tagLoving WivesGetting My Wife to Loosen Up Ch. 02

Getting My Wife to Loosen Up Ch. 02


I'm on my way home from the tanning salon and I go from being really horny to having this knot in my gut. My mind starts to wander and I think about my wife being in the salon. She is laughing at his not so funny jokes. Then I can see him rubbing lotion on her back. Moaning like she does when I rub her back.

I snap out of it as I pull into the driveway. Her car is in the garage. I grab my workout bag from the backseat and head inside.

"Where have you been?" Melanie asked.

"I stopped by the tanning salon and got you some sessions."

"OK, Thanks." She replied seeming uninterested.

"I'm not sure about the guy that works there though" I said feeling like telling her about what happened.

"Uh huh." she replied while cooking something over the stove. I don't think she even heard what I said. I sat there looking at her for a minute. She had on a loose silk blouse. Not a sexy blouse that shows off her chest. Something that looks more like my Grandma would wear. It was tucked into a gray skirt that went just below her knees.

I laughed to myself inside. Melanie is not a 19 year old gullible tease like the girl I saw earlier. I doubt that guy would even hit on her let alone Melanie give him the time of day.

As we were getting ready for bed, I watched her undress. My favorite part of the night! As she is brushing her teeth, she kicks off her shoes into the closet. With one hand she unzips her skirt and lets it fall to the floor. I workout to struggle to stay in fair shape and Melanie doesn't do the slightest bit of exercise. I figure it will catch up with her, but for now I'm staring at her silky legs and the bottom of her perfect tight butt cheeks showing from the bottom of her blouse.

She finishes brushing her teeth and starts to unbutton her blouse.

"You know, you have a great body and could really show it off" I said casually.

"My body is only for you to look at" She replied nonchalantly.

She slipped her blouse off and immediately went to her underwear. First her bra. Her breasts barely fell as she removed it. They held the shape perfectly.

"You don't even need a bra!" I said trying to be smooth.

"Ha." she said still not taking me seriously.

"Heck, you might even get a raise at work!"

She is clearly ignoring me now. She puts on a pair of panties and slips on an old T-Shirt. She climbs into bed and rolls over with her back to me.

I still have all of these weird emotions going on and decide to rub her back. Doing my best masseur impression, I get a quiet moan out of her. I take this as a green light and move my hand under her shirt and continue rubbing her back while she lies on her side. I move one of my hands to her side and rub against the side of her breast. (Hey it worked for the other guy).

"What are you doing?" She asked sternly.

"Giving you a massage!" I said coolly.

"Well stay on my back." She says matter of factly. Letting the wind out of my sail.

At this point I know I'm not getting any, so I rollover.

"You can keep rubbing" she says.

"It's late, we better go to sleep". I replied frustrated. Although it took me a while to get to sleep. I kept thinking about the tanning salon. That guy.That girl...


I get up before Melanie so I can go to the gym before work. I was really tired today. I called her around lunch time lie I usually do to see if she was going to tan tonight.

I tried to be casual, but I was half excited and half nervous.

"No, I left the card at home and I don't want to go back out once I'm home."

I'm not sure if I was disappointed or relieved. Maybe a little of both.

The next morning I put the card on top of her purse before I left. Then her excuse was:

"I didn't bring a change of clothes."

"Well, if you don't start using them you won't get the tan you want before we leave." I'm not sure why I was starting to be pushy. Maybe I just want the guy to hit on my wife as justification of her hotness? Yeah thats it....

So the next morning I put a bathing suit in a bag and left that next to her purse.

"Yes, I will go after work. Why are you being so pushy?" She asked

"I just don't want to waste the money. They aren't cheap". I said casually.

We both get off work at the same time, but my work is a little farther away. I went straight to the tanning salon and Melanie's car was already there. I parked a few rows back and got out of my car to see if I could see anything. It looked like she was filling out some paperwork. The same guy was there, but he didn't seem to take to her.

Then I felt more strange emotions. At first relief. Then I was almost insulted. She's hot. Why isn't he hotting on her? Is it the way she dresses? She grabbed her stuff and went into the back.

Not as eventful as I thought... Before getting caught snooping I headed home.

That night as we were getting ready for bed, Melanie was clearly burned from the tanning. All she was doing was complaining about how much it hurt.

"Maybe you should put on lotion before you go?" I suggested logically.

