tagIncest/TabooGetting Mom Interested Ch. 03

Getting Mom Interested Ch. 03


All characters are fictional and 18 years or older.

I would like to thank woodlands1946 for taking the time to review my story


A week has passed since my little vixen, Becky, had me thinking about her fucking my Dad while Mom and I watched. Dad also had an out of town trip planned and it was fast approaching. I still wasn't sure how we were going to pull this off. I also wouldn't know how Mom would like the idea of her husband fucking another woman. However, I didn't see she had too much reason to be upset due to she and I fucking like bunnies behind his back.

I was lying in bed contemplating the whole idea and found myself reminiscing back to the movie theater. This caused me to stroke my cock as I vividly pictured Becky jerking Dad off next to me. As I was fast approaching a climax, I heard something "ting" off the window and went to investigate. I caught movement below in the yard and saw Becky waving for me to come down.

I crept quietly down the stairs so I wouldn't disturb my sleeping parents and opened the front door, whispering "What's wrong?"

Becky quickly kissed me and pushed her way inside replying, "Nothing, silly. I just felt extremely horny, and knew where to find my fix."

"Oh?" I commented, as my girlfriend couldn't even wait. Before we were even in the living room, her hands were digging down into my pj's and stroking my semi hard rod.

"Hey... You're not kidding are you?"

"No!... I'm so fucking horny Tommy, I can't wait to have you inside me!" She slipped to her knees in front of me and inhaled my dick.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned as her head bobbed up and down on my shaft sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. I quickly pulled my lover up to her feet and suggested we continue this in the living room. As we made our way there, Becky was already shedding her clothes.

It was crazy how we ravaged our bodies knowing my parents were just upstairs sleeping. As Becky put her arms around my neck and straddled me, she sank her wet pussy over my stiff dick and let out a loud pleasurable moan. This, I first thought, was just a slip, since I knew how very horny she was. I didn't say anything until another noisy whimper blared out of her lips as she rode me hard.

"Shhh!... Becky, we're going to wake my parents," I pleaded, but even that didn't stop her. In fact, she went faster and was more and more vocal. This sent my cum racing up to my mushroom head, and I couldn't stop from joining her with moans of pleasure.

We were like maniacs as we pierced the silence with our sounds of sex until I felt my hot seed explode inside her pussy. Her cunt spasmed and gripped my cock tightly as if it didn't want any of my cum to escape.

Our noises of sexual pleasure subsided as my cock finally pumped the last of it juices, but in the new quietness, I could hear the light sounds of sex drifting down the stairs.

"Oh... Shit my parents are fucking also," I said as Becky lightly gyrated herself on my spent pecker.

"Maybe we got them excited," Becky replied as she made a different grind, twisting, circular... I don't know what you call the move. But it was fucking awesome and got me hard once more. I think that was her initial plan since she hadn't yet cum herself.

So, once again, we were fucking hard and thunderous. I swear, her groans were matching the loud moans Mom was making upstairs. It was as if we all were fucking in sync. As we fucked ourselves silly, I felt Becky's pussy clutching my shaft and knew she was going to cum any second. I started to push myself up more forcefully to meet her ass as it slammed down, while my hands held her waist. Becky tightened and her body went rigid while her fingers clawed into my shoulders and she yelled. "Oh Fuck I'm cumming Tommy!!! OUGH! OUGH! OUGH YES!!!"

Seconds later, I could hear Mom saying almost the exact same words to Dad as she screamed in pleasure from his pounding.

Becky and I held our bodies together as we came down from our sexual high. I slowly eased my lover off my limp tool, suggesting we get ourselves dressed before someone comes. That made Becky laugh. I guess it was kind of stupid to say that since it was obvious as to what we were doing. But Becky did get dressed and we called it a night.

I offered to walk her home, but Becky insisted I shouldn't as she felt it would cause my parents to investigate and might ruin the fun we had just experienced together. Just by her saying that, I knew her wicked little mind of was up to something again. I found myself not wanting to pry. So far, her little dirty deeds have been a total thrill, and I wanted to be surprised when it happened. I kissed her goodnight and watched from the doorway as she walked away down the street. I then waited downstairs for another half-hour before I went back to my own room. As I passed my parents' bedroom, I heard Dad snoring through their doorway.

