tagGay MaleGetting my Drain Cleaned Ch. 02

Getting my Drain Cleaned Ch. 02


* This is a fantasy of mine and involves some forced sex and is written in a looser style than you may be accustomed to. I only mention that for those who may not be interested in male - male action and were expecting the next great novel. Let's get started with Chapter 2..

So, there I am; lying on my damp basement floor on my upper back, my legs are tied to the rafters so my ass is up off of the floor having just been fucked soundly by a sweaty, hairy plumber, and someone just walked in my front door. This is either going to be a very good situation, or a very bad situation. I have a feeling that even if it's a bad situation it'll be a good situation.. I'm so horny that I'm almost insatiable at this point in the evening.

The plumber who fucked me was still panting and trying to get himself together when we heard the voice call out, "Gooch, is it ok to come in yet?"

Neither of us said anything for a few seconds. My mind was reeling wondering who that was that just walked into my house! Gooch, on the other hand, seems to be wondering if he wants to give up his personal fuck toy (me) just yet. I can see his cock is starting to get hard again and I'm guessing that he wants to deposit another load up my conveniently-positioned ass before he lets anyone else in there.

He motions to me to stay quiet by putting a single finger over his mouth as if to say, "shhhh..".

I'm not about to say anything, especially in the helpless position that I'm in at the moment; tied up to the ceiling joist with a 50+ year old hairy, naked plumber standing over me with a hardening, fat cock looking like it's almost ready for action again. I guess it is ready for action because he steps back around my legs and stands behind me with my legs on his shoulders, one on each side of his neck, and I feel him pushing into my ass. His cock is loosely trying to find my tight little hole that he just fucked a few minutes ago and I have a feeling that this time he'll shoot a load of cum in me big enough to clog any drain.

And, there it is. "Mmmm.. uuuhhhh..", he says, pushing his fat little cock up its intended target. "Shhh.. don't say a word and we'll get this over with very soon", Gooch says.

I'm not about to stop him or his pug-nosed hammer of a dick as it continues to squish up in-between my wet butt cheeks and into my well-used asshole. He's fucking into it like he's trying to sneak around and get away with something; which, I guess he is. He wants it all to himself once more before the party really gets started. I'm wondering about the party that just walked into my house!

Gooch is holding onto my thighs as he sort of crouches up under me to slide into my puckered hole over and over again, each time hammering just a little harder than the time before. He pulls out, then RAMS all the way in again and he does this over and over again. He's really getting into it and apparently so am I, my cock is standing straight out like someone connected an air compressor to it. Since he's already cummed once he goes for what seems like a super long time, just trying to be as quiet as he can but still punishing my little asshole with his angry, blunt-nosed cock bottoming out up inside of me. Every time he pulls it out my asshole gapes wide open. It feels like you could stick a watermelon in there when he pulls his fat little dick out of it. Then he RAMS it up inside of my ass again, hitting bottom with his fat, soft, blunt, cock head. His sweat is dripping on my cock and he's spitting on it, trying to spit right on my waving, bouncing cock. I have no idea what he has planned for the evening but for now I'm just enjoying being used by a stranger and fulfilling one of my fantasies. I hope things don't get out of control when the other strangers get downstairs.

We can hear banging upstairs and hear people talking and laughing. I'm worried that they might be stealing things or looking in drawers and messing around with things. I'm a bit of a neat freak and I don't like people goofing around with my "stuff". I'm pretty sure they're going to be messing around with my naked body before too long which will be yet another fantasy fulfilled: being the star attraction in a dirty, group orgy! I'm guessing they've found my liquor cabinet because we hear glasses clinking and the freezer drawer being opened and ice cubes clinking into glasses. So, I have a bunch of drunken strangers in my house as I'm tied up and getting fucked in my furnace room by a stranger!

The blunt-force of his cock really feels good as he keeps quietly hammering my asshole, but now he's really speeding up, I know he has to cum before too long. He grabs onto my legs and pulls himself tight up into me and starts shooting what feels like a super-soaker water gun in my ass! His hot sperm is shooting up in me like it's trying to get as far up my colon as possible!

Gooch quietly says, "Uhhhhhhhh.. mmmmmmm.. you're such a good fuck! I can feel my cum shooting way up your asshole you dirty, clogged fuck toy. My buddies and I are going to see how much your cute little ass can take. We're going to fill you with so much cum and whatever else we want to fill you up with."

Just at that point, the door to the furnace / laundry room opens and we hear, "Gooch? Is that you?"

The lights are off so there's just the glow from the nightlight in there now, but not for long as someone flips the light switch on and zinnnnng.. there we are; Gooch's cock is still shooting cum deep up my ass and I'm tied up and sort of hanging from the rafters with my ass in the air! Now, there are three other strangers in there looking at us trying to mentally assess the situation to see if this is the right house or not. They've seen Gooch naked enough times from the other "customer visits" that they've been involved with, so it takes only a few seconds for them to realize that it is in fact the hairy-wonder who's unloading up my ass and when he plops his softening cock out and turns around, they know they're in the right place.

Gooch's gold medallion is stuck to his hairy, sweaty chest as he says, "Oh man, you won't believe what a great fuck this guy is. His asshole is like a velvet-vice and I have a feeling that he's as dirty and nasty as Mitch is."

Mitch? He must be one of the guys who are staring at us, looking with squinting eyes like they're trying to picture something or are thinking about something; something dirty, something nasty with a complete stranger. Hmm.. What have I gotten myself into? I wonder what Mitch has done to deserve that reputation?