"Yeah, but I'm not going back till this burn goes away" She said angry.


A few days past and she she mentioned she was going again. At this point all the intensity and all the things that were going through my head had faded. I wasn't even interested in snooping.

That night at dinner. I asked her about tanning.

"How was tanning?" I asked


"You get burned again?" Trying to keep a conversation.

"No, I bought some lotion there. Mark showed me a lotion that will help my skin brown."

"Who's Mark?" I asked as my interest started to come back.

"The owner. Nice guy. Some young girl was in there flirting with him."

"Really?" I said.

"Yeah, but he was really nice. He told me about all the different types of lotion. Explained the different types of beds they have. Standing, Laying that kind of thing. He even showed them to me." She said sounding impressed with herself.

"Did he put the lotion on you?" I asked as my heart rate started to rise, but still paying it cool.

"No, why would he do that?" Asking as if it was an absurd question.

"Well I just thought it would be tough to get your back lotioned."

"Yeah, I guess but I don't know him. I don't know where his hands have been!"

Ah, there is my conservative wife.

"Are you going back tomorrow?" I asked.

"No you have to wait 48 hours before you tan again." She replied.

That night as we were getting ready for bed, I noticed her back was a little blotchy.

"I guess you should have got Mark to put lotion on for you after all."I said

"What? Why?" She asked.

"Look at your back." I said.

She turned her back to the mirror and struggled to look over her shoulder.

"Hmm. Maybe I should have." She said matter of factly noticing how it was so blotchy.

What was I thinking! I was in the clear. I was in a safe place, my wife was safe and now....Maybe I'm over thinking it. Shut up and go to sleep, I thought to myself.


My head was swirling again. What have I done. Would she really let him put lotion on her back? What would I do? I was jealous. I was mad. I was excited. On the second day I talked to Melanie at my normal time during the day.

"You going tanning today?" I asked.


"You going to let Mark put the lotion on?" I said teasing. Almost daring.

"I don't know about that."

I let it go deciding not to push it. I had to know what was going to happen though. It was driving me crazy. I couldn't think. I couldn't work. Then I had an idea.

Working in Information Security gives me plenty of sneaky ideas. This guy monitors the tanning rooms. If I can get into his computer I can view the security monitors. I decide to take the rest of the day off work. I grab my laptop and head to the tanning salon. I park outside the shop and fire up my computer. Plenty of wireless networks... Clearly named... Ah here it is. It has a passcode to the network. Hmm, I check the router and of course, like most people he didn't change the admin password for the router. I log in. Create a key for myself and boom, I'm in. At this point it's easy to connect to his computer. I check everything out and it was easier than I had hoped. It was so easy in fact, I still had over an hour before Melanie gets off work. I decide to park my car behind the small strip mall so Melanie won't see me or my truck, but I can still get a good signal. I still have plenty of time so I decide to go check out some stores.

After killing some time, I look at my watch. "Shit" it's after 5. I look out the store and see Melanie's car. I dash out the store and into my car. Even though it only took about a minute it seemed like an eternity for my computer to boot. My hands are shaking, I log in. I see his screen.

Wait, he is on his computer. I can see him moving the cursor. He maximizes the monitor window. I notice there are a few customers in there today. An older guy and two girls in different rooms. He chooses full screen on one of the girls. It's not Melanie. Whew.. This lady looks to be in her late 30's. A little extra meat on her bones. A little too much sag. Then he goes to the next screen. It's Melanie.

She is already in the process of putting her bathing suit on. It is her favorite bikini. It's nothing fancy. Just a normal two piece. Covers her whole butt and all of her breasts. By the time he clicked on her you didn't get to see much. I feel somewhat relived, even if its only delaying the inevitable.

She starts wiping the bed down (Clean freak). Then she gets out her lotion. She starts with her arms. then her legs, the back side of her legs and her butt. Next she goes to her stomach and up to her chest. She moves her hands just under the top to get the edges of her breasts. She starts rubbing her shoulders and moves to her back. She is struggling to get the center of her back. She stops for a minute and just stands there. She makes another effort to get her back. Stops again. She looks like she is giving up on her back and starts to get in the tanning bed when she stops again.

Is she actually considering letting him put lotion on? Suddenly the screen backs out to view all monitors. Someone is in the lobby, then I see him appear at the front desk. Meanwhile, Melanie is just sitting there. The girl that came into the front is already heading into a room. Melanie grabs her towel and wraps it tightly around her.