Morning came, I got dressed, and met my parents in the kitchen. They sat drinking their coffee at the table. I had just poured a coffee and sat down when Mom asked if I would like some eggs before I went to school. I declined saying. "Thanks Mom, but I don't want to be late."

Dad then spoke and said. "A little noisy last night weren't you?"

"Um... yeah. Sorry about that. I guess we got a little carried away."

Dad just chuckled and replied. "It's okay. I remember when your mother and I were that age. We had trouble keep quiet ourselves."

Mom quickly hushed Dad and said, "I'm sure our son doesn't want to hear about our sex life."

"No Mom," I replied, "I think it's great that we can talk like this. I have a bunch of friends whose parents won't even talk to their kids about anything. I'm happy we're not like them."

"Well maybe next time you should give us a heads up and we can make ourselves scarce for the night."

Now I had to laugh when Dad said that and replied. "Thanks Dad, but I didn't even know myself about last night until Becky showed up feeling a little umm... willing."

"Oh... she had a little itch to scratch, did she?," Dad said and again, Mom scolded him for making such a remark.

Once more, I agreed with him and told Mom it was okay. I took my last sip of coffee, and put my cup in the sink. Then I gave Mom a quick peck, said I was heading to class, and told Dad to have a good day at work.

Before class, I met up with Becky and told her about the conversation I had with my parents. Her face beamed with delight.

"I see we made an impression on them. Maybe that's the secret! We slowly bring them into our sex life without them realizing we're doing it to them."


"You'll see lover. I might have an idea," she said as she kissed me before she went to her first class.

I know, I said I wanted it to be a surprise, but I couldn't help but think what she could have meant by her remark. "Bring them into our sex life?" My mind was plagued the rest of the day with those words. Even after I asked Becky again what she meant, her only reply was "You'll see. Trust me."

After school, I went home and got another surprise when Mom was waiting for me wearing only a long white sleep shirt. With a shocked look on my face, I heard Mom say, "Get over here Tommy. I've been waiting for this all day."

I went to Mom and she quickly undid my pants, then inhaled my tool deeply into her mouth.

"Oh shit, Mom!" I said as she deep throated and hummed on my cock.

Then she slipped my now stiff pecker out of her mouth, vigorously stroked it and said, "I was so turned on last night hearing both of you downstairs I almost ran out of bed to join you."

"Oh shit Mom. I... tried to keep Becky quiet but...." I groaned as I felt my cum rise up my rigid pole.

"But then your father pleasantly surprised me when he showed how much he was also enjoying hearing you both fuck. I can't remember when he has been so hard and passionate. I became extremely wet when he suggested that I be just as loud as you were downstairs."

"Jesus Mom... you're going to make me cum any second."

"Good, because I'm going to fuck you until your father comes home."

"Ohhh... Shit!!!" I groaned as I shot my seed just as Mom pushed my pole back inside her mouth, completely sucking my cock dry.

She wasted no time bringing me back to full stiffness with her mouth. Her fingers toyed with my balls, which made me shiver with pleasure. When she was sure I was fully erect and ready for business, she bent over the kitchen table, presenting herself to my hard cock. I stepped up, gently entered her, and fucked her steadily from behind. She then turned around and sat up on the table, her legs out wide and high. I continued pounding her on top of the table. Then we went down on the kitchen floor itself. We kept fucking until Mom realized Dad would be home any minute. The she laughed when she mentioned she would have no good excuse why supper wasn't prepared.

I went to my room and cleaned up. When I heard Dad come in I was about to call Becky and tell her how Mom had fucked me silly. Then, I realized that telling her that would have gotten her all hot and bothered. She would be so horny she'd come over and screw my brains out. I wouldn't be walking upright come tomorrow if I did that. After supper I finally talked to her and I told her a fib. I said I was feeling a little under the weather and suggested I rest up.

I should have known when she agreed too quickly that she was up to something. I wasn't surprised when she shortly showed up at my front door.

"I thought you said it was a good idea for me to rest?"

"Yes. I did. But, I'm here to help you get better," she giving me a half smile.

Oh fuck, I thought.

I had told Mom the same fib about not feeling well, and said I was going to my room to lie down, and that Becky was going to keep me company for awhile.

I saw Mom also grin and say, "Then, I hope you feel better soon. I'll come and check on you later."

