tagInterracial LoveGetting My Angel Addicted to BBC 02

Getting My Angel Addicted to BBC 02


* Introduction: This story continues where my Angel just shared the night with a large black man. For the readers who dislike my spelling, I am from Holland and therefore I don't speak nor write in native English very well. Sorry for that.

Part 2.


Before we went to sleep together, we had sex for about two minutes because I came much too fast. I was too excited having the images in my mind about my girl getting laid with Andrew.

Another factor in my quick release was because I believed that I could feel that her pussy was much more stretched than it ever was with me. That turned me on incredibly. Our lovemaking was still quite good though. Diana was tired and we fell into sleep.

The following day we just acted like nothing happened, and had drinks in the Poststrasse, and just enjoyed each other.

A couple of months passed. We still only met twice a month, being quite happy with each other. But deep in my mind, I knew that I just couldn't really satisfy her anymore and I felt that she really deserved more in a sexual way.

In September 2009, she had her 24th birthday. I took her on a city-trip for a week to Maastricht. We went to a spa, spent a day in Aachen, and on the night before her birthday, we went into a bar to celebrate. We had a lot of fun and at midnight, I let the waiter bring some ice cream with firework. That night we had enjoyable sex.

The following day (her birthday), it was sunny and warm so we decided to go to a swimming pool. It had a large grass field where groups and couples enjoyed the sun. It was quite crowded, so I looked around for a place where we could sit that was also near the big pool. I found a perfect place, which also happened to be next to three dark guys. I guessed they were from the Dutch Antilles, and were all around 25 years old. I put our bags and towels on the grass.

When Diana pulled her shirt off, showing her nice body and black swimming bra, the guys were really checking her out, They were even more staring when she took her trousers off, showing her sexy tanned legs and black swimming shorts. It was clear that they were aroused, and that only increased when I put off my own clothes. They saw that I don't get a lot of sun, neither do I have enough time to work out at the gym.

We sat there for 15 minutes or so, talking about the weather and Diana told me that she liked it that I took her to Maastricht. I told her that I would take a swim, and gave her a kiss, so everybody knew that this sexy girl was my girlfriend. After a nice dive and swimming a couple of laps, I checked out how my girl was doing.

She was on her belly with her face away from those guys. I noticed that the towel of the closest guy was so near that it almost hit the towel of my Angel.

A few laps later, I saw Diana smiling at the guy who was sitting now only half a meter away or so. It was time to get her in the pool. We took her photo-camera with us because it was the only thing that was expensive and also because she wanted me to take some pictures of her in the pool.

When she was in the pool, I took pictures of her swimming in the middle and then I took some when she was on the side. She had her arms crossed on the side and I imagined that the pool was our own and that those 3 black guys were all around her. In my imagination she didn't wear a bra or swimming shorts and those guys also didn't wear anything.

I thought about how it would look if she french kissed them and they took in turns their position behind her to fuck her good while I took pictures. Yeah, it was just my imagination, though I'm sure that it would have been great pictures.

After around 15 minutes, she got out of the pool. Diana gave me a kiss and walked back to her towel. The sun shined so well on her sexy body, making it glow and making her even sexier. After I swam another couple of laps (yes, I love swimming), I took another look towards her.

My Angel sat now between two of the guys. The other guy was apparently gone. I saw them talking and she was smiling. What I saw next surprised me. One of those guys had his black hand on her shorts and it seemed to me that he was trying to let her cum through the thin fabric while a lot of people could see what was going on there. I couldn't get out of the pool, even though I wanted to walk towards them, but as I had a hard one it was impossible. It took some time and a lot of thinking about non- sexual things to be able to get out of the pool.

As I walked towards them, Diana saw me coming. My Angel smiled at me and she introduced them to me as Randy and Kev. They both shook my hand while Randy changed his left hand where his right hand was lying. He had a nasty grin on his face. I told Diana that we had to go back to the hotel because I felt hungry. Kev pointed his finger towards my belly and said, "I bet you are."