She pokes her head slowly out the door and sees the other girl walking into a room. She quickly closes the door. She sits there again. Mark disappears for a minute probably to the office then, just as quick he is at the front again.

Melanie opens the door again. This time she doesn't see anyone. She starts tip toeing down the hall like she is afraid someone will hear her. At the end of the hall she pokes her head around the corner and says something to Mark. He immediately gets up and follows her back to her room.

I can't believe it! She did it. I feel betrayed, jealous and yes, excited.

He closes the door and she hands him the lotion. It looks like they are talking but with no sound, I don't know what about. It looks like she is laughing now. He rubs the lotion in his hands. And touches her back at about her shoulder blades. She jumps a little probably from the cold lotion. Or maybe a stranger touching her? He starts rubbing her back. First like he is applying lotion then turning into a massage. He smoothly rubs her shoulders, her lower back then he is at the straps of the bathing suit. He stops and says something to her. She stops. They are both motionless for a moment. She nods yes and before her head shakes twice the back strap is done. He throughly rubs her back and little by little starts moving to her sides. Her eyes are closed. He pushes just hard enough to make her take a step forward.

Then she stiffens up, opens her eyes and says something to him with her head down. He shakes his over-sized shoulders and leaves the room casually. She sits down for a minute and just sits there. A minute later she re-ties her top and gets in the tanning bed. I have such a hard-on. I am happy and confident. He tried his game on my wife and it didn't work! I felt on top of the world. After about ten minutes her tanning bed turns off. She gets out.

I am just about to turn my computer off when it goes full screen to my wifes room. She takes her bikini bottom off. The screen zooms in tighter on Melanie. She puts her underwear and dress pants on. As she does so she bends over directly in front of the camera getting a clear shot of her pussy as she bends over. Then she removes her top. The camera zooms in tighter on her perfect breasts and nipples. She turns around to get the rest of her clothes moving out of the zoom. He widens the angle to the whole room as she finishes up. He exits to the main screen and I see him appear at the front desk again. Moments later I see my wife come out. They start talking. She laughs, he laughs they laugh together. This goes on for several minutes.

My stomach goes into knots again. I decide I better beat Melanie home or she will know something is up.

I get home and start dinner. Melanie walks in shortly after.

"Hi honey!" She says in an unusually chipper mood.

"How was your day?" I asked seeing how much she would divulge.

"Fine" Was all she said.

"Did you have time to get a tan?" I asked knowing the answer already.

"Yeah, thats why I'm late. I told you I was."

"Oh thats right, I forgot" I said playing stupid.

As we were getting ready for bed later on I decided to push it a little further.

"Did you get Mark to put lotion on your back?" I said teasingly.

"No, is it blotchy again?" She lied. My heart sank a little.

"A little" I said playing dumb again.

My emotions were going wild again. I didn't know how I felt. I barely even noticed her climb in bed. She snuggles up close to me and I realize she is naked.

"Want to give me a massage?" She says flirty.

I don't need a second hint. I rolled over and she was laying on her back.

"Are you going to roll over?" I asked

"Why don't you work on my front first?"

I started at the top of her shoulders and go down her arms. Back up her arms, to her shoulders and to her breasts. I rub gently as she usually complains when I am too rough. I blow lightly on her nipples and watch them harden. She pulls me over her and wraps her legs around my waist.

"What happened to a massage?!" I said teasingly.

"Shut up" She said and she pulled me to her as we kiss.

We were making out like teenagers. It was great! She starts rocking her hips and I go to enter her. She is soaking wet. Then I start to wonder, is this from him or me?

We roll over and I'm on my back. She starts out slow going up and down. Mark who? I was in paradise. She starts riding faster and faster. Her breasts are bouncing in my face. I reach up grab her hair and pull just enough to turn her head. She screams out uncharacteristically and I feel her pussy clench down on my cock. It was all I could take and I pump my cum into her. I feel like I poured a gallon into her.

She rolls off of me and we lay there breathless covered in sweat.

"We need to change the sheets" She says out of nowhere.

She goes into the bathroom to cleanup and I start changing the sheets.

"Are you going back to the tanning salon tomorrow? Your tan is looking great!" I asked knowing she wasn't supposed to go back for 48 hours.

"Maybe, I was thinking about it."

To be continued.....

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