Getting Mom Interested Ch. 01


"Mmm..C'mon Tommy. You can tell me." Becky persisted.

"Yes. I would like to you see between your mom's legs." I finally admitted.

We watched the action on the TV as the camera zoomed to the son stroking his massive rod. "I bet my Mom would be drenched if she saw you jerking your cock like that in front of her. I can almost taste her on my tongue."

My dick was rock hard hearing Becky say that. I played with her jeans until they opened, and slid my hand down to her mound. She was already soaking wet. I worked a finger into her, but Becky pulled at my hand.

"Easy there Tommy. I want to enjoy this. Take your time and watch the movie." she said as she slowly stroked my pole.

The daughter went between her mother's legs now, and her mom was moaning in delight. Then the mother summoned her son over to her and took over stroking his cock.

"Oh.. look at her go.. she wants her son's cock." Becky said as she tightened her grip on my dick. I looked at the mirror, and my mouth parted. Mom again had her hand inside her robe working on her breast. But this time her breasts were visible to me. I was able to see her kneading her globes, and I was getting extremely excited by all this.

I looked back at the movie just in time to see the mother take her son's dick into her mouth. The boy moaned and coached his mother on. "Oh, Mom. You suck so good! Take it Mom. Take your son's cock." the boy said as he pushed his mother down on his rod.

Becky then bent her head down and I was able to feel her breath hovering over my dick. I felt her wet lips part and my cock slipped into her warm mouth.


"Shhh...I'm not Becky." she said "Tonight I'm Mom." and she eased her mouth back down over my prick.

The game I had played on her the last week was now being played on me. I felt my cum building again, as Becky's mouth slid up and down my pole. I looked at the mirror and my jaw fell open as I gasped for air. Mom's robe was now completely open and both her breasts were in plain sight. She had spread her legs, and I could see her touching herself there. Mom was masturbating right behind me! My own mother was getting herself off in the presence of her son while her he was getting head from his girlfriend, pretending to be his mother. My brain was spinning.

I think I must have short circuited, and I became wild with lust. I pushed Becky's head down on my dick, ramming into her face. The words began to exit my lips, "That's it Mom. Work my dick down your hot throat. Fuck your son with your pretty mouth. I know I can give you what Dad hasn't been able to."

Faster and faster, Becky's lips bobbed up and down on my dick. My head fell back on the sofa, and my eyes became fixed on the mirror as I watched my mother work her fingers into her pussy. Then I noticed something else. Mom was looking back! Her eyes were on the mirror watching me. I was so very close to cumming then. I could hear that the actors on TV were engaged in fucking, but my eyes never left the mirror.

"Take it Mom. I want to feel my sperm down your throat." I guess my talking got to Becky. She picked her head up quickly, and kissed me hard.

"Fuck me Tommy. I want you inside me right now!"

I pushed her back on the sofa and ripped her pants down. Like an animal, I was in her, fucking her like we never fucked before. Her legs wrapped around me and her hands pulled me deeper into her cunt.

"Oh..Fuck..Tommy!.." Becky almost shouted as her hot pussy sucked on my cock.

Then I felt myself starting to cum. As I slammed myself deep inside, I held the pressure tight, and my sperm pumped into my wonderful girlfriend. Her hips worked rapidly back and forth bringing her own orgasm out.

"Oh.. Oh.. Yes.. I'm cumming.. Ugh.. Ugh.. Ugh.. Becky said, her body quivering under me.

I slumped on top of her, our sweaty bodies clinging to one another. I kissed her hard as my dick softened inside her, and we held each other like that for a long time. I almost fell asleep on top of her.

"Hey, I have to get home." Becky said, as she motioned me to get off her.

I slipped my soft dick out and eased myself up, glancing over to the stairs. Again, Mom had vanished.

We fixed our clothes and quietly left my house. Becky and I strolled to her house holding hands. I think we both were in another world as we walked. Once at Becky's house, I gave her a goodnight kiss and she looked deeply into my eyes.

"Tommy, tonight was the most exciting ever. Don't you think?"

"It sure was different." I said.

"Well, I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Good night Becky." I said, and giving her one last kiss.

I walked back home thinking about Becky and how crazy tonight was. Then I thought about Mom and what she had done. I felt my dick swell as I pictured her masturbating.

