tagLoving WivesGetting Off A Ticket Ch. 1

Getting Off A Ticket Ch. 1


Author's Note: This story was written to a married friend who has always had a fantasy about having sex in front of her husband. The story does continue with our lady becoming more adventuresome and wanton. I would love to read your feedback!


It had been a long shift in my patrol car. Not only was the day very quiet, but all day long I had an almost constant erection. It had been a week since I broke up with my girlfriend, and I getting increasingly more horny by the day. And now that I was working this uneventful shift, my mind often wandered back to the need I was feeling in my pants.

And just as my shift was coming to an end, and I was driving to my rural home, I spotted your car roll through a stop sign. I almost let you continue until I caught a glimpse of your beautiful red hair in the passenger side. I have always had a thing for redheads -- I find them very exotic -- and my cock began to harden as I flipped on my lights to pull you over.

Our cars came to rest on a seldom-used road on the outskirts of town. I took my time getting to your car as I was hoping that my erection would subside -- it did not.

"License, insurance and registration, please", I said as I bent down to look in the driver's side window. To my disappointment I saw that your husband was driving, but my mood soon changed when I saw what you were wearing. It was a hot May afternoon, and you had on a light dress that showed plenty of leg, and your cleavage looked so inviting. I stopped and stared at your desirable body -- shifting from your exposed legs, to your inviting cleavage, to your fiery eyes and to your sexy red hair.

The affect of my obvious appraisal of your luscious body had a surprise affect on you. Instead of getting angry, you body responded by blushing with desire. My handsome face, my deep blue eyes and my obvious hunger ignited in you a hunger and a need. You instantly began to feel yourself getting wet, and you shifted in your seat -- both to make the burning in your legs more comfortable and to show me more of your wonderful body.

Your husband broke the spell when he handed over his materials. He then said something in a low voice. "Um, I forgot my wallet at home. I just got in a hurry and I left my license at home," he said in a well mannered but apologetic tone.

"We have a problem then sir," I said. "Not having your license carries a $100 fine, plus I can impound your car. I'm afraid that I have no choice but to write you a ticket and call a tow truck," I said.

It was then that I happened to look up at you. You had a sly look on your face as you turned your body toward me a soft in an innocent but very sexy tone.

"Officer, hold on. It might be here between the seats. Let me look."

And with that you bent over and teased me with your luscious tits. They were practically falling out of your dress as you fiddled and swayed before me. My cock began to throb in spasms of desire as I imagined that my face was buried between them. I stared with my mouth wide open, and your pussy began to get even wetter as you enjoyed the effect you were having on me.

"I'm sorry officer. I guess that it is not in there. Could I ask you a big favor?", you asked in a sweet and sexy tone. Without a reply from me, you lean over your husband and put your tits only inches from my face. You can almost feel my hot breathe on them.

"Instead of given us a ticket, could you just follow us to our home. It is just a mile away, and we could then show you what you need to see," you said softly as you trailed your finger down your chest.

My cock was literally ripping out of my pants as I walked back to my patrol car and climbed in. As I followed your car back to your house, I softly stroked my cock through my pants. I could feel pre-cum leaking from my stiffened member.

And as for you, your ride seemed to take forever. Although not a word was spoken between you two, the air was thick with sexual tension. Finally, the pressure in your loins was too great for you wantonly pulled up your dress and removed your panties. They were soaked with your desires, and you tossed them to your husband as you began to lightly caress your slick, wet folds. The pleasure was unbelievable as you closed your eyes and began to finger yourself. Your mind was fantasizing about my hard cock being buried deep inside you when the car comes to a stop at your home.

You quickly usher me inside and into your living room. You offer me a drink (which I accept), and I again am treated to a peak at your wonderful breasts as you lean over when you hand me the glass. We look into each other's eyes, and we both realize at that instant that we soon will be making love.

A small smile forms on each of our faces as we pause to revel in the moment of our closeness.

