwards taking all of me in.

She was very active when I started to fuck her. She planted her feet firmly on the bed and heaved upwards meeting my thrusts and wriggled her ass to take me deep inside. After she had come the first time she pulled her knees up as far as they would go spreading the thighs wide. Her upturned pussy was easy to enter. She changed position of her legs all the time while I banged into her. It was lovely and made my libido to rise quickly. I felt the tingling in my loins and increased my efforts which she acknowledged with a pleased cry. She was a bit slow though and I had shot my load when she climbed over the hilltop. I had to hold on while her orgasm shook her body.

With a pleased moan she relaxed on the bed with me stretched out on top of her. But she didn't let me rest on her nice body for long before she rolled me off her. My cock had rapidly shrunk and left her pussy. She spun around and inspected the condom while she pulled it off me. These girls were really cautious I thought.

She rose from the bed and with the rubber dangling in her hand moved out to the bathroom. She took her time in there but when she came back she walked around the flat showing off. It was nice looking at her when the nice breasts and round ass bounced. Suddenly she was back at my side.

"Belinda says that you recover quickly," she said giggling. "May I give it a try?"

She knelt at the side of the bed and took my soft cock in her mouth. This time there was no reason to stop her prematurely. I enjoyed in full when her lips and tongue skillfully worked on my cock making it swell at first and then slowly harden. When I was semi hard she pushed the tip of her tongue under the foreskin and moved it around the glans. It was a quite new sensation which made me hard instantly. Then she closed her lips around the shaft just below the head her tongue swirling all around it.

With a contented giggle she let go of my cock.

"Lovely, just lovely," she exclaimed. "I love to feel a cock grow in my mouth. And now I think you are ready again just as Belinda said. Come and take me but put this on first." She giggled heavily when she throw a rubber on my chest and then moved over to lean over a table. She wriggled her ass invitingly.

I followed after having put the rubber on my cock. I was in no haste though. She wouldn't go away and to wait a little would probably increase her excitement. Eventually I took position behind her and as I had expected she moaned of joy when my cock touched her bare bottom.

I took the cock in my hand and rubbed her slit not forgetting to give her big clit a good working over. She grunted and wriggled her ass in appreciation and soon her body shuddered. I pushed inside her as soon as she was steady enough to receive me which made her to cry out. Then I fucked her with long steady strokes which she met by pushing back firmly. She stood rock steady against the solid table. This time we came almost together. Her first spasm made her pussy contract around my cock and got me started too. I held her breasts firmly while the shudders that shook her body also made her pussy to slide back and forth on my cock until we both were exhausted.

Gunilla collapsed on the table top and I stood behind her holding her hips until my cock shrank out of her. I moved away from her and took the condom off.

"Hey buster, let me see that," she suddenly called behind me. She came forwards and snatched the rubber away from me. She held it high up dangling while she carefully inspected it.

"Everything seems to be in there and no scratches," she said seriously. "Quite a load, I must say, especially for being the second round," she added laughingly. She came close and hugged me. "I liked that, I really did. Well, the show you and Rosie put on was promising and Belinda hasn't exaggerated. You know how to please a woman. Much better than my boyfriend. He is well endowed I give him that but he just pushes it in and fucks for his own pleasure and doesn't give a damn about me." She kissed me and crept deep in my arms and cuddled for a while.

"Well, you have better leave. Belinda will be back soon and I don't want her to find you here. I promised to tell you if she couldn't find you but she didn't ask me to do what we just did so nicely. So be a good boy and leave will you. Maybe we can do it again some time? I think I would like that."

I left and it was just in time. From a distance I saw Belinda coming. I felt happy and relieved. I had experienced my third woman and realized that they were different although we were doing the same things. But the feeling in there pussies were not alike and they moved and reacted differently. With a smile I understood that there was a lot to discover in the future.

Belinda came to see me already in the morning. She apologized for not having been able to tell me that she had had to work and hoped that I wasn't too disappointed. I said of course not. With a lustful smile she said that she was and that she wanted a quickie if I could sneak away for a while. She led the way to the lilac arbor. She wasted no time to get rid of her maid's uniform and pull my shorts down. She quickly sucked me to hardness and as swiftly put a rubber on me. She turned around and leaned over the table just as Gunilla had done the previous night which made me wonder. But it was a convenient position for a quickie so I thought no more about that when she wriggled her ass and spread her feet and reached out for my cock between her open thighs. She was ready I could feel when she placed my cock at her entrance.

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