Ok, so maybe seeing Mom almost naked and masturbating might make me somewhat horny but that doesn't mean I want to screw my own mother -does it?, I pondered as I opened the front door. I walked into the family room and almost crapped my pants. Mom was sitting on the sofa in that same robe. I looked at the coffee table and remembered I hadn't unhooked my laptop.

Okay, here comes the talk. Mom is going to want to discuss all that has been happening with us.

"So Mom, what are you doing up." I said trying to be quiet.

"I just came down to bring you a pillow and a blanket."

"Thanks Mom. I forgot to get them before." I said as I approached the sofa.

"I'll cleanup this mess before I crash. You can just set the blanket and pillow there and try and get some sleep in my room." I said.

"I tried Tommy. But it's like I thought. I'm just not use to sleeping a lone anymore. Would you mind if I just stayed down here and watched some TV with you for a bit? At least until I get sleepy again?" Mom wasn't mentioning anything about before. Maybe she hadn't noticed me looking at her in the mirror. Or maybe she just wasn't ready to confront me herself. I was sure up for that.

"No problem Mom." I said as I went to unhook the laptop.

"Just leave it for now. You can clean up in the morning."

"Okay Mom." I said, and sat myself down in the sofa. Propping the pillow next to my right side, I turned on the TV. Finding a late night talk show, I sat back on the couch.

"You aren't going to sleep like that are you?" Mom asked.

"Well no, I was going to get more comfortable after you left."

"Honey, you just get comfortable now, and I'll throw the blanket over you. I'll turn my head until you're finished."

I stood up and began to undress. I left my briefs on and draped the covers over my lower body. Still sitting up, I rested my head back on the couch. Mom did have her head turned away and never looked.

"Okay Mom I'm finished."

"How are you going to sleep sitting up like that."

"About the same as you." I said.

"Well, lay down on the couch, and I'll rest my head also."

So I did as Mom asked and got repositioned. Mom lay down with her body in front of me. I put the covers over both of us, but they weren't long enough to cover us both completely. I turned on my side, and watched the TV. Mom kept fidgeting around, and finally sat up.

"Tommy, do you mind if I lay down on the pillow with you? I'm just not getting comfortable like this, and I'm kind of cold."

"No Mom. Why would I mind?"

She then turned and lay down on her side in front of me, resting her head on the pillow. I scooted up some above Mom's head and placed my hand on her hip. Mom moved her hand to mine as it laid on her and nestled her fingers in mine. We stayed like that for a very long time. I was just about to fall asleep when I felt Mom's body pressing against me. Her ass was still covered by her robe, but I could feel my dick pressing between her cheeks. Her back had pushed tight against my chest, and her fingers twitched once in a while in my hand. I could hear her slow, even breathing and knew she was asleep. It felt so peaceful lying with her like that.

The next thing I knew Mom was waking me up. It was morning already. "Tommy get dressed and cleanup all this stuff before your Dad wakes up. I'll make you some breakfast after I take a shower."

I vaguely remember mumbling "Okay" to her, as I struggled to get my wits, and Mom headed up stairs as I sat up. I quickly threw on my jeans and picked up the cables and laptop, going to my room and placing all the stuff on my dresser. I heard Dad then get up and the shower started running. I closed my door and changed into some clean clothes. As I changed, I took note of my bed. It didn't' show any signs that Mom had even tried to sleep there. Now I had something else to be puzzled by.

As we all sat at the table and ate breakfast together, Mom seemed very happy. Dad even noticed her disposition and commented, "So I take it you had a good night's sleep last night?"

"Oh yes dear. It was wonderful. I feel very refreshed this morning."

"Well son, I guess the couch might be your new bed for the next couple of weekends. Hopefully all this stress will end soon, and we'll get back to normal again."

"No problem Dad. Mom's more than welcome to sleep in my bed." I said to him, as I turned and looked at Mom adding. "Any time she wants."

Mom looked at me and smiled.

"I'm glad you don't have a problem with that Tommy."

I don't know why, but I became more daring. "I love helping you Mom. Anyway I can."

Mom just smiled back. It was like we both were playing a game with each other. But how far would it go? I found myself getting excited, already thinking about the next weekend and what might happen.

But all that was about to change. Becky called on Monday with some terrible news. Her parents had split up. I could tell she was very upset. I went over her house that night and tried my best to comfort her. I guess her Dad had been having an affair with his secretary for a couple years now, and had gotten her pregnant. He admitted that he wasn't happy with Becky's Mom and wanted more that she could give him. He was going to divorce her and marry his secretary.

