Getting Mom Ch. 02


I was brushing her shoulder and upper arm. After about an hour the popcorn was gone and mom let out a yawn. I turned to her and suggested. "Why don't you lie down and I'll spoon you?"

She shrugged and said "Oh that's sweet honey but you don't have to do that for me."

"I want to though."

She smiled at me and conceded. I laid down closest to the back of the couch and mom laid down in front of me. I had my right arm under her neck and the other over her belly. We watched the movie like this for some time.

After a while mom moved her buxom butt backwards in to my groin. She started to grind it back and forth. I quickly became hard. This was really hot; those tight little booty shorts were stretched really tight across her broad backside. I was really excited by this. This was the first time mom had been the one to initiate sexual contact between us. I started breathing heavily in to her ear. I moved my right hand over the front of her shirt and my left down her side to her thigh and ass. I reached up under the hem of mom's shorts to make contact directly with her ass. I squeezed and jiggled it a bit and moved my hand further in towards the crack of her ass. That's how I discovered she wasn't wearing any underwear again.

My heart skipped a beat as I started to knead mom's ass more aggressively, my nose pressed in to her left ear. She was still rocking her pelvis back and forth in to me. "Sweety" she cooed. "My shorts are really tight and you're kind of giving my vagina a wedgy by sticking your hand up there." I felt disappointed, figuring I was about to be told off. "Why don't you take them off?"

My heart leapt. I breathed more heavily in to mom's ear and thrust back to meet her thrust with my own pelvis. I reached around the front of her to undo her shorts. I quickly had them undone but had a hard time moving them down. They clung snugly to her big round hips and ass, making it tough to pull them off. Eventually I got them down to her knees and decided that was far enough. She finished pushing them down herself and kicked them off. I undid my own pants and pulled them down to my knees with my boxers. I started groping mom's tits through her bra with my trapped right hand.

My bare cock was now rubbing my mom's ass. It wasn't long before it found it's way in to her crack. I used my free hand to massage mom's left ass cheek and then spread it wide to accommodate my stiff prick. I then undid mom's bra strap and pulled her shirt up above her tits. The bra was loose so I got my right hand under it and on to those behemoth globes while sawing my hard dick up and down her ass crack. I was dry humping her hard. Mom was really enjoying herself, I could tell.

On every exhale that she took, she made a very subtle guttural moan. I was squeezing her tits hard and pinching and twisting her nipples, one at a time. Her completely exposed lower half was really turning me on, and I decided to do something bold. I leaned forward, pulling her torso in to me by her breasts and snarled in to her ear. "I want to get you off baby."

With that I reached down with my free left hand and made contact with the upper portion of her pussy. She moaned softly, but still kept her legs together, restricting my access and keeping me from finger fucking her. I rubbed her clit, gently at first.

So here we were on the couch. I was rubbing her clit and fucking the long crack of her supple, big ass while holding her in place by the tits, gripping them hard and pushing them in all directions. I was rocking her body hard with my humping motion and mom was meeting my upward thrusts with downward thrusts of her own. The best part was, it was her initiative that started all this.

As I rubbed her pussy she started to get louder. I rubbed her clit harder and faster, then a little slower, then a little softer, then a little faster. I was playing around, looking for the right combination of speed and firmness that was right for her. Apparently I found it.

Her rate of breathing increased and she moaned louder. I held my pace and strength. She was really fucking in to it and so was I. She became louder and louder as I rubbed her clit, thrust up her ass crack and man-handled her huge tits. Then she let go.

"Annnnnnggggghhh!!!" She screamed at the ceiling in the most sexy tone of voice I've ever heard. She came for a good thirty seconds and squirted a little bit. My hand and her closed legs were in the way but I felt the sudden flood of moisture from between her legs. I was really turned on.

Like an armature, I kept rubbing her clit. She quickly reached down and moved my hand away. "Oh John, it's too sensitive now baby. Oh my god that felt so good." I lowered my pelvis a bit and lifted her left leg. I positioned my cockhead at the entrance to her vagina and prepared to breach the entrance. She moved at the last second and I had lost my target.

"No John! I'm sorry sweety but I am your mother and I cannot let you have sex with me. I'm sorry John. I really am baby" she said tearing up. "Do you want me to suck your dick?"

I was horny, denied and livid. "No dammit. I want to fuck you!" I got up on to one knee and pulled her right leg towards the back rest of the couch so that she was forced to roll over and lie on her front. Her legs were slightly spread and my legs were keeping them apart. I easily held my mother down with one arm on her back.

"John! No! What are you doing honey?! Oh god John what are you doing!?"

I took my cock firmly in my hand, rubbed it down her ass crack, past her sphincter and stopped it there. I lifted it back up the track I had just taken and lay flat on top of my mom, my dick firmly in her ass crack. I reached my hands around her front and under her shirt. I took a naked tit in each hand, her bra was loose in her shirt at this point and riding above her tits. I fucked that ass crack with all my might. I never penetrated anything, but I my cock was completely engulfed in her fleshy ass. It felt amazing. I humped and humped until I shot my load all over mom's back. I even got some of it in her hair. I collapsed on top of her.

After a while I got off of her and went back to my spooning position. She rolled over to face me and kissed me square on the mouth. "Thank you John. I know that it must be hard for you baby. You showed a great deal of self-control and I love you very much. Believe it or not I want to have sex with you now too, and that was the best orgasm of my life." She started to tear up a bit with emotion. "But I just can't bring myself to let you. It would just be wrong."

"Shhhhh. It's ok mom. Don't cry. I love you too and I am satisfied in this moment." I smiled at her and rested my eyes for a moment. What time was it? Mom cuddled closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder and chest. I reached under her and held her close. I just wanted to rest my eyes for a minute before going to bed.

We woke up that way the next morning in each other's arms. Fortunately it was a Sunday and I was a week away from my big graduation day. Mom woke up about the same time I did but neither of us were in a rush to get up. I stroked her back lovingly and kissed her appreciatively. I was thoroughly spent and completely sated. Things were going well and mom and I were evolving our relationship. Things were going very well for me and I was truly happy.

I was sure of two things. It was going to be an amazing summer, and I was going to have sex with my mother again, soon.


I intended on making this the final chapter, but once again I underestimated how much I had left to say. There is one more portion to this story to tell and then I think that I will consider it complete. Thanks to the readers for bearing with me and sorry for the delay in getting this finished. I hope that you have enjoyed my story so far. Thank you to the literotica community. Your support and generous comments have been very reassuring.

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How could you?

Treat Mom like that? Wow!! Truly an exciting story, well written and driven with the right amount of strength to sate those hormone driven urges to keep her in place while thrusting deeply into hermore...

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