The first one to come over to where I'm sort of hanging there already has his cock out and is stroking it and it's not even close to being as fat as Gooch's bulldog dick is. He just steps between my legs and shoves his little cock in my ass. I can barely feel it after the last one stretched it out so much, and the huge load of hot cum in my ass doesn't help matters, He's just plunging in and out of my squishy asshole like a machine, slapping against my wet, sweaty naked legs. He grips my cock and really starts pulling on it!

"YOW! Go easy, man.."

"Hey, don't tell me what to do, I'm in charge now. I'll do what I want; just relax and enjoy it, fucker."

And with that he really started pulling and jerking on my poor cock! He was really squeezing it hard and jerking it like he was trying to pull me off of the floor with it! It was causing it to really swell up. He was spitting on it for some lubrication and it was mixing with my pre-cum and he was like a crazed monkey with the speed that he was jerking on my cock.

"AHHH!! HEY! What are you trying to do?", I said, knowing it would do no good what so ever. He was in fact in total control of my naked body.

"I've got to cum already!" And with that, he jammed his little dick in my ass and shot a decent sized amount of super hot cum in me. I was surprised at how much warmer his cum felt as it was shooting up into my asshole. I love that feeling and the hotter the fluid the better.

Well, I guess I said that at the right time because here was Mitch. His long, bent dick was waving back and forth as he walked over to me and I wondered what that crazy thing would feel like all jammed up my soft asshole, or if he would even be able to snake that freak cock up there. He assumed the position; behind me, standing with my legs on his shoulders, and he started pushing that crazy crooked snake up my hole!!

"WOW! Hey, what the?! You'll never get that crazy thing up my little asshole!"

"Wanna bet?" You'd be surprised at some of the tight spaces, or, formerly tight spaces, that I've had this thing into. Just relax and enjoy the sensation of your dirty little asshole being contorted from the inside out."

"Uhhhhhh.. uhhhhhhh uhhhhh OHHHHHH! OH OH OH! NO! Wait! Uhhhh uhh.. Uuuuu.. There's no way.. uhh..OHHHHH!" That's all I could say as that crazy freak cock worked its way up my colon like an angry snake; twisting and turning and churning. It was about a foot long and was the craziest shaped cock that I've ever seen; bent and almost twisted around like a braided breadstick. Which, I've had oiled up and shoved in my ass before on several occasions, both by myself and by other dirty, nasty guys taking advantage of my poor little puckered hole.

Yes, this rape fantasy of mine is an old one and I've lived it out many, many times over the last several years. It actually started when I was in my teens but I never acted on it until I was about nineteen years old. I always had a baby face and used to dress like a girl for Halloween, and on more than one occasion I gotten forcefully taken by drunken guys at several Halloween parties. The first time was when I was in the bathroom and had just started to take a piss, standing there at the toilet. Some drunken guy dressed as a cowboy just came up behind me and pulled my panties down and just start raping my asshole right there as I was pissing!! His cock slipped right up my asshole and it felt so good, I knew I was hooked. He had been watching me all night and I had to push him off a couple of times when he got too careless with his hands. I thought that he thought I was a girl, but now I know otherwise. He was the first to force his cock between my butt cheeks and abuse my little man pussy. A couple of them were so drunk that after they came in my ass they pissed in my ass, too. That's how that fetish got started. If I can be forcefully fucked by someone and be used as a urinal, those were my two biggest fantasies. I think that's how things really started for me, sex-wise, and, rape-fantasy-wise. I'm always thinking about the next possible scenario to get myself into. This time it was a clogged drain, another time it was a flat tire on the side of the road, the last time it was getting my carpets cleaned. One time it was actually after a colonoscopy!

But, right now, at this moment, Gooch's buddy Mitch is abusing my little man pussy with his crazy, long, twisted dick and I'm loving it! It's filling me up and the sensations are driving me wild! His cock is rubbing and twisting and stretching my colon like it's never been stretched before, well, other than at the colon exam...

Mitch is really twisting that monster around in me and my cock is hard as a rock so the other guy comes over and sits on my cock! His ass is soooo tight yet my cock goes right into it as he starts squatting and bouncing on my cock at the same time that Mitch is giving my butthole a great workout. I know that I can't last too long and sure enough, I start pumping jet after jet of my cum into this guy's little asshole! It's the tightest hole that I've ever had the pleasure of fucking. His cock starts shooting cum into the air and it's landing on my upper body and he's scraping it up and pushing it into my mouth.. "Mmmm.. mm.."

Then, Mitch starts spraying sperm into my ass with such force that I think it'll start coming out of my ears. "Woooooo! I'M CUMMING! AHHHHH RRRRRRRRR.. your ass is so tight, how'd you like my cock?"

"I loved it! Keep shooting your cum up my ass, fill me up until I'm so slippery and nasty and dirty.."

"Gooch, you found a nasty one here, I think we'll have to remember this guy's address."

"Uhhh mmm.. you guys can come back anytime, just don't stop filling my ass!" I was past the point of no return, almost like I was possessed; I had to have more, and the dirtier and nastier the better.

As I was mumbling something about coming back anytime, Mitch started pissing in my ass! "AAAAAAAHH.. that feels sooooo good, I've had to piss for a long time and your asshole is the perfect urinal. Take it all, take all of my hot piss.. ahhhhhh... It's like you're getting a piss enema.."

"HEY! Wait, what are you doing?"

They knew I was only playing by this point. They knew just how dirty and nasty I was and I was in for an evening of many things being fucked and pumped into my ass. Being tied up and at this angle I was in fact the perfect urinal at the perfect fucking and pissing height. They mentioned calling other plumbers and I had a feeling that the night was going to be a long one, especially now that the bars would be closing soon and a lot of horny, drunk plumbers would probably want to fuck someone. I'm guessing I'll be that someone.

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