Becky and I went to my room. I closed my door while Becky hopped on the bed. She then motioned with her finger, "Come here". Sitting down next to her, I quickly had to fend off her prying hands as they tried to relieve me of my pants.

"Becky, please! Mom might come in any moment!" Again, lied about not feeling well.

I could see Becky didn't like my reasons for not having a little fun, but eventually settled into the idea. Another false notion, I thought at the time. We both lay under the covers with Becky's head resting on my chest. I heard a voice whisper from the doorway "It looks like they're both sleeping. Maybe we should just let leave them alone for now. I'll wake Becky and send her home before we go to bed ourselves."

The voice was that of my mother. They both must have opened my door and were standing there. Because the next whisper I heard was Dad saying. "You know we could fool around ourselves until then."

My heart then began to pound harder. When I lightly felt Becky inch her hand, under the covers, closer to my dick. She knew I wouldn't move with my parents still present. I held my breath and ground my teeth as her fingers lightly traced the outline of my growing appendage. It became nearly unbearable. As she continued, I finally couldn't stop the grunts that escaped my lips.

Luckily, when I again opened my eyes my door was once again closed. I hadn't been aware that my parents had already left. However, as I looked at Becky, her gleaming smile told me she knew.

"Becky!... Jesus!... What if they saw you doing that to me?"

"So?... It's not like your mom hasn't seen us before. Or joined in the act herself."

"Okay... but Dad was also there! That makes it a different matter."

"Shhh, lover. You heard him. They're thinking about getting frisky themselves."

"Becky!... Oh shit!" I replied as her fingers dug under my shorts again and grasped my stiff member.

"Please!" I couldn't finish my sentence as Becky's hand stroked me to total hardness.

Then, as if what Becky was doing wasn't bad enough, I started to hear Mom moaning in her bedroom.

"See?... They're already fucking." Becky said, giggling under her breath. "I think we should join them, like the other night."

I tried to protest since I felt this was getting too dangerous. But, I also found it very erotic listening to Mom wailing in pleasure in the room right next to us. I was lost hearing the sounds of sex coming from my parents' room, and was aware Becky had already worked my shorts completely off. Then I felt her warm mouth touch my cock and slide my shaft deep in her mouth. It sent a rush of pleasure through my body, and this brought out my raging lust once again.

As Becky worked her magic on my steel pole I started to push my hips up sending my cock deeper inside her mouth. She hummed on my dick, sending shivers through by body.

So much was happening at once that I was losing control of myself. I could feel Becky shifting around under the cover and knew she was removing her clothes while she continued to skillfully bob up and down on my dick.

Then, we both heard Mom in the next room loudly say, "Fuck me harder!!,". I felt my cum ready to blow, but Becky suddenly stopped. I was at a loss as to what she was doing until her head peeked out from the sheet. She said, "It's time to take this up a notch," and walked quickly to my door.

I called out in a shouted whisper. "Becky!", but it was too late. Becky swung my door open and I could hear Mom more loudly and clearly expressing her need to cum to Dad.

My little vixen then sashayed back to me and pulled the covers aside. "It's my turn," she said as she positioned herself on top of me in a sixty-nine, taking my entire length back into her sweet mouth. I buried my tongue inside her love canal, and once again felt my cum building to the point of no return. She lifted her head and moaningly said, "Oh yes Tommy! Right there! Oh your tongue is go good! I'm sooooooo close! Keep going! Keep going!"

I licked across her hard clit as she ground herself across my face while her hand raced up and down my shaft. "Oh... Oh! OH!!!" She said as her pussy juices flooded my mouth, and I heard Mom yell back. "I'm cumming!"

I couldn't understand why I hadn't cum myself. Then I remembered how much Mom and I had fucked earlier today. I must not have yet built up any sperm to shoot. I could feel my dick pumping as if it was trying to spurt, but nothing was coming out.

The good part about shooting blanks is the recovery time is extremely quick. Within seconds I was stiff as a board and ready to go another round. From the sounds coming from the other room, so was Mom. Either Dad hadn't cum yet himself, or Mom had brought him back up to service her needs some more. I'm sure it was Mom's sucking him back up hard again.

At that point I was a total sex freak. I didn't care if Dad heard us or not. My dick was ready for some sweet pussy, and Becky filled the need. Quickly, she straddled my body and eased her wet sex hole over my rock hard dick. I put my hands on the sides of her waist and pulled her down until I felt my entire shaft sink inside her steaming cunt.