Both of them laughed, but I felt only embarrassed because my own girl also laughed at me. I told the guys to piss off. Then I told my lady that I would dry her off good because she was still a little bit wet. Randy told me that I could dry myself off and they would dry her off.

Before I could speak a word, Diana said, "alright, I'm happy with that."

So as I dried myself, they dried her with their own towels, especially taking care of her breasts region and her pubic area.

She put her trousers and top back on and before we walked away, they both gave her a deep french kiss, which she gratefully accepted, and I could see all around us people looking at us.

When we walked away, she took my hand as to show everybody that this sexy white woman who was just kissed and felt by two black men was really the white boy's girlfriend.


Later that evening during our dinner at a fancy restaurant, she asked me quite loudly, making sure that several tables around us could hear her, "baby, were you jealous when those black guys were flirting with me and kissing me so passionately and sexually, while that Randy guy even had his hand on my pussy?"

I told her that I indeed felt jealous.

Diana asked me in the same volume "baby, I'm sorry if I made you angry or did it excite you?"

I couldn't say anything else than that it indeed excited me. My Angel leaned forward and she gave me a kiss on my cheek.


Later that night we had sex in several positions. Then as we went doing doggy-style I thought that I would surprise her by shoving my 15cm long dick up her ass.

I knew she had another boyfriend back in her hometown Tbilisi when we were on a break in 2007. That guy had fucked her in her ass. I on my turn had for a couple of months a Turkish girlfriend with who I even had sex without a condom and she wasn't on the pill during that same time.

When Diana was back in Georgia in 2008 (this was even during a war where a Dutch cameraman died), she met that guy again, even though she didn't tell me that until last year, and they had anal sex. When she told me that, she said that she did so because she was too afraid that I would never be able to fuck her good. That guy from Georgia actually didn't want to take her virginity, because I had already eaten her pussy out.

So, I thought that she wouldn't mind it if I would fuck her in her ass. I never had done that with a girl and I wanted to try it at least once. I had a condom on because she never let me do it without. That was so bad that one time when I was at her place we didn't have any condoms left and it was too late to get new ones but still she didn't let me fuck her without protection.

So when Diana felt my dick press against her ass and I tried to put it in she screamed, "What the hell are you trying to do?!"

I told her that I wanted to try to fuck her in her ass. My Angel replied with "oh no, you won't."

"But babe, you did it before, so why am I not allowed to try?"

Diana told me "you're not going to do that and Armen was only allowed because he didn't want to touch my pussy because of you, he didn't want to stay with me because of you and I only let him fuck me in my ass because I wanted that a real man would fuck me as you couldn't."

"But babe, we've been together for years now."

My Angel replied "yeah, just deal with it, you will never fuck me in my ass and thank you."

"Why do you thank me?"

"I thank you for making me completely dry, so pull the condom off. We are not going to have anymore sex tonight."

"But Angel?!"

Diana became angry telling me that I should stop with my 'childish' 'Angel this, Angel that', otherwise she wouldn't let me fuck her for a month or so.

My lady looked at me and she said while pointing at my dick "take that condom off your small dick. Otherwise, you can book another room for tonight or whatever, because if you won't pull it off I don't want you to stay in MY bed tonight."

I took the condom off as she told me to do. It was the last one so I told her that we would need to buy new condoms the next day.

Diana replied simply with "yeah, we will see about that, now make yourself useful by letting me come with your tongue, which is the only way for you to let me come anyway."

As I started to eat her, I was indeed happy that she liked it. My Angel also encouraged me with "hmmm, baby, yeah that's good, you're so good with your tongue, hmmmm, but baby, can you go a little more down, hmmm, there were Randy had his black hands."

My tongue searched its way from her clit to the entrance of her pussy and tasted her salty though sweet fluids. After a minute or ten my Angel came. I felt her body shiver and I knew that I had done another good job.

Then we went to sleep.


Part 3 will come up soon.

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