You then tell your husband, who is sitting in a chair next to us, that you are going to show me were his wallet is. You take my hand, and I follow you into your bedroom. We walk slowly over to the chest of drawers where the wallet is sitting -- me walking just behind you. You then stop at the wallet and reach to retrieve it. It is then that you feel me press up against you from behind. You can feel my hot breathe on your neck as I reach both hands around you and softly grab both of your wrists.

All thoughts about showing me the wallet are evaporated as you can feel yourself begin consumed by effect of my body wrapped tightly against you. And when I push my erection against your ass and take your hands into mine, the seduction is complete and your body is completely mine.

As I begin to grind my hard cock against your ass, I take one of your hands and place it on one of your swelling breasts, while I press your other hand firmly against your dress covered mound. You begin to moan softly as I start to nimble on your neck, and your hand pinches your nipple and your finger rubs your hungry wetness. The pleasure is amazing and you feel yourself becoming light headed.

It is then that I spin you around and look deeply into your eyes. As I hold your chin with my fingers, we see the hunger and need that we share. For a moment there is a pause as we stand at the precipice of our undeniable desire.

And in a flash our mouths find each other. We kiss deeply and hungrily - full of desire and need. We begin to tear at each other's clothes, trying to extinguish the need we have to feel our naked body together and entwined. And soon as our clothes find the floor we stand naked before each other, with no shyness or modesty -- only need and wanting in our minds.

It is then that I pull back the covers of the bed, and as we continue to kiss hungrily, we fall into its soft warm confines. And it is then that I break our embrace and I begin to kiss frantically on your neck and ears. I then slowly begin to work down your chest, and you begin to moan softly as I take your delicious pink nipple into my hungry mouth. I go back and forth between your pink buds, and you can feel my need to pleasure you from the intensity and yearning in my sucking.

I then begin to very softly kiss my way down your stomach. All you are thinking about as I descend is the feeling of my warm tongue on your pulsating pussy. And as I slide down between your legs, you wantonly open yourself to me -- exposing to me your need to feel my lips on your sex.

And your body goes into spasms of pleasure as my tongue begins to very lightly tease your pouty lips with small swift licks. You buckle up against my mouth -- seeking to obtain more pleasure and to feel my tongue deep within your folds. You begin to whimper with need and desire for me full tongue, as you seek to draw me deeper into you.

It is at that moment that your body explodes with pleasure -- for I bury my stiff, warm tongue deep into your lips. I circle your clit as I drive deeper into your slit -- teasing it with strong and steady stokes as I work my way around your pleasure button.

But your need is too great -- your desire to overwhelming. You begin to beg me to make you come with my mouth as I tease you even further with quick and swirling licks of my tongue. It is then that I speak.

"If you want to come on my mouth, your husband has to watch. I want him to see you buckle against my face and come for me," I say in a soft, sexy voice.

Your immediate response is to call your husband into the room. He comes in quickly and the bulge in his pants shows how much he is enjoying your pleasure. You tell him to watch me make you cum. You tell him to sit back and watch as you cum for another man.

And with that I attack your pulsing pleasure button. My mouth feels incredible on your pussy, as I hungrily licked and nibble on your clit. The pleasure is undeniable and you feel yourself begin to float in a cloud of ecstasy and wonder.

And as my finger begins to pound into you, all of your reserves are gone. You begin to buckle up against my mouth and you begin to have a tremendous orgasm. Your body shakes with uncontrollable pleasure and for an eternity you are lost in a sea of ecstasy. Your orgasm finally subsides and your thoughts return to this world. It is then that you open your eyes and look down upon my face -- still softly kissing your sex. You draw me up with hand to your mouth, and we share a soft, relaxing kiss.

It is then that you feel my naked member for the first time. And much to your surprise the fires of desire are lit again when you feel its massive girth against your hips. Your mouth begins to water at the thought of taking my thick member between your lips -- and the thought of your husband watching makes your pussy throbs again. With a smile, you move to lay me back against the pillows. It is time for you to feel my hot, hard cock in your mouth. And soon it will be time to feel me deep inside you -- to feel me pounding your pussy with my rigid tool.

Continued in "Getting Off a Ticket Part 2".

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