"I'm so sorry Becky. I wish I could make this go away. I hate seeing you in so much pain." I said as I held her close to me.

"How could he do this to Mom? How did this happen? They always seemed so happy together." Becky said as she wept on my shoulder.

I thought about my own parents, and what was happening in my own home. If things stayed like they were, I could see this happening to them.

"Maybe you should spend time with your Mom this weekend. I'm sure she's going to need your support."

"I was going to say the same thing. Thank you for being here for me, Tommy."

"I'll always be here for you Becky." I said, and then thought about what I had just said. Why did I say that? I searched my feelings, realizing I did want to always be there for her.

After I consoled Becky during the day, I headed back home with a heavy heart. Mom was in the kitchen, and I told her the sad news about Becky.

"Just try and be as supportive as you can." Mom said.

Over the next week, I talked to Becky every day. As time passed, she seemed to be recovering from the shock of her parents splitting. She told me she had a very long heart to heart talk with her mother and that really helped. She asked if could spend next Friday at her house instead of mine.

I didn't have any problem with that at all. I was looking forward to spending time with her again. I told my parents not to wait up for me, and that I would be spending Friday evening over at Becky's. Mom looked disappointed when I said that.

"Mom, if Dad needs to take the sleeping pills, just leave me a blanket and pillow on the couch. I'll know you're in my room." I said.

"You think you're going to be that late at Becky's?"

"I don't know. I just don't want you two to worry. I figured, if I was, you could just crash in my room again if you needed to."

Friday rolled around, and I headed over to Becky's. As the front door opened my dick actually jumped in my pants. Becky's mom, Cathy, answered the door dressed to the nines. I knew her mother was a very good looking woman, but she now looked extremely hot in the outfit she was wearing. My brain screamed "Fuck her!" She had on a very low cut red mini dress and a pair of red pumps. The top of the knit dress clung to her and pushed her breasts tightly together, showing most of them out of the low cut neck line. Her hard nipples poked at the material, telling me she wasn't wearing a bra under that sexy attire.

"Hhhi.." She cut me off before I could finish.

"Call me Cathy, Tommy." She said as she opened the door and waved me in.

Becky ran up to me and grabbed my hand. "I've missed you so much Tommy." She said and planted a big kiss on me, right in front of her mother.

"You two should take that somewhere more private." Cathy said.

Becky led me down the hall to her room, and we both crashed on her bed.

"Tommy what did you think of Mom's dress."

"She looked very sexy." I said.

"Well, after Mom and I had our long talk, I told her she needed a new wardrobe, so we did some shopping."

"I don't understand..." I blurted, but Becky cut me off.

"Just listen, I'm getting to it." She said very excitedly.

"Mom told me it's been years since Dad and her...well.. did it. She felt it was her fault Dad's been screwing that tramp all this time."

"I thought it was his sec..." and again Becky shushed me.

"I felt so mad that Dad made Mom feel that way. I told her how beautiful she was, and that any guy would be knocking down the door to ask her out. Well Mom felt much better by what I was saying, and I just let myself go on. I explained how I even thought other women would ask her out."

"You did what?!"

"Tommy - please. Just let me finish. So, like I was saying, Mom then asked me what I meant by other women. I... I.... I told her I thought she was the sexiest woman I knew, and that if I was going to try and see what it would be like with another woman, I would want it to be with her."

I was speechless.

"What? You have no comment now?.... Well Mom surprised me and...well, we kissed. And then kissed some more - and then, well.."

"What...What happened?!" I said as I felt my dick began to harden.

"I think it's better if I show you." Becky said, as I looked to the door and saw her mother standing there.

Becky stood up and embraced her mother. She wrapped her arms around her mom's waist and her Mom did the same.

"I told Mom about our movie nights, and how you wanted to see me with another woman."

My mouth dropped open. My heart was racing in my chest as Cathy began to fondle her daughter's ass. Becky slipped her hands up to her mother's breasts and began to knead them right in front of me.

"I hope you like the show Tommy, it's just for you." Becky said as they kissed passionately.

I could feel my excitement building watching them become more and more aggressive. Becky kissed her mother's neck as her hand lowered down to her mother's ass. Cathy moaned and squeezed her daughter's ass, as she pulled her closer until their mounds were touching.