We grunted and huffed as our bodies collided together while listening to my mother once again pleading for my dad to make her cum. Becky went ballistic and grasped her tits tight in her hands. Her pussy stayed glued to my dick. Her hips gyrated in a circular motion. I was going nuts as every inch of her hot cunt came in contact with my throbbing rod. I couldn't help but yell loudly. "Oh fuck!! Becky!!!"

"That's it Tommy!! Let me feel your cum inside me!!", I heard her plead as she ground herself harder on my pole.

I felt my dick once again begin to pump and pulsate as loud grunts filled the air, but I wasn't the only one. Becky started to moan as well. Her own climax was close, and she twisted her breasts when she finally came, screaming, "Oh!!! Oh fuck Tommy! I'm cumming! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!"

I held her tight to me as our climaxes ended, but once again stayed hard. I then maneuvered our bodies around until she was lying on her back, her legs draped over my shoulders. This position let me go super deep, and I took advantage of that by grasping her tits with both hands. While I pulled her towards me, I just slammed my stiff wood deep inside her.

Becky began screaming and wailing. "Oh fuck Tommy!! You're so deep! I'm cumming again. Oh Christ!", I heard her say, just as I heard Mom loudly screaming that she was cumming again too.

I fucked straight through Becky's orgasm, feeling like a super stud as I fucked her without showing any end to our lovemaking. She wailed, "What are you doing to me Tommy." I caught movement at the doorway and couldn't believe what I saw. Both my parents were standing there watching me fuck my beautiful girlfriend. It sent whatever cum was left in my balls racing up to my mushroomed head. Fucking in front of my parents brought out another deep dark desire, and I pinched and twisted Becky's nipples between my fingers. Becky opened her eyes and also noticed our guests. I knew it had the same effect on her because her pussy quickly tightened on my cock.

I couldn't take anymore of this wild sex and groaned. "Oh!... Oh fuck!... Becky!... Here it cums!!"

"Yes Tommy!! Cum inside me!! I want to feel your hot seed!" My body stiffened, and I felt whatever sperm I had left explode deep inside her hot pussy. I finally crashed on top of her chest.

Our breaths and hearts raced as we lay there until I heard her say. "You think they liked the show?" I turned toward my door to see it was empty.

After 10 minutes of us laying like that, Becky eased herself up and got dressed. I lay there admiring her, thinking how lucky I was to have such a wonderful woman. She finished dressing and fixing her hair, then came back to my side. Her look told me she was once again satisfied, and I pulled her towards me.

We kissed passionately before she broke away and said. "Goodnight lover. I hope you feel better."

I was getting myself up when she told me she'd let herself out. I should just stay there and rest. I didn't have a chance to argue because she had already stepped out my door and was gone.

When morning came, I was surprised no one spoke of what had happened. All three of us just sat around the dining room table and enjoyed our breakfast. Finally, Dad broke the silence and said, "So, Tommy, you mind dropping me off at the airport before school? Your mom doesn't like driving on the freeway."

Shit! I forgot dad was leaving today for his business trip.

"Not at all Dad."

"Good... Good... I hope you can manage things around here while I'm gone. But remember it's only for a couple days."

I looked at Mom and she replied, "Oh... I'm sure he'll manage just fine dear. Our little boy has grown up to be a very capable young man."

I could feel my face turning red and sort of hung my head while I finished the last of my breakfast.

"I have to agree with you honey. I think we did a fine job raising him," I heard Dad say.

Things went back quiet then, and I finally finished my breakfast, putting the plate in the sink. Mom walked over and asked me to put Dad's bags in the car, which I was happy to do. When I went upstairs to my parents' room and grabbed the suitcase Dad had packed, I could still smell the scent of sex in their room. That caused me to think back to last night, and I felt myself rapidly stiffening again. I quickly shook my head as I went to the front door and could hear my parents talking softly in the other room. I figured Mom must have wanted to have a last word with Dad before he departed.

I put his bag in the back seat and sat waiting for him to come out. But, I found myself sitting alone in the car for another 10 minutes. Dad finally popped his head out of the door, and I watched as he gave Mom a last kiss on the stoop before walking to the car. I started the car and watched Mom wave to us as we drove off.

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