Becky lifted her mother's dress, and I was awed at the sight. I was looking at her mother's trimmed pussy! Cathy unbuttoned her daughter's jeans and pushed them to the floor. Becky still had her panties on, but not for long. Her mother hooked her thumbs under the waistband and slowly dragged them down her legs where they puddled to the floor.

My dick was begging to be set free. This was so fucking hot, I just wanted to jerk off! Becky looked at me and smiled. "Remember what I said about Mom when we watched the video? Why don't we see if it true?"

I was shaking from the excitement. I was going to be part of this after all. I fumbled with my pants until my cock was freed, then gripped my steel rod and stroked it as I became lost with sexual desire. Cathy's eyes widened as she stared at my dick. Becky watched also as her hands went from her mother's ass to the front of her thighs.

"So Mom what do you think of my boyfriends tool? Doesn't it just look so yummy?" Becky said, as her fingers moved closer and closer to her mother's mound. I could hear her mother's heavy breathing.

"You're a very lucky girl Becky. It's larger than your fathers."

Becky's fingers wisped over her mother's folds, and I heard her mother's moaning sigh.

"Oh Mom, you're so wet. I told Tommy you would be if you saw him."

"Oh...Yes its making me so hot and wet."

"Mmmm." I heard Becky purr.

"Would you like to touch it Mom?"

My heart was beating loudly in my chest as they both came closer to me. "Go on Mom. It's been too long for you not to feel a hot large cock in your hand." Becky said, as she guided her mother's hand down to my pole.

"Ohh..Fuck.." was all I could say, as I felt Cathy's fingers grasping my shaft.

"Stroke it Mom." Becky said, as I watched her ease her fingers inside her mother.

"Ohhh honey.. Ohh." Cathy said as her daughter slowly toyed her fingers in and out of her wet pussy.

"I bet it tastes good too Mom. Why don't you find out?"

I thought I was going to die as I watched Cathy movie closer to my cock. With a shiver rushing to my head, I felt her lips touch my dick, and she inhaled it deeply into her mouth.

"Oh..God.. Cathy.."

Her mouth was like warm, wet silk as my cock slipped in and out. I closed my eyes and fell back on the bed. Cathy was driving me crazy with her mouth. Faster and faster she worked and then moaned continuously on my dick. I looked up and almost shot my load. Becky was latched to her mother's pussy, sucking away at her. Her mother's hips where bucking against her daughters face. Becky pulled her mother tight to her face and Cathy began to quiver. I could tell she was cumming in her daughter's mouth and Becky was drinking it up.

I couldn't take anymore. I held Cathy's head and rocked my dick in her mouth.

"Cathy..I'm going to cum... Ohh.. Ohh..

She swallowed me down her throat and sucked, her hand rolling my balls as I exploded. "Ahhh!!!!" I said as my sperm flowed down her throat. My body tightened as I felt her suck everything out of me.

I was trying to recover when I heard my girlfriend speak.

"My turn now Mom." and I felt Becky take my expelled dick in her mouth, breathing life back into it.

It was her mother's turn to lick snatch. Just as her daughter had done, Cathy was between Becky's legs, licking away at her box. It didn't take long before I was rock solid again. I could feel my girlfriend thrashing around as her mother toyed with her pussy. Becky stopped sucking and raised her head as she wrapped her hand around my cock.

"Oh fuck Mom! I'm cumming!!!", she said as I watched her body shake on her mother's face.

Moaning and grunting, Becky kept cumming. When her orgasm subsided her eyes opened and looked at me.

"Tommy... Fuck my Mom."

Becky released my dick and moved to the side. Cathy slipped her body on top of mine, and I felt her hot pussy against my dick. Her hips moved front to back, and my cock nestled between her wet pussy lips. With every forward push, my dick played with her entrance.

Then, I felt a hand on my balls. Becky was behind us, helping to put my dick into her mother. I felt it make contact with her opening, and I pushed myself up and into her. Cathy was so fucking tight. My cock forced its way in - deeper and deeper. I pushed and pushed, and Cathy went crazy with my cock deep in her pussy.

"Ohhh..God..Yesss!! It's so big!... It's been so long!...Fuck me Tommy!..."

Cathy ground her hips down on my cock until I could feel her clit rubbing against my flesh. She went wild on my cock. Faster and faster her hips swayed, her hands digging into my chest. I was fucking her like a wild man. Becky sat behind her mother, squeezing and toying with her mother's